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  1. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Whisenhunt, like Norv Turner and various other great coordinators have shown that exhaling in 1 role doesn't necessarily translate to success at that next level. And yeah, you're right... he was probably the best equipped at maximizing Mariotas strengths. Too bad he was a terrible HC.
  2. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Just how some of these states are backtracking... I'm in Texas and the governor has gone back and shut some businesses back down statewide... Houston is back on lock down orders, Dallas may soon follow, San Antonio has one of the highest rates, record high cases and hospitalizations across the state... and az and fl appear to be right there along with tx. If governers who were so previously staunch about reopening are now walking it back, its going to put all leagues at risk. And not just fans in the stands, but risk of losing whole seasons in general.
  3. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I still wanna see a sword helmet!
  4. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Thought this was a hilarious response by Compton... lmao
  5. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    The thing is... positional value and impact are important. It's the reason why there's 1 punter in the HoF. Position and, as you said, making a significant difference is a factor when valuing players (and paying and drafting them).
  6. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    If it was that easy, it would have been done Some can probably do it, but its definitely a different skill set and just wouldn't be good enough at both to do it full time. It's like asking Mayweather to do MMA. Kern is our backup kicker, but we picked up a slew of bad kickers when Succop went down. Imagine if Kern could kick fgs, he'd be the top player on the team, as ranked by Titania...
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    https://titanswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/13/tennessee-titans-colin-kaepernick-landing-spots-redskins-jaguars-chargers/ From a pure football move, this makes a ton of sense. We'd go from one of the worst backup qb situations to one of the top backups in the league. With everything going on around the country and the NFLs new stance, the distraction would be minimal... and the potential far outweighs any distraction. If we could get him for around $4M with incentives based on playing time/performance/wins, we wouldn't be dead in the water if RT has to miss a few games at some point next season. We're a team that's built to win now, and this move would further cement that. With Henry's potential long term deal in the works, we could still afford CK and Clowney... and the buzz/momentum going into the season would be something we haven't had in a long while.
  8. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    But you're talking about a guy on the field for 60 plays a game... and defenses having to account for them even in non passing plays... vs a guy who's on the field 3-5 times a game? Also the reason the top paid punter (and surprise,its Morstead) gets 4M a year when a top 15 ish qb gets 30M per year. No matter how great Kern is, his impact on the game is nowhere near someone like a qb, even the "14th ranked" Ryan... and this case, guys like Butler or Evans. Agree to disagree I guess
  9. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    Just a name I picked... but again, the difference between punters is not too significant.
  10. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    I have to disagree. While Kern is one of the best punters in the league, there's just not much difference between the top guys and middle of the road guys at the end of the day. Kern was 4th in average and 8th in net average. A guy like Morstead (never heard of him before today) was a yard less than him in gross, had the same net, ahigher % of kicks inside the 20, and lower touch back %. I also disagree with your usage of the word "great". Other than Simmons or Evans, who certainly have the potential to be great, I dont see great players omitted. There some good players and guys that play key roles for us (or will), but not great. Seriously, we probably have 3 guys who would be great or top tiered in the team... Lewan, Byard ,and Henry. Kern may be top tiered, but like I said above, there's not much distinguishing him and middle road type of guys. I'm hoping AJ, Adoree, and Evans continue ascending, as they have the potential to be top tiered/great players.
  11. Casey: Titans threw me away like a piece of trash

    Honestly, we don't know what's better for him and his family. It really isn't always about the money. Him and his wife seemed to be heavily involved in Nashville charities, and she and their young fam have a life there. Maybe he was willing to rework his contract to stay in the place hes called home for the past decade or so. Hes already made over 60M in his career, so maybe he's the type of person that's ok with what he's earned so far and would be willing to make less in a better situation for him and them. I think the reason he feels betrayed is he wasn't even asked, after being one of the foundational pieces that helped us through the tough times and into 4 consecutive winning seasons. If cut,would he have gotten 11M this year? Maybe, once sb and other moneys are factored into the equation. A lot of these are unknowns... and while we understand it's a business decision, and we can admit that in a cap system, its likely the right move for the team... that they didn't even try to redo his deal, that they didn't even tell him until right before the move was made/announced... its gotta suck. Its easy for us to say well he can take his salty tears all the way to the bank... but to a person who didn't seem like that type of athlete (let's not forget he signed a below market deal after his rookie contract before hitting free agency), it may not have been something he wanted or envisioned. Hes gone now, we have to move on... but its still a move that months later makes little sense... and may never make sense unless they improve the front 7 another way this season.
  12. Casey: Titans threw me away like a piece of trash

    Not exactly apples to apples. Woodyard played his his finaly year at a 3M salary. Casey's salary this year is a little over 11M. That's not to say that I'm 100% on the Titans side on this. I didn't like the trade then, and I still don't like the trade now... them not even talking to him to see if he was willing to rework his deal just adds to the bad taste of the trade. Not just the Patriot way... but how most successful NFL franchises run now... it took a few decades since the start of FA, but like the Mandalorian would say... "this is the way". When you look at the franchises that have been able to consistently stay relevant, the Pats, the Steelers, the Seahwaks, even the Eagles... they've let go of players once their performance didn't live up to the contract, or when their contract was up and retaining them would not be beneficial when it comes to production vs production. It's helped that (at least for the 1st 3), they've had a QB in place through much of that sustained success window.
  13. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    2 years ago Henry got 1200 and Lewis got 900 YFS...
  14. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    So that part of my response was not in reference to RT. You made the comparison to Shaub... Who is a .500 qb with a 1-2 playoff record. My response is that it's not that a very flattering comparison... Especially for a qb we just committed 3 years and $90M into. Also re: Art Smith... I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of the guy, and not only wanted him gone by week 6,but also questioned Vrabel and JRobs judgment for bringing him in instead of going outside... But... He showed a lot in the 2nd half of the season. By design he didn't ask too much of RTin the playoffs until the kc 2nd half, and he just couldn't produce. But my comment was more indicative of what kinda team and offense Vrabel and JRob want to run. Smith got better with his formations, design, and playcalling as the season wore on, but the general direction of the team is Vrabels call. If he wants Art to run a possession, run heavy scheme, then Arts going to do that. JRob drafting a RT and a 3rd down back who can actually run (and not just run short routes and screens) shows he supports Vrabels intended direction. They avoided WR in a WR heavy draft... And that should tell us everything we need to know about the type of offense we're running again this year... And it may bear a bigger semblance to our playoff offense than the offense we trotted out the last 8 weeks of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if Henry hits 1500+ while Evans approaches 1k YFS.
  15. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    Is that worth $30/year? That's my biggest issue there. These QB contracts are getting ridiculous, especially for those 3rd and 4th tiered QBs being paid like top QBs. It's what crippled teams in the past, and the QB contracts are growing at a higher pace than the salary cap. A. 500 career QB with a 1-2 playoff record. That's not exactly an inspiring comparison...and even worse when we consider were laying 90M G over 3 years (it's important enough to mention again) And it's not just Art Smith. I don't know how much pull an OC with 1 season under his belt has, but our draft shows this team's goal and philosophy. Our only non 7th round offensive picks were a mauling RT and a 3rd down RB. We're going to continue being who we're last year, hopefully a bit more diverse and consistent (bottom 10 in scoring drive %, bottom half in 3rd down % and 3 and outs, etc).