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  1. Is it Time ??

    Year, as I typed that, I knew i would get that response at least once. Lol But we seriously have lost our identity. Not completely unexpected with a rookie HC, a rookie play caller, a relatively new GM, a reserved QB... I knew there was going to be a learning curve... I just never envisioned anything as bad as the Ravens game this season...
  2. Is it Time ??

    Not only do we not know how good or bad we are... Do we even know what we're supposed to be... What's our identity? We're no longer exotic smash mouth... But what are we? We haven't really been a passing team... Do we even have the receiving options for that? But we're not a running team, averaging 3.2 ypc... So what are we exactly?
  3. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 7

    Chargers - 24 Titans - 17
  4. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    The run game as we know it is not working... time to get away from these multiple TE formations, spread them out... and start rebuilding Mariota's confidence with quick hitters. I still want to see both Lewis and Henry together. Move Lewis around, motion him in and out of the backfield. We need to maximize the talent we have... as lacking as it might be. It's sad that we don't have much in the passing game after CD and Lewis. But we need both Taylor and Sharpe to step up. I've lost all confidence in Jonnu for now, however... so let's see what we have in Firkser... he made a nice catch last week. I'd like to see him more involved, maybe he can be the stop gap we need at TE right now. Or maybe he's the new Jennings/Williams...
  5. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    Again... not trying to be a Richard or anything ... but reading comprehension would help here. Completion % is not what I'm arguing here. I know all teams, all QBs are affected by drops. It's not an issue isolated to Mariota. What I'm trying to point out is the impact of those drops. Like I said, I haven't watched every single snap of every single team to know the difinitive answer. I'm pointing out that Mariota has had at least 4 40+ yard TD passes dropped. Two of those, the WR was wide open, ball hit them between the numbers... and they dropped it (the 2 Taylor drops, he had defenders on him, but they still are commonly made catches). Even with the stats he was putting up (or failing to put up) my concern level for Mariota was low prior to this last week. Even with the persistent nerve issue in his elbow, he was showing enough and was doing enough to help the team win. (That Williams wide open drop was late in the 4th and woulda forced Allen and the Bills to have to go for a TD on the last drive, much more difficult than just having to drive for a FG... for example) The clip also shows a couple of plays where things broke down, and Mariota used his feet to escape pressure, keeping his eyes down field and finding the open man to drop the ball (the Jonnu Smith drop on the sideline, and that Williams drop). This last week was the first time I didn't see that. It's very concerning... he showed a lack of confidence in every regard. I like Mariota, but even before this game I was concerned that he may never be that franchise type guy (top 15). But last week was the first time I've been seriously concerned he may not even be cut out to be a starter and would go down more the Gabbert route...than even the Alex Smith route.
  6. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    Please read the first sentence in that block you quoted. I understand. I'm not arguing drops are an issue for anyone... I'm not trying to argue that Mariota's completion % should be 67.6 instead of his current 63.6. The point I was trying to make was that the types of drops Mariota's experienced this year have been incredibly impactful. I go watch Titans games at a Sports Bar (fanclub), have Sunday Ticket (free), so I watch as much football as I can... but I will admit me watching or following other teams is not as in depth as how I watch my Titans. I feel that's about right with 98% of the posters here. So I could be wrong, and maybe all drops in the league are the same, and are this directly tied into scoring. That video I shared shows 3 drops that would have been TDs.. 1 by Taywan, 1 by Jennings (wide open), and 1 by Williams (wide open). There was another one of Taywan's against the Eagles that wasn't shown in that video. That's 4 TDs and at least 160 yards on those 4 plays alone. Mariota certainly shares heavily in the blame... but there's a lot more to it than meets the casual eye. Last week was horrendous, the worst I've ever seen him. There's no excuses there.. he didn't even give his guys a chance to drop passes. MOst of those sacks were directly on him. He looked shellshocked... honestly, like he belonged next to Locker and Young on the couch on Sundays. But that's the first time I can say that honestly. He still has a year and a half to show he deserves to continue leading us beyond that.
  7. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    They already have... Deadline is the May prior to the start of the 4th season. But it is important to understand these options are guaranteed for injury only. Unless something crazy happens this 2nd half of the season (either by going winless/losing a majority of the games or if he somehow turns it around), I expect to see him play out the final season without an extension. Barring a turn around, I suspect we look at a qb in the high middle rounds at least. The skittishness from this last game was really disheartening. If nothing else, we could always trust that he was going to do more good than bad when things broke down. What we saw a few days ago shows that not only does he not trust the receivers, scheme, and protection... He doesn't trust himself. The injuries may have gotten to him. The lack of competent coaching may have gotten to him (this is his 3rd different OC in 4 years). I still hope he can turn it around... That Lafleur is really of the Shannahan/McVay mold and can still fix him. (He's going through growing pains as his first year as a play caller and being the man on offense.) As far as the drops, I understand it is in no way an issue isolated to Mariota. But so many of these drops have come at key moments... Potential 3rd down conversions, getting into the red one (where Mariota is still golden), and for long tds... It's been insane... This is just the tip of the iceberg...
  8. Is it Time ??

