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  1. Offensive Line Thread

    To me it is more so of how bad Barnes is. Magnunson was good against the Chiefs and had to be better than Barnes yesterday by default. But man Barnes is looking Devey level bad.
  2. Offensive Line Thread

    That shouldn't be interesting at all after watching Barnes' pathetic performance yesterday. This guy is another level bad.
  3. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I DVRd the game but I'm sure it will be up on YouTube soon enough.
  4. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Good post gopherwrestler. I think it was Jeremy Schaap who said one of the reasons this fight is so popular is because the amount of people telling others not to watch it. Aside from the hardcore McGregor fans, how many are actually going in thinking it will be competitive? No need to take it so serious.
  5. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I will re-watch the game later this week but again the one snap I did see on the first drive, he was double teamed. I thought he was just fine in the first game rushing the passer. Thomas was able to get pressure from inside which we will desperately need with our edge rushers not being all that great.
  6. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Crawford vs Indongo

    Yeah, I'm not going to argue against any three of those. And if Chocolatito didn't get robbed last fight, add him as well. Some really special fighters right now which is needed with the greats of the past era retiring or going to retire very soon in the cases of Mayweather/Pacquiao. There is a prop bet of McGregor getting a point taken away next week. That's very tempting. Also, I'm getting sick and tired of people acting like McGregor is a complete bum. Regardless if Floyd kicks his a$$ or not, we have seen dudes with far less talent do some things in the boxing game. Anthony Mundine was a rugby player FFS and ended up becoming a world champion. No doubt in my mind McGregor if with the right promoter (Top Rank) could have done the same if he started boxing like six or seven years ago full time.
  7. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Did he really struggle rushing the passer this past game? Dude barely played a handful of snaps and the one I paid close attention to was on the first drive where he got double teamed. And I wouldn't say he struggled last game either. He had a few really nice moves, one that led Lynch batting the ball down.
  8. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Granted, he looked great last preseason as well. But no doubt this scheme suits his skillset a lot better. Thomas did replace him on the first series on 3rd down I believe. Maybe that's how we will start the season with Tank playing the base downs and Thomas in on passing downs. Though I think Thomas could handle the run just fine.
  9. Around the NFL

    Yeah, another 1,000 yard season would be great for Gore but Mack may be too good to deny. Besides, this team may be really REALLY bad this season and they may hand the keys to the youngsters.
  10. The Official Boxing Thread IV - Crawford vs Indongo

    That skill level in the ring .....Still think Lomachenko is way too big for him, but early on that fight could be damn good.
  11. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I wouldn't mind doing that. I'm all for putting in the youngsters regardless of how many mistakes they will be making. And besides, Brooks probably would prefer to actually play for something unlike the last three years here.
  12. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Shanahan said they battling for the SAM spot. Seems like it is a legitimate competition. One thing Hoyer just mentioned was he hasn't been touched at all in both games. That is one plus I guess....
  13. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
  14. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    Yeah, I haven't seen him either. A lot of the rookies haven't gotten in much.
  15. Preseason week 2: 49ers vs Broncos

    I'm opposed of keeping three QBs so that's fine with me. Has Taylor gotten much playing time today?