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  1. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    It's very clear that you can't discuss this rationally (or any topic for that matter) so I'm just going to leave it at this response. While I did type that he is the first ever to not attend, the context of the sentence was meant to say that he is the first person to CHOOSE not to attend (since I mentioned dead players in the previous sentence). I misspoke, but that should have been understood. Also, the HoF fame was always meant for the journalists to vote on. There is already the pro bowl (which is hilariously poorly voted on) to give honor to players. Using ex players has already been shown to be a poor use (not to mention how do you choose which players to vote). All Owens is doing is proving the HoFers and HoF committee right because he is the first player ever to CHOOSE to not attend the ceremony. By actively declining the invitation, he is creating a new situation for himself, AGAIN he IS the precedent for this situation now. I have no idea why you have something so personal against sports writers, but you really need to deal with your issues with them.
  2. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    He entitled to say "no thanks" and the HoF committee is entitled to not give him the same ceremonial treatment as others that showed up to accept the honor. There is no rule stating that Owens HAS to attend, but there is no rule stating how the ceremony must go for each player. You could say that they have set precedent on the amount of attention that they give each player, but that was a precedent for players that attended the ceremony or were dead. There is no precedent for Owens induction because he is the first ever person to not attend. This is the precedent for future people that may not attend. As @lancermansaid, ex-players are very poorly prepared to select fellow players to enter the HoF as shown by the top 100 list. Not only that, but you'd have players trying to push their guys in constantly. And the fan vote is laughable because the probowl is laughable. In the end, you won't acknowledge that you are over-reacting to sports writers because one of them must have spurned you or one of your "scout friends," but this is the process. There would not be a HoF without the sports writers. If you don't feel it would be an honor for them to select someone, then this shouldn't even be a blip on your radar.
  3. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    And he is still getting his award, but they just won't go into a highlight reel for him. He did not want to attend, so he shouldn't be upset himself by the decision. If he has the ability to attend (aka IS ALIVE) and wants to have his play recognized via a highlight reel or speech about him, then he should have chose to attend. The committee has no obligation to do anything but announce that he is a part of the induction class. It appears that sports writers have kicked your dog at some point, but they are still the decision makers for this award. I don't know who else you feel would be more qualified. You also say that this shouldn't be a sentimental award...well then great, they aren't giving any sentiment to someone that chose not to go to the ceremony. If Owens wanted to be there, but couldn't afford to as some people have argued, then her could have spoke remotely. If he chose not to go because he holds a grudge against the committee or other HoFers, then he shouldn't care whether they recognize him at all. Either way, the decision to do nothing aside from mention his name in the induction class shouldn't matter to him.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Completely agree, definitely meant it as "why would this be bad?" It sounded almost like that would be a draw back from how he said it.
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Was this meant to deter people from wanting a sequel?
  6. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    This is pretty funny to me. I know many people in the health care field, but I wouldn't claim to know more about that field than anyone else that isn't in the field either. You clearly don't know nearly as much about the game as you claim to be. Now go ask your Daddy's friends where they would rate Fitzgerald in his prime.
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    I know it seems cruel, but just be honest with her. Trying to save her feelings does her no good. The longer you drag it on, the worse it will be. She may hate you for it, but that stuff happens.
  8. The Technology Thread

    What kind of specs does it have? It could be salvageable if you need more RAM or something like that.
  9. Who Am I? (Trivia)

    Adam Vinatieri in 1996 and 2006 seasons.
  10. Cam Newton vs Michael Vick

    I would hardly call 4 out of 7 years consistent. Especially when you consider that one of those years was a 7-8-1 regular season finish.
  11. Relationship Advice Thread

    Sorry to hear that. People can be so inconsiderate, it's just amazing to me.
  12. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    So.. confirmation bias? Unless you actually have stats to support this, that's all it is. No matter what here, either he was very good after the catch (a very good TALENT to have) or he was getting a normal number of yards after contact per reception (which means he would have been more of a deep threat than you like to admit). Polamalu is running the wrong direction from the play initially. Once he gets back around to running the same direction, he makes no ground on Fitz. Fitz is very easily pulling away from anyone else on the play. Except that play is from 2015 season (only year Carson Palmer played against Packers as a Cardinal I believe, definitely did not play against the packers in 2016 season). That is not his sub 10 yards per reception year (2016).
  13. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2012/broken-tackles-2011 Except that he didn't have a large number of broken tackles (less than 10 per the link). Harrison is running directly behind Fitzgerald and Fitz is very easily pulling away. Polamalu is coming from an angle, but is unable to make up ANY ground. I don't know what play you are watching there. You were still completely factually incorrect in what you were saying though since you said that he averaged less than 10 yards per catch. Claiming you were putting it in context of a 3 year span doesn't help that you were wrong.
  14. That was a really poor draft overall for talent.
  15. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    Also for not having any explosion, Fitzgerald had more YAC in 2011 than Randy Moss did in any year of his career