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  1. Would not be opposed to trading up we have 9 draft picks and I don’t know if we have room on our roster for 9 rookies
  2. Fascinated to see how Berry will value LBs in the draft considering Davis is a freak athlete and his Sparq score has to be through the roof
  3. hopefully Sheldon restructures.....don’t want us to lose him
  4. I like Anthony Schwartz as a later round WR track star playing football (probably could be at the Olympics this year if he chose track).....could replace Natson on the roster and could be a goodish deep threat
  5. Naquin has 5 HRs and 13 RBI’s this season we have scored 13 runs and hit 5 HRs so far this season
  6. I don’t think the Colts can trade their 2022 1st rounder since the Eagles could get it if Wentz plays well enough
  7. Was Marv Wilson that bad this season? Saw him in the first round earlier this season anyways I’m interested in any sort of DB or DL help we can get. Think getting two or three more contributors in those positions should be our focus for the rest of the draft
  8. Don’t wanna be Mr Trade Up, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trading up again using some of our remaining picks feels like there is value out there for the positions were still looking for
  9. Really like the value with Feels and Sonic The Burger not sure they are needs for us though
  10. This place might burn to the ground if EZ ever shows back up
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