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  1. So the suspension was revoked due to issues with the testing protocols. But he's still missing the next few weeks. At least he gets paid though?
  2. Fine by me! Can we put him on season ending IR?
  3. Good news: Deebo, Mostert, Sherman and Wilson have good chances of returning this week Bad news: We may be without Trent, Aiyuk and who knows how much of the OL. No need to go into detail of this match up, I'm just curious to see how the defense plays if covid doesn't keep out majority of the DL. They played the Saints as well as anyone in recent weeks. Can they do the same this week? LAR 27 SF 13
  4. He wasn't going to be playing this week anyways so the suspension means little lol. But I want Williams back. Taylor is playing solid but Williams is legit top 3 NB in the league. Hell of a player all around.
  5. Sure it is a whiles away but that's what is being debated here.
  6. It's actually not crazy to think they won't be as good in the playoffs without Rondo. Getting Shroeder and Harrell definitely make them a better regular season team and that is very important since Covid will be hitting teams unlike when they were in the bubble and LeBron is going to continue to player lesser and lesser minutes....And will sit out his fair share of games due to load management. But Rondo was flat out the key to winning quite a few close playoff games and was running the show instead of LeBron in those 4th quarters. Will Shroeder be able to replicate that? Yet to be determined but the squad definitely looks prime for another title run.
  7. Nah, Brady looked great just the week prior against the Panthers. He's looked bad against top defenses this season while killing bad defenses. Not all that uncommon to be honest for a good but not great QB at this stage of his career.
  8. Looks like the man is going to retire as an Laker. I agree. Giving Adams that much money doesn't make all that much sense since you can get other centers that do similar things to him....And they would come much cheaper.
  9. It's not even that Giannis has to get you buckets late in the game, it's that he doesn't even have the ball in his hands to create for others. In games 1 and 3 against the Heat, dude was used as strictly as a screener and roll man. Then it becomes a battle between Middleton and the opposing team's best player. All this talk about the last shot is irrelevant. LeBron doesn't always take the last second shot, but he's a guy who has controlled the entire tempo of damn near hundreds of playoff games and has created for others or scored himself when needed for years. Giannis becomes pretty much a high level role player in those tight situations and it puts a ceiling on the Bucks. That's why while Jrue is a VERY good player and pick up, not sure he is the one that gets them over the hump. I badly wanted the Bucks to get CP3 some way, some how. That was a picture perfect fit for both sides. Giannis and the rest of the squad take a lot of pressure off of him in the regular season and even for majority of the game and then when it comes to crunch time, he gets to close the deal. If you are not going to have a big time bucket getter or creator, then you need a team full of shot makers and those that can score in multiple ways. Bogie would have been such a good addition and this way you can run a line up of Jrue, Bogie, Middleton, Giannis and Lopez at the end of the game and you are pretty damn dangerous.
  10. So Trent Williams tested positive on Friday. Good chance he doesn't play this week, especially if he had any symptoms. Don't know about the rest though.
  11. Thanks for the breakdown. Well, for the keep him protected part? That's definitely not happening with this OL. Seems like Shanny and the FO prioritize getting OL that are good run blockers over pass blockers. It is frustrating but this isn't something that will change over the next season or so.
  12. Without a doubt it is Giannis. If we are talking overall and not just players but organizations, then it's actually Milwaukee by a good margin. There was some talk about Giannis signing his super max extension this offseason or before the deadline, but don't think that happens. They have to win or at least give it a great run for him to stay. But since this question is about players only, I'll go: 1. Giannis 2. Harden (Time is ticking and he's going to be on this list every season that he is still a great player without a ring) 3. Durant (Has a legit squad and needs to show he can return to form and get this team to the finals) 4. Steph (No shot at winning it all without Klay, but needs to stay healthy and carry the team to the playoffs and win a series) 5. Embiid/Simmons (Morey will give them a squad that maximizes their talents and they need to finally become serious contenders. They were with Butler but these two need to make a conference finals soon or they may break the two up soon) 6. Kawhi 7. LeBron (Only reason he's on here is because he can continue to enhance his GOAT argument and they have the best team in the league so anything short of a ring will be a disappointment)
  13. @jrry32 talk to me about Trask and what you think he will do in the next level and how/if he fits Shanahan's system.
  14. I don't care if Leonard played the WORST game ever, no one game would ever determine who is better between Leonard and Warner. Rodgers has had three or four HORRENDOUS games the last few years and no one questions his standing in the game. Warner actually has been great rushing the passer this year and I think he has the most QB hits from any LB or at least in the top 3. Some have been untouched but a lot of LBs get those, same with Leonard today. Warner still isn't a great run defender though and can get eaten up a bit easier than you would like from a stud LB. That's what separates Bowman and Willis from Warner. He's not at that level just yet. But you just cannot put a value on just how great of a coverage backer he is in a passing league. Dude is amazing but if we're talking about the best, give me Lavante David over both of these guys. He's put in the work and is equally as good in coverage or at least close to Warner in that regard while being a better run stopper. It should be noted, Warner is pretty light and lighter than the guys mentioned so it makes some sense in why they have been historically better tacklers and run stoppers than him. As @Forge mentioned though, he's improved his tackling this year big time. If Foster would have stayed out of trouble and healthy, this duo could have eventually been close to as dominant as Willis/Bowman. Would be by far the best in the league. Too bad.
  15. Packers defense is horrendous. Herbert is already stupid good. Chargers have been fortunate with good QB for damn near two decades which makes up somewhat for how terrible luck they have had injury wise. Dallas showing some fight finally.
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