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  1. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Trade idea... So let me preface this by stating that I'm not someone who thinks CD is a complete bust (hasn't lived up to his draft value, yes... but he's not a bust, and still has a chance to be a really good player). But the truth is we're not likely to use the 5th year option in him this year (similar to how we didn't with Conklin). He has good all around skills and is probably one of the better blocking WRs in the league, which has helped speeding some of Henry's long runs. But as a receiver, he doesn't offer anything different than what Brown does. With Brown offering all that a #1 WR offers, and Hump being a prototypical slot, all we're missing is a deep threat. Would you all do a swap of Davis for Cooks, straight up? Cooks offers that elite While Cooks would bring with him a contact of 4 years and 51M, none of that would be in the way of guarantees (LA would assume all that). And while 4/51 looks scary, with no guarantees, you're looking at a 1 year 12M or 2 year 24M deal (aiming no restructure), CD is slated to count 8M on the cap this year and is looking at about 12M next year if they exercise the option (in all fairness, trading him would give us a 4M dead hit this year). But youre able to bring in a true burner, which this offense truly lacks, and would give this offense a different dimension that could help clear the run game and short/intermediate pass game, while adding a guy that averaged 77/1150/15.0/7 in 4 seasons prior to last season. I think a straight swap could work for both teams and players. We get something of value back for a guy we're probably losing next year.
  2. Titans trade Jurrell Casey

    When I saw this at the top of Titania... For a second I was like... He failed a physical... He's back! Ugh. Lol
  3. College Football 2019-20 prospect related

    Baun is my favorite prospect in that late 1st range... And with Clowney up in the air, he could remain a target, especially if we bring Ryan back. CB and OT could still be targets, but I'm all in on Baun...
  4. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Love the discussion the guy generates... And as with everything, we have to take it with a grain of salt. Haters gon' hate... But keep it coming KT. If people don't like it, they don't have to click on it or comment on it. #fthehaterz!
  5. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Yeah I get it... But Clowney's quotes, moving to Seattle makes it seem he prefers working out in space. I understand he'll get his chance... And I get having 3 legit pass rushers improves us (quite a damn bit) and will help rotate them and keep them fresh... But I probably would have gone a little cheaper in place of Beasley. Given that their cost is about the same this year... Are Clowney and Beasley better for this defense than Clowney and Casey would have been? That's what it all comes down to. Whatever, as long as it makes the team better. Clowney definitely does... But it makes me wonder about the Casey/Beasley swap.
  6. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I still don't see it/get it... But time-line matches... He posted this 2 days ago which is when we cleared cap space. If Clowney was a target all along, Beasley at 12M doesn't make sense... Even if they plan to move Clowney around.
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    An assumption that the last sentence of the tweet should probably read void if not on roster on 5th day... But cutting him would result in the same voiding of the remaining years/money. That's weird wording... unless part of the contract guarantees on the 5th day of that 23 season.... So technically its a 5 year 70M with cap hits of 8M, 13M, 15M, 17M and 17M... but can easily become a 3 year 42M contract if they void the last 2 years.... cap hits of 8M, 13M, 15M, and a 6M dead hit in 23.... that's probably why it was reported as a 3 year 42M contract...
  8. Titans trade Jurrell Casey

    https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-early-winners-losers-2020-nfl-free-agency?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_campaign=fa-wins031920 LOSER: AFC SOUTH TEAMS IN TRADES It's hard to tell why the AFC South collectively decided to give up very good football players for pennies on the dollar over the past several days, but here we are. ... It was a similar story with the Tennessee Titans and interior defender Jurrell Casey. By his standards, Casey had a down year in 2019, but that still produced a 74.3 overall grade. He has never graded below 70.0 in his nine-year career, and he has graded at 80.0 or higher in three of the past five years. At his best, he is a force in both the run and pass game, capable of wrecking opposing interior offensive lines. The Titans were another team looking to shed salary, but to part with Casey for merely a seventh-round pick seems criminal. It's hard to believe that is the best they could do on the trade market.
  9. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    That's a little dramatic and oversimplified. Has the oline gotten worse? Maybe.. but we also have a full year of Lewan (no suspension), full off season of the interior 3 practicing together... and expected upgrade in play from the RG spot, and Kelley replacing Conklin as a worst case scenario... who's done a good job of doing it in the recent past. Has the d-line gotten worse? Yes Simmons will have a full offseason, and is slated to start the season in september, not November.... so that's a positive. Can we expect Daquan to continue on what was a good season last year? And there is definitely no one on the roster who fills Casey's spot. But Jones and a healthy Simmons is still strong on what has become a 2-4-5 base. I expect us to add other pieces here. Has the secondary gotten worse? Maybe... but we expect to get Butler back, who has probably been our best CB the past season and a half. Jackson also probably had the best season of his career, and we can realistically expect him to keep this level of play, or even continue improving. Byard and Vaccaro come back... and Hooker looks like a solid piece in a dime package. There's also quite a few options to fill the slot position. The pass rush should be improved with Beasley over Wake. He's making the jump from 4-3 end to more of a stand up role as an 3-4 edge role, so that's definitely a plus. I've probably been one of the few posters that valued Correa the past 2 years, but he's far from irreplaceable. Roberson also came on strong to end the season... and we get Walker back and Gilbert also returns. Throw in that we will probably spend 2 of our top 3 picks on defense... and it's not all doom and gloom.
  10. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Obviously it's cap related. There's no doubt about that. And while we need to fill out some depth spots, we had some other options. Ie, we could have added an extra year to Beasley's contract to move some money to next year's cap... still giving him what we gave him this year; we could have lowered RT's number a bit this year, pushing a couple million back, etc... It's just confusing with the message put out there that we're going all in for a SB this year... and yet we cut a still productive player who happens to be one of our captains, longest tenured, and fan/lockerroom favorite.
  11. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Can't say it wasn't a possibility before:
  12. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Heavy.com cuz they're the preeminent sports authority. Lol https://heavy.com/sports/2020/03/jadeveon-clowney-seahawks-rumors-jets-titans/
  13. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    So word is that the Seahawks, Jets, and Titans are the 3 finalists for Clowney. I still don't see it, but maybe. A couple of other things to consider, in regards to the cap. The Jets are sitting at about 37M, but also have 62 players under contract. Seahawks have 64... we only have 53. I can tell you that about the bottom 10 also don't have a shot at a roster spot... and while rookie and other minimum salaries cancel those out.. veterans have higher minimum contracts... so getting vet depth is more expensive... we may have a lot of rookies make the roster. Also, more specific to the latest rumors on Clowney... the shorter the contract is, the harder it is get creative. Simple math... there's just less years to push money into. There's no getting creative on 1 year contracts, cap wise... and 2 year contracts offer some flexibility, but not much.
  14. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    If we want Clowney we can get him. But getting creative doesn't just pertain to the specific contract, it's what you can do with other contracts. We've already made our moves... Removing the contracts of Walker, awake, Lewis, Succop, and Casey. We have the Jones and Butler contracts that we can also look at for relief... Whether it be trade, cut, or restructure. But not much else. I don't know Seattle's situation well, but by glancing at their page, they have a few players that can provide relief. I also see their dead money (under 1M, bottom 5) and that tells me they really haven't done much to this point as far as cuts and trades. By comparison, we're top 10 with 11M in dead money. We've used our wiggle room, they haven't. Just wanted to point that out. If we hadn't signed Beasley I'd say we're all in on Clowney... But I just don't see it. I'd watch the DL and slot market for value guys.
  15. Titans trade Jurrell Casey

    For the 2nd time... That's false. Same dead cap amount.