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  1. I wasnt a fan of the contract, thought it was too much... but man, it's carried over. Ultimately the questions won't be fully put to rest until the playoffs, but hes proving to be worth every penny so far. And the crazy thing is that while regression is a possibility, he's been doing this through some adversity so far. Henry hasn't kicked until fall/ winter mode... he hasn't had his full compliment of starting receivers since week 1... Lewan has been in and out of the lineup... and the covid fiasco. Its possible they kick it into gear if they can get ask the pieces back together. Crazy considering averting 30+ to this point. Evans has definitely been a disappointment so far. I thought this could be a breakout year. They could forego that option, but there's still a lot of season left, so I'm hoping he turns it around. I was one of the first on Jayon's bandwagon... thought he was awesome that year before we drafted Evans... and he's elevated his game since. It's hard to envision it, given his strengths and the state of the league with a heavy emphasis on passing. I'm not opposed to signing him, but I also don't see him as a core guy. If he's looking for too ilb money, I'm passing. I liked Long last season and was hoping he'd get more opportunities this year. I think he could plug in for Jayon, and fill in just fine (similar to Kelley for Conklin). Defense had been down across the league, but were near the bottom, and that's been completely unexpected... for me at least. The talent is there, so I expect a turn around soon. Let's see
  2. Lamar is a bad example though. Given that its a very limited sample size, but he hasn't shown the ability to be able to come back when they fall behind big. We saw in the playoffs last year, and we see it constantly against the Chiefs. He's had the luxury of playing with a strong defense that won't allow him to fall behind often. Give me Mahommes, give me Wilson, give me Rodgers, hell give me Tannehill and Allen (and maybe a few others) over Lamar or Watson (without Hopkins).
  3. The defense could definitely be short handed.... the DL and DBs look like areas of concern. But the offense will be firing on all cylinders, just missing Hump. AJ is back, Lewan is back... I'm confident there. D is going to have to get creative, but going with a base 2-4 up front should put our best available players on the field, while making us more flexible with more athletic personnel on the field to try to plan for Allen. We'll probably have to play heavy zone in the secondary with Adoree and Fulton likely out... but as long as they play disciplined, we should be ok... we'll give up chunks for sure... but I think we have a shot at this.
  4. So far we have to be happy with how the offense has looked. Tannehill had an off day (by his recent standards) yesterday, and we still put up 31. That's without our best receiver, and with our pro bowl LT missing most of the game. Henry hasn't had the same explosiveness as he did 9 months ago, but that's not real a surprise. He's the guy who gets stronger as the weather gets colder amd other guys start getting tired... that's Henry time. Defense is obviously concerning, but i really think our CB situation is to blame for that. With Adoree out and Fulton still adjusting, we've pretty much eliminated Byards diversity. Hes playing that deep CF role almost exclusively, and Vaccaro is helping out mid/deep more often to help cover for our deficiencies at CB (mainly lack of speed). That's leaving less assistance in the front 7... a front 7 that has 2 key new players that weren't involved in most off-season activities and the loss of our DC. I expect the unit to start gelling about midway through the season. And hit their stride about the time Henry hits his. Getting these 3 wins early on that we wouldn't have gotten in previous years is setting us up nicely for a 2nd half and playoff run.
  5. Why is Correa only getting 12 snaps though? He's a good back up option who had a great end to the season last year.
  6. Which of course means we'll run it 55 times and RT will have 7 pass attempts.
  7. Definitely a scary game... 0-2 teams with expectations going into the season are always tough... but whatever... Titans - 34 Vikes - 20
  8. Forget predicting Ws and Ls and records... how are you guys feeling about the season. What are some things you expect to happen? I'll start... I expect Henry to start slowish once again, then blow up again as the season wears on. He'll end up top 3 in rushing yards after looking slow out the gate With all the attention on Henry and AJ, I expect CD84 to to bounce back and crack 1k yards. Jonnu fails to live up to his amazing athletic potential. Clowney will not hit double digit sacks, but will be our defensive MVP. He's going to be a vital part of the defense and will earn a ridiculous contract to stay in Nashville after the season. Landry will hit double digits benefiting from all the attention directed to Clowney and Simmons The defense finishes as a top 5 unit, and will be ranked highly in sacks and turnovers Evans surpasses Brown as our top ILB... leaving Brown as the odd man out in FA. Goatkowski regains his form and means the difference as we look at seeding down the stretch Wilson sits all year. We knew he needed work on his technique but I'm not sure any of us were prepared for how immature and/or volatile his mental health was. Saffold will take it upon himself to mentor him going into 2021. All hope is not lost, but its not a good start/year for him. Henry, Lewan, Clowney, and a DB (Byard, Butler, or Adoree) end up as All Pro's. Simmons makes the 2nd team. We'll be one of the last 4 teams standing at the end of the year once again.
  9. Speak for yourself... I tried very hard to win the consolation, my team just sucks that bad! Lol, jk... that's cool. What were the last agreed upon rules for previous' years keepers? And when's the keeper deadline?
  10. How was the draft order selected? I thought I finished 10th this past season? I lost to both Griff and Mad in the consolation bracket.
  11. They were both 7th round draft picks, so both probably carry similar limited upside. Woodside's year in the offense helps more now in what could be a strange NFL season. And with a limited camp schedule, McDonald probably showed he isn't anywhere near ready, especially with a staff that hasn't shown the ability to develop a young QB.
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