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  1. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    I just want to point out something here with the Steelers (correct me if I'm wrong). Steroids were not a banned substance or illegal until the 80's. I don't know that there was a significant steroid abuse aside from the 70's Steelers.
  2. Relationship Advice Thread

    Since we're telling how'd you meet stories... The dating leading up to my wife was important just like @JoshstraDaymus. After getting out of a long, terrible relationship, I hit the online dating scene and met a lot of women in a short amount of time. The first lady that I dated for any length of time was also the first one that I actually met for a date. She was a little crazy and just getting out of a marriage. She had some issues (wanting a baby immediately for one, even though we knew each other for weeks). What seemed to be the sticking point though was that she was self conscious that my long term ex was unattractive and she decided that was saying something about me. It was good though that I met her because I previously had doubts about dating divorcees. Then I tried dating someone that was 6 years younger than me. She was sweet and pretty, but did as you'd expect a ~24 yo to do and drank heavily often. She worked odd hours as a nurse, but we made time to hang out. She started to get clingy (talking about marriage before even meeting any friends or family) and it was getting close to Christmas time. This was the first girl that I actually took my stand and broke up with instead of the other way around. I previously just couldn't acknowledge the end of a relationship. Then there was some others in between before I met the last girl that I dated before my wife. She was going through a rough divorce (lots of drama) and was still openly dating another guy while we were dating. I wasn't thrilled about it, but I had kind of decided that she would be the last person that I date from one of the apps. She was eventually just too hard to plan anything with to bother anymore. A week or so later, my friend tells me that I should stop out at the bar. It was a Thursday, but I figure I can hang for a bit. On my way there, she tells me it was a girls night that I am crashing, but I'm already on my way so whatever. She then introduces me to her friend (my now wife and whom she had been trying to introduce me to for a while) and we just hit it off. She was going through a divorce (apparently I have a type?), but my friend still wanted us to meet way before this. She had her long weekend kind of ruined by her uncle's funeral (she did NOT like him). She was supposed to be going hiking with a guy that she had been casually seeing (part of her plan to experience a lot of guys). Before I leave, I ask for her number and she just says to get it off of our common friend. I assumed that meant she wasn't interested and just didn't want to say. The next day, before our friend responds with her number, I got a friend request from my now wife. We chat and eventually plan a date. The location gets changed because she was bringing her dog and the weather was going to be bad out (can't dine outside with the dog then) so I offer to make dinner at my place. I happen to make Salmon, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato, her favorite meal combo. Things go well, but she was still seeing the other guy for a bit and even goes to London with him (she said it was more about the free trip than going with him, but I wasn't so sure). When she came back was when she decided we would be exclusive. Another dog, a house and a wedding later, here we are. She is way out of my league.
  3. Notable Stats

    I mean RG3 was one of the comparable season. Marcus Mariota was a TD short. Sam Bradford was close to those numbers. Mike Glennon needed some more yards and 1 TD. Yes, RG3 mostly had injury issues, but let's not pretend this is a lock. It's just a convenient cutoff.
  4. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    My parents have a pool and it is a LOT of work to upkeep. I don't know the upkeep for a Swim Spa, but that should be a serious consideration for @naptownskinsfan.
  5. Relationship Advice Thread

    Same again. Our first date was at my place and I happened to cook her favorite meal (still says my salmon is better than all but maybe 1 or two places that we've eaten).
  6. Relationship Advice Thread

    My wife thought she was looking for something casual also when we met. Didn't take long for that to change.
  7. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    If it's a serial killer route they are going and looking to stay realistic-ish, I could see Zsasz as a real possibility.
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    As others have referenced, it's not about the number so much as it's about the maturity level. It can't hurt to hang out with her and feel things out. If you two actually connect, don't let friends convince you it's wrong (hers or yours) because only the two of you should be making that decision.
  9. I can only really speak to the Steelers players for something like this, but Ike Taylor was very good for a time.
  10. Crazy Media ideas thread.

  11. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    My wife and I really enjoyed that, but there were also a lot of cringy decisions made by the characters, but that is somewhat par for the course I guess.
  12. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    In an enclosed space, without much air movement (like in stores) the air does not dissipate nearly as quickly. If you are standing anywhere for any length of time, you essentially are building up more potential virus in that air space (if you have it). That "cloud" of your own air doesn't then stay magically within 6ft of you, it stays where it was for a decent amount of time after. Without a mask on, the viral load is higher because NONE of the virus was filtered. With a mask on, you are filtering out some of that virus. An increased viral load gives worse symptoms. These are all things that are discussed in this thread, how do you not get it AT ALL? You're foolishness could cause someone to get severely sick or die. How do you feel about that thought?
  13. You don't think @ET80 had wheels installed on his last set of knee replacements?
  14. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Having the foil directly next to the radiator is an option and what I planned to do. I have never really measured the temperature of the actual radiator. I know it won't take much insulation due to the venting that I will change out (current stuff is very flimsy and plan to put something that could hold the weight of our dogs when they decide to jump up there), but the reflective insulation I figured would allow for less heat loss and allow for better heating of the room.
  15. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Before I get into my current project. An update on my house. We had a very large tree removed recently. It hung over the roof and was dying and was way too close to the house in addition to dropping a lot of sap and leaves. Electrical and internet lines were running through the branches, so it was not cheap, but I am so glad it's done. Now we can work on painting the front and making the yard look nicer. Got all the outlets/switches swapped inside so they are white and not cream and beat up. Have to finish some painting where I patched holes in assorted areas. Got wiring run to the bedroom from the living room so that I can stream my entertainment center to the bedroom as well as a bluetooth transmitter for the TV so I can watch at night without disturbing the wife. Still need to run internet up to the office so that everything can be hardwired. Replaced the doorbell in the front with a video doorbell. That also involved new wiring because the old doorbell was wireless. Will add the chime soon, but it currently sends an alert to my phone and my wife's phone which is sufficient for now. I don't know that this is the right place to post it, but I figure it's as good a place as any. I am going to try to build a radiator cover that would have a storage area with lid beside it (to fill the ~3 foot gap to the wall behind the couch, currently unusable space). Basically, the current cover is in bad shape and I need to either fix it, update it, or build a new one anyways. The idea is to have a place to store phone chargers, computer when not in use, etc. The storage space would obviously have insulation to keep heat from going that way (likely the same insulation on the back side so the heat all goes forward, up or to the side opposite the storage area). Two things that I am unsure about are 1)What type of insulation would be best to use? I am guessing something with foil to reflect vs. absorb the heat. 2)Is there something that I can buy to make the cords retractable? The cords that are made to be retractable are typically large and remain at the middle of the cord, which would prevent it from going fully into the storage area. If there is something that I could add that would mount to the inside and allow for a similar action, that would be optimal.