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  1. Curious Case of Mike Mularkey

    Ownership shakiness aside (not AAS in particular, but the NFL's feelings of it)... I think this is an appealing situation. I would put the Giants as the only current vacancy that is clearly more desirable (Steelers too, if that becomes available... although with minority owners now making waves there, that may hurt them a little in the short term). Going into the Titans... you have a solid group of contributing players 26 and under: Adoree is 22 Jonnu is 22 Taywan is 22 Jayon is 22 Corey is 23 Conklin is 23 Henry is 23 Mariota is 24 Byard is 24 Lewan is 26 Ryan is 26 The only core players over 30 are Walker, Orakpo, and Woodyard. We have over 55M in cap space... and looking at 65M+ with a few "easy" cuts. Jon Robinson just showed he's willing to do whatever it takes to continue building a winner. Anyone taking this job must be at least optimistic that Mariota is the type of QB you can build a franchise around. That may be the biggest kicker... if a candidate doesn't believe Mariota is the guy, then maybe the opportunity to come here isn't as appealing. Barring a complete and disastrous Whiz-like collapse, any new coach gets 3 solid years to prove they deserve an extension (Mularkey signed a 3 year contract, and why he had 2 years before the proverbial lame duck fork in the road... not a very common move... most coaches contracts run 4 years... 5 years for the "best" candidates, which is what the Titans gave Whiz... !!!!) Anyway... this may not be the most ideal coaching situation in the NFL... but it's a very attractive vacancy. Not many times an incoming coach has the opportunity to inherit a team coming off a playoff win, with a young franchise-type QB entering year 4, with the 5th most cap space in the league, a good, young group of players already contributing, no major holes, and with all draft picks intact.
  2. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    At this point, I'd be down with just about anyone if they could bring Flip and Richard as their coordinators (we've discussed Defilippo enough that we've earned the right to use the nickname). I prefer LaFleur to Flip, but I see that as a tougher path. I'm so psyched about that group of coordinators that I know there's about a .0579434586% chance of it happening.
  3. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I'm kinda expecting at least a couple of more from: Jim Bob Cooter, Frank Reich, George Edwards. They may see DeFilippo similar to how they see LaFleur... bring him in to see what he's about and what his thoughts are as far as developing a scheme and staff. IF some of the other candidates (Wilks, Reich) throw his name around as a potential OC, they could also use the interview to get a little insight into him. We could also have a surprise candidate from a guy like Schwartz (although he doesn't seem to fit the mold of the guys we're looking at so far), Austin, and maybe even McDaniels or Patricia (if for no other reason than JRob throwing one or both a bone, to silence the deals-are-done talks). There has to be a guy or two we haven't even mentioned that they could be interested enough to at least warrant an interview... someone like Goodwin, AZ's OC that they've interviewed for their HC spot... As far as DC candidates.... I know, that's looking ahead as we haven't even interviewed a single HC candidate... but what about Richard from Seattle? He's a very intriguing name to me in that role... I mean he was the DB coach in Seattle who built the Legion of Boom... and his defenses have been stout since he took over for Quinn (even this past year with all the injuries, they managed to finish 13th in ppg). I don't know... but a group of Vrabel at HC, DeFillipo at OC, and Richard at DC is mighty appealing to me.
  4. The Offseason Thread

    I've always been partial to Spotrac. OTC just had too many inconsistencies and inaccuracies... but I also haven't gone back to it in a few years. There's a chance they've passed Spotrac, but Spotrac can be counted on to have up to date and accurate numbers.
  5. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I think NFL circles have him closely linked and integral in that Shannahan/McVay brain trust. He was the QB coach for RG3 and Cousins from their rookie seasons. He then went with Shannahan to Atlanta, and was Ryan's QB coach during his MVP season last year. Shannahan thought he was a shoe in for OC there after he left, but Atlanta didn't see him in that role, so McVay brought him aboard his ship. (That ATL admission is somewhat concerning). So eventhough he's never had to be the guy calling plays, many see him as a wunderkind... an offensive genius who has been a key part of both Shanahan and McVay's successes. Everywhere he's been, QB's just do better...http://sportsmockery.com/2017/11/matt-lafleur-name-must-top-bears-coaching-search/: There's also this... Is that enough to make him the best available HC candidate? I don't know... but if they're thinking, he'd be the best, but he needs a year more, etc... they need to hire him. We won't be looking for a new HC in a year or two... and he probably won't be available after that. If they think he's the best fit... if they think he has the best plan for the offense, defense, and MAriota going forward, I trust they'll make the right hire.
  6. Curious Case of Mike Mularkey

