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  1. A New Beginning

    I want whatever drugs he's 👆 on.
  2. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Yea, if it's me, I find a way to make this happen.
  3. TNF: Bucs v Panthers

    That is...terrible.
  4. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    Steelers forum. The only place where less Money is better.
  5. So It Begins... Steelers Visit the Patriots

    Please, don't. - Entire Forum
  6. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    After all of the people coming out saying that Tomlin failed because he couldn't control guys like Brown and Bell, I think a lot of people should be eating crow right now.
  7. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    Favre is another top QB. He elevated WRs also. Having success with him doesn't mean that Rodgers isn't elevating them. As far as Flynn goes, that's a great game, but it is also a 1 game sample size.
  8. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    As far as the supporting WR cast, you mention Cobb as being the 5th WR on the team, but he was also a rookie. You could point the same thing out about the 2010 Steelers that had Antonio Brown as the 5th receiver behind Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Antwaan Randle El. Context matters though. As for those receivers: Donald Driver - Never played outside of GB (for Favre and then Rodgers) Jordy Nelson - Only played one season outside of GB and put up 700 yards in OAK (albeit at age 33) Greg Jennings - Played in MIA and MIN and put up 800 yards, 742 yards, and 208 yards in those 3 years James Jones - In his only season outside of GB, he put up 666 yards and then went back to GB and had 890 yards. Randall Cobb - Hasn't played outside of GB The point being, we don't really know how much of these WRs success was because of Rodgers because they mostly played in GB.
  9. What movie are you watching?

    Yea, if the movie is boring enough that you're urged to pull your phone out while watching, that is a problem with the movie.
  10. The Boys{Amazon}

    I'm up through episode 5 and loving this show.
  11. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Definitely not the case with Ben. Ben was typically holding onto the ball too long if anything early in his career (whether by design or not). That is why Ben was always breaking tackles and scrambling (along with pretty bad OL play). Ben's air yards are generally higher than Eli so Ben was a poor choice of example.
  12. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Steelers fans tried to warn people that he was a headcase, but obviously it was just a problem with the Steelers team, not Brown himself.
  13. Advice wanted

    Ok. Do you have anything to actually contribute?
  14. Advice wanted

    Because guys never use a pretty lady as their avatar /s
  15. Favorite Watching the GAME Venue?

    Those of you saying that you can't hear the game at the bar are just going to the wrong bars. While I would generally prefer to watch at home, playoff games at a friend's house or at the bar are a lot of fun. Going to games can be fun, but would rather be inside watching.