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  1. Williams was one of the youngest players in the league last season. Crazy to write him off one season. Dude is going to be a beast. The Jets interior DL kicked our butts on both passing and running downs. Good performance from that group.
  2. Givens had some impressive pass rush snaps as well. Very solid player.
  3. Well, week 2 was as depressing of a blowout win as you could have. Not really much more to say other than the game changed the forecast of our season. BUT, I still believe this will be a team that competes for a playoff spot in the last few weeks of the season. Anyways, to the Giants. They had their fair share of injuries last week, and none bigger than losing their stud RB in Barkley. Jones will take more risks than Darnold and will test this defense vertically, but will also give the secondary some opportunities to create a turnover. I'm expecting two INTs by the defense this week, one by Kwon or Warner and another by one of our safeties. Our pass rush will mainly come from the interior but there's not much you could do when both your stud rushers are out with injuries. Offensively, I don't expect Kittle to play and we will be without Mostert, Deebo and Jimmy G. Mullens is fully capable of leading a solid offense and doing enough to win, especially against the Giants. This game won't be a blowout like the Jets game, but I'm expecting a close win. SF 24 NYG 17
  4. I thought watching it live that we had something if Mullens didn't get drilled and my goodness did we miss one. Jets are bad........REALLY REALLY bad lol.
  5. What does a SB hangover have to do with injuries? What am I missing here? And the Rams last season were once again one of the healthiest teams in the league. Not even CLOSE to comparable to what is going on with the Niners right now . They won't pick top 5 and will be right in the playoff hunt by season's end. Good chance the team is 4-1 or 3-2 when Jimmy returns along with Kittle, Sherman, Deebo etc.
  6. Brees is no longer elite or close to it. NFC is so wide open this season that flawed teams like Seattle and GB have great shots at winning it.
  7. Yes, Wilson likely getting the start and Jet getting sprinkled in while being the 3rd down back. I can't imagine giving Jet more than 10-12 carries. Excited to see what all the Hasty hype was in the offseason.
  8. This is Shanahan being optimistic like always with his injury reports. NO chance Jimmy goes this week, especially on that turf. But I said yesterday I didn't think he was going to miss six weeks or anything, more like three or at most four weeks. He should be back by the Rams game.
  9. I completely forgot that Ford may end up being on the IR himself. Um yeah, so maybe he will be signed as well LOL. Though they didn't say much about Ford's injury except that he has a neck sprain.
  10. Championship!!!!!!!!!! I'm still not sure why Wake or Matthews were not considered here.
  11. Here's the thing, our roster was universally recognized as a top 3-4 roster in the league in the offseason. Even without Bosa, it would have been at least top 7-10. Now, who knows how the rest of the injuries go, but if he's really the only key contributor being out for the rest of the season, then the team is still going to be competitive and have a good shot at the playoffs. If Jimmy ends up missing six games and BDN completely craps the bed? Then sure, it will be 2018 all over again with a bunch of close losses. But this team will still be in the playoff hunt well late into the season.
  12. I mean I've read that from a few different people but honestly he was just on his game. Week 1 he was never comfortable and the timing was off on everything. Not much different from week 1 of 2019. It happens, no preseason and shortened training camp so some players come out a bit rusty. There was not one pass he was late on or one read he was indecisive on. Look at how he went through his reads and how accurate he was. For my money, he was inaccurate on only one pass and that was in the end zone to Reed. He was a bit late and behind but that takes crazy timing with the defender right on the receiver. We ran that play against Seattle last season and Deebo gained like 25 yards on it but there was far more room and it caught Seattle off guard a bit. Harder to pull that off inside the five yard line. It was against arguably the worst team in the league, but it was just good to see how in rhythm the offense looked. Jimmy will need a whole a lot more of these types of performances when he returns in a month or so when the schedule gets tougher. Ready to see what he can do.
  13. GB just got done playing two of the worst teams in the league. They have the same flaws as last season, don't get it twisted. They did nothing to address them. They are a good football team, but nothing to be scared of. Put it this way, they are not close to the dominant force we were last season, when healthy. Rams and Cardinals look good, but the Seahawks should be able to compete with those two teams no problem. Though I am not completely sold on the Cardinals/Seahawks just yet. We shall see when as the season goes on.
  14. Yeah, going to be hard for them to get back to the SB but the NFC doesn't look that strong this season. The NFC East is terrible, Brees arm always falls apart late in the season, Brady hasn't looked great, Minnesota looks atrocious, GB still has a flawed roster, the Niners lost Bosa and have been hit hard with the injury bug and the NFC East needs to be abolished. So this may be the Seahawks best chance in a while to make a deep run at it.
  15. Whoa whoa whoa! Terrible O? Sure we were missing Kittle and Deebo, but the offense is far from terrible. Great coaching mind plus Jimmy G/Mostert/Reed is enough to put up a good amount of points against non-elite defenses. When healthy, this is a top 5-7 offense in the league. Without Kittle/Deebo, they are probably in the 12-14 range. But yes, the defense didn't have a good game, though the run defense was pretty impressive. Sure there were two big runs by Mostert and McKinnon, but overall the run defense was up to par. Of course, you can't ignore those two bigs as they accounted for 130+ yards and led to 10 points. Not having consistent edge rush hurts, but the DL hit Jimmy G on damn near every dropback in the first half. Even got to Mullens a few times. Offensively though? You guys are probably the worst in the league. Limited weapons and Gase is just bad. Not even sure what to think of Darnold at this point, he may be mentally broken. Oh well, you can end up with Trevor Lawrence and a better coaching staff next offseason. Things then can change quickly, especially after you add an edge rusher. Good luck!
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