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  1. 49ers Forum Eliminator - Week Six

    And then there were two.....
  2. Honestly, if he stays that's perfectly fine. Having a choice between either Rosen/Darnold, Jackson, Allen, Rudolph, etc is not the worst of things. Only thing with that option is, we miss out on of the top pass rushers in a draft that has some elite ones. Oh well, guess you take the best of the bunch in the 2nd round or even trade back up in the 1st to take one. And if that doesn't happen, wait until the 2019 to address that. Not like this is a team ready to win a Super Bowl anytime soon.
  3. So the last two games he's allowed two completions on 10 targets for 22 yards with 3 PDs and 1 INT. Take it back to the Cards game, and it becomes 8 completions on 24 targets for around 100 yards. But the Cards game was far from good as he had a few penalties and made some bonehead plays. Still, he is trending in the right direction. He gets a bigger test next week against Dez and the crew.
  4. Yeah it was. Replay showed Brown stopping for some reason.
  5. Yeah, it was a weak call but I don't think many are upset with the loss. It was another competitive loss and that's all we could ask for right now. The team is playing hard no doubt. Last few years we would have been blown out this game. I don't think Beathard played all that well. Not bad for his debut, but he was very fortunate on numerous occasions. Lets see how he does the rest of the way, but I wouldn't expect him to be anything other than a back up in this league. Good luck rest of the way and hopefully your secondary gets healthy soon.
  6. What a terrible INT from Big Ben. He really may no longer have it.
  7. Nah, I'm not content with his play. It was a bad performance mixed in with a nice 50+ yard pass to Robinson. But it was his first game so hard to be upset at the performance. How many times do you guys think Hoyer has been benched in his career?
  8. LOL!!!!! Chiefs just got a safety so they had to do a free kick and they ended up recovering the ball. Don't see that often.
  9. Honestly, great loss. Couldn't ask for a better one. On to the next one!!!
  10. Just realized I may lose in the elimination challenge with this comeback lol.
  11. That's a catch there. Got his knee down.
  12. Wow, Lions have scored 21 consecutive points only down 7 now. One punt return TD and one pick six.
  13. He's definitely getting the shot next game.
  14. With a minute left and getting the ball around the 35 yard line? Would have been plenty of time IMO. Not mad at this strategy either though.