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  1. So far Gute has always gone with position value in the 1st round... The most important positions have long been said to be (in no order), QB, OT, CB and Edge Rusher... as MM and I believe a number of scouts (NFL, not nessarily Packers) have talked about TE and S have basically become the 1B's in most important positions the modern era. That being said, I believe that CBs seriously need to keep being upgraded. The Packers MIGHT have 3 good CBs but I think it drops off quickly from there... especially when you consider King is going to be a FA and they're not talked about resigning him, but LT Bak, RB Jones and fans suggest saving resigning CB Alexander is more important than resigning CB King. So I believe CB is our biggest need moving forward. If we keep all the guys we have, I don't see edge rusher as a need, but if we get rid of Preston then maybe it would be. RT depends Turner... I've thought it was a major huge need, but the Packers SERIOUSLY seem to believe in him at RT, and he looked good there in a REALLY small sample, need to see more. When the Packers are entirely health roster, I think they got enough WRs (we're missing Lazard and Funchess right now, and have missed Adams and St. Brown this season), but of course could always improve on this as a number of guys (Funchess, MVS and St. Brown) will be going into contract years and Packers seem to like grabbing a guy (especially with their 2nd round or selection) to a position where a guy is going in a contract year. DT, they got depth, they just don't have above average talent there other than Clark and maybe the developing Keke. This is a major need as we're relying too much on Clark to stay healthy, also a pass rush up the middle helps the edge rushers a lot. TE, might be interesting if they keep adding TEs, I think they might, but a lower selection, maybe a blocking guy if Lewis hangs them up or starts declining
  2. GREAT POINT! A team should NOT get a week, for essentially getting a bye week, which will help them with rest and recovery for the following week... that's a double victory and not fair to teams that actually had to fight for all their victories. So a team that can't play due to Covid, gets a loss, and the team that could have played, just gets a bye and recovery time, which is a win within itself, and should help them with their next game.
  3. Any word on whom we might be working out? Because if you count TE Deguara's spot, the Packers have 3 open spots with 2 guys coming off IR soon. So I figure they'd be working some guys out... even if PS guys... as they might bring someone up from PS. My current guess would be DL Winn, as he's used up his two free passes back to PS... and could be claimed if they attempted to bring him up from the PS again for a single game... of course, there was little interested in him before, so they might be able to keep doing it with no claims. Also if King is injuried, then they might bring up Stanford Samuels (if not call Tramon).
  4. He's only played in one game in the last three years and barely been on teams 53 man rosters... if he can't make any teams roster, is he really that good?
  5. And yet I believe PFF and other shave cited statistical studies that suggest coverage helps more than the front... If Clark's stays healthy, we got some pieces around him that can step up if one of the Non-Clark players goes down.. If Alexander stays healthy, do we have the pieces around him that can step up if one of the non-Alexander players go down?
  6. If they want to give up their season tickets, I'm sure a whole bunch of people in line will be quite happy...
  7. Did this happen for the Bucs too? Meaning they'll have a full crowd for Brady?... and both teams will be having guys come down with Covid...
  8. CB CB CB CB CB... Sullivan got a concussion... King is injury prone... Jackson is mistake prone, Hollman hasn't been able to pass Jackson yet... We need more healthy CB talent... not all about DL...
  9. I don't think the Packers can afford to re-sign all those, at minimum, they'll have to let go two of the big four remaining in (Bak, Jones, Linsley and King)... I guess they might be able to keep 3 if they let the most expensive one (Bak) leave, but that seems unlikely. They're reportedly been eyeing Bak and Jones to resign and seemed like they prepped to develop future guys at interior OL. Even if we resign King, I STILL want a potential upgrade at CB to try to develop... and so I'm thinking they draft two CBs, one in the top 3 rounds unless the players don't fall correct value wise to them...
  10. Or it could mean the Seahawks need to pass him through Covid-19 test. Also do PS players that get elevated to the 55 man roster salary go on the CAP? If no, then the Seahawks can elevate Snacks Harrison for two games and the bye week, paying him 3 weeks without a single penny being counted against the cap and not having to cut a guy from the 53 man roster. Genius move by the GM if that's the case...
  11. On defense they got the Seahawks Superbowl defensive coordinator, which really that was a cool scheme binge had do the least adjustment possible as he had some potential HOF guys playing for him... That take, add him to Falcons, keep drafting speed on defense... speed over talent and also lots of injury prone guys... Take that, plus smart enough to hire Kyle Shannon, but stupid enough that he didn't seem to seriously consider promoting LaFleur to the role... And based on some Falcons fan reports, won't take responsibility for failures, as he's always blaming others, Shanahan/LaFleur for the Super Bowl loss, fired a number of defensive coaches to take blame for their defensive struggles... And they just can't stay healthy...
  12. I know the RBs and TEs had big days and mis-matches, but I was disappointed the WRs didn't do more against a DB group that was so injured... Of course, maybe it wasn't them, but just Rodgers throw it to the first person, or best match up, and the RBs or TEs were first... but I was expecting to say who the new #3 WRs was for sure when Adams gets back.
  13. If you are often noticing a DB, that's usually a bad sign, as the offense feels they can go after them... Like I noticed a number of King's tackle attempts... and a few from Savages. I used the word attempts for a reason...
  14. Depends how you look at it... The last team to do this (2010 Patriots) went on to a 14-2 record (including beating the eventual Super Bowl Championships) and earn the #1 seed in their conference, only to lose a home playoff game loss against the division rival (Jets) in part to Mike Pettine as a defensive coordinator, and interesting tidbit is that both #6 seeds beat #1 seeds that year. On the other hand, the last time this happened (2010), the Packers won the Super Bowl!
  15. Do you trust players on reporting their own injuries? Also Sullivan is said to have a concussion, I've heard one of the worse things for a concussion is technology screen, as the really activates the mind, and concussion needs relaxed and not over activated to heal.
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