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  1. 2020 Offseason News and Discussion - Bargain Hunting

    LT is overrated cus he might get injured That's for the FF OGs
  2. 2020 Redraft with Rules YAY!

    Everyone is picking Reagor at 21 and I probably would as well. That said I'm gonna go another route for the purpose of the game 21 Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech (Seattle) 53 Denzel Mims WR Baylor (Jets) 103 K'Von Wallace S Clemson (Eagles) 127 Jack Driscoll G Auburn (Eagles) 145 Jake Fromm QB Georgia (Bills) 168 Justin Strnad LB Wake Forest (Broncos) 196 Quez Watkins WR Southern Miss (Eagles) 200 Prince Tega Wanogho OT Auburn (Eagles) 210 Freddie Swain WR Florida (Colts) 233 Dane Jackson CB Pitt (Bills)
  3. Seems like an upgrade on HPV as a swing tackle
  4. 2020 Draft | Eagles select: Jalen Hurts (#53 ovr)

    Yeah guessing it was BPA pick. Regardless a trio of Sanders, Dobbins, and Scott would be fun, especially since Sanders isnt the best downfield receiver on the roster anymore and they actually have space to move around.
  5. 2020 Draft | Eagles select: John Hightower (#168 ovr)

    Only on a football forum could you call a guy running in the 4.4s "sluggish" I'd be willing to bet most guys on here wouldnt run 30 yards in 4.4 seconds...
  6. 2020 Draft | Eagles select: Jalen Hurts (#53 ovr)

    Apparently Chinn or Dobbins would've been the pick if Hurts was off the board. Wish either of them was tbh
  7. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    You're too kind on the Hurts pick
  8. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    Jack Driscoll is the pick per ZBerm
  9. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    Take AGG eith one of the other 2 4ths I still can't believe Howie took a gadget player and a guy who at best will never playplay if he did it in round 4, ok. He did it in round 2 and I'm still floored
  10. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    I hate Howie
  11. 2020 Draft | Eagles select: Davion Taylor (#103 ovr)

    K This doesnt change the fact we passed on prospects at WR, corner, and safety to take a backup QB in round 2 who probably will only return a 2nd IF everything works out. That ruins this for me
  12. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Two

    They've also won 2 superbowls under the hierarchy of their regime. And are always in it And have drafted countless all pros
  13. 2020 Draft | Eagles select: Jalen Hurts (#53 ovr)

    Thanks I hate it