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  1. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    pretty uninspiring hire, not impressed at all with this move.
  2. Stock Investing

    I am flexible, so im probably going to go this route. Appreciate the feedback guys, exactly what I was looking for.
  3. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    you can never have too many pass rushers. i don't care if we go two pass rushers in RD1, i still wouldn't mind bringing in a mid-upper tier FA EDGE CMIII is done (although if he'd accept being an ILB i think he has 2-3 years left) and perry is not reliable (though i do think he's talented).
  4. Stock Investing

    sorry should’ve done more details assume 20% down, high COL area, no desire to buy within next 5 years or so due to career/don’t wanna deal with maintenance of one, etc also know all the details of personal finance. just looking for input on others’ approaches to it.
  5. Stock Investing

    home owner bros/future home owner bros: what was/is your approach in saving for the down payment on a house? just all cash? all investments? combo of both? (if so what allocation) i personally think we're in a bear market at minimum, so my gut says just stay in cash, but since i have no plans to buy for 5-7 years, part of me thinks i should at least play the averages and put some into long run mutual funds (since i have no idea how long this will last, etc). just looking for 2 cents. thx
  6. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    looks like a nice family but yea marrying someone based solely off looks is always a solid call
  7. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    wow. if lafleur essentially keeps the entire staff in tact my grade goes from a B to a D-. i agree with keeping pettine, but philbin and zook 100% need to go.
  8. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    wanted mcdaniels, but like the direction they're going with this. so we'll give it a rip. todd monken would've been extremely uninspiring.
  9. not sure how anyone can say there's good or not good candidates out there, any given year with any sort of confidence. a) how the hell do you know before they coach? b) is a fresh new batch gonna grow on trees after the next NFL season?
  10. you mean young professionals are capable of making mistakes and then learning from them no fricken way
  11. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    everyone likes to cope with "it was huge for morale" etc, etc but ultimately, i'd rather have a higher draft pick for a season that matters. guess it's all perspective, but in pro sports there are few moral victories imo. it's results driven, and we took a pretty significant asset hit by winning that game.. it's not just the 1st round, it's all of the rounds combined.
  12. Packers Draft Position Thread AKA Tankathon 2018

    posted in another thread, but wish we would've lost that game vs the jets. would've been nice to have 8 instead of 12, but w/e i guess.
  13. we lose that meaningless game against the jets and we're picking 8th instead of 12th. frustrating.
  14. Stock Investing

    I obviously meant just a blip. Poor wording.
  15. Stock Investing

    one of the most predictable bear markets in awhile. shaky administration, fed mess, student loan debt, car loan debt, ridiculously optimistic consumer spending, free falling crude prices, below optimal unemployment rate, inflated mortgages, etc. signs galore but the corporate tax break made people believe we were only going up for 10 more years. i'm not a wall st expert or i'd be making a lot more money, but i don't think this is a temporary dip.