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  1. Mike Conley Jr. traded to Utah Jazz

    And he's still damn good. What did they really lose with this trade? Conley will be under contract for two more seasons and should still be very productive. Conley>>Rubio and now they have legit shots at knocking off teams like the Rockets.
  2. I guess...If that's what will make you feel better lol...But yeah, the Jazz will be a major problem next year. I said the same thing in the Conley thread that the Jazz right now could be argued to be as good as ANY team in the West.
  3. Mike Conley Jr. traded to Utah Jazz

    Yes!!! My boy Mitchell finally gets some pressure taken off of him and the Jazz have another shot creator from the perimeter. They are legit going to be a PROBLEM. Could argue they are as good as any team in the West right now.
  4. And lose to themediocre Blazers that the Dubs literally played hard for maybe four quarters all series in route to a sweep??? ?
  5. Really just shows you the power of the Lakers and Celtics rivalry. Right now the Lakers are getting superstars in back to back years while the Celtics are seemingly expecting to lose Kyrie/Horford. That adds a little juice to the offseason lol. Don't worry though, Boogie re-signing will put the Dubs back in contention. You know Klay is tough as nails and will be ready to go by March and then it's anyone's game. I take back what I said about the Warriors not being a threat to smack the Rockets anymore...In fact, they are indeed a threat to still smack them for the millionth and one time LOL.
  6. Sure, but no guarantee AD has a better chance getting a ring than he does the next few years with LeBron. You have to go for it NOW.
  7. One issue is if the Pelicans want to move the pick, the team trading for the player will not have them for entire summer league. That could be the biggest problem pushing it to July 30.
  8. Nah, it's championship or bust time for the Lakers. LeBron isn't going into year 17 just wanting to make the playoffs. It's go time for him. As a fan? I'm guessing you won't just be satisfied with making the playoffs once the season rolls on. Media could say what they want. Pelinka will have to prove he is good at his job with how he is able to surround LeBron/Davis.
  9. Pssh, wait until the Warriors re-sign Boogie and Klay returns in March just before the playoff push. See ya'll in the Western Conference Finals!!!
  10. Big offseason for Pelinka indeed. Got job #1 done in securing Davis. Now he needs to put together a solid supporting cast around his two stars. One thing that will hurt the Lakers is they don't have many draft picks to trade to take on salary dumps of solid contributors. I mean they have next year's first rounder so that will have some value. But you need picks to put together a good team as you can get a Kyle Korver for a late 1st or a player of his caliber like the Cavs did a few years back.
  11. No, that's not the mistake they made on the trade. The mistake was that they couldn't convince NO to wait until July 30 to complete the trade. Now, the draft pick is an issue if another team wanted it beforehand and for summer league. However, to your point of Lakers signing AD next summer and throwing away another season? Absolutely not. LeBron is still great, so you try to win ASAP. You don't know when he starts to really fall off and by then it will be too late.
  12. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    He did a solid job covering the Bulls for a minute. Definitely not a nobody and Tim McMahon wrote a similar article the day before, so you really believe it is all BS? I mean those two beefing is the least surprising thing ever.
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Four year deal at what price tag? Going to be questionable towards the end of the deal, but Horford is certainly quality. Possibly Dallas to go alongside Porzingis?
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    So just when the Warriors are no longer a threat to smack the Rockets for the millionth time, there is turmoil between the two stars? Just as the West becomes WIDE open for once? You hate to see it, you really do........
  15. What teams are exactly obsessed with him? Only been seeing the Lakers linked to him and possibly the Warriors. Who else?
  16. Yeah, dude needs to earn as much as he could. He proved he can be a factor on a playoff team. Competes on the defensive end and provides top level shooting. Lakers are being linked to Ariza quite a bit, what kind of contract is he up in store for? 4.8M?
  17. Facts! Get younger Curry to Golden State!
  18. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Wow, you wanted CJ Beathard at #3????
  19. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    I don't think any of our WRs are going to be dominant to be honest. The offense will be legit no doubt, but a lot of touches to be distributed. From McKinnon to Coleman to Juice Check to Kittle to Taylor to Samuel to Pettis.
  20. Who has been Lebron's most talented teammate?

    I'm under the impression that Wade was essentially the same player he was the season prior. This thing about him "declining" from 2010 is nonsense. Players can have a better season one year compared to the other and be the same player. Steph Curry didn't all of a sudden become a worse player the season following his unanimous MVP campaign
  21. Who has been Lebron's most talented teammate?

    So what part of LeBron declined? This is what I'm saying, you're mistaking a player having a batter season in the year prior to being the better player. No, the player in this case is still the same. So Bron then all of a sudden got worse from 2010 to 2011 to getting better in 2013? Both didn't get worse from 2010 to 2011, just they had the ball in their hands less and had to adjust to their new role.
  22. So a pretty solid night of boxing on Saturday. Broner vs Garcia should be interesting and entertaining in stretches. Intriguing fight. Broner struggles with pressure fighters which Garcia obviously isn't. But he is more skilled than Broner and could crack. The question is how he will look at 140 with Broner having the big size advantage? Also excited to seeing the Miller-Washington fight and Jermall Charlo returning to action. Then the following week we have arguably the best fighter in the planet in Lomachenko fighting on ESPN. Two weeks following that another guy who has a claim to being the best in Crawford will be fighting Indongo in the rare undisputed championship match up with all four belts on the line.
  23. Who has been Lebron's most talented teammate?

    He had a higher usage rate the season prior yet his shooting splits were better in 2011. Again, he was damn near the same player. That's like saying LeBron declined because his numbers slipped from the season prior, when we know that wasn't the case. Only difference was he had to play with another superstar for the first time in his career and wasn't able to have the rock in his hands as much as he did in 2010. No one watched Wade in 2011 and thought to themselves that he was any lesser of a player than he was the season prior....Because that simply wasn't the case.
  24. Who has been Lebron's most talented teammate?

    He didn't decline at all in 2011 from the prior season. His game was still at the same level. His numbers declining a bit just has to do with playing with LeBron opposed to being a one man show the year prior. What exactly are you showing with those stats? His postseason from 2010? Dude got eliminated in round one. He was still a monster against the Celtics in 2011. You are mistaking the actual raw numbers to the level of player he was. Why would he decline all of a sudden in 2011? He didn't suffer any injury that year and still had the same athletic freak. It was only after 2011 when he started to have some knee problems that started his decli
  25. Who has been Lebron's most talented teammate?

    Wade was damn near the same player in 2011 as he was in 2010. Only difference was he was no longer the clear cut #1 on his team so he had to share the load with LeBron. That was the only difference. Wade himself didn't decline as a player. And when it was money time in those Celtics/Mavs series, he made big play after big play.