  9. Is it Time ??

    It probably is just me reaching for something to explain it. Its something though... He's broken right now... The offense is... We're 2 weeks removed from a pretty damn good game. What's changed since then? Have defenses just figured out that taking away the only guy Mariota trusts kills the offense? Has Mariota just regressed in those 2 weeks?
  10. Is it Time ??

    Not that I completely disagree... But how much of it is a result of him not trusting the WRs? How much pressure is he putting on himself to make the perfect play... to do it all himself? Does Mariota get rid of the ball quicker to a sure handed Tate running a crossing pattern? Does it give Davis a little more opportunity on the other side.
  11. Is it Time ??

    I disliked the Mularkey hire... was not a fan of it. But the Robiskie hire was the one that put me over the edge. Even when they got rid of Mularkey, I woulda been ok if they had kept him, had he agreed to bring in a different OC. That hire... Robiskie... is the one that I believe is directly responsible for what's happened to Mariota. Mularkey as a HC ended up not being horrible... the biggest drawback was his unwillingness to change OC's... too loyal to his guy... and there's far worse things to be than that. Still needed to be gone though. I had/have such high hopes for LaFleur. I'm sure he feels confident in his approach... but I hope he's not too proud to admit that he needs some more talent right now. Gordon went for a 5th rounder... rumor was floated of Tate in exchange for Sharpe and a 4th. Cooper should be abount the same... Parker should be cheaper. There's options... let's do this. I don't want to give up on Mariota. Maybe they do or have... and that's why they haven't made the move to upgrade WR... hmmmm...
  12. Week 6 GDT - Ravens @ Titans

    That's the way to go. I was in Seattle a couple of Septembers ago while they were chasing the wildcard, and scored some great Mariners tickets the day off, Felix pitched that night... paid like $40 and sat two rows from the Mariner's bench... all the kiddos around me got gameballs from Cano. Same with the Orioles... got some great tix right behind the catcher (a couple of scouts were right in front of us) for about $30. But I think football is different... or I guess it used to be. I've never been to a Titans home game... and I think i'm too much of a control freak to go up to gameday without tickets already. When I've seen them in Houston or AZ, I always try to get 50 yard line seats... even if upper deck... to get to see the whole game. I've sat at Bowl games at the endzone, and it sucks when they're on the other side. Unfortunately I wasn't able to swing the Dallas game either. I'll make my way to a Nashville home game eventually... and I hope its a rocking crowd/game. That's always been my dream... surrounded by 65k of my Titan brothers and sisters.
  13. Is it Time ??

    YEah... it's hard to compare Rodgers... and even McNair... they sat and kept growing. At 24, I would hope MAriota can continue to grow. He showed potential early... was unlucky last year... but maybe he is too far gone...too broken from this franchise to succeed here or anywhere else. I'm not ready to throw in the towel... I don't want to do this again... He's got a year and a half before I completely give up on him...
  14. Injuries thread (Update: Morgan out several weeks)

    Yeah, Rak's looked super slow... and Morgan has been all but invisible this year. It's crazy how quickly they aged this offseason
  15. Is it Time ??

    Reading comprehension would help you... Compare Mariota to Brees during his SD time. Very similar stats... Brees has never had imposing QB attributes. There was no 5th year option in the previous CBA, but they kept him the extra year with a franchise tag (eventhough they had already given up on him drafting Rivers). Hit the FA market without much fanfare... signed a modest QB contract.... Then boom... Mariota could boom or bust... but if you can't see the comparison at the 4 year mark in their respective careers, then you're just being blind. I do think, like Brees, it's going to take Mariota leaving here and signing with a team that will better coach him and utilize his talents for him to take that next step. He's just been too damaged here with the lack of coaching and talent... it may prevent him from ever taking that next step.