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  1. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    I haven't been this excited about a NFL Sunday than I am today. Here's to knocking the brakes off the Titans and getting this great season started right Browns 31, Titans 16
  2. LFG

    Coolest thing for me is I'm going to have my first kid at the end of November. Instead of having to grow up watching a revolving door at QB, he gets to see a seasoned Baker Mayfield My wife keeps asking if I'm excited about the baby (which I am) but I gotta keep reminding her that my excitement goes through phases. Phase #1 football is about to be back and we have a hell of a team
  3. LFG

  4. LFG

    Man that gave me chills As diehard Browns fans we're always excited for the new season, but this season has Superbowl upside It's pretty neat, I remember still being in high school and seeing Brady and Manning and saying wow I get to watch these HOFers for a long time. The hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is...... we now have one of those QBs I can't friggin wait. I'm glad it's camp time and we're a little over a month away from watching easily the best team we've had since our return Dawgggg checkkkk
  5. Duke fires his agent

    I have nothing against the guy, he's an above average 3rd down back but he's going to regret his business decision if he's going to be a 20+ touch a game player. He couldn't avoid getting creamed on limited touches, no clue how he survives in a bigger role The other part is Dorsey isn't going to settle. You know he was being shopped as soon as the new league year started and Dorsey didn't get an offer he liked. Some team is going to suffer an injury at RB and Dorsey will bend them over. Unfortunately for Duke, he's under team control and he's not near elite so really nothing he can do but pout
  6. Duke fires his agent

    Duke reminds me of Willis McGahee, about once a game he gets himself pulverized, makes me cringe any time he has the ball On topic though, like Baker said, if you're not with us get out of the way. Duke will get traded for a 4th or 5th to the Bucs and by week 4 he'll be on IR with a broken neck
  7. Chad Thomas Haters come on in

    Wait, Corbett is a bust because he couldn't beat out 2 of the best guards in the NFL as a rookie? Whew.
  8. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2833810-the-depths-of-myles-garrett Gregg Williams told him to only use 2 moves and the man still wrecked games. He's an absolute freak of nature, works like a player who wants to be a Hall of Famer and he hasnt even scratched the surface of his potential.... scary dude
  9. That being said, I think ultimately they'll follow the blueprint other teams are laying, which is letting really good players go at the end of their contract for compensatory picks It's evident to me that with the contracts getting so big, you'll want as many picks as you can get to counter these big money deals to stay a contender Seahawks signed Wilson, traded Clark to Chiefs because they couldn't pay him (or possibly didnt want to) but you could argue they got worse due to that contract
  10. I wouldn't say in jeopardy, the guy is a stud. Baker and Garrett both have 100+ mill contracts coming in a few years, at that point is when I think Bitonio could be gone, I'm not talking in the immediate future or anything, thatd be foolish no doubt
  11. In Campen I trust, if anyone can polish a turd it's him lol
  12. I dont think it's too crazy to think at some point Bitonio could get traded. The NFL is about flash, which teams are able to reload, cut cap space and still produce a championship roster year in and year out Only a few positions aren't expendable and it really puts things into perspective when you have elite young talent at those positions that are going to require huge contracts As long as we have Baker we're always going to be in contention. Patriots have been doing it for years, they always field a solid yet unspectacular team and push for a Super Bowl. They dont have that luxury without Brady
  13. The other thing is Campen is amazing at developing OL talent. There is a lot of raw clay on our OL that he is going to be able to work his magic on The upside is there
  14. I'm always a sucker for stories like this. Priority #1 is to keep Baker upright as much as possible, I kind of like the thought of having a guy who genuinely cares if he allows his QB to get hit I'm noticing a lot of selflessness has been added to this team since Dorsey arrived. The ultimate goal is winning and he keeps adding guys who just want to win. Its special
  15. Steve Wilks scheme

    I'm looking forward to watching these videos but in the meantime, on a scale of 1 to 10, with Gregg William's being a 10, how aggressive is Wilks scheme Does it rely on the 4 DLmen getting the pressure or does he like to send extra people repeatedly?