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  1. Huge three by Ibaka there. Still a bad end to the quarter for the Raptors. Salvaged by those last two threes but they should be up 10+. Bucks three ball saved them that half. Raptors just can't seem to pull away from the Bucks.
  2. Why do people continue this tiring rhetoric? Houston and Portland have both shot way more three pointers than GS these last two series. Last two games the Warriors have attempted like 29 and 26 threes while the Blazers have attempted 35 and 39 threes. And I don't even need to show the numbers in the Rockets series. Warriors don't shoot nearly as many threes as folks think.
  3. I was dead on last two years with the Rockets prediction. Has nothing to do with being humble. Blazers completely crapped the bed the 2nd half of two consecutive games. They should have taken one game at least, but Lillard having the type of series he's been prone to having in the postseason over the years. Disappointing. Sad the Nuggets couldn't even beat the Blazers!
  4. That's why I'm interested in seeing how they play Curry. Lopez sags off and protects the rim. That has always been Bud's strategy. He will give up open looks from down town over protecting the rim every single time. It absolutely KILLED them against the Cavs a few years back but it did lead to the #1 defense in the league this year. Eventually they will go to Giannis at C in spurts IMO. That may end up being their best defensive line up.
  5. Right, but that's because they are trapping Curry. Milwaukee likely won't do that. Green isn't having a free lane to the rim. They will make him hit shots while playing him close enough where it won't be that easy to get to the rim. Durant is going to have to carry the offense in long stretches when the Bucks length starts to bother the rest of the squad. Of course I'm interesting in seeing how they defend Curry. I'm guessing Bucks go with Bledsoe/Brogdan/Middleton/Giannis/Lopez and put Mirotic back on the bench. Bledsoe on Curry, Brogdan on Thomspon, Middleton on KD, Giannis on Green and then Lopez on whatever big that starts.
  6. I remember seeing a picture of him and LeBron after working out in the summer a few years back and KD was a good three inches taller than him lol. He really may be 7 feet. Honestly, Portland is trapping Curry and letting Green play make. But from down town? Green has been ICE cold all postseason. Dude is shooting like 13% from down town in the playoffs. And Iggy hasn't really hit any shots this series either. That's still the best strategy to let those two shoot.
  7. Coach Bud really does give up more clean looks from down town in the playoffs than other coaches. I remember his puzzling strategy against the Cavs where they just DESTROYED the Hawks from down town. But honestly, go back and check the Warriors percentages from down town all postseason. It is pretty damn mediocre. Bucks are going to be a much smarter defensive team than the Blazers and even the Rockets were late in that series. They will let Green/Iggy shoot while protecting the rim and at least fighting through the screens. Going to be a great series indeed.
  8. Yep, Middleton has better instincts defending the ball and gets into KD's body like Tucker does. Giannis is obviously a great defender, but Durant is able to shoot over everyone, including him. Length isn't worrying a man who is damn near 7 feet and could pull from 30+ lol.
  9. Length doesn't really both KD, he gets bothered by those that could get into him. Middleton guarded him better than Giannis did the last few years, especially this year.
  10. Just make sure you guys don't let the Raptors tie it up at 2-2!
  11. A lot of 2015 Dubs comparisons. Lost a tough 7 game series the year prior with subpar coaching, made a HC change, a few roster tweaks and boom, the team completely takes off. Giannis making that MVP jump like Curry did....And of course, it was Harden who Curry was competing against that year...And yes, Rockets fans were ticked and they will be once again when Giannis gets the MVP lol.
  12. I'm interested in seeing how you guys defend the high screen and roll. Obviously your bigs always drop down but honestly the Dubs haven't been good from down town all postseason so it may be the right strategy as long as you put length on Curry. Portland dropped down on Curry but they put Lillard on him and that was terrible. The length of the Bucks is going to be an issue no doubt. And in stretches you can just switch when Giannis is at C. When the Cavs beat the Warriors, they had LeBron guarding Green and he was able to effectively switch out on Curry. I'm thinking Dubs in six....But in a really really competitive series.
  13. I honestly think Wilder came in too light that fight. How are you going to come in at 212 when your opponent is over 250 pounds? This fight he was 223 pounds and I think that is ideal. If he is at this weight and he lands that shot? Fury isn't getting up.
  14. It didn't even last a round lol. That right hand is too vicious.
  15. I can't think of one worse. Grizzlies got smacked by the Spurs in 4, but I give them more respect than the Blazers lol.