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  1. Also add in the fact that according to Saban, neither Kyle nor John asked him anything about Jones...Granted, they may still be upset at the Foster situation but still.
  2. We see every offseason QBs working on their footwork and mechanics but when thrown in the fire, they revert to their old self. What gives me confidence here is that Trey is extremely young and growing and more importantly, this man is so calm under pressure that I DO expect him to translate this to actual games. He just has to consistently have his feet under him on every throw.
  3. Definitely, but it makes sense for him to expand his playbook and add the power element to his arsenal. That will help improve on short down situations and especially in the RZ. But what does Kyle expect? Look at how many coaches around the league come from the Mike Shanahan coaching tree. This was bound to happen to eventually.
  4. Listening to Simms podcast today and he said something interesting. He said he talked to Kyle and Kyle was kind of worrying and getting frustrated that so many coaches were using his offenses and his plays so he wanted to change it up and now it completely changes with Lance and the power element added with Banks/Sermon.
  5. Fantastic article. I'm not sure if he starts week 1 but so much to like from him.
  6. Lance's problem with short hopping some throws and over throwing receivers comes down to his footwork. It can get a bit choppy but when he has his feet under him, he throws a beautiful ball. I don't have much concern of his throwing motion as others and quite frankly, seems like he has worked on that aspect during his time off as at his pro days it looked improved. What I'm excited about is this man has NO fear throwing to the sidelines and has the ability to rip it over the heads of defenders in the intermediate area. He needs to improve on the ball placement of those quick throws as that is
  7. Please be true!!!! He would be huge helping someone like Ambry learn how to play off ball and zone coverage. Ambry was primarily just a press man corner in college from what I've seen.
  8. Unreal, just listened to Mike Silver's and his daughters podcast for the first time and this guy's ego is on another level. He said his beef with Kyle calling Matt about Rodgers is that he's known for the past few months that Matt has been stressed out by the entire ordeal and he tried to take advantage of him....Um what? This is a business and first and foremost. Silver tried to say that Kyle has a bunch of pull in SF and is safe with that regime while this move could have gotten Matt fired and this would be his legacy. Then he is clearly still upset about the Lance pick but still kept s
  9. No, Mullens won't be missing the season. He didn't end up getting the Tommy John Surgery after all. Mullens expects to be ready by training camp.
  10. I love how this is still a thing damn near a week after Lance was selected lol.
  11. Packers should have take the #3 pick for Rodgers when they had the chance to do so!!!!!
  12. Absolutely, Schultz was one of the first reporters along with Allbright to report that the Falcons REALLY liked Lance. Louis Riddick went to Lance's first pro day and he was standing next to their GM and said he got the feel that he loved Lance and would take him if he fell to #4. 49ers traded up to #3 shortly after all the Lance to Falcons talks started to heat up. Falcons did not even have any talks of moving out of the #4 spot until the last week when it became evident the Niners may go the Lance route. Allbright said the only way he sees the Broncos taking a QB is "if the right QB fa
  13. Funny, seems like it was Rodgers' camp that reached out to the Niners and likely the Broncos. How exactly would they know how wants out?
  14. This guy is not reliable and just goes off reports out there but I'm not really sure what the point would be to signing Jefferson?
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