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  1. Trade zel gets Trea Turner Miguel Sano Triston McKenzie bD gets Francisco Lindor Cody Bellinger Walker Buehler My 1st rounder
  2. Zel gets: Greg Holland bD gets: 3rd round pick needed saves.....that’s about it
  3. Day 1 NFL Draft Discussion - NO SPOILERS

    Lane is still saying Darnold the last hour is gonna be nerve wracking
  4. Day 1 NFL Draft Discussion - NO SPOILERS

    Any posts tagging Webby will be deleted. Consider this an official warning for today. He’s much too busy running the site so I doesn’t crash during the draft to deal with our nonsense.
  5. Day 1 NFL Draft Discussion - NO SPOILERS

    I would say unless we hear otherwise let’s keep the gifs out of the thread because traffic will be very high tonight
  6. Draft Discussion 4.0

  7. Browns on Hard Knocks

    This should go well
  8. This should go well. Absolutely NO spoilers. No veiled hints. Nothing. And no gifs.
  9. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Lane on Twitter is still thinking it will be Darnold
  10. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Haslam was at Darnold’s Pro Day for gods sake until I see the card, I am not believing the pick is anyone but Darnold at this point
  11. Draft Discussion 4.0

    Please just draft Darnold
  12. Looking for a RP.......willing to move a pick for some saves
  13. Draft Discussion 3.0

    All this Allen talk has me seriously concerned
  14. Accepted.......solidified SBs as they were a concern and got better overall on offense while getting two keeper pieces while sacrificing some pitching other trade Zel gets: Javy Baez Julio Urias bD gets: Fernando Tatis Jr my take: sacrificed some youth that I was ok with moving due to having Lindor and got some more offensive help and also acquiring a very high upside young arm that I'm good with gambling on