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  1. I really hope the NFL doesn't turn into basketball or baseball where you see all these all-stars and HOF players just jump around from team to team. I loved watching Lebron James play when he was with the Cavs, and then he started jumping around from team to team and all these other big stars would join him wherever he was. It kind of takes the fun out of following a team. Admittedly, I don't follow baseball all that much, but I remember when the Marlins won the world series with that young core, it looked like they'd be a powerhouse for years; then they proceeded to trade off their entire you
  2. Yep, I remember now. He signed with them the same year as Frank Gore did if memory serves.
  3. I completely forgot that Andre wasn’t a Texans lifer.
  4. I like Kary Vincent Jr., super aggressive, has a nose for the ball, and from what I've seen is not afraid to mix it up and put people on their butts.
  5. Brown has been a guy I've taken in a lot of my TDN mock drafts. He's definitely worth a shot a little later in the draft.
  6. They also have C.J. Mosley coming back who has only played like 2 games for them. But he's had plenty of time to get healthy since he opted out of the 2020 season, so that should help their defense as well. I am in the camp that the Jets aren't too terribly far away from competing in the AFC East.
  7. Well I guess the one positive is that they don’t have to wonder if he’s going to come into work committed anymore. What a waste.
  8. Assuming he'd be willing to wave his NTC. From what I understand, he wasn't very psyched about the prospect of going to the Jets.
  9. Obviously it wouldn’t be a long term solution, but we haven’t had someone who would take the top off the defense since Goodwin was playing and wasn’t checked out. I think Aiyuk could be that deep threat if we’d let him, but even then he doesn’t have the long speed of Jackson, even at 34. It’d have to be a cheap short term deal for me to be interested, but I think he’d definitely be a better option than Travis Benjamin, who I believe what the FO was going to be the replacement for Goodwin. p.s. Full disclosure I’m still super butthurt that we passed on him back in the day. He was one
  10. Looks like DeSean Jackson will be released. I’d definitely be interested if he was interested in coming back to the bay on the cheap.
  11. It sounds like Jed has been taking care of his guys too based on what players and coaches were saying when we had to ship off to Arizona.
  12. That's interesting. If that is the case, then I'm sure you're right and he wouldn't retire. I don't know much about contract law, my specialty is in a different field.
  13. I don’t get it either. Darnold looks broken. Can he turn it around? Sure. I’m not willing to bet a premium pick on it though. This also doesn’t fall under a ‘clear upgrade’ over Jimmy G, so I don’t think we’d make the move. Crazier things have happened I suppose. On a side note I remember someone mentioning how Shanny likes QBs that come from a pro style offense in college: does anyone else think that this would boost Lance’s stock in Shanny’s mind?
  14. I assumed since it was guaranteed he’d just have to hit his date, fail his physical, then he could retire and collect. I’m assuming you are referring to the additional non-guaranteed money he would collect. Based on my minimal knowledge about how these contracts work, that would be around 5.7 mil right?
  15. I would be furious if we gave up a 2 for Darnold. I understand trying to resurrect a high pick like him, but he has not shown me enough to think he is worth a 2nd at this point. I don't think I'd go any higher than a 5th or a future 4th.
  16. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/05/john-lynch-dee-ford-not-guaranteed-to-be-ready-for-start-of-next-season/ It isn’t looking good for Dee. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he retired. I haven’t heard anything about Hurd to this point, but he tore his ACL early in camp so I imagine he’ll be ready to go tear something else come TC this year.
  17. I haven’t watched a lot of RBs to this point, but good lord is Javonte Williams impressive.
  18. I don't do twitter unless it's on team stream or something, but I imagine twitter is much like Facebook used to be (probably still is). You've been spoiled @Forge with quality football discussion for far too long to wander back into that world!
  19. I don't know why, but that was probably funnier to me than it should have been.
  20. How could you forget Rueben Foster?! What shoulder?! I think Lance could play early if you needed him to, but his lack of starts scares some people and he is only 20 years old (won't be 21 until May). I think he's got the body of a NFL QB already, so I think he could take the punishment from day one if need be. The mental aspect is really where that thought comes from though. I think Shanny has shown he can 'dumb down' his offense for a QB when needed though. RG3 started from day 1 and was excellent and Jimmy G played pretty solid in those last 6(?) games when we first acquired him. I woul
  21. I think if Williams leaves in FA our pick will be Darrisaw. I know that's not an overly exciting pick, but the value in a high end LT is certainly worthy of the #12 pick and Shanny / Lynch have shown that they value tackles.
  22. Yeah, I definitely get what you are saying, but from what I've gathered the Texans don't really care much about optics. They gave away some pretty talented players and seemed to alienate maybe the best player they've ever had. Ultimately it will come down to Watson and what he's willing to accept: It'll be interesting to see if he is willing to play anywhere but Houston or if he's more picky about where he goes. Also, I imagine that the Texans FO is a bit more optimistic about how long it'll take to turn things around with the draft capital they receive from the Watson trade, so in their minds
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