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  1. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    That may be the best piece of news I've read on here. We need that 10th DB with flexibility to play CB or S (and STs of course). It really increases his chances of making the active roster, beating out a guy like Riley.. or maybe giving us a legit option at FS behind Byard.
  2. Preseason Week 1: Post-game talk - Well that was fun

    Me too... from what I've read, it's one extremely meh. It's one thing (and expected) to come out vanilla, but its another thing to come out flat. Sounds like we were just flat... especially on O. First preseason game isn't too much to go off of, but one of the biggest disappointments for me this past offseason was signing Williams at NT, instead of spending that money on CB/FS. If Williams doesn't take that starting spot by the start of the season, and/or if he doesn't it turn it on during the season, it's one thing that will stick out... especially if the secondary gets burned on a consistent basis. Having said that... can't put too much stock into the first preseason game... but that flatness is a little concerning.
  3. Titans being sold?

    Exactly. This has nothing to do with my opinion of the current ownership... I actually like what AAS has done in her brief time here. But there is a reason why the NFL has never fully accepted the ownership agreement. Some posters have downplayed the significance, but it's remained... and now we see why. As successful as Bud was in his career... far more successful than I'll ever be, that's for sure... he's had his share of questionable decisions. His estate planning seems to veer that way. I can't speak with 100% certainty about the Glazer's structure... or the estate planning that went into that... but Tom's wife is still alive... and that usually means she keeps the majority shares (tax purposes, of course). If this is the case, it doesn't matter who Ms. Glazer "controlling owner"... she's at not risk of being overtaken as majority owner. When she passes, it may become an issue, although I'm sure the family is seeing the trouble the NFL is giving the Titans, and will have something worked out in advance.
  4. Titans being sold?

    Here's the thing. Even if she's the sole owner with more stock than any other individual (or partnership group), she is not considered a majority or controlling member until she owns 51% of the shares. That's the issue the NFL has. She cannot fully control a takeover. What if Tommy is so pissed that he's willing to sell to anyone for less? What if they somehow convince Ken IV to be put a group together which can buy 51% of the shares? There's obviously family disfunction... Who's tho know how far it really goes... There's a lot more than meets the eye here... And its obvious the NFL has known about this (and much more) for a while, and why they've kept their stance.
  5. Titans being sold?

    It's not a small part... it's a third... the exact same amount that Amy owns. That's why the sale rumors never ceased... Tommy's probably been leaking all these reports that they were selling. (He's not a formal owner, but he's husband to the woman who's selling... and probably annoyed as hell that he was ousted). Amy should buy it... and would give her controlling share of the team (66%)... but none of us know what her exact financial situation is like... and probably like most of us, she doesn't have a billion or so laying around. The bad news is an outside party buying all the shares for sale... which would give that partner the same ownership % as Amy... or even worse, if they convince one of the other owners to sell their share (the remaining 1/3 is split between 3 people). That would leave this outside party with 4/9's ownership of the team... 1/9 more than Amy's 3/9's. This is the reason the NFL hasn't been happy with the ownership situation. An outside party can throw a monkey wrench into this thing. If Amy had ownership of 50.1% of the team, then the NFL backs off. So Amy doesn't need to buy the full 1/3... but she needs to buy a little more than half of it... or 17.1% of that 33%
  6. Titans Release First Unofficial Depth Chart

    Surprised McBride is listed ahead of Taylor and Douglas. Sharpe is on the PUP, but I wonder where he's at currently. I figure he's battling Douglas and McBride for that 6th WR spot. I'm assuming Taylor makes the roster as the 4th... and eventhough Weems is listed far down the depth chart, he'll make it due to his STs availabilty. If Sharpe, McBride, and Douglas are all close at WR, it wouldn't surprise me if McBride made it over them due to his STs flexibility. On D, I thought Trawick was a SS, but he's listed as the 3rd FS. I wonder of they'll keep a 5th S in place of a 6th CB (I think they keep 10 DBs... and it could go 6/4 or 5/5). Trawick and Riley aren't just competing against each other... they're also competing against Reed, Hurst, Smith for those 9th and 10th DB spots. If any of them showed S/CB versatility, it'd probably help their chances (as well as STs versatility).
  7. Eddie George's "A Football Life" To Air In November

    You just have to make sure you post outside/past the quote box... might have to scroll down. I think one of the biggest pluses of the new quote system limiting quotes to just the message quoted. No more of these threads with multiple 10+ embedded quotes, requiring a ton of scrolling just to get past... sometimes for a weak-sauce-one-sentence-response... which was then requoted and required more scrolling, cuz that post now had 11 embedded quotes. It got to the point where one page would sometimes seem infinite... and with minimal new content... and would discourage posting outside of those two people who kept going back and forth...
  8. Titania Keeper League - Year 5 - When to draft?

    I'm good any time any weekend... but if its during the week... I'm on a different time zone... but anytime after 8 ET would work best for me.
  9. 2017 Training Camp - Week 2

    That was my fear with the pick. His overall value may have been impacted some by his return capabilities... But I felt there was better pure CB talent still available at that spot. Hopefully he continues to develop and his cover game catches up to his return game in the not too distant future.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Not to keep dumping on Bortles or the Jags ()... but...
  11. Titans to sign Erik Walden OLB

    Wow... that's a heck of a lot more than I figured... for a late July FA (non-cut) that hadn't received much attention since March. Gotta assume that the roster bonus is in September though... so if he doesn't make the final cuts, he essentially got 300k (signing bonus) to participate in camp.
  12. AFC South Discussion Thread

    From PFT: Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles had a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day with five interceptions in Saturday’s practice. Bortles had two picks in 7-on-7 drills and three others in 11-on-11, one of which linebacker Telvin Smith returned for a touchdown. Cornerback Tyler Patmon, who hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2015, twice picked Bortles in 11-on-11.
  13. Titans agree to terms with Corey Davis

    That's pretty much my expectation as well. When Taylor comes in as the 3rd, whichever 2 of the top 3 stay on the field will stay outside... And I think those 4 will get the bulk of the snaps at WR.
  14. Official 2017 Training Camp thread - Week 1

    I honestly think the Decker signing will turn in to one of the best moves of the year for us. Matthews produced last year... Davis has a ton of potential... But Decker may end up being our top receiver this year.
  15. Titans extend Jurrell Casey

    If its an extension, it's in addition to his current deal. But new money kicks in immediately in the form of bonuses... new signing bonus, roster bonuses, workout bonuses, etc. If it was a restructure, it overwrites the previous contract... but from the text that's been put out there, it's an extension... so yes... he's got 6 years, 72M left... probably fully guaranteed all money the next 2 seasons... and guaranteed for injury only a year or 2 after that... totaling the 40M in Guarantees.