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  1. Offseason Thread

    We didn't go after Suh... After we were a finalist for his services last year. We haven't gone afyer Wilk. I dont see why they'd now go after McCoy. I think they're really looking at the cap next year. Giving him 13M would eat up what we have that we could roll over to sign some of our own guys. I think we're rolling with Casey, Johnson, Jones, Urban, and Wake... That's going to be our dline rotation. May be room for a udfa to make the roster.
  2. Offseason Thread

    While it wasn't "ignored", I agree with Redd that it wasn't exactly addressed... Except I equate it more to WR last year. We're OK at the position, but we're close to it being the worst unit on the the team. We didn't generate a consistent pass rush from the Edge last year, and we replaced 2 old dudes with another older dude and a late round pick. Maybe it works out, maybe Finch or Correa or the rook steps up... Or maybe something similar to what happened at wr happens again. No... no one can predict that 2 guys would not contribute all season... But go back to August of last year and read the thoughts from multiple posters regarding the thinly coated "fix" at wr, and how we were an injury away from CD84 to being a horrible unit. Well.... Last year, I suggested we just put our 3/4 best lbs on the field and just let it go. If that happens, then I'm less concerned. Not only would that help from the edges... But it'd help the pass rush in general since you can send anyone from any spot at any time. We know Brown is an outstanding Blitzer... And we know that was one of Evans strengths coming in (and should be showcased more in year 2). I'll hold off to see what happens, to see what Pees and Vrabel have in mind... But I am most concerned about the front 7 than any other position group this year.
  3. 2019 UDFA Thread

    I don't think Flu gets enough credit, but he does all those things a 3rd rb should do. He won't come in and blow the top off on offense like some other 3rd RBs around the league, so I'm sure that's where it comes from though. But I do think there's a chance to potentially carry 4 RBs. We did most of last year.
  4. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Just looking at the makeup of the roster, DL depth is the most lacking... So I think that's a spot or 2 that could potentially be open for a udfa behind Casey, Jones, Johnson, and Urban. Even if we count Wake as a DL, it leaves a spot open.
  5. Offseason Thread

