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  1. Buying a House

    Definitely. If anything, a high credit score likely means you have less spending cash at any point because you are paying off your debts.
  2. Best Setup for Gaming Laptop? PC Gaming etc

    That's where I'd argue that you should just stream from a desktop then. If there's a TV in the room, you can stream through a Steam Link. If the room doesn't have a TV, you can always stream through a low end laptop. Run ethernet wires anywhere you might game (although I would argue that this is something that would be beneficial regardless) and you're golden.
  3. Buying a House

    As others are noting, that is the equivalent of <50K in Pittsburgh. The fact that you can't afford anything makes total sense. It's part of the struggle of California.
  4. Best Setup for Gaming Laptop? PC Gaming etc

    If he is traveling constantly and playing in airports/hotels (which I believe is the case), a laptop makes sense over desktop, but I think that is the only time.
  5. Best Setup for Gaming Laptop? PC Gaming etc

    I would highly suggest a desktop over laptop mainly for cooling issues. If you want to set it up so that you can game from the couch, get a steamlink or a cheap laptop to stream from the desktop (with a wired connection).
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    That's terrifying.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    ...and it's all because they promoted you to bartender. lol
  8. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    This is what I was going to mention. They aren't seeking comfort necessarily with the furniture for staging. They are going for appearances. This allows for lighter furniture and likely smaller, as well (would make the spaces look better along with being easier to move in and out).
  9. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    I ended up getting our guest rooms done with switches and outlets before my groomsmen got in for the weekend. I was figuring that our project list would be pretty small for a little bit post-wedding, but we apparently have very generous family and friends. Next project is probably back-splash under all the kitchen cabinets and then the spray in insulation before winter hits. Might look into getting a few new windows here and there too (and at least one new storm door), but we'll see. Also have to fix the side door that goes into the basement that leaks and is tough to open/close.
  10. Your team’s all-time roster?

    Filled in above. I think that should cover everyone.
  11. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Got the new outlet installed with little issue. Mounted the TV (after some issues) above the non-working fireplace and finished the wiring to connect the living room and master TVs (can watch the same thing on both, running off one media center that can be controlled via phone). Planning to work on more outlets between tonight and Thursday before my groomsmen get in (staying in our guest room/office). Would like to finish the outlets/light switches, but it may be unreasonable time-wise.
  12. Who was the Greatest Position Change in NFL History?

    If we are allowing the position changes in college, JJ Watt played TE at CMU before transferring and changing positions. Brian Mitchell is another that should be up there.
  13. E3 2019 discussion

    By their pricing and a 6 year console cycle, you are essentially paying $600 over the course of a typical console cycle for a "system" with lag. The only way I see this as a good option is if you play 1 or 2 big releases a year for short amounts of time. Even so, you'd be better off putting an extra $600 into your computer every time you buy one.
  14. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    We have no children and my parents/her dad have been VERY helpful. The wedding planning has been smooth also, so it wasn't a lot of time there relatively.
  15. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Moved into our new house in October. Getting engaged and due to be married in 1.5 weeks and having a new puppy have left little time to do much on the house. It is an older house (built in 1920) with 2 bedrooms, an office, 2 baths, unfinished basement and 2 rooms in a finished attic. So far, what we have done: painted all except 1 room (we were waiting until the master was finished) took down play set fixed up front/back yard (figure out which plants were weeds, move some bushes, move decorative rocks around for a more clean look) tore up carpeting in master and sanded/refinished floors update some outlets new bed/mattress and rug for master hardwire internet to living room and master (office to be done after the wedding due to guests staying) limit leaking water to unfinished basement replace back porch light with dusk to dawn light It has come along slower than I would like, but I feel better about it seeing/typing this list. Last thing I am doing before the wedding is moving (or adding) an outlet to above the fireplace where the TV in the master will be mounted to minimize wires running everywhere.