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  1. Realistically you could see from the first snap that the Browns looked like they partied all night and Steelers looked like they just woke up from hibernation I'd like to fully blame Baker but this team didnt come to play, the OL got bullied, we looked 10x slower than them. I dont think it's a talent thing, I think it's just a lack of time
  2. I'm not thrilled with Baker but there are a few things I've considered 1. The teams he's (we're) struggling with are teams who have been in the same system for a few years and who also have seen little turnover within the roster - This is a completely new system and they had little time to really learn the ins and outs. Baker and the Browns came into this season with a big disadvantage in that aspect 2. You can tell Baker put the work in this off season - Last year he looked fat and out of shape. He put the time in which is a big deal to me I guess long story short is I'm willing to give him and the team until about Week 10 before I can get too high or too low. If by week 10 Baker is still dancing in the pocket and closing his eyes to throw I'd say we may need to find his replacement because he doesnt have it between the ears
  3. The blocking scheme itself completely consumed me during the game, it's that good If they can build off of the success and start to gel we could be in for a fun season. We need health but man that blocking scheme is nasty
  4. I think Ruggs is going to be our pick. He blows the top off of a defense and opens up all of the intermediate stuff this offense wants to exploit The more I think about it the more Ruggs makes sense
  5. I forgot the trade down option, I think they may also trade back for Ruggs and extra ammunition. Tyreek Hill shows how speed can wreck a game. I think talented burning speed is something that's hard to look passed
  6. I honestly don't think we're going OT I think the thought process is going to be about taking the best player and not the need. Not that these OTs dont potentially warrant best player but I think they'll look to trade up for Isaiah Simmons and if they can't make the move I think CeeDee Lamb will be the pivot. Mack Wilson showed tremendous upside but outside of him we have nothing. Simmons offers the versatility needed to be a 3 down beast. Lamb to me is the best we in this draft. He's special. We have OBJ and Landry, but we lack our #2, Lamb also becomes the future OBJ replacement They could also trade back but I see them being aggressive, Berry gets what he wants. I think Chase Young is the most coveted player in the draft, wouldn't be surprised if they made a run at him but ultimately fall short
  7. My only argument would be if you take a guy top 10 you better think he's an all pro and not just average
  8. Isaiah Simmons is my dream pick. I highly doubt he makes it to us so I'm on board with the best OT available I favor Becton because of his upside
  9. Be nice if this team won some damn games
  10. Kitchens was fools gold, now we know. Hope we land a good coach
  11. I haven't been this excited about a NFL Sunday than I am today. Here's to knocking the brakes off the Titans and getting this great season started right Browns 31, Titans 16
  12. TeHDruiD


    Coolest thing for me is I'm going to have my first kid at the end of November. Instead of having to grow up watching a revolving door at QB, he gets to see a seasoned Baker Mayfield My wife keeps asking if I'm excited about the baby (which I am) but I gotta keep reminding her that my excitement goes through phases. Phase #1 football is about to be back and we have a hell of a team
  13. TeHDruiD


    Man that gave me chills As diehard Browns fans we're always excited for the new season, but this season has Superbowl upside It's pretty neat, I remember still being in high school and seeing Brady and Manning and saying wow I get to watch these HOFers for a long time. The hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is...... we now have one of those QBs I can't friggin wait. I'm glad it's camp time and we're a little over a month away from watching easily the best team we've had since our return Dawgggg checkkkk
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