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  1. I absolutely think we need to keep Jarvis. Dude does so many things for us on offense. Would hope maybe we could work out a pay cut + extension for him to keep him around. OBJ I think you cut loose and draft a WR in the middle rounds kinda like Schwartz and roll with Jarvis + DPJ + Schwartz + draft pick i think we gotta keep Njoku but Hoopers contract might inhibit that by the looks of it
  2. I believe Foster is a MIKE so maybe he could replace Walker if this works out but who knows at this point our LBs are (still) a mess I think
  3. Berry must be feeling himself after seeing how McDowell is working out
  4. I’ll eat a shoe if Pickens is actually a 4th round pick. If he actually goes that late he’s a bigger steal than DPJ.
  5. Be interested to see if we bring in any punters this week would be an overreaction to Gillan dropping the punt but he also wasn’t very good last year either
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