    Here's an article about Mularkey I shared earlier in the year... it's eerie how closely history repeated itself during his time here (under a different title too) IT talks about how he's great historically in year 1 at stabilizing an offense... then things go downward after that: https://atlanta.sbnation.com/atlanta-falcons/2011/1/4/1915177/mike-mularkey-head-coach-falcons-broncos-browns There was another that I found about a year ago, trying to defend him... showed how he adapted his offense from Pitt to Buff to Atl... always uses TE's, but he changed the way he used them in Atlanta since he had Gonzo. It had charts detailing snap counts, target totals, and splits for his RB's, TE's, and WR's. It was really in depth, but I've been unable to find it since. Maybe you'll have better luck searching for it than I've had.
  7. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Obviously, any HC has to know football and have a scheme in mind. He has to help both the OC and DC implement them on both sides of the ball. I'm just saying were not hiring an OC here (well, we are, but that's not the position these candidates are being hired for). I want a HC who's going to bring in an OC and a DC and let them do their jobs. I know everyone across the NFL is on McVay's scrotum for what he was able to do so quickly in LA... But I'm saying that for every McVay, there's more examples of guys like Gase or Whiz or Hue who haven't been able to match that kinda success with a similar approach. The good established head coaches... The Hoodies, the Carroll's, the Tomlin's (?), etc are CEO type coaches. Has there been a HC who is also in charge of play calling that has a record of sustained success? For all of the attention on Gruden's successes, he failed in Tampa. Zimmer is probably the best and only real example... But he's credited Edwards for the great job he's done and has said he'll be turning defensive play calling duties over to him next year.
  8. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Exactly... That's why he's received the attention and interviews he has. All reports from his time from NEP to KC to OSU and now at HOU say he is a great locker room influence and a respected leader. So now... What is the plan with coordinators and philosophy going forward? What coordinators does he have in mind? What plan does he have for Mariota? If he's as smart as he seems and has the plan in place, he could very well end up being our next HC.
  9. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I'm surprised George Edwards hasn't been mentioned... Vikes D has been outstanding. Reich was also mentioned briefly... And the belief is there that ye could come in a combo package with Defillipo (PFT). I expect at least one of those 2 guys to be interviewed next week. I had also mentioned the whole coordinator "tampering" thing earlier... And PFT has also acknowledged it : Technically, teams looking to hire head coaches can’t hire assistant coaches from other teams that are still playing until those teams are finished playing. But technically doesn’t matter; more and more often, teams have a wink-nod deal with their next head coach while he’s still employed as an assistant coach with another team... So what will the league do about what amounts to a violation of the rules? Not a thing. Until, of course, a team is sufficiently indiscreet or blatant to prompt the NFL to choose to suddenly enforce a rule that is being routinely ignored. Or until the league simply decides for whatever reason to bust a team.
  10. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I keep saying this... But I think people are confusing the coordinator and HC duties. We dont need an X's and O's guy... We need a HC... Who will bring in 2 coordinators and let them do their jobs. Hell help out, hell be part of things where needed, but his main role is that of a CEO. That's why prior to the Robiskie incident of 1/14/18, I was OK with Mularkey staying as our HC. My biggest concern with McDaniels wasy fear that he wouldn't be able to delegate those duties. For all of McVay's success, you have many more Gase-type scenarios where the results aren't good.
  11. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    If there's interest in any candidates still coaching, they'll wait until next week. Whether McDaniels, Patricia, and Shurmur are really no longer options, there's Defillipo, Reich, and maybe another guy or 2. I think next week may be a more reasonable time frame to announce the hire... Unless there is absolutely zero interest in any of those guys.
  12. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I saw a quotw earlier... In regards to hiring a coach too early. Someone with the Steelers brought Tomlin up... As it was widely reported that it was too soon for him... He had a lack of coordinator experience, that he needed a year or two. He said that if tiud consider that candidate a year or two from now, why not now? The expectation is that you're not looking for a HC again in 1-2 years... Your hire the best fit now. Pointed to McVay as another example of this. I dont remember hearing much if anything about McVay prior to his hiring. Were people saying the same at that point... I think its possible. It looks like we're targetting that type of prospective HC right now... Vrabel, Wilks, Lefleur. That article has nailed all 3 so far. Cooter and Defillipo are the 2 names missing but they also fit that mold.
  13. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Alright guys, were good for the next 10 seasons or so...
  14. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Totally get that. There's still good options past those 2, was my intent. I'm down with any of those 5 Sporting News options. There's a few more I find intriguing. Its exciting... Until like you say, that out of nowhere name comes out... Say, Whiz for round 2?!
  15. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Sporting News have one of the following to us. Summarizing their thoughts. Full article is here DeFillipo - tout his work with Wentz, would provide stability and efficient for Mariota Wilks - call him the strongest candidate, connection to Titans FO, and an energetic player-friendly coach Matt Lefleur (Rams OC) - McVay/Shanny connections... Vrabel - strong option, motivator, leader, and a good potential fit with LeBeau. Jim Bob Footer - TN connections, could be next McVay