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  1. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Did Mahomes throw at the combine? I feel like he would have been for sure over 60 mph
  2. Dorsey a genius????

    If he sustains this all season I’d be interested i wanted Nagy originally but Chicago scooped him up.....look at the last few Reid guys to get HC jobs
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Bosa out until November at least
  4. Week 4: Chucky v. Bakermania

    There’s a real chance I spend a ton of money on new Browns gear and/or a Baker jersey to boot IS THIS WHAT HOPE FEELS LIKE

    Hire Lincoln Riley do whatever it takes to get Bosa or Oilver
  6. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Consider me an official fan of the Rally Possum
  7. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

  8. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    I should be cut down to 20 already
  9. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties sorry I can’t hear you?
  10. I feel like he’s gonna end up starting next season and end up being a good player for us....if one of the guys in front of him gets hurt I could see him being a solid contributor this year
  11. That’s super hurtful bro
  12. Missing last season probably hurt his chances......also our top 4 are all back sans Ward so breaking in was probably gonna be tough
  13. Didn’t even register on my radar bro