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  1. Totally agree, although they did turn Tomlinson into a respectable starter. I'm all about an upgrade, I'm only saying that if Shanny is happy with him, it's highly unlikely he lets him take a lateral move.
  2. Yeah idk. I just figure he will keep guys that are lateral moves. Why let someone go from being your O-Line coach to be someone else’s unless you are having problems with them?
  3. I could see Shanny letting him take everyone but Benton. The rest of the guys could be promoted to different roles like Bullocks to DB coach (instead of specifically safeties), Whitecotton to D-Line coach instead of asst. etc.
  4. As @Forge knows, I am a proponent of bringing him back for another year while we groom a 1st round QB to start in 2022 while hopefully Jimmy can re-build some of his value. The problem is that we will have to probably move up for the right rookie QB and I'm not confident that our FO/Staff is willing to do that. I'm only really on board with moving on from Jimmy G if there is an upgrade at the position. He's shown he can take the 49ers deep into the playoffs when healthy (and the rest of the team is healthy) and we've seen what this team looks like without Jimmy. If Stafford becomes available I
  5. I have it on good authority that he turned McNair into a newt.
  6. Yeah maybe. Maybe you blow off the Jets then they decide to move on someone else and the LAC decide to go a different direction and your left without a HC job? I don’t think it’s smart to take any opening, but as I said, the Jets job isn’t as bad as you are making it sound and there are only 32 of these jobs in the world. Sometimes you just gotta take the sure thing if you think you can make it work.
  7. Nothing said they were going to offer him the job as is evident by Arthur Smith’s second interview with the Jets.
  8. Did the Chargers make an offer? I don’t think the Jets job is undesirable as you are making it sound either. They’ve got cap space and draft picks. I ranked it JAC, LAC, & NYJ as the top three open jobs.
  9. Agreed. I had it number 3 behind Jacksonville and San Diego.
  10. Love that we’re promoting Ryans to DC. Absolutely the right call imo.
  11. Good for Saleh. I really respect the dude. Super glad he didn’t end up in Philly or Houston.
  12. This is why we often see guys drafted in the first round that have no business being drafted in the first round. Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, Brandon Weeden, etc. Just taking a guy to take a QB is not good for business. I think there are 4 guys worthy of a 1st round pick this year. Obviously Lawrence will be gone at 1 and Fields or Wilson could easily go at 2. I don't think we're going to get a QB this year early unless we're aggressive and go up and get our guy. I wouldn't be surprised to see us go CB or DE in 1 - If Trent Williams isn't resigned I fully expect our first pick to be a LT, alth
  13. I love that video. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Kyle was going to run it and just passed it as an F U to Pettine. He did not seem to enjoy his time in Cleveland lol.
  14. Very well could be. I hope it works out TBH. That team could be super fun to watch, plus they're not in the Niners division or conference so that makes them easier to root for.
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