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  1. could be a good buy low candidate
  2. Highsmith & Wolf are OUT

    Thought maybe Wolf would be kept but Berry bringing in his own guys wont cause issues
  3. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    that is one large human
  4. The Search for a GM

    I thought I remembered being terrified about drafting him
  5. The Search for a GM

    Weren’t we rumored to be interested in Mahomes with #12 that year?
  6. Stefanski’s staff

    DB Coach
  7. Stefanski’s staff

    Rumors that DeWayne Walker will be retained as well
  8. The Search for a GM

    this came out of left field
  9. Went and saw 1917 tonight absolutely phenomenal movie
  10. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Just wait for Wyatt Davis in 2021
  11. Stefanski’s staff

    My only concern with Paton is if he is willing to actually take the job or not
  12. Around the league discussion

    Kuechly retires