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  1. I don't know. His bread and butter was supposed to be YAC, but hard to get yards after catch when you keep dropping slant passes
  2. Talented OL are definitely rare, we got lucky to get a beast like Teller for a 5th, now we gotta keep him. He's young too. He needs paid. In terms of Clowney, I've enjoyed watching him, I'm just concerned he's going to overprice himself with his production then pulls a Haynesworth, gets a big contract and says screw working
  3. I actually agree with that take, we need to keep building DL depth. To me that is #1, we need some dawgs on the DL to rotate
  4. I was saying all off season that I wouldn't be surprised if we used a high pick on WR. They went defense and after how bad our defense was last year I love it. I think this will be the year where they start pinpointing the type of receiver they want and actively attack the WR position No one aside from Schwartz was brought in by this front office. I think we're going to get to see the vision they have for the offense soon. I'm genuinely curious what type of WR they prefer
  5. Yeah my bad, I was referring to the fractured humerus
  6. The internal discussion will be whether they think they can make the playoffs with Keenum or not I admittedly am a bit behind on this, Baker can't see the field until it heals, correct? If that's the case, I'm not sure we see him again this year anyways
  7. If Baker has final say, he'll tell them he wants to see if it heals on it's own 4-6 months is a weird one at this point in the season, it's either shut him down now and count on Keenum or let Baker go until his arm falls off You almost have to assume Baker is going to get wrecked again, I'm not sure you count on him to finish the year
  8. There is still a part of me that thinks it all could work with OBJ, but injuries have costed he and Baker time together in this offense and on top of it he's dropping easy stuff which kills everything. I'd like to finish the year off, but I wouldn't be mad if he gets dealt before the deadline, he won't be here next year anyways
  9. I'm close to tapping out on him as well. It is becoming painfully obvious that he's not made for this offense You could see Thursday he caught a few passes in a row and was getting fired up on the sideline, he didn't see the field for the rest of that drive. I think he needs peppered with passes as him being the focal point, that's not how this offense operates
  10. Odell is going off tonight. Players seem to play harder for the backup QB. I think Odell and Njoku both tear it up tonight.
  11. Jay Glazer says Baker fractured his humerus as well when his shoulder popped out https://twitter.com/JayGlazer/status/1451332572039032832?s=20
  12. I just think he hasn't had Landry, he's his middle of the field guy
  13. I think we're going to have to use Delpit in a robber role this week though because he has the speed to run with Kyler
  14. I've noticed that as well with JJ3, he plays much better when he's not worried about the deep part of the field. He gets too antsy when a route comes by him, he can't help but bite. Same with Harrison. You can't have 2 Harrison's playing deep together at the same time I like one of my safeties to play the ball aggressively, it's a great trait, but can't have 2 at the same time, especially with a beat up secondary
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