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  1. Here is a random thought... Aren't physicals subjective from team to team? We as well as the Bengals failed Takk McKinnley for his physical and yet the Raiders passed him. I'm just thinking in terms of Dee Ford, where is the line drawn on whether he passes his physical in regards to his guaranteed money?
  2. The pick that could have been Travis Kelce.... https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/22/former-49ers-te-vance-mcdonald-announces-retirement/
  3. Haha, that would definitely be a dream scenario. I think I read somewhere that TL was a big reason that Urban took the job in JAC though. Apparently he's infatuated with him and that was a big draw for him to take that job. On that note, I'm not super impressed with what the Jags have done this offseason in regards to their hires. I think they should have gone hard after Saleh and brought in Peters as their GM. We'll see how Urban does, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him fail, although it will be hard with all the draft picks and money they have available to them.
  4. Houston owes us. Seattle got Clowney and Brown, Arizona got D-Hop, Rams got out of the Cooks contract and got a second in return. It's our turn dang it!
  5. Just to add to my last comment: I do not expect the Niners to make a move for Watson. I don't think they'll be able to offer as attractive packages as other teams like was mentioned previously. If I had to guess I would say we move a little bit for a QB this year if we think one of the guys like Wilson would be an upgrade over Jimmy.
  6. I would definitely send Raheem in a package for Watson. Witherspoon is a FA so you should be able to just sign him if you want to, as he's been in Shanny's doghouse for over a year now. But players of that caliber would definitely be a lot easier for me to justify sending with high picks that could be used to replace him. My problem with trading Bosa or Warner is, how are we going to replace them when all of our draft capital in the first round for multiple years is gone. I would be totally fine replacing the guys you mentioned with mid round picks.
  7. This is not something I'd be prepared to do on top of multiple first rounders, I've been very consistent with that. If it's the three 1st rounders that's easy for me. With Watson our pick would be at the end of the 1st the second and third year.
  8. 2021 1st, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, and Jimmy G. If that'd get it done I'd be down in a heartbeat for the Niners.
  9. Not really sure what the deal is there. He definitely saw his snaps decrease throughout the year, but I don’t think he has anything to complain about.
  10. Kind of on par with where they’ve been all year. In other news that I know will upset a lot of folks around here...
  11. I definitely don't blame him either. One other thing to keep in mind is he made it very clear that he wants to play for a contender, not a team that is rebuilding. How do you think he'd see us bailing on Jimmy for a rookie QB or some of the other options people have thrown around as potential replacements (outside of Watson, Stafford, & Ryan)?
  12. I totally understand this point of view. I'm in no way advocating putting the future of this team on Jimmy. If we bring back Jimmy I want a QB in R1 (only one of the top 4 guys) to develop and take over in 2022. I think we can still manage to bring back Trent Williams and extend All-Pro Fred with Jimmy on the books. The fact that Trent Williams is a FA that can't be tagged may make him hard to sign though, regardless if Jimmy is around or not. We need to get him done before FA or I think he's gone.
  13. That’s why I think it’d be ideal to keep Jimmy for a year while grooming a young QB. Jimmy can rehab his value with a solid year assuming he stays healthy and then we can dump him for a guy that fully knows the system next year while netting a decent pick for Jimmy. I think with his injuries the past couple of years teams will be hesitant to give up a high pick for him right now. Give him a year with good production and it may be a different story.
  14. That makes a little more sense. Lol. ^me apparently^
  15. Gene Wilder was a national treasure. How dare you!
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