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  1. I'm starting to come around on Clowney. I still think he lacks the work ethic to be great but the upside is there. Low risk, high reward, really no reason for me to be against it
  2. I agree, it's a double edged sword because elite talent can come from anywhere in the draft. I guess my hang up is the amount of players who suffered injuries and lack of medical checks makes some of these guys sketchy to me. For me if you're spending on quality needs (S, CB, DE) you're positioning yourself to target specific players in the middle of the 1st where it's not going to cost too much to go get them. Or you're leaving yourself open to take whatever falls but I have a feeling they're not going to sit back and wait. My gut says someone is going to become their must have and is m
  3. I still think they're going to trade up for either a WR or a CB. This team is to the point where they need to be aggressive in the early part of the draft, I hope they dont sit idly by and let it fall, I hope they go get who they want Waddle, Horn or Surtain
  4. He's a primadonna so makes sense
  5. Gustin is a wild card for me too. He has shown some flashes as a disruptor and animal in the trenches
  6. I agree, Clowney has to prototype size but I think many are discounting that Takk has freak athleticism as well
  7. With all due respect, Takk has freak athleticism as well https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/01/22/takkarist-mckinley-ras/ Clowney 40: 4.53, Takk: 4.59 Clowney 10: 1.59, Takk: 1.6
  8. At some point you have to take your shot though. If they feel strongly about a player they gotta go get em
  9. This DE from Penn State, Jayson Oweh is a freak beast, maybe they take him with our 1st rounder Only started playing football in '16, not developed but has the attributes
  10. No DC wants to be one dimensional, especially not in this offense heavy NFL but it is what it is https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/browns-maven-features/coverages-in-joe-woods-scheme Watch the video of Mora talking about it, he's exactly right. We hated it, Woods hated it but you gotta do what gives you the best chance to succeed with the personnel you have
  11. It was strictly a personnel problem. Limited talent because of injuries causes this and I feel like you're going to eat your words on it. Give up 5-10 yards curls or give up massive yac plays were the options Woods had at his disposal The lesser of the two evils was the only choice
  12. Admittedly I haven't watched much college football for about 2 years now, so I'm way out of the loop in terms of prospects. I had my first kid last year and my life revolved around working every waking hour so I've really fell behind on how much prospect nerding I'm used to I'm of the belief that the front office surprises us and goes with a WR but the majority are saying defense, so who are some of the guys you like the most that are in play with our 1st rounder? If you could, offer the name, position and why you think they're good enough for that pick so I can start researching a bit. I
  13. I just remember several throws where I couldn't believe that was the best option. Baker got better with his decision making in the 2nd half of the season, it very well could have been Odell whining for the ball pre-injury but really only the team knows the answer to that
  14. The lack of focus drops are out of hand though, I got tired of seeing them
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