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  1. Any chance guys? We need a GM that knows what he is doing, something we haven't had in a long long time. He seemed to know what he was doing when he was in Baltimore. If we can't get him we need to get someone that realizes that if we want to be a respectable team we need to get some offensive linemen. If a teams MVP is their punter then they suck and right now T. Way is our MVP.
  2. I think Snyder will be forced to sell the team, which I think is a good thing, but the bad thing is if John Mara gets his way they will lose a draft pick or more and salary cap space. Mara won't wait until this has been investigated like the sexual assault allegations against Jerry Jones in 2009 or 2010 which were dismissed after her allegedly paid out $1M over 4 years, and they won't turn a blind eye like they are doing with Robert Kraft and his happy ending. Mara is the jack hole that lead the charge to have them stripped of $36M and the Cowboys stripped of $10M, while the Saints and Chiefs did the same thing but didn't lose any money, they just didn't get any money when it was divided up by the league.
  3. Redskins #2 pick and Trent Williams to Miami for #5, #18, 3rd round pick, 2021 1st round and 2022 conditional 2nd round pick (if Dolphins make playoffs in 1 of the next 2 years upgrades to 1st rounder). Thats the only way I would trade the #2 pick. And with the #5 pick we could trade down a couple of picks to pick up a 2nd rounder and still get our LT that we need, and maybe trade down from #18 to pick up an extra pick or 2.
  4. No, if we have a chance at taking Tua we trade for more draft picks. We need offensive linemen, LB's, defensive backfield, TE's. But I don't expect that we would do something smart like that, we will pick someone else, someone we could get a couple picks down the line.
  5. I like this pick, gives them someone opposite Kerrigan that can rush the passer. This will also help the backfield, which I hope they will address later in the draft.
  6. I'm not wild about this pick but glad they didn't have to give up any picks to move up and get him.
  7. What I want, and what I'm afraid will happen are 2 different things. What I want first. Trade 2nd round pick 46, Case Keenum and 2020 4th round pick to Arizona for Josh Rosen and 2019 6th round pick and 2020 5th round pick. So that gives us our starting QB for this year still on his rookie deal, so we trade 1st round pick 15 to Oakland Raiders for 2019 1st round pick 24, 2nd round pick 35, and 2020 2nd round pick so they can pick Dwayne Haskins who is falling. 1st round pick 24 Byron Murphy CB Washington - This is probably the last year for Josh Norman, so instead of chasing a replacement we have him in house 2nd round pick 35 Taylor Rapp S Washington - Can play either safety position, so when the injury bites us again we have flexibility at the back end of the defense 2nd round pick 46 Dalton Risner OL Kansas State - Can play either at guard, which is where I would like him to play, but can move outside and play right tackle 3rd round pick 76 Parris Campbell WR Ohio State - He is a burner, that may not be there, but if he is we have a deep threat 3rd round pick96 Devon Coney ILB Notre Dame - We need another inside linebacker and he his the best left available What I'm afraid will happen Dan Snyder continues to think he knows how to draft a winning team, even though he has proved he can't and trades 1st round pick 15, 2nd round pick 46, and 2020 first round pick to Tampa Bay for 1st round pick 5 and selects Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State. After he does that it doesn't matter what he does because I will have broken my TV.
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