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  1. Ward!!!!!! What a hold again.
  2. Oh no, not Sherman. We can't afford to lose him. Reed is going to get eaten up if he has to replace him. SMH.
  3. WE ARE NOT A POWER RUNNING TEAM. I don't get it. You need to spread it out or at least put Wilson in. The game could have been put away already but the Rams are one TD away from getting back in this.
  4. Ford got held there what the hell?
  5. Solly!!! Low key has been good in his limited snaps the last few weeks.
  6. Just hope these mistakes don't come back to bite us. Dominating the game and yet only up 10. 269 yards to 119 and are winning the TOP 25 to 14 minutes.
  7. UNREAL, what a costly drop there by Coleman. Perfect play call there too. We have left at least 11 points on the field with these RZ failures.
  8. Oh man that would have been a great catch. What you got in store here Shanny?
  10. Our OL can't hold up at all but with how much the Rams are crashing the DL, you would think we would have a shot over the top.
  11. It didn't even hit Reed first there.
  12. Are you kidding me? Unbelievable. But did it hit their cover man first?
  13. Absolutely he would have gone for it. Shanny is going to go for it on 4th and short any time we get to the other side of the 50.
  14. QB sneak here two plays in a row. WHY IS WILSON NOT IN THE GAME !
  15. Wilson is active so why is he not getting the ball here?
  16. Yes!!!!! Punch this in for a TD.
  17. I mentioned this last time that this 2012 all over again when Akers was so dominant the year prior but a huge liability during our SB run. No one ever brings it up, but he missed a FG in the 3rd quarter in the SB and those points would have been HUGE late in the game.
  18. The fact we can't rely on Gould is super discouraging and just frustrating. He was our most reliable weapon the last three years and now our kicking game is a huge liability. Oh well, even more disappointed we couldn't punch it in when we were moving the ball at will late in the 1st Quarter.
  19. Rams are playing the sidelines so what if Shanny goes down the seam here?
  20. Do we even risk a deep shot here or do we attempt a long FG from here?
  21. Call a timeout here with about 12 seconds and then go for it. Why the hell would you punt it here? That makes no sense at all?
  22. If Shanny wants a safe play call here, then get Kittle the ball and let him have an opportunity of making a play after the catch.
  23. Jimmy G got lucky that wasn't a pick six there. Can't telegraph the pass there. Smh, that WR screen was a trash play call there.
  24. OMG, what a f'n hold!!!! Now I'm kind of scared what happens here lol.
  25. Run defense just has been crap today. It is what it is, but they have been getting GASHED. Some how some way, hold to a FG here.