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  1. Checking the forum for first time in a long time hoping to see a productive game day thread. Instead greeted with more bickering between forum members which was the main reason I stopped checking a while back. So disheartening... why can’t we all just assume positive intent and have good healthy debates? Looking forward to the game! Will be great to have football and the Vikings back in my life. Skol!
  2. Agreed- and to this I say let us not forget Troy Williamson. 😀
  3. Agreed- thanks for the entertainment. Know that many of us just checked in periodically as watchers many times and only posted a few so the overall activity was even higher than the post count. Was a nice break from reality. Appreciate the amount of work you put in!
  4. You’re doing nice work with what you came into this with. Love the defense and could totally see a classic Zimmer stack like this on that side of the ball. However, this offense worries me. Not super excited to watch them for an entire year. And a Thielen injury will be an absolute season killer. Again, you came in with a tough hand and have done a nice job. Just a tough draft for the Vikings to begin with.
  5. I love what we’ve done on defense but this offense TERRIFIES me. The run game powered by Mattison might (key word might) be effective but won’t be overpowering, the passing game powered by only Thielen (and rudolph/irv, I guess?) is a problem, and the offensive line isn’t upgraded at all compared to our issues last year. We need to get some offensive help soon...
  6. Agreed. If people think we “showed” up yesterday and got beat that bad then we DO need a leadership change.
  7. Everyone saying they lost to a more talented, deeper team, with a week off... did you watch the titans-ravens game? That’s how you show up as a team and coach to win that game. Ravens are by far more talented, deeper, and better rested and yet the Titans showed up and Vrabel & staff coached one of the best games I’ve ever seen. I’m still a pro-Zimmer guy, but the Vikings did not, in fact, show up yesterday.
  8. I believe the saying goes “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.
  9. Well his playoff record is better now... but I’m not sure the Saints win makes me any less concerned with Zimmers game management. The fourth quarter was a mess of play calling on both sides of the ball. Lucky we got out of it alive thanks to some Kirk/Thielen/Rudolph heroics. I still don’t trust Zimmer to coach us well through a full game, though I’ll admit they came out hotter today.
  10. You guys ever seen what an $84M throw looks like?
  11. Figure they’ll score 14 more points. Question is can we get another 7?
  12. You know Zimmer dreamed of a 3-3 first quarter last night.
  13. Nope I was suggesting we got beat by chase Daniel this year.
  14. I’m a vikes fan so (unfortunately and very painfully) this argument holds no water with me.
  15. Nagy because he has the power and ability to sit trubisky but hasn’t.
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