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  1. Free Agency Discussion

    I wonder if Dorsey considers trading a pick or two for an established LT
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    We had I believe $60 million in cap space that we had to spend this offseason or it would go away due to the rollover limits based on what I've calculated on the AAV + Taylor and Landry salaries we are just above that number right now
  3. Free Agency Discussion

    Only $10M guaranteed......you can cut him after one season at that number
  4. Free Agency Discussion

    Did you watch us try to defend the pass at all last season? ill take every warm body we can get at CB
  5. Joe Thomas, the GOAT, likely retiring per MKC

    See ya in Canton, Joe
  6. Free Agency Discussion

  7. Free Agency Discussion

  8. Free Agency Discussion

    Who in the hell are you
  9. Free Agency Discussion

    if we trade back and get a bunch more picks and get Guice and a DB with 12 and 22 would be nice
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    Getting #12 and #22 in a trade back makes sooooooo much sense i think Lane Adkins reported that they laid some groundwork for a potential tradeback when we traded for Tyrod
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    Every rumor/report I’ve seen says Joe is back next season
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    This team has struggled to score points it seems like every season......having potentially those four WRs and potentially Duke, Njoku, and Barkley would be a welcome change for me
  13. Free Agency Discussion

    Nothing if we structure the contract in a way that the Bears don’t want to match it
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    Maybe Coleman gets moved......I think we keep all of them because you can’t count on Gordon to stay clean and Coleman can’t stay healthy
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    JLC reporting that well be going after A-Rob in free agency i would love that just based on how much cap space we have even after trading for Landry