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  1. This upcoming QB class leaving a lot to be desired is kind of screwing these bad teams lol. A 2nd seems fair I think. Houston is getting that 2nd rounder!
  2. Washington was also thrown out by Allbright and a few others. Definitely some legs to that one...But how good is Tua and what is worth it for Washington?
  3. And if the Dolphins ARE going to be trading for Watson, then will they really want to get rid of Fuller and/or Howard? Guess that makes things a bit more complicated. Tua may end up in Denver or Houston.
  4. Did the Dolphins not work out a new deal for him in the offseason? What was that about? I mean one issue this team has is forcing turnovers...Howard will certainly change that and provide the defense a quality corner that it is missing. I don't think the cost for him is going to be anything crazy. Will be needing to sign a corner in the offseason as it is.
  5. They were pretty much that even with Ben. They weren't going to beat Milwaukee or Brooklyn. They may get smacked in the first round like in 2020 when Ben didn't play in the bubble playoffs.
  6. There have been rumors of Howard being traded for years lol. I do think he can probably be had at the deadline.
  7. Bjelica and Iggy's basketball IQ>>>>Oubre/Bazemore. That right there makes a HUGE difference. Then you add in a guy like Porter? Love it! Will be interesting to see how Kerr implements Kuminga and Moody in the line up. This team can and should be a top 4-5 seed if it stays relatively healthy...Ala Steph missing 10 or less games.
  8. The ball and player movement from the Dubs was on point last night. Steph had the type of game he usually has at the Staples and to start the season (at least as of late) but it did not matter as the bench play was great. Have better IQ players now and playmakers that will help the team overcome those off shooting nights from Steph. If Klay is close to his old self...........................
  9. Will need to start forcing more turnovers though. Some breaks will start going our way but there are flaws on this team no doubt. The team is not executing and taking advantage of their opportunities. This team can easily go on a four game win streak or can continue its struggling play. Need to get it together ASAP.
  10. Dude is pathetic...Hopefully they trade him ASAP and get this saga done with.
  11. Our run defense has been MONEY the prior two games but I agree that Taylor should have a good amount of success. They were not going to him at all to start the Texans game but when they did, he was awesome. Game will come down to Wentz's deep shots and if we can stop them or not.
  12. For sure, Aiyuk was GREAT in beating man coverage and still is shaking free but you have to test the sidelines and Jimmy just does not do that. Deebo is looking complete even with Jimmy as the QB to be fair. Running great digs, slants, posts and even going deep from time to time. He's a phenomenal FOOTBALL player first and foremost and if he keeps this up, he should be making the pro bowl.
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