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  1. The Offseason Thread

    I'm not a fan of Winston... I'm team MM8 all the way... but to be fair... MM8 has missed 6 full* games and parts of others in his career... Winston's only missed 3 (all last year).
  2. 2018 Expansion Draft - Titans

    Titans don't really have any bad contracts... there's Cyp, but I don't trust the depth behind him (Cruikshank and who?)enough to offer him up. So realistically, i'm offeringup guys like Pamphile, Supernaw, Dodd, Bates and Trawick as guys who may not offer much upside to us, and make at least double the vet min wage
  3. The Offseason Thread

    Like I mentioned in my posts, i'm ok with Decker as well. We need depth, we need a guy with some experience (we currently only have 1 wr with more than 1 year on offense) ... we need a guy who can start outside and be effective, especially if one of our top 2 go down. I don't want to see Shape out there playing anything that isn't a 5 wr set (and even then, Walker, Smith, Lewis could line up at wr, right?) Anyway, that's what we're looking for here... a 3 with the potential to be a 2 if/as needed. I doubt anyone thinks we're singing a #1 at this point or even a starter without questions. #1 money will also not be paid out as a base, regardless of who it is (I have no problem if incentives in that contract moves the pay to that range if production dictates so).
  4. The Offseason Thread

    On a different note, here's an outside perspective on our team. Give it a watch if you have 20 minutes (well worth it), and especially if you're a Henry fan, or a skeptic... he's got me convinced that Henry will have a great season. He also spends a good comme minutes on LaFleur... very good info... This is a Texan fan site, mind you... and it may be the best Titan hype video I've seen in a while... https://www.battleredblog.com/2018/6/12/17453172/the-film-room-the-titans-are-going-to-be-a-problem-in-2018
  5. The Offseason Thread

    I think a big difference is that Dez is still not even 30 yet. Those guys you mentioned were all well into their 30s. His game is not reliant on speed so that isn't a concern. As a big bodied wr, he could still have some years left... I can see an 800-1k yard receiver with some TD potential with his jumping ability.... so a contract in line with that production. 7M or so. I also think that one of Vrabel's biggest strengths will be providing leadership in the locker room... with him and some of the other guys (Rak, Delanie, Lewan, etc), they'd be able tokeep him mostly in check.
  6. The Offseason Thread

    I really don't want Dez... But I said it all offseason and I say it louder today... we need WR help. Davis is my AAT and I have high Hope's for him, but AAT or not, he has a ton to prove, and heneeds to stay healthy. Matthews is a solid #2, but at this point I have doubts about everyone behind him. Maybe it clicks for Taylor in season 2 and with a new staff, but he showed close to nothing last season. Tajae I have little hope for, he just doesn't have a single plus skill that makes him anything than a deep depth player/JAG. I would prefer Maclin or even Decker of the available WRs... If Sims continues doing well, maybe we can flip him for a 3rd/4th WR... to someone like the Pat's (Dorsett, Matthews), Chargers (Benjamin, Williams), or someone like the Brown's Coleman if they've soured on him. But at this point, I'll even take Dez. Going in withno one behind Davis and Matthews is a recipe for disaster if either of them go down.
  7. Titans Sign Harold Landry

    Here's the link where I got that Pats' info... a couple of more names that I didn't include (Gostkowski x2, Moss, Colvin, Revis) https://www.patspulpit.com/2015/7/16/8976261/new-england-patriots-have-a-history-of-paying-record-contracts-for-players
  8. Titans Sign Harold Landry

    Forgot about Casey... and it also seems I fell into the trap of believing something that is often repeated but that may not be entirely true. While the Pats have been known to jettison or let go of some of their top guys... they've also set the market before: Signed Adalius Thomas in 2007 to the highest per season LB contract ever at that time In 2010, made Wolfork the highest paid NT in NFL. In 2010 also made Brady the highest player in the NFL Made Mankins the highest paid G in the NFL in 2011 Also in 2011, made Mayo the 2nd highest paid LB at that time In 2012, made Gronk the highest paid TE in the NFL. In 2015, gave McCourty a contract that made him 2nd highest paid safety at that time (ET) Then last year gave that monster contract to Gilmore So while they have let go of some good players they just didn't feel were worth the perceived contract, they also haven't shied away from paying those they felt worth it. JRob certainly felt Casey was that kind of player (100% correct)... and Lewan is also that kinda player. That alleviates that little concern that had crept in... I fully believe Lewan will be locked down for a long time.
  9. Titans Sign Harold Landry

    Except for maybe Lewan. Everyone's gung ho about us signing him any minute... but this is JRob's first venture into franchise type contract... Up to now, he's shown enough similarities to where most of his mentorship took place... Foxborough, alongside Belichick. Making this kinda signing is really against the principles of the "Patriot way". I expect them to resign Lewan to a monster extension, but I won't be completely surprised if they didn't. I mean, who's to say that inside Robinson's head, he already drafted Lewan's replacement in Conklin... and my look to draft his replacement as soon as next year (given that player a couple of years of grooming before taking over the left side). This is all just sensationalist thoughts of mine... probably far from what will take place... but maybe... Anyway, sorry I hijacked this Landry threat on a Lewan tangent... but it is somewhat related in the sense that I'm talking about the potential Lewan holdout.
  10. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    @Andrei01, you're OTC
  11. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    I'm going to select Austin Johnson here. (I'm surprised there are still a few starters left here... and while I looked hard at a couple of others available, I think Johnson could be a mini breakout candidate).
  12. The Offseason Thread

    From the team perspective, it makes so much sense. We're only running 5 deep on the DL... Casey, Jones, and King on the outside and Logan and Johnson on the inside... even King is a stretch at that 5th spot. What once was a strength looks to have a big gap down the depth chart. Maybe they have plans for one/some of the UDFA's, but that's leaving a lot to chance. At OLB, I feel more comfortable with Wallace as the 4th OLB behind Rak, Morgan, and Landry than I do about King or the depth behind him. I also wouldn't be surprised if Evans plays outside in certain subpackages.
  13. The Offseason Thread

    I think sometimes as a fam base w try to fru cute.... like nah, we're better off without Gronk. That's ridiculous... we're more than ok without him, but our offense could be unstoppable with him. I'd give up a 1 plus some, definitely. The injuries are a concern, it's his style of play though, and one of the many reasons he's so great... similar to McNair. I do agree with Walker that he's the most rounded TE in the league. Gronk is by far the best receiving option though, without a question. I'm on record saying i'm not comfortable with our wr group beyond David's and Matthews, and especially not being Taylor. Gronk would definitely alleviate those concerns, giving us 5 solid receiving options at the very least. Imagine trying to stop a 2 minute offense with Davis and Matthews outside, Gronk in the slot, Walker in the slotor on the line, and Lewis in the backfield... Our defense is good enough to make s SB run. Especially if at least one of the rookies has significant impact. Or offense would be championship caliber too... I'd trade that 1st+ for a chance at that SB now.
  14. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    @Titans fan 617 is on the clock
  15. AaT - Draft Thread - 2 People Need To Pick

    With the 8th pick of the AAT draft (technically 7th, but I'm paying him as the 8th).... I select WR Corey Davis.