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  1. Kyler Murray Hype

    More than any other second year QB? Yes he was, yes he was.
  2. Kyler Murray Hype

    There's that to. They only took off in 2018 when Lamar became the starter and no one really looked at that roster as being amazing or anything. And then last season the team was a complete juggernaut. I will say to this topic. In 2018, it was Watson who was getting all the potential MVP love and it ended up being Mahomes. Last year it was Mayfield who got the MVP love and it ended up being Jackson. This time around it is Murray getting the love..........So everyone should be putting money on one of the other second year rookies to win MVP lol.
  3. Kyler Murray Hype

    Sure, and I mentioned in my post I don't expect Murray to be the MVP nor the Cardinals to make the playoffs. But I was just saying nothing Mahomes or Jackson showed in their rookie seasons that made people think they could be MVPs in their second season. Murray flashed and as any rookie QB that flashes, they will be receiving a lot of hype in season two.
  4. I don't think that was the point at all. Why would we be seeing more of Ward in the slot and Moore at FS with Reed being out? If he said that could Ward be seeing time in the slot if Williams is hurt? Then sure, his point would be valid. But as for what he tweeted? Didn't make much sense.
  5. Kyler Murray Hype

    I mean did Jackson or Mahomes show you anything to indicate they would win MVPs in their second season? I agree there is a lot of hard projecting going on here and the hype may be a bit too much, but we have seen young QBs in year twos take off. The Cardinals added one of the best WRs in the game that only added to the Murray hype. He's a talented QB that definitely flashed his rookie season so it is natural for someone like that to have some lofty expectations. Do I think he will be the MVP or the Cardinals will make the playoffs? No, I do not. But we have just seen two QBs that far exceeded expectations and win MVP in their second seasons. I don't find it all that unusual to see Murray get this type of hype personally.
  6. I don't see how Reed factors in at all to that scenario. If you want to use some dime looks on 3rd down, then sure, can bring Ward to the slot and can play Moore at FS just like the SB. But it is not like Reed was starting or playing when everyone was healthy. Now, if Williams goes down? Then Ward likely becomes the slot corner or possible Moseley.
  7. Ha! Yeah, not sure how you pulled that off! So listening to Barrows and Lombardi's podcast, Barrows said a few GMs are set to get extensions within the next year and will really set the market. And that Lynch is already getting paid well for a GM unlike Shanahan before he just got his extension. So we shouldn't expect Lynch to get his extension until next year.
  8. https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2020/6/23/21299668/49ers-receivers-deebo-samuel-brandon-aiyuk-kyle-shanahan Correct link for those that had to go to theringer.com on your own since Forge can't apparently post links in a forum he moderates!
  9. Pass Coverage or Pass Rush?

    The type of scheme your defense plays a part in this debate but what is often overlooked is the coverage ability of the LBs on your defense. Whenever anyone ever says coverage>pass rush, they usually are only referring to the DBs. But LBs in the quick passing game era and in zone schemes are super important. You are seeing a shift where teams are drafting smaller LBs that run like safeties. 49ers in particular have LBs that have top level coverage abilities and that helps out the pass defense in a big way. I co
  10. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Cam Newton to the Pats on a one year deal. Let's see if he is fully healthy now. If so, damn good pick up by Bill. Can have a run first offense with a dominant defense. But Cam looked so broken last season I just don't know.

    Nah, their remaining schedule is harder than what it was before the pandemic and the Grizzlies schedule is easier than what it was before the pandemic. Lakers schedule looks tough, but not sure if that is around the type of schedule they had remaining anyways. #1 seed is all but locked up so really it's a moot point.
  12. https://www.si.com/nfl/49ers/news/jamal-adams-to-49ers-picking-up-steam This makes little sense. Trade for Adams and having to pay him when Williams and Kittle need their deals plus the other gazillion upcoming free agents? Adams is very good, but not really needed. Ward is signed here for a while now and then we have Moore if/when Tartt is ever gone. If not? Tartt is perfectly fine next to Ward.

    No. First big contributor to a title contender to pass on returning. Let's see how many others follow.

    Jokic casually hanging with his national teammates and not practicing social distancing led to this @champ11 SMH!
  15. Deebo Samuel suffered broken foot

    Offseason season ending injury.