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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    We can't lose on Sunday!!! Have to do it for TO!!!!
  2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I will take Ramsey in a heart beat lol.
  3. And this is including the 47 yard reception to Byrd last week which I totally disagree with. So yeah, this isn't just something that started this year with Spoon, he has legitimately been good for a solid stretch dating back to last season.
  4. He's a good player period. We don't have the luxury to be getting rid of good players. Some players this fan base has made up their mind on already and really downplay their talents. Who knows if Witherspoon is able to continue this level of play, but we do know he was good his rookie season and ended the season well. But because he had a shaky start to the season last year, so many wanted this guy replaced or thought he was garbage. Armstead doesn't get sacks so that must mean he is not a good play. Um no, actually it does that mean he is not good. He is a beast against the run and is able to still force the QB out of the pocket with his interior rush. He's just going to be a consistent finisher, which is perfectly fine.
  5. Ha! Yeah, works out great for you. Now, do you stream the games live or just wait until they are up on gamepass? So I know a lot of people are talking about Armstead's play this year and how well he is playing. But this man ALWAYS plays well. Like going back to when he was in the 3-4 scheme, he would rank among the best in the league in generating pressure from the interior. Now, we may not be able to re-sign him, but always thought it was crazy to think we should just trade him away for a low mid-round pick. No, he is too valuable for that and we can just get a comp pick for when he signs elsewhere. And make no mistake, he is getting a solid deal elsewhere.
  6. Gamepass with the coaches film is so good. Definitely a huge recommend for those that can shell out a $100 bucks. Was paying attention to the OL, and man is McGlinchey GOOD. This guy could move in space and mauls defenders at times. And then his pass protection for the most part has been very good minus a bad rep or two. No reason for this guy not to get Pro Bowl love this year.
  7. Now, if they plan on using him in the slot some? That would be interesting! Though I would think they may elect to activate Ward instead since he would play safety if one of our starters were to get hurt?
  8. Shanahan either is protecting Verrett here or plans to play him some in the slot this year. Making him inactive is the right decision when he doesn't contribute on STs unlike Moseley/Reed.
  9. 100%, and Ford is also hobbled and may or may not play. Then Bosa is still dealing with his ankle issue, though he feels better than he did coming out of the Bucs game.
  10. I see. Yeah, I'd try to establish the run against the Niners front early and often. The Bucs had a lot of success running the ball against us but the Bengals didn't. Part of that was due to them getting behind multiple scores early in the game. Through two weeks, the secondary looks very good and of course they benefit some form the improved pass rush. Dalton threw a garbage time TD to Ross last game, but aside from that, both Bengals/Bucs had trouble moving the ball. Would be a good sign for the Steelers going forward if they could do what those two teams weren't able to do.
  11. 2-0 but don't trust them.

    Honestly, the pass rush helps but just having competent safeties that don't blow assignments is such a huge difference from the prior year. The corners didn't change, but Witherspoon seems to have taken his game to another level. We shall see if he is able to keep it up, but he played well to close last season as well.
  12. Curious, what makes you think that? Not saying you guys will or won't, but why are you so confident that your offense should be able to move the ball consistently?
  13. Is that due to particular match ups or he just rushes from that side? Because I bet they try to get him against Skule quite a bit this week. But seems like he was rushing on the right side last season as well. That's better at least for us.
  14. Cam Newton injures foot

    This is exactly what should happen. Only thing is, with Brees being hurt and the division wide open, I bet they hold out hope he is in decent enough shape to go in a few weeks and you guys try to make a playoff push. No one is running away from the division anytime soon. But long-term, he shouldn't be back until he is fully healed or close to it, and that's not happening just after a few weeks.
  15. Minor Niner News Thread

    I actually think their rankings are on par with other sites. I've seen us ranked in the 14-16 range on numerous of sites.