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  1. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Daniel Jeremiah mocked us Rashan Gary #2. What the hell???
  2. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Sleep on Jokic? Come on now lol. Hey, I'm good with Aldridge over Derozan, but I just know Derozan will get the edge. Yes, Butler is an all star caliber player having an all star type of season. He should get in. Quit on his team? That is questionable at best. It was a toxic situation and both parties agreed for him to just step away from some time. He did those boys a favor. KAT was mentally broken and looked lost, but once Butler left, he got his mojo back and is putting up monster numbers again. Win-win for both parties!
  3. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Ah yes, another perimeter player you are now against. What's the list look like now? Giannis/Kawhi/PG/Butler/Kyrie? You truly have no shame at all. Nah, they are just better period. They have got more firepower and that's what it comes down to. Trust me, I will be rooting for your Nuggets as always (Minus vs GS), but you need to let it go lol. Unless Murray plays more consistent and takes over down the stretch of games, the Nuggets are prone to an early upset. Kyrie as I said last time would DROWN you boys. Take you to the deepest of waters. Toronto is just better period, and Philly's lack of bench will become less of a problem in the playoffs. You been watching what Butler has been doing lately? Playing extremely efficient and taking over in spots of games that makes Philly super dangerous. Good luck playing them in the playoffs.
  4. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Gallo is not even an option, sorry. Harris? Sure. But how much you want to bet Derozan gets in?
  5. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    West All Stars: Bron/KD/Steph/Harden/PG/Westbrook/Jokic/AD/Lillard/Derozan then last two spots between Doncic/Aldridge/Gobert/Klay/KAT. May need to move KAT though as he has been putting up some monster numbers. So yeah, let's move him. One spot open between Doncic/Aldridge/Gobert/Klay.
  6. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Chuck wrong saying Philly getting two all stars. Embiid/Simmons/Butler are all making it. Those three along with Griffin/Dipo/Kyrie/Kawhi/Giannis/Middleton/Kemba/Lowry and then from Beal/Vucevic/Wade...Added Wade since this is his farewell tour and he may get voted in as a starter.
  7. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Why has Dipo been mediocre this year? Thought he was going to take even another step after last season. Was it just a career one year thing last season or he's battling through some injuries? The team has been ballin all season but he's just been okay.
  8. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Chuck and Kenny saying something what I've been saying all season long. West is pretty damn trash. It is balanced where only Phoenix is terrible, but none of the other teams are all that good minus Denver this season. And even Denver isn't going to scare teams like Houston/LAL in the playoffs. East has a lot more trash teams, but they got some beasts at the top. Elite top teams>>>>>balanced conference.
  9. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Again, watch it again. I don't care what Russ was playing for. He clearly pauses for a split second which should have given Lonzo more than enough time to grab him. Instead, Lonzo barely touches him and then tries to grab when Russ raises up.
  10. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Nah, even Russ hesitated which made it even worse. It gave Lonzo a bit more time to grab him. Watch it again and see Russ pause for a second. If Lonzo grabbed him harder, it would be a foul on the ground.
  11. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    How about tonight???? Right at .500 with Kuzma/Ingram!!!!! Don't @ me if they lose the next two games against the Rockets or Warriors though lol.
  12. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Lonzo what is you doing???? Unreal, he should have grabbed him a second earlier. Why did he hesitant? And that was some clutch ish from Brodie. Lakers about to blow one they had.
  13. Mock draft simulators

    1. Josh Allen 2. Deandre Baker 3. Marquise Brown 4. Nasir Adderley I'd give myself an A+ for this draft!!!! Used draftek rankings btw.
  14. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Supposedly DAZN has told GGG that he can get Canelo in September.
  15. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Golovkin vs Alvarez

    Canelo vs Jacobs set for May 4th!!! Let's go!!!