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  1. Tennessee Titans 2019 Schedule

    I dont understand why everyone gets insulted when we do t get the prime time games. We're just not a team that people who aren't fans want to see. Yeah 3 consecutive winning seasons, but who do we have who draws national attention? Our LT... And that's it... Nashville as great as it might be is a bottom 10 nfl market (population wise) and doesn't have that entrenched fan base like Wisconsin, KC, and even Nola and Buffalo have. The mainstream media hasn't really talked about us... We had no "sexy" moves... An unknown OC hire. No one knows or cares who we are... Except for us. And who cares?! I like the early Sunday games best anyway! Lol (I'm not a fan of all the later kick offs actually)
  2. Prospect Meetings, Visits, and workouts

    I've actually been thinking this too lately. I thought TE was about as logical as ILB or LT... But it could happen if they see the right fit. We thought Jonnu was progressing, but honestly, he still hasn't shown much... Delanie is in the twilight of his career, and even though we hope he still has a couple years at near prime level, we dont know what effect the injury really has on him going forward at age 35+. I really like Pruitt... and Firkser too... It seems like a deep group... But having a steady stream of options for Mariota running in the middle of the field could be what Vrabel and Smith have in mind. His much is Hockenson worth to Smith's style of offense? Could be extremely valuable We'll see I guess. I still hope/think we target DL... Just by looking at the roster... What we did in the offseason... Looks like the obviously biggest need... for both a starter and depth in general. Robinson has shown he'll do what it takes to get his player... Traded down then up in '16 and got Conklin... Stayed put at 5 in' 17 and took Davis... Traded up for Evans and Landry in '18. I hope he's targeting Oliver... But it may cost too much to get high enough to take him. I still really like Wilkins, but we may have to trade up a couple to get him as well (nowhere near as much as it would cost to get into Oliver range). Or is it Tillery, who he could get by staying put at 19... And possibly lower after trading down a few spots. Simmons would have been great too, but you just can't take a known red shirt with your 1st rounder.
  3. Prospect Meetings, Visits, and workouts

