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  1. Did not expect this. But Henry may be the RB built to succeed no matter how many hits he takes...Since majority of the time it is him laying the wood on the defender lol.
  2. So ESPN is doing their top 10 lists by polling execs, players, coaches etc. From what I've seen, these are the Niners that have made the list: Kittle - TE #1 Warner - LB #10 Bosa - Edge #3 Armstead - Interior DL #7 (Buckner was #4 on that list) Williams - OT #3 They put out the corners and safeties list the next two days. I'm sure Sherman be on that list and possibly Ward? Though the latter is a big maybe.
  3. Elite coverage play from safeties/LBs>>>>>>>>>> Tartt is so damn important to this defense. He finally stayed healthy for the most part and it proved dividends. When he did get hurt, we saw what happened. This is why I'm hoping the coaching staff adjusts and just goes with the Ward/Moore duo if Tartt has to be out for some time.
  4. Trust me, I've damn near always realistic with the team. What I said has nothing to do with being a homer, just reality. A no name OL had a great year? I mean I certainly wouldn't call them having a great year last season. They are average to below average in pass protection and were good in run blocking. But Kittle/Juice helped the run game immensely and it was not nearly the same when those two were injured. Emmanuel Sanders dominated? In 10 games in the regular season he had 502 yards. That is dominating? Don't get me wrong, he was valuable and the passing game was much better after he arrived. But that is considered dominating now? A group of DL that all of a sudden became the best in the league? Huh? You don't think that had to do with the additions of Bosa and Ford? Everyone expected the DL to be dominant as all anyone ever mentioned was how the DL consists of five first rounders! The DL was always good in the interior, just had no edge rushers at all and that changed with getting Bosa/Ford. Again, mind you the dominant season happened while ranking among the worst in the league in injury luck. Luckily, the team got healthy at the right time just before the playoffs.
  5. Not the most fluid route runner yet, but his catch radius is pretty ridiculous. As long as he is not afraid to take hits in the middle of the field, he's going to be one of Jimmy's favorites sooner than later.
  6. I mean Mostert just got far more carries than he's ever gotten. But in limited carries the prior year, he did exactly what he did last season. But maxed out at every position? Not really sure I understand that? The team was dominant due to having depth at almost every position and being well coached. They went 13-3 and made the SB despite having one of the worst injury luck in the league. Can they slip next season? Sure, especially if Jimmy gets hurt but the team is still loaded with almost the entire coaching staff returning so they should be one of the best teams in the league again.
  7. Yep, we probably beat the Packers and Cardinals at least if we have Garrett. Maybe the Cardinals twice. Literally just needed one stop in those games and a bit of pressure and the game would have turned. I will say, our defense was very unclutch last season as well despite the added pass rush. Hope that changes this year.
  8. With Myles, we may not end up with the #2 pick in the 2019 draft to honest. So many games were winnable with Beathard choking at the end or the pass rush unable to get home. But yeah, Myles and Nick would go down as one of the greatest duos of all time.
  9. He is going to WILL this trade into existence lol. Like he feels he needs this as his first big break to make a name in the media. Cohn is now putting up like three or four videos daily on his YouTube channel. I respect the hustle to a certain extent, but he needs to dial it down a bit.
  10. Another little known guy from SI said that and Cohn tweeted, "I had Adams to Niners first" or some crap like that LOL. It's hilarious, really is.
  11. Because somehow Cohn got a gig at SI and he keeps saying the Niners will trade for Adams. HE is the one who won't let the rumors die lol.
  12. Good for him and the Chiefs. Loaded team that could very well be the next dynasty.
  13. Not that special? Oh yeah, compare the YPC of Mostert's and your RB and tell me he's not that special!!!! Good RBs definitely have value but they are just easier to find overall than say a good LT or even a good WR. Heck, you will have some on here that will argue that WRs are not all that important and you shouldn't draft one in the first round. They are also prone to breaking down or slipping quicker than other positions which devalues them to a certain extent.
  14. From that article: I sound like a broken record, but this is why I hate when people talk about pass defense all they think about is the DBs. And really the corners and how good they are. But no, it's much more than that. Having legit good safety and LB play is a great indicator of how good the passing defense will be. The Pats are built different as well as the Ravens compared to the rest of the league, which is fine. But for us, having Kwon/Warner being able to cover any RB out of the backfield or any TE is such a huge plus. Tartt and Ward preventing big plays was also one of the biggest keys to the 2nd rated pass defense.
  15. https://theathletic.com/1921423/2020/07/13/ten-things-a-football-nerds-guide-to-the-2020-san-francisco-49ers/ @John232
  16. So I was wondering about how injury luck or being unlucky in that regard and per FO, we ranked 23rd on offense and 26 on defense. Terrible....Once again. But that actually is a good sign going forward for those that are afraid this may be a team that regresses next season. The depth is still there and as long as we don't lose Jimmy, the team should be dominant once again. Eventually these numbers are going to flip though and we will have great injury luck. But when will that happen? We have been on like a six or seven year run with terrible injury luck.
  17. There are certain things I want Jimmy to improve in, most notably not predetermining some throws. A lot of his INTS come from him not being able to diagnose the underneath defender in the zone or Jimmy making up his mind from the snap where he is going with the ball. If he cleans that up then he should continue having top 10 caliber seasons, as he had last year. Would it be great if he can become a top 5 elite QB? Sure, but I am more than fine with him being top 10ish caliber as that should be enough to be one of the SB favorites. Having elite QBs only guarantee a team making the playoffs almost every year, but the best overall teams are the ones that end up making it to the SB or winning them. I don't go into any match up and say man, the opposing QB is better so we are at a disadvantage. Only Mahomes put real fear and even he was contained up until the end. The OL was not great in pass protection last season and even with Williams, there are some glaring weaknesses there. But Jimmy's quick release and our system is able to overcome that. Jimmy just can't be throwing the ball into double coverage or panicking if pressure gets to him. He needs to learn to eat it and live to play another down. But that is not him and he that risk taking ability to him so you have to live with it.
  18. Word. Saw this on the ESPN ticker right now and had to rewind it to make sure I read that correctly lol. Hopefully no more setbacks and he gets back on the court in no time.
  19. Stop. Possible. Arguably the two most stacked teams in the league. Like it.
  20. Niners were implementing a RBBC last season, but add in Mostert's playoff stats and he rushed for 1,108 yards on 190 carries and 15 total TDs. Heck, he had 10 total TDs on only 151 regular season touches. You know how insane it is to surpass 1,100 yards on only 190 carries? Make no mistake, Mostert balled out last season and he knows this is pretty much his last chance to get paid. He's locked in for two more seasons and will be 30 years old when he hits free agency. I don't think the team ups his deal but wish he did get a bit of a pay bump.
  21. And the team won't likely be giving him an extension but that is the way to go. I know fans are upset, but dude is a 28 year old journeymen RB trying to get a pay bump knowing when he hits free agency, he won't be getting much money. His asking price isn't even anything crazy. Just wants about 2M more for next season. Will be interesting to see how Shanny/Lynch handle this situation.
  22. Mostert>Coleman whatever way you look at it. If Mostert is going to continue being a STs stud and be our lead back (don't know if he still plays STs, didn't towards end of season), then I get where he is coming from. He is well aware that RBs have to strike when the iron is hot and this is his window to getting paid. Bump his salary for this season a bit and go from there. Still will have enough money to pay Kittle his extension.
  23. See nothing wrong with that to be honest.
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