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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    Is this why Gould has been missing so many FGs this year??
  2. 49ers Survivor Pool

  3. Since @oldman9er once again was being lazy, thought I'd get this thread up and going. It wasn't pretty but we got a very solid win on the road against Tampa thanks to the great defensive performance. Any win on the road across the country is a good win, regardless of how it happens. But the offense was very shaky from the start. Not all that surprising as I didn't think Jimmy G would get fully in rhythm until the bye week. The run game was inconsistent and the offense was just overall vanilla. Hoping Shanahan opens it up more this week and tests the Bengals corners vertical . Hoping Pettis gets more than two snaps as well and Deebo gets involved unlike last week. The Bengals nearly pulled off the win at Seattle last week which is no easy task as we know. Their DL was very good so our OL, especially the bookends get tested more than they got in the prior week. There was also a John Ross sighting as he went off with over a hundred yards and two TDs. Our secondary had a stern test last week and will have another one this week, but it will be a bit different as Evans/Godwin are bigger and physical type of WRs opposed to the Bengals WRs. Our pass rush should once again be effective and cause havoc. We may not get four turnovers again, but hoping to get at least two. I think Jimmy G while still being a bit rusty has a better game and our offense is more effective compared to last week and our defense plays well again and we pull off a 30-17 win.
  4. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Sherman doesn't like to be disrespected so the team would probably have to be up front with him. But yeah, I could see him returning after he reworks his deal. Right now the secondary is playing very well no doubt. Let's see how they play against some of the high powered offenses.
  5. At least we play the NFC South… but seems like Brees will be back by the time we play them.
  6. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Then unfortunately for Sherman he either re-works his deal or will be gone.
  7. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Sherman is probably the one that has to re-do his deal if he returns. I mean that likely happens with or without Ramsey.
  8. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Can you not free up cap by giving Buckner his deal? Convert some of his salary to his signing bonus? I'm sure if we were to keep Sherman while adding Ramsey, there are ways to make it work. I mean I have no idea if they plan on keeping Sherman past this year or not. Just saying you could add Ramsey and shift Sherman to safety since that's where most expect him to eventually do anyways.
  9. We have the 2nd best defense and 6th best offense through two weeks!!! Championship!!!!!! https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef/2019 https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamoff/2019 Freaking NE though, the 4th best offense and by far the best defense. Sure playing the Dolphins helps, but it is really unfair lol.
  10. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Okay, even if you think three corners of his talent have become available, that is still rare. It's not once in a generation but definitely falls into the category of "how often does a elite talent of this caliber become available?" The rookie deal aside, just someone on his original deal. Unlike Revis who was available after signing a big deal. And LIS, we could draft a corner in the first round the next 10 years and not get anyone of Ramsey's caliber. Even if Sherman isn't gone, you could make his transition to safety. That would be the time to do it with Ramsey on the roster. But if the Jags really want two first rounders? This probably is a moot point anyways.
  11. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    At all. But it is early so no one probably wants to put out the best offer yet. So Cam out with a foot injury and Brees out for six weeks with a thumb injury. The Bucs may have a shot at this. That defense looks really solid so Winston just has to play a solid game manager style and they will be fine.
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Sounds about right but I'm willing to go more than just a 2021 5th.
  13. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Early 30s after playing 7 or 8 seasons is one thing, not many like him in his absolute peak still on his rookie deal. I mean Deion is definitely one, even though he had just completed his rookie deal with ATL. Revis/Champ are good examples as well. So yeah, still don't think a talent of this level is available often, especially in a big position of need going forward.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Nah, and the switch to safety isn't that easy. Sherman is a still a good outsider corner. That switch only happens with a full offseason to work on the position switch.
  15. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Definitely. He has taken too many hits and has suffered too many injuries. May never return to form.
  16. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    So Cam Newton was not at practice today. Unbelievable, the NFL is turning into the NBA and I love it lol. Is he the next up to retire?? Is he requesting out?? Tune in at 2 30 est for Ron Rivera's presser!
  17. Minor Niner News Thread

    Unfortunately not every CB could do that. But Spoon/Ramsey have great movement skills so I think they could do it, especially Ramsey. What I like about Ramsey is there is not ANY type of WR he can't match up with. Not saying he will always stop every WR as someone like Hopkins has won his fair share of battles against him. But Ramsey has no problem covering a big physical WR, a shifty WR, a great route running WR or a speedster. Can match up with any style. Rare breed, on the level of someone like Peterson.
  18. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    For sure, but how often does THIS type of an elite talent become available? We could be drafting a CB in the first round the next 10 years and never get someone of this caliber. Now, if you do make a move for him, you pretty much are punting on the draft. That is something a team like Seattle has been doing for a while...Punting at the top of the draft of course, not entirely punting on the draft. So our needs at OL and S have to come from the mid rounds or free agency.
  19. Minor Niner News Thread

    Right, but neither of the three would be playing the slot. So even if we go nickel, one has to go out and it definitely won't be Ramsey. Unless we think Ramsey can play slot as well? I mean he has the quickness for it? I don't know, would be a bit of a tricky situation but a lot of talent on the outside which is exactly what you need.
  20. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    That's fair, but I don't think he prevents us from signing Buckner/Kittle. And then Spoon can get his deal in two years as well. After that, there's really no one up that we absolutely can't lose. Of course then you get to the stage where you have to pay Warner/McGlinchey etc, but that's down the line and normal for every team.
  21. Minor Niner News Thread

    Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, Sherman is still good and playing some good football, but Spoon is on another level right now. And no one is talking about him and even most fans think he sucks because of how he started the season last year. No one remembers he ended the year barely allowing 9 catches on 24 targets as all they talk about are all the penalties he had, which most, if not all were complete BS. So the only reason I wouldn't want to trade for Ramsey is if it meant Spoon to the bench. I think Kawakami is in tune with what is going on. I didn't like his Williams trade article yesterday, but he keeps mentioning how Shanahan/Lynch are desperate and REALLY want to win now. And let's be real, we have been in trade talks with damn near every top level option the last few years. Were close to OBJ apparently and made calls for Everson Griffin as well as Antonio Brown.
  22. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    It's not about picking us against a number of teams. This team should and will be competing for the playoffs RIGHT NOW. Once you get to the stage, you go for it. What are we waiting on? How do you take the next step? This roster even last year should have won at least 7-8 games. Then we added Bosa/Ford/Alexander while getting Jimmy G back. Now we start adding elite talent and try to compete year in and year out. There is no "perfect" time to go for it.
  23. Minor Niner News Thread

    He's right, only thing I will say is that probably means they shift Spoon to the bench and that will be a shame with the way he is playing. Even though he is probably better than Sherman, no way they bench Sherman. But lawd a duo of Ramsey/Spoon going forward would be amazing.
  24. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    This is where we disagree. I DO think now is the time to go for it. When will the time be to go for it? We have a budding defense that will have a need at CB with Sherman's age and Ramsey is as good as it gets. Why can't this team go heads up with the likes of the Rams, Saints, etc? Getting Ramsey sure will help do that. Could make the defense ELITE, especially with how Spoon is coming on.
  25. Minor Niner News Thread

    He’s bacccckkkk!