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  1. The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    It would be terrible writing, but I almost hope that Deadpool "draws" X-men into MCU just for the hilarity of it. It would be the most Deadpool thing that you could do.
  2. GDT: Pittsburgh (9-2) at Cincinnati (5-6)

    Replacement hottie updated. This one should be better, let me know if otherwise.
  3. vs. @ Most important keys to the game: don't let Burfict get into your heads with after the whistle stuff and avoid injuries (especially Burfict plays). Offensive Rankings: PIT - Passing (5th), Rushing (19th), Scoring (12th) CIN - Passing (28th), Rushing (31st), Scoring (25th) Defensive Rankings: PIT - Passing (3rd), Rushing (6th), Scoring (4th) CIN - Passing (5th), Rushing (28th), Scoring (10th) Don't get cute, get the running game going early. And obviously use Brown when you can (nice to have the leading rusher and receiver). As for the most important part of the GDT: (Let me know if I need to change this one out again)
  4. Better Team Right Now? New Orleans V Pitt V Minnesota

    You talk a lot about defensive prowess for both Vikings and Saints, yet fail to acknowledge that Pittsburgh has a better defensive DVOA, better yardage stats and better scoring stats. The Offense is underperforming, but not far behind the Vikings still in scoring offense (NO has been better, but Pittsburgh has the most potential if they hit their stride).
  5. "Kick it on third down in case of a bad snap"

    I believe it is 4th down as long as it doesn't cross the line of scrimmage (which would be rare to cross and then get blocked anyways).
  6. Back by popular demand...Marshall Newhouse fumble

    Am I missing something? He was running the correct way.
  7. Deadpool 2

    I really like that the teaser doesn't reveal any story or major jokes from the movie. I'd rather experience everything at once.
  8. As someone else has said, the Steelers are 2-2 with Jones starting. The Steelers also have a winning record over Tomlin's tenure when a QB that isn't Ben starts (4-3 since 2015 and 9-8 overall).
  9. Regular Season GDT Sign-Ups!

    @Steeler Hitman I can take the Dec. 4 Bengals game btw since it appears no one has signed up for it (last one open I believe).
  10. Changing the rules to QBs sliding?

    Then he shouldn't have slid? It looks to me like the tackler is already committed at the time he decides to slide. That is way too late and any hit that he takes after that should be on him. Maybe you are just saying that he wasn't intentionally trying to draw a flag or anything, which I agree with , but he definitely is largely at fault for that hit.
  11. Are there any consensus "best" players?

    At WR, this isn't setting up the best starting line up, this is best at their position. There can only be one best WR unless you want to break down slot, flanker, etc. You still have to specify one for each of those positions, which would never be consensus either. For QB, I could have sworn I saw that you had a unanimous consensus before, but I must have mis-read. OL, you do have a unanimous consensus for OG, which is why I pointed that out specifically. Personally, I feel Kelce is closer to Gronk than Harrison is to Earl Thomas. Some of the issue is that you are mis-using the term consensus. Consensus just means that there would be general agreement, in which case, it opens up more positions to that definition. If you are looking at unanimous consensus, then no one really fits it, as there will always be people with varying opinions at the top or homers. You have to draw a line somewhere, but expecting unanimous decision on anyone is not realistic.
  12. Are there any consensus "best" players?

    There definitely some inconsistency in the OP. First of all, you can't have a unanimous selection of more than one player as the best, so WR and OLB are straight out. CB is tough again because, while Peterson would be considered best by a lot of people, there are a lot of top options. While most people would take Brady, there are definitely plenty that would take Rodgers over Brady (injury muddies this a bit maybe and gives it to Brady, but that's the only way I could see a definitive). Yet you give no consensus at FS, despite Earl Thomas likely taking a larger portion of his votes. Gronk has too much competition with Kelce in particular to be hands down. JJ Watt is hurt again and I need to see him back to where he was before I crown him (2 serious injuries in a short time make it especially tough), which makes DE a toss up a bit. OL is just too much of a jumble to try to rate consistently. There's no strong consensus anywhere along the line I'm sure. I think the closest ones would be Tucker, Keuchley and Earl Thomas followed by Gronk.
  13. Thor: Ragnarok

    This was my immediate thought too. I think we are around $10 for a regular viewing in Pittsburgh.
  14. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    Interesting to me that the Chiefs offense is looking spectacular despite low expectations, with the defense under-performing (based on stats, but I haven't watched much of them to know whether that's an accurate representation). The Steelers are basically doing the opposite. Defense for the Steelers is looking better than expected and the offense isn't performing to the level that you would expect going into the season.
  15. Rick & Morty

    I've also heard that you can pretty much just mix McDonald's BBQ sauce with their Sweet and Sour sauce.