    Tulley's a guy I've been keeping an eye on... May be a slight reach at 19, but maybe not. I'm looking the right of trading down to the area of 25 and getting him there. That would net us a 3rd...giving us this 4 picks in the first 3 days to take the G, DL, WR, and Edge. TE is still possible, if the value is there. I'm still a big fan of Butler, but looks like the 2nd is his round... And he may not even make it to our pick (had him as a 3rd rounder a couple months back, but his value seems to be shooting up) I'm also loving the possibility of Love on day 3.
  4. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    The QBs dropping subroutine hurt us here... And its almost the opposite in the NFL. Fans don't want to "waste" a pick on a future pick, when an impact positively player can help now. GMs value that investment a little differently. So this is almost a worst case scenario with all the DTs and OLBs gone at this point (more than half the picks thus far). A trade down would be great. Ultimately, you have to go with Bradbury here. A trade down targeting Bradbury, Tillery, Lindstrom, or one of the WR/TEs (not named Metcalf) would be my choice 1st though. Simmons would also be tempting if not for his acl. But that combined with the assault thing just carries a little too much risk at this point. Id take him with our 2nd for sure, though
  5. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Metcalf caught 26 passes last year... On a team that averaged 365 passing yards per game. He totalled 67/1228/14 in 3 seasons, on teams that averaged over 300 passing yards per he each of those seasons (about 330 per game). Where's the production? Why would anyone expect that straighlime speed to suddenly transform him against increased competition? Maybe it has to do that he's easy to defend since he can only do 1 or two things. Even during his best season, he averaged just over 3 catches per game, had a catch rate under 50%, and had an under 17% target share. What kinda production jump can we really expect? And of course, there always this (I'll share this 100 times if I can)
  6. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I hate to use that name, but thats exactly the comparison I see. He's got a similar make up. I'm trying to make sense of the Titans interest in him at OLB, although it could just be to see if he's got that type of athleticism. It seems he does, but his best spot still would be on the line opposite Casey (or next to in an over front). Ultimately I think he goes between 5-10...and I'm my expecting him to be gone closer to 5 than 10. Because of that type of jump, it would take a lot of capital for the Titans to trade up... Probably too rich for JRob. I know I'm in the minority in that I'd pull the trigger. I like him that much... One of my favorite prospects in a long time.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    There's plenty of sources where the Titans have now had 2 separate interactions with Oliver about him playing outside. Seeing his rec3nt numbers, it's easy to see why they would see him as a big OLB in their scheme (Smith and Clowney are 2 bigger OLB guys although both have a different build). I'm also one who would hate to give up a good pick to trade up. I'm usually driving the "trade-down" bus. The statistician in me likes the odds of hitting on good players the more chances I have. But I see that potential in Oliver... The Watt/Mack/Von/Donald DPOY potential. He's got the motor, the skill set, and the personality to be one of the best 5 defensive players in all of football. I like/love Wilkins too, but Oliver is just a different type of player.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Oliver's been my #1 target... I'm not sure about him on the Edge, but whatever.... Just get him here. I fully expect us to have to give up next year's 1 to get him... And while I have no problem with that, JRob may not be about it (as I'm sure most of you aren't either). We can probably get back a mid rounder back, but that all depends on him falling and us not having to go too high to get him.
  9. Theres also this article https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1407022-ben-roethlisberger-and-5-of-the-most-injury-prone-quarterbacks-in-the-nfl#slide0 Its from 2012 but this is their list... 1. Jay Cutler 2. Matthew Stafford 3. Sam Bradford 4. Ben Roethlisberger 5. Michael Vick Ben is interesting because outside of a few seasons, it seems he misses at least 1 game/year, and often times more than that... And he's still considered a probable hof qb. McNair falls in a similar category. As does Steve Young... John Elway was able to stay mostly healthy and be successful in spite missing 6, 2, and 4 starts in 3 of his first 5 seasons. Alex Smith is another name that comes to mind... Missed about half of his possible starts in SF (most were due to injury, some were due to Kaep)... Then went to KC and made 15+ starts every year there (95% of possible starts). Stafford was able to shake the label all together. So it's definitely possible for him to experience success after or even in spite of missing a game or so per year.
  10. Find this article from a few years ago... It's trying to determine if mobile QBs are more injury prone (they find no correlation)... But I did find this particular stat interesting... "Quarterbacks of both types tend to lose 11 to 14 percent of their starts to injury." Mariota has missed 14.0625% of his starts so far. In years 2 and 3, he missed 6% of his starts. Just did for thought. Using online databases and news reports, we put together a list of regular-season games started and starts lost to injury—not suspension or benching—for each team’s primary starting quarterback between 2002 and 2012. This yielded 324 total observations over 11 seasons. We omitted a handful of seasons for which quarterback carousels made it difficult to judge who might have started had all QBs been healthy. We also omitted midseason replacements like Kaepernick, instead choosing one primary starter per team per year. (Based on his play as Alex Smith’s replacement, Kaepernick will go into next season as the 49ers’ starter and be counted that way in the next iteration of this study.) Next, for each quarterback season, we collected data on a set of variables we thought might explain injury rates: rushing and passing numbers, sacks, age, and weight. ... regardless of how we sliced the data, there was no statistically significant difference in injury rates between mobile and conventional quarterbacks. Quarterbacks of both types tend to lose 11 to 14 percent of their starts to injury. Even without counting the thus-far injury-free Kaepernick, three of the four tests produced a lower injury rate for mobile quarterbacks. The gap, though, is small enough that a statistician would call it zero. ... It turns out that the only gameplay variable that explains injuries with any statistical significance is sacks. On average, a 1 percent increase in sack share—the percentage of plays called for the QB that end in a sack—is associated with a 2.6 percent rise in starts missed due to injury (0.7 percent standard error). This link holds when we use the career-wise dataset and when we use sacks per start instead of sack share. ... If a general manager wants to protect a top draft pick, he should shore up the offensive line and cross his fingers.
  11. Offseason Thread

    We still have 4 positions that need a serious upgrade going into the draft. Surprisingly, they're the same 4 positions going into FA, although the order may have shifted some. Who of these 4 are you most comfortable with playing significant roles and wheres the biggest need to upgrade? RG - Pamphile (projected as the starter) DL - Daquan Jones, Austin Johnson WR - Taywan Taylor (outside) OLB/Edge - Cameron Wake/Kam Correa
  12. Offseason Thread

    +9M/year if we remove Humphries' contract
  13. Titans Resign Pamphile

    I'm neutral on the whole move Conklin to guard argument... I can see the argument for both sides... But it's not unprecedented. Our own HOF Matthews moved all over the place, ended up at G/C even though he was a great T. Osemele has switched back and forth as well. Gallery also transitioned to G successfully, although he struggled at T before the move, unlike the first 2 examples. While Conklin has struggled (due to injuries), I dont think anyone's looking to move him for that reason... It's a simple... If Conklin can transition successfully, we like Kelly at RT more than Pamphile at RG... Or a Conklin/Kelly right side may be better than a Pamphike/Conklin right side. It's strictly about getting the best 5 out there. I'm not against that... I just don't know if Conklin transitions at the high level some expect. Maybe he does maybe he doesn't. If he doesn't, he should have no trouble getting his RT spot back from Kelly. He obviously has the better potential and ceiling.
  14. Offseason Thread

    I'm not a Pats hater... but it is refreshing to see other teams one up them with FAs. They always seem to get whoever they want, seem to get good value with vets who go up there for the chance to win a ring. This year alone, they've tried to get 2 guys to go back on their word and sign with them instead of the teams they had a verbal agreement with... Humphries and Cook... and both have stuck with the initial team. Maybe it's finally signaling the end of that dynasty. I doubt we see another dynasty of that caliber and length ever again.
  15. Offseason Thread

    He was never any good. He had 1 good statistical season, right? There was always something wrong about that guy though... IMO at least. He was my pre-Ramsey Ramsey.