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  1. Hooper out with appendicitis getting an appendectomy today
  2. We will always have that Broncos game
  3. Jack is a LB, not a DE besides costing a 1st rounder most likely, he’s also being paid $10M a year for three more years after this year I can’t see our FO going for it
  4. Myles Jack would be perfect but the cost will be too high
  5. Hilliard looked like crap on Sunday imo
  6. Any good RBs out there to be our #3? i don’t particularly like Hilliard
  7. If Chubb is out a few weeks we need to sign another RB im not a fan of Hilliard as a runner
  8. I think you can listen in the Browns app
  9. He was reported as limited before the game so I think maybe just resting him
  10. I kinda love Johnson as our 3rd RB every time he’s carried it I’ve been impressed today
  11. We need DL depth in the worst way out pass rush feels nonexistent this drive
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