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  1. Told you. Wishful thinking. To get Beal then obviously Wiseman is gone and I'm fine with that. Beal gets traded to the Warriors and Westbrook gets traded to the Lakers 😂.
  2. So sad, I did read a few days ago that he was fighting for his life. Prayers to the family.
  3. It's not that serious. He's giving them props and last I checked, Giannis isn't leaving Milwaukee anytime soon like Kawhi did. And no, he didn't say this to big up his team when/if they beat the Bucks next season.
  4. So the Warriors continue being "active" in trade talks about a week away from the draft. I feel like something needs to happen in the next few days or else it seems like they will be keeping their picks...at least for the time being.
  5. Oh yeah, but only one of him or Kawhi were going to advance. And the Mavs didn't have the types of teams to make a true deep run like the Clippers/Lakers/Nets. Next year will be different though. There's always teams that make huge jumps from one season to the next. We saw it this year with the Hawks and Sun...Mavs have the chance to be that team next season depending on what they can do this offseason.
  6. KD averaged in the postseason 34/9/4/2/2 on 51/40/87 shooting splits. Kawhi averaged 30/8/4/2/1 on 57/39/88 shooting splits. These dudes were INSANE this postseason as well as obviously Giannis. We got robbed of more all time performances with the injuries the Nets/Clippers/Lakers suffered this postseason. This is why next season with better health the postseason is going to be absolutely INCREDIBLE and a bloodbath. Kawhi has now missed or been injured in the 2017, 2018 and 2021 playoffs. May lose next postseason as well depending on his recovery. That is just some terrible bad luck.
  7. Yeah, I mean LIS, Giannis has a great case for being the best so no one should get upset at anyone thinking that. And it is fair to say you don't trust KD's health. I wouldn't even say in the last month Giannis has closed the gap...Because the first four games of the Hawks series and the first two games of the Suns series, he was the same exact player. Only thing that changed is from game 3 forward on how he attacked and how he stopped isolating from the top of the key as much. I mentioned a few days ago that not many superstars are willing to adjust their game, let alone do it MID-SERIE
  8. Giannis legit has as many highlight reel plays this playoffs than most players do their entire career lol. Dude is insane. This was his entire quote. Nothing wrong with statement.
  9. Giannis was putting up big numbers vs Nets and dominating as well.......Did you think Giannis was better than KD during that series or after it concluded? Ask yourself this, WHY did you think KD was better...Since I know or I'm pretty sure you said he was during that series. What has changed for you to believe after witnessing these two matched up in the same series that KD is no longer better? One of the main reasons you, and many others felt KD was better was because in all the tight games, he was the one who was able to take over in all of them. Games 3, 5 and 7 came down to the wire in tha
  10. Agreed! However, Warner is legitimately the best coverage off ball LB in the game and this team was still a borderline top 5 defense WITHOUT Bosa. You can generate pressure with bringing blitzes and one of the reasons you can get away from that is Warner's ability to cover the opposing team's best TE or their slot WRs. He is the only LB that consistently carries WR routes 20+ yards down the field. The defense has been so good due to being stingy in the pass defense and our LBs/safeties are a big reason for that...The biggest reason? Frederico Anthony Warner! That's only what he does in the pas
  11. I mean it is perfectly fine thinking Wagner is better, but I'm not sure why you think people saying Warner is better is anything crazy? And yes, Warner is the best LB in coverage, not much of a debate there.
  12. I mean I'm sure the agents/teams were aware what the other was going to get and they negotiated off that.
  13. This time next year Bosa will be getting his record breaking deal. So at one point or another, we will have paid a LT, DE, TE and LB the highest at their position. It's all up to Trey now. Let's see how good/great he can be.
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