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  1. Pretty sure he was saying that throughout training camp too. Who knows what's going on anymore. Aiyuk can't see the field and they seem to be openly talking bad about him.
  2. I think you and I were in lockstep on this pick. Sure he could end up being a beast, but with his injury history, this was a terribly risky pick.
  3. The fact that he made it out of training camp is pretty depressing to me. The fact that he is above Banks on the DC is even more depressing.
  4. Wonder how long Jimmy stays on the field. Hopefully Lance will at least be active, although that kind of seems like a long shot at this point. Look at the bright side though, at least Skule won't be in there taking a whooping like he did against the Packers in prime time last year.
  5. But is he reporting that his sources are denying the interest in Tua?
  6. I know there's like a 1% chance of this happening, but it would just be the cherry on top to see Tunsil traded back to Miami in a package for Watson.
  7. I figured that all got sorted out when they re-worked his contract. Reading you and @Forge back and forth, that may not be something that keeps him happy for long though.
  8. Was there a report on Miami wanting to trade him or is this just hypothetical? His contract isn't crazy for a top CB, but I feel like we'd have to do some restructuring to make this happen. Maybe Miami wants Jimmy G? (lol Jimmy G is my new Marquise Goodwin)
  9. I don't think so. I think Jed has the utmost confidence in this regime and the players love Shanny and Lynch. I hated the game Shanahan called against the Cards with Lance under center, but I still think he's one of the top minds in football. I think it'd take an absolutely disastrous 2022 to consider dropping these two.
  10. lol, god forbid someone mentions fantasy football on a football forum. I was a huge fan of his coming out of Stanford and thought Shanahan might draft him, but you do you man.
  11. Said it in the NFL News forum. This seems like it's going to be another Jason Verrett type of guy. It's too bad, as he seems to be very talented.
  12. Hopefully this just means Banks had a tough time learning the playbook or something and is finally putting it together. It would be huge for us to have a good interior lineman on this team. It'd also be great to have Dan Brunskill back into that swing player for our O-Line when injuries come up.
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