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  1. Bron finally has stopped bringing the ball up unnecessarily lately. That saves him some energy and gets the Lakers in their sets quicker. Lakers defense to start the 2nd quarter was unreal. Though Suns kept going to Saric one too many times. Alright Book, time to get aggressive now.
  2. The problem with the Niners reaching out as much as they do is this stuff gets leaked and the next day damn near all the sports radio shows spend a segment talking about it. Opposing teams definitely use the Niners to drive up the price for their players. It may have worked with Stafford though the Panthers offer was going to drive it up even if the Niners weren't one of the leaked teams interested in him.
  3. Or Green Or Kuminga Or Suggs Rockets don't stay bad for long. Doesn't matter the superstar or core, they become competitive quickly.
  4. Listening to the podcast and Maiocco says he is skeptical if Rosen makes the team. Ouch!
  5. Pelicans suck so bad at closing games. What a choke job here, let's see if they can hold on. I'd run a Zo/Zion pick and rol l here.
  6. I mean McGlinchey blocking Watt isn't the solution? They have more issues offensively than defensively to be honest. Their offense dropped big time towards the second half of the season.
  7. Damn it! Not the prime Watt but still pretty damn good. Interested in seeing what they do with Jones. Some were throwing him out as a potential surprise cut?
  8. I actually read the article and completely missed Sileo as the source LOL. What is annoying though is that we KNOW for a fact that this team pretty much inquires about every single available player and then we will be getting daily reports on who the Niners are targeting when that is not the actual case. Buckle up, still a long ways until the draft!
  9. Oh got it, missed the part about trading up to #3. That would certainly be BOLD but possibly unnecessary? I mean does anyone really think Lance goes in the top 5? Though I am seeing more and more people dropping Fields and Lance/Jones going ahead of him? I need to watch some of Jones but I will say quite a bit of people are high on him. Simms is a really good QB evaluator and he likes Jones while he doesn't think Lance is even playable next year nor would he take him in the first round. Maybe he's throwing this out to distract teams in thinking Lance is someone Shanahan doesn't like
  10. I think Trev has mocked Lance to Niners before to be fair. But maybe there is some talks in the draft circles that the Niners like Lance. I will say, trading for Bridgewater and flipping Jimmy to NE makes sense if the want to take Lance. Bridgewater can start next year and he can give you Jimmy G type of production or close to it while they mold Lance to take over from 2022 on.
  11. Yeah, in that case it would be to replace Jimmy but honestly I can't see that happening. Thought his cap hit would be much lower with Carolina taking a solid amount of the hit. Alex Smith is going to get released by WFT so that may be a pretty decent backup option.
  12. How much of his salary would we take on? @Forge Great backup, but doubt this happens.
  13. The fact he was on the bench for as long as he was is embarrassing. Took some injuries for him to start but at least we're here now. His feel for the game is insane. Only Luka and LeBron at that age really compare to him in that regard in recent memory. Congrats, you guys FINALLY have found your future superstar @Supersuavesky!
  14. Warriors legit look like a G-League team on certain nights against good teams. It's funny how often they get blown out. Just beat Portland tomorrow! Lakers since the 2nd half of the Blazers game have looked as good as they have at any point of the season.
  15. QB collective is a camp for HS players by NFL/college coaches. Someone digged up that Shanahan worked with Fields at that camp and then all of a sudden it meant to some that Fields is the guy for the Niners! Don't get me wrong, I'm a Fields fan and would love that but as usual, people took it overboard. The same group that was reporting the Niners are close on Stafford and are now pointing to this connection and that Fields will be the guy they move up and draft. Totally forgot about the Breer article. I do recall that now! He said coaches pointed to him before the season how Lance w
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