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  1. Don’t worry, we’ll steamroll them in the playoffs again.
  2. Timmins is a solid player for sure, but not a guy that’s irreplaceable. Honestly I’m more bummed out about shipping Gravy out of town.
  3. Seems like we overpaid for Kuemper, but he's definitely a solid goaltender when healthy. Seems like we really boxed ourselves into a corner letting Grubi hit the market. Sucks to lose Timmins, but I don't think it's the end of the world. I wish we could have sent Johnson as a part of the deal instead, but luckily we've got a number of guys in our system that should be ready in short order.
  4. Ah, I thought you were referring to the 40 yard pass to George. You can't unsee it now!
  5. Here is some bonus Aiyuk footage as well:
  6. Haha, yeah I get that. I do put a little bit of weight on King's reports though. It sounded like he was tearing it up in TC before the back injury. I'm not counting on him by any means, but I think he could surprise a lot of people if he can see the field.
  7. How dare you come at me with this negativity! I agree about not counting on him to be healthy, but I think in the limited time we as fans have seen him on the field (at Baylor & his preseason game against Dallas) he has been impressive. Peter King also seemed to be very impressed with him based on his TC performance, calling him a favorite for OROY his before he got hurt. I think if he gets on the field he will produce; whether he can get on the field and stay there is what he will have to prove though.
  8. I'm pretty excited about Hurd tbh. Obviously there is no way we can count on to him to be healthy, which I think is what you are referencing, but I think he could be a huge surprise for our team this year if he sees the field. I'm cautiously optimistic about Dee as well; there was talk about his injury threatening his ability to walk earlier in the year to now where he passed his physical. If this team can stay healthy at key positions this year I think we should be favorites to win it all this year. I think our starting roster is better than the 2019 defense outside of Buckner and CB and we a
  9. I think this will be resolved fairly quickly. They are working on a new contract that will void all his remaining years after this season, so you should get a break from this until next offseason.
  10. I’m pretty confident that they could still get that return if Watson didn’t have all the legal issues hanging over his head, but he does. Maybe he will be worth that next off-season, but with all this crap left unresolved, there is no way that they get that imo. The Texans would have been way better off trading him off before all this came to light instead of trying to play hardball.
  11. I kind of think the Giants would roll with Daniel Jones at that price, but who knows. I included Pittsburgh on my list just because Big Ben is at the end of his career and it would allow them to eat his suspension while still being competitive with Ben under center. Honestly I have no idea what will happen at this point, but if I was running a team I would have a hard time justifying dishing out that kind of capital to bring in a player with all that legal stuff hanging over his head.
  12. I wonder who would be in on this at this point; maybe Denver, Washington, Miami, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or maybe GB if they decide to move on from Rodgers which seems unlikely. I think some of those teams are a stretch and I think Houston is going to have a real hard time getting what they want in return with the ongoing legal stuff Watson is still going through and the backlash the team who trades for him will get.
  13. Yeah, it seems like people always tend to over-correct in general. It has been a weird year+ and I think that’ll result in teams getting a steal this go around. Not sure if the pandemic had anything to do with his play, but it affects everyone differently physically and emotionally. In way more cool and exciting news; it looks like the Avs 1st rounder scored too.
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