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  1. It has do with dealing with as many injuries as we have. Jones/Blair/Ford all banged up or just hurt. Then you have Alexander gone for the season. It's just hard to keep up the same play when you continue to lose depth. I didn't think the defense was bad yesterday though. Cardinals jumped on us but did very little after that.
  2. Matt Schuab? I thought Jimmy finally made it by being on a list next to the great Tommy Kramer!!!
  3. But that's the thing, any time there were any routes took longer than 2 seconds, he was getting hit. I saw the OL still allowing a lot of pressure but Jimmy was able to get rid of it on time or still delivered while taking hits. Yeah, Spoon only got in when Moseley had cramps and missed the end of the series after Jimmy's first INT.
  4. Definitely, but most teams now are giving him that treatment. Better for the other DL and it helps throw off the route of one opposing receiver since they have to chip every play. Maybe to get him some one on one opportunities, they can move him inside on some downs. But I'm fine with it, we saw him get a 1 on 1 opportunity late in the game and he just abused the Cards LT forcing Murray to step into Armstead's sack.
  5. I can't agree with the OL grades. I just think Jimmy's quick release is making it look the OL is blocking very well, but any time he has to throw past 2 or 2.5 seconds, the pocket is completely crashing on him or he's taking hits. He still took hits yesterday even on the completions and that needs to be corrected going forward. Witherspoon played more than one snap and didn't have PBU, but did force an incomplete on 3rd down. I'd give Taylor a slightly better score for his two run stops, including one TFL. Thought he played the run very well. Ward did indeed give up a TD on a quick pass but some blame has to go to Saleh for not playing his DBs closer, especially with the Cardinals style of play. Aside from that, pretty much agree with the rest!
  6. Teams are just stacking the box a lot more and truthfully, there is also a HUGE drop off between Skule and Staley in the run game. And in a lot of the weeks we have been without Juice Check. But even when we had him and Staley, the Seattle game wasn't good either. Anyways, Barnwell commented on our run game and the stacked boxes: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28103551/making-sense-2019-nfc-playoff-race-eight-good-teams-six-spots#sf Until proven otherwise, this team will only win games offensively off the arm of Jimmy G. Can't expect the run game to be good, especially with all the stacked boxes it will be facing.
  7. The run game in the last six games post MNF Cleveland explosion: Rushes 195 Yards 690 YPA 3.5 Now, I didn't take out the kneel downs, but you get the main point. THIS is why it has been repeated by many of us that our run game has been pretty trash since the Cleveland game. And this takes into consideration where we ran for 232 yards against Carolina on 38 rushes for a 6.1 YPA. So we can stop saying this is a team that has been winning off the run game or our run game is so good. Sorry, but you have a six game stretch like this, you can no longer claim to be a top notch running team regardless of how many YPG we average. We just had two really good rush games in the first four weeks and after that people ran with the idea this is an elite running team.
  8. How good is Carson Wentz

    He's a good solid QB. Those QBs have a lot of value in this league. You can do FAR worse than him and he has the ability at any season to play at an MVP level or close to it. Everyone would love QBs to be like a prime Manning/Brady/Rodgers/Brees/etc, but that just isn't reality. Just being good is good enough, no pun intended.
  9. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Shh, don't want @StevenK to accuse us of corruption!
  10. Our OL has been pretty bad lately, no doubt. But that also has to do with how teams are stacking the box and blitzing as much as they are. But again, I'm fine with that as once Kittle returns, that adds a whole another dimension to the offense and our WRs will have plenty of one on one opportunities.
  11. The scary part was he mainly got the ball rid of his hands in less than 2 or so seconds and still faced constant pressure. I believe the little wrinkle Shanny added with the quick PA helped give him an extra split second he needed to complete some of his passes.
  12. Notable Stats and Observations

    Lol, trust me I'm a Murray guy and think the Cardinals are going to be a problem for years to come. Wasn't trying to put him down or anything, but the 100 QB rating is kind of meh when he had 150 yards on 4.5 YPA. Fair point on the PI on Sherman and drop by Kirk. Oh he definitely killed us with legs. Never said he didn't have a good/solid game. For some reason our defense can't stop you guys at all in RZ even though we rank top 5 in the league otherwise in RZ defense.
  13. Absolutely. Like I mentioned yesterday, it is unrealistic not to expect a drop off after having the amount of injuries we have had on both sides of the ball. Just how the game goes. But no doubt the Cards/Seahawks have stacked the box to take away the run game. Let's see if that continues once Kittle returns, but likely will. And quite frankly I'm fine with it as Kittle/Sanders/Deebo will have plenty of one on one opportunities. Oh yeah, the Rams often used 6-1 front look against us that teams use against them. But yeah, if Staley can get back healthy and our passing game delivers, our run game should get back on track soon enough.
  14. Notable Stats and Observations

    I mean yeah, but he only threw for 140 yards with a terrible YPA. I don't know it was a weird game but the 2 TDs 0 INTs gets him over the 100 QB rating mark.
  15. Repeating myself, but the run game has NOT been good overall since the Browns game. Had one dominant performance against Carolina since then and the rest have been mediocre to just bad.