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  1. It seems like he’s always going to miss a few games, but he’s still the best all around TE in the game IMO. He’s the total package when he’s on the field.
  2. Who is saying this? I will fight them! I can’t wait to see George with Lance, I think his numbers will explode again.
  3. He was sooooo open. It was painfully obvious at the time. I think Jimmy just locks in on who he wants to go to and has a hard time moving off of that guy. Super frustrating.
  4. There were plays left out there. As much as I want to blame officiating, Jimmy had a TD to a wide open Sherfield and instead sailed a pass to a double covered Kittle that resulted in an INT. There were plays out there to be made that we just missed. Frustrating to say the least. That’s been my biggest gripe about Jimmy this year; he just locks onto guys and makes predetermined plays.
  5. So if we score do we just go for two? I almost think we have to.
  6. They gave Mitchell a forearm shiver to the dome and there was no penalty. That was a bang bang play.
  7. Also that was an elbow to the head. That should be a penalty.
  8. Well Mitchell just got destroyed. I think that he’ll be out the rest of the game at least.
  9. That was a TD if he threw it to Sherfield…. Well if he hit Sherfield.
  10. Exactly the play I thought of when I saw that. Amazing.
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