    I don't see Rudolph as a fit here. We need to find Walker's replacement soon, but I dint think Rudolph fits that. He's only turning 30 this year, but it looks /feels like he's an "old" 30 (kinda like Gronk, who's the same age). In spite of his age, Walker hasn't shown signs of slowing down prior to his injury. He's still in great condition and looks like he's been working hard to get back. I think he still had at least 2 good years in him... At which point I think Rudolph will be winding down as well. I still think Pruitt showed flashes last year... And he reminds me a lot of Delanie (6'2, 250ish, mid 4.5 40,etc). Maybe he's a late bloomer like Delanie was a well. I'm hopeful he makes an impact this year.
  6. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Disappeared after going to the Eagles couldn't remember if it was injury, I always thought his success was due to playing along side Kevin Carter. He actually had his 2 best seasons before Carter came to Nashville. His rookie season was insane... 14.5 sacks, 8 FFs, and 9 PDs... But 6'5, 260, 40" vertical, 4.43 40-yard dash, and "reportedly tied Deion Sanders’ mark for the fastest 10-yard start in the dash"... It's definitely freakish.
  7. For the Titans/Oilers, I'd have a hard time not going with Warren Moon (1990 specifically)... But 2008 Haynesworth makes me pause... Him and Casey together on the DL would be incredible.
  8. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    I'm saying we have to sign quality depth... to replace the players we're losing. F...orget Sharpe... I don't even think he makes the roster this year... was just using the complete list... but someone like Brinkley has been important and underappreciated (by fans at least... he's making 1.5M). He could be replaced by cheaper... but at what cost. When's the last bad STs snap you remember? Bates has also been a key clog in our STs unit (I don't think he's been C... but maybe?)... he's making $2... and we have to resign him or replace him. That's where I'm talking about with depth. If we let Henry go... and he's what he expect him to be this year... is a rookie going to come in and not miss a beat? More likely they resign Henry (a chunk of change) and cut Lewis and replace him instead... but there's still cap space needed for all that. Resigning Byard, Ryan, etc... that all takes cap space... so that $55 quickly starts evaporating. That's all I'm saying. As far as the Colts and Texans having more money definitely affects us. Say we can't work out an extension with Byard this offseason, and we have 60M set aside for him next offseason... and the Colts come in and blow that offer out the water... or say it's similar money... but they guarantee and structure it more favorably for him because they can? Or another FA goes in looking for a prove it type deal... Where we can offer 8-9M (and that all hits the cap that season), the Texans could offer 12M... That's just a couple examples where other teams with more money come in to bite us. We have money... but we're scheduled to lose a good amount of starters... and some solid contributors.
  9. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    Quality depth isn't cheap cheap... 1M here, 1M there, 2M over there... When you're having to replace close to 20 contributors, that money adds up quickly. .. And/or depth suffers. That's in addition to having to replace or resign good starters... (Byard, Mariota, Ryan, Conklin, Henry, Jones, Woodyard) Ryan has been our best CB the past 2 seasons... And yall think he's easily replaceable. Jones and Pamphile may be starters... So we're looking at possible 3/5s of our starting line being gone. Davis may be in place, but we need quality at C and RT. We project to have a lot of holes... And 55M is not exactly chump change. But when other teams have over 100M (and QBs in place), you're not exactly living a charmed life. The market continues to swell, and 55M in the NFL isn't what it used to be even a few years ago. Throw in the fact that we've only had 10 draft picks total the past 2 seasons... Which is where the quality but "cheap" help comes from, it adds complexity. Well be ok though... As long as we hit on at least half of our picks this year. It's just gonna be challenging... It's been a while since we've had to make decisions on quality players leaving via FA.
  10. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    Assuming we don't sign anyone else, we don't use any cap this year to extend, we don't restructure anyone... Well have about 23M in cap space this year... Which is what we could roll over to next year (again, assuming no moves other than signing the rooks). So that would put us at about 58M under, but with a ton of holes. The following players are not counted towards next year's cap : Mariota, Tannehill, Henry, Flu, Sharpe, Jennings, Pruitt, Jones, Conklin, Pamphile, Kelly, A Johnson, Woodyard, Bates, Correa, Ryan, Byard, Sims, Brinkley. All this players are expected to contribute as starters or froth /rotation players (I didn't include players that aren't expected to contribute much). So let's not act like we have crazy cap space next year. In comparison, the Colts currently have about 55M they can roll over... To their already 65M they have protected for next year... Yep they have 110M again. The Texans are looking to roll over about 40M...to their over 72M projected cap space in 2020... Another team with 110M...that's 2 teams in our division, with double our cap space next season.
  11. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    I know his option was picked up, but how's Tunsil doing? I know a lot of us wanted him that year, and he went a few picks after we took Conklin.
  12. It's funny how people try to defend hitting a woman. I worked in the court system years ago... We saw all sorts of things and dealt with TROs, juvi court, etc. I never worked directly with it (I was finance, not corrections or enforcement) but I've seen enough bad **** to know its never acceptable. But whatever.
  13. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    They definitely know or fear something. Those 5th year options are guaranteed for injury only. So if they felt safe that he's fully recovered, they would have optioned him. If he stayed healthy but didn't play to expectations, they could rescind the option. The only reason not to go with the option is that fear of injury. This is 100% what this is. But now they've put themselves in a bind. They need to extend Byard this offseason. He's the closest guarantee from the "big 4" coming up next offseason. That leaves the franchise for Mariota (hopefully he plays well enough to warrant it), then it leaves you trying to sign Henry and Conklin before FA. We're expecting all 4 to be vital parts of our 2019 team, and we're risking losing multiple of them at this point. I guess all that's to say, I wasnt happy with this move. I woulda tagged him to get me a little security.
  14. Exactly... I get that he was young... I get that he was trying to defend a family member... But even at 18 he was a monster of a kid. No need to punch a woman... especially to continue punching her when she's flat on the floor. I'm not crucifying him for it... It appears hes kept clean since then. I hope he plays well for us. It won't stop me from celebrating a sack. But I also can't support him... I just can't. I see grabbing her and getting her off your family member... Maybe even shoving her away from the person, in the heat of the moment. But repeatedly punching her while she was down... I just can't.
  15. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    Reality is he won't be 5th, he'll actually be 6th and a likely weekly inactive, as Jennings takes the 5th WR/KR/PR role. Let's also not forget we're not guaranteed to carry 6 WRs. Not only will he be up against a guy like Batson and other udfa WRs, he's also fighting a roster spot against a 4th TE and 4th RB/FB. Even with the extra spot from only carrying 2 QBs... It's unlikely we carry 6/4/4 at the skill positions. Those last few spots will have to contribute on STs to even be active... Pruitt, Firkser, Flu all put up over 80 STs snaps last year. Batson only put up 33 in a half a season, but thats still significantly higher than Sharpe's 5 STs snaps.