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  1. The myth of NFL parity

    You have yet to actually use any facts to support this. The 1 article that had any semblance of fact appeared to show that MLB and NFL have similar playoff parity and both less than NHL, which, while true, does not show overall parity. You have yet to support any of your other claims and yet blame everyone else for not trusting you... [edit] Additionally, your initial purpose for the thread was patently false and you subsequently moved your goal post accordingly. Not a good way to come at people.
  2. The myth of NFL parity

    I believe that was the intent of saying that they have the same resources. Each team has the same amount of money that they can spend each year. Baseball, while they do have a soft cap, can spend over that and many teams couldn't sustainably spend at the soft cap. So in essence, each team has the same amount of resources with respect to team building. If you believe that is a different argument, then what would your response be?
  3. The myth of NFL parity

    I believe what was meant by equal resources is that no team is limited by resources. Teams like the Packers can spend at the cap consistently and not be concerned with income of the team, whereas if the Pirates or the Brewers were to spend near the top of the league, they would be losing money at a pretty decent rate. Therefore, teams are limited by their available resources.
  4. NCAA football

    After seeing this thread, I decided to load up a PS2 emulator and get NCAA 2011 (last year on the PS2). It is definitely way more immersive than Madden for a franchise type game. Looking forward to making Pitt a football powerhouse (may not even play any of the actual games).
  5. Free Agency Tracker

    Which is why they likely find a late round CB that replaces Sensabaugh (or at least competes with). The point remains that we shouldn't be looking at CBs at all in FA (and hence no Cockrell).
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    It's on my list of shows to watch, but at low priority until I catch up on my other shows. Glad to hear it at least gets good.
  7. Let’s say Bell is gone...

    I'm not outraged personally, but his demands seem to be a little outrageous. He values himself as a combination of the top RB contract and a number 2 receiver contract combined. I don't think anyone can tell me with a straight face that he is that much better than the next best RB in the league and he wasn't even the top receiving RB in the league last year and hasn't led the league in yards from scrimmage (2nd twice and 3rd once). I still think that he is likely the best RB in the league, but the margin does not make for that large of a difference in contracts to me especially when you account for his injury history and the suspension for smoking. He has also claimed that he is doing this to set the RB market right, making it seem like he is doing it for the good of others. The contract has always been about him wanting more money, not about helping the other RBs in the league. I don't think anyone is upset that he doesn't want to play on the franchise tag, but his demands are very unreasonable if you ask me.
  8. Justice League

    You purposely simplified my argument to number of movies compared to MCU to make it easier to argue against that...Anyways, my point was not the number of movies compared to MCU, but the number of movies that was needed to make Justice League, with their already established plot of the movie, plausible. I understand that you don't have to introduce all the characters in every superhero movie separately. Guardians, for example, could get away with it for two reasons: they never intended to fully introduce the back story of the characters and the characters are not all that deep individually. Justice League wanted to give background on every character before they got much into the plot (as shown by the intro scenes for individual characters at the beginning) and they also have deeper individual characters (supposedly deep motivations). In your argument, you also ignore that I didn't even try to discount that we didn't have a proper intro to Hawkeye pre-Avengers (at no point did I discount him in my tally). The Flash is also a larger player in the movie than Hawkeye is in the Avengers. I also never tried to say we didn't get an intro to Wonder Woman either, but you tried to ignore that Black Widow had been introduced pre-Avengers. In no way am I saying that giving more solo films would fix the issues of DCEU, but it would certainly help with a major problem in their films in general. They try to fit too much into each movie, leading to rushed plots and vague motivations.
  9. Limiting Pass Interference Penalties To A Max Of 15 Yards

    Like others are saying, there has to be more of a deterrent to prevent DBs from just tackling the receiver once they realize they're beat. Maybe make it half of the spot foul or something if you feel you need to change it.
  10. Justice League

    Part of the problem with rationalizing it like this is the number of characters in each film series to that point. I'm pretty sure, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but the only people that got significant screen time that needed to be introduced for Avengers were Hulk (because it's really a new iteration of him), Hawkeye (in Thor, but very briefly) and the chitauri. For Justice League, they had to introduce Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Steppenwolf and the fly like minions. There was just too much left to do in one movie. You argued my strawman with a strawman...congrats.
  11. Justice League

    Let me put it this way then...they are making simple mistakes. They consistently cram too much into the films. Most of it would be fixed by doing solo movies for each before doing team-ups (for Justice League, maybe just leave Cyborg to introduce and for Suicide Squad have it after the hero introductions leaving 1 or two characters to introduce). So basically, it should be easy to fix (what I meant to convey...obviously making any movie isn't necessarily easy).
  12. Justice League

    I went into this movie with hopes that I would enjoy it more than the other films in DCEU, but I should have just trusted the public view of this movie. There was just so much wrong about the movie that the entertaining parts (there were definitely some) were short lived because they would be followed by a head scratching scene. The set-up for each character should have been unnecessary, but they didn't introduce 3 of the 6 main heroes before the movie, so they shoe-horn in an intro scene for each. Batman and Wonder Woman shouldn't need where are they now scenes to start the movie anyways and the intros to the other characters made it seem like you should already know them (watching with GF and she asked each time whether she should know who they are). Everything about the movie seemed very rushed (again if you don't need those intro scenes for the characters...) and motivations were very muddy. Aquaman doesn't like the other heroes so he doesn't really help anyone including other Atlanteans, Cyborg is following Wonder Woman and Batman for reasons (?) but never seems all that opposed to joining them, Steppenwolf comes kind of out of nowhere to get some cubes (only kind of explained about half way through what they even do). After all of this, you finally get some ok action only for it to end because Steppenwolf's axe gets broken and the parademons (humanoid flys) take him away into the giant bug zapper...err...portal? How does DC keep messing this up? It's so easy.
  13. Job of OLB's changing

    I'd be curious to see his stats on pressures, qb hits, etc. compared to other pass rushers. Sacks tell a very small part of the story.
  14. Calvin Johnson vs Antonio Brown vs Julio Jones

    Sadly Brown is probably 2 inches in height away from being viewed as the best receiver more consistently (no other changes, even in production).
  15. Rosie Nix Contract Extension

    Nix actually lives in the same building as me. It seems like he is pretty smart with money from what I can tell (one car, reasonable living expenses, doesn't go out much from what I hear, etc.).