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  1. Wish giannis wouldn’t have picked embiid. No diss against dude, but having all wings in games like this is goat. Wanted to see Steph/George/Kawhi not being able to take Davis because of Loyalty to Middleton is understandable, but blowssss
  2. Trade Deadline Rumors & Random Discussion

    HORST THE GOAT. amazing move now ellington time.
  3. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    If I was NO, I’d try to see if I could get Chicago to bite for Wendell carter and lauri markkannen. Id hate it as a bucks fan, but I’d definitely try to engage them from a NO standpoint
  4. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

  5. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Lakers, Knicks, clippers, and bucks are the teams per shams
  6. Seems nuts to me to give up on bamba this early, but I guess I haven’t seen a ton of him play yet
  7. top 5 MVP rankings 1. Antetokounmpo 2. Jokic 3. George 4. Leonard 5. Curry
  8. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    that's literally what i said in the 2nd part of my reply. they definitely do not want jrue on their team if they ship off AD. 0 point.
  9. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    still no point to keeping e'twaun moore on the roster making $9 mil a year, so might as well get rid of him. hill is literally the same contract just 3 million more, but at least he starts. if you're smart, you just keep signing vets to one year deals until you're ready to contend. the lakers realized this as soon as magic took over. pelicans need to start tanking as quickly as possible. i would've thrown jrue in the trade, but i think they can get picks/value for him in a separate move.
  10. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    people with solomon hill/e'twaun moore in trades make great points should definitely dump one or two of those contracts on a team with cap space something like this (plus a couple of firsts) wouldn't be too bad: http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y85nryna
  11. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

  12. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    market is pretty crap for AD right now. celtics can't even trade for him right now, lakers young players outside of kuzma are uninspiring, and no one else really has any assets that doesn't decimate their team. if i was NO, i'd just try to get a couple firsts from a bad to mediocre team and a young prospect and get it done asap so they can start tanking this season. i wouldnt wait for boston and i wouldn't take on LA's mediocre talent
  13. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    if this is the route bayern goes, wingers going to be green next year. would prefer a more finished product to replace ribery/robben, especially with coman's injury issues, but i guess could do worse than coman/gnabry/davies/hudson-odoi; could always get another guy at the next transfer window.
  14. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    swapping out higuain for piatek is a nice piece of business for milan IMO
  15. MKE Bucks Thread | vs Pistons (MIL leads 2-0)

    to bad klay would never come here. would be perfect to swap out middleton for klay