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  1. Division game for lead of the division... seems interesting. Also Lions focused on stocking their lines. Packers need to get the offense run game going to take pressure off the passing game and defense. And short passes and wheel routes to the RB also count as runs... I think we tried to be too fancy too early and didn't get the basics down first.
  2. I think we should give Barry more of a chance, yeah it was horrible, but let's see if he can correct, and both sides got dominated, it was the entire team not just one side. I believe Alexander, Amos and Clark are the defensive captains and people were surprised Z Smith wasn't... but from what LaFleur said the votes were split more than you normally hear about... also Z was injured... and Preston or the ILBers could of slipped some votes off of him. (My biggest surprise was TE Lewis being captain and no OL were captains). The problem with Savage in the slot is then you either
  3. Maybe on defense, but I think the offense showed some holes too... there is no way a team missing their top 2 starting CBs and DT and starting DT Ringo (whom couldn't make our 53 man roster) should be able to do that to an offensive roster with talent... Aso the Saints were missing their top two WRs as well. I think it's going to be very interesting when the Packers prefer going base vs nickel, also when in nickel which player they have in the slot as it's basically saying whom do you want as your 5th DB CB Sullivan, CB Stokes and S Black
  4. He was interviewing for the job and lost out to Barry. The linemen on both sides of the ball just weren't ready for a real game against a playoff caliber team. Let's not forget last year the jaguars won a game against an eventual playoff team in week one. Nor that lady year the Saints beat the eventual Super Bowl Champions in week 1. But this defense will live and die based on the other teams OL talent, and how long they're on the field (which is why long drives and actually trying to run the ball on offense against weaker DT might help), and how much we can force the other team
  5. There is also another rule... something like after the trade deadline, all players, even the veterans have to go through the waiver wire. I think this is to stop non-trade... trades. Sorta like, if you release this veteran, we'll give you $10 million to your charity.... and then the veteran can't automatically sign with any team, unless they pass through waivers first. Absolutely! Scott wasn't the most consistent, but I also don't think he was the weakest link in punt coverage either. Well, unless you're talking in terms of his willingness to tackle. But Pat McAfee sho
  6. I'm a Packers fan, and one question seems to keep coming up, that I can't seem to get an answer to. Why did the Bills let P Corey Bojorquez go? Tight cap space? Too much money? Found a better guy? And maybe I seem to have some facts mistaken, but the 4th year should be cheap and his numbers look decent especially for a bad weather stadium. And Bills didn't want him and no one quickly signed him despite getting some all pro votes and then pushing an all pro punter with the Rams only to be traded to the Packers. Also, I hope WR Kumerow does well for you guys! Packers fans f
  7. OT/G James Hudson, is quite raw and needs a lot of development but I think his physical potential is huge, especially if you get him on a team that likes to run the ball more. LB Charles Snowden, usually when guys start getting 6'3"+ they lose some change of direction quickness, as they have longer more awkward strides. Snowden is 6'6" and looks shockingly smooth, I haven't seen him in coverage enough, but I really really want to see how he'd do in coverage against TEs. I think he could be a 3-4 edge that gets asked to cover TEs or blitzes the passenger, those he needs to get much stronge
  8. I'm looking for good returners (mainly punt returners) in the 2021 draft whom will not be selected in the first three rounds of the draft. Do you like/know of any players that might fits that bill? I've been looking for a good list of returners and that best I've seen was a list of returners, whom I believe the majority will be selected in the top 2 rounds. Which yes, they're great athletes there, but you expect them to add to offense and defense. I'm looking for some guys that could be found later in the draft (or at least not a top round), help on STs and of they give you anything
  9. Don't think so, try again... and please keep my name out of your mouth, Thank you
  10. My problem with some of these is they simply got loaded up with great talent at their position... which is exactly what we're missing. If Pettine had DL talent as good of some of these guys, then we probably wouldn't be complaining as much. That being said, if the Broncos (hot head Jon Elway running it), fire Vic Fangio, I'm probably looking towards him. Also I wouldn't mind looking at the Ravens coach you mentioned, he hasn't always had the best players, and I'd be interested in the Ravens scheme, though the Packers seemed to get more out of Z than the Ravens did.
  11. So far Gute has always gone with position value in the 1st round... The most important positions have long been said to be (in no order), QB, OT, CB and Edge Rusher... as MM and I believe a number of scouts (NFL, not nessarily Packers) have talked about TE and S have basically become the 1B's in most important positions the modern era. That being said, I believe that CBs seriously need to keep being upgraded. The Packers MIGHT have 3 good CBs but I think it drops off quickly from there... especially when you consider King is going to be a FA and they're not talked about resigning him
  12. GREAT POINT! A team should NOT get a week, for essentially getting a bye week, which will help them with rest and recovery for the following week... that's a double victory and not fair to teams that actually had to fight for all their victories. So a team that can't play due to Covid, gets a loss, and the team that could have played, just gets a bye and recovery time, which is a win within itself, and should help them with their next game.
  13. Any word on whom we might be working out? Because if you count TE Deguara's spot, the Packers have 3 open spots with 2 guys coming off IR soon. So I figure they'd be working some guys out... even if PS guys... as they might bring someone up from PS. My current guess would be DL Winn, as he's used up his two free passes back to PS... and could be claimed if they attempted to bring him up from the PS again for a single game... of course, there was little interested in him before, so they might be able to keep doing it with no claims. Also if King is injuried, then they might bring
  14. He's only played in one game in the last three years and barely been on teams 53 man rosters... if he can't make any teams roster, is he really that good?
  15. And yet I believe PFF and other shave cited statistical studies that suggest coverage helps more than the front... If Clark's stays healthy, we got some pieces around him that can step up if one of the Non-Clark players goes down.. If Alexander stays healthy, do we have the pieces around him that can step up if one of the non-Alexander players go down?
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