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  1. Was set to be an ERFA so we would’ve been dirt cheap again next season
  2. yeah this can’t be good news for him hes still on probation in Michigan
  3. With Zimmer out in Minnesota I wonder if any of those offensive coaches are options to join our staff one that sticks out is Klint Kubiak as a QB coach or OC if AVP goes elsewhere
  4. I feel like you tender Johnson at like second round value and see what teams are willing to give for him at least worst case, he’s an overpaid 3rd RB on a team that rotates two all the time and excellent insurance in case of an injury
  5. Not sure why guys like Myles and Clowney are playing or anyone on offense that are starters dont really mind guys like Delpit and Phillips and the younger guys on defense playing because the more experience they can get the better I suppose
  6. Goes without saying but Colquitt ain’t it either def need a new kicker and punter before next season
  7. I’m also intrigued by Ridley he’s going into his 5th year option so he would need extended, but pairing him with a 1st round rookie would be an ideal retool of our WR group
  8. Zero confidence in the two minute drill with Baker
  9. fare thee well Scottish Hammer
  10. What are you willing to pay him? feels like he’s more than earned a contract extension with his play this season Every other Pro Bowler we have this season is signed long term. Feel like he's more than earned an extension. My guess is something in the $16M-$18M range similar to Darius Slay or Tre’Davious White. Not quite Humphrey or Ramsey range
  11. Would love a combo of first round receiver like Wilson + an FA signing like Gallup Gallup is talented and just buried in Dallas behind CeeDee and Amari
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