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  1. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Man. UT is a great University and Austin is a great city. The business schools is top notch and I know they have great law, engineering and geology programs as well. What you looking to get your masters in? And the city itself... It's the capital of Texas, so it's a huge government hub. The football stadium and uni are huge and right in the middle of the city. Aot of the tech companies from Silicon Valley have expanded in the Austin corridor or have migrated there. 6th street and the warehouse district are both great party districts. Austin hosts SXSW and Austin City Limits... The Spurs are an hour away in San Antonio... Houston and Dallas (2 of the biggest metros in the country) are about 3 hours away each... The biggest drawback is that the city has gone insane grow the past decade. And traffic, rent/mortgages, and all that other stuff that comes with crazy growth came along (it was rated the fastest growing big city in the US, ahead of Miami, Seattle, Charlotte, and Denver). Other than major sports teams, it has everything any major city has to be offer... With the uni still playing a central role in everyday life.
  2. Offseason Thread

    Rodgers missed half of last season and the Pack have won 13 games the past 2 seasons. The Lions still didn't make the playoffs either season. He's had 4 winning seasons and is 0-3 in the playoffs. Even if you take his rookie season away (2-8), his record is 64-67. With one more winning season this coming year, Mariota would have 4 straight winning seasons. He won a road playoff game, and even though (like I said earlier) he doesn't put up the bulk stats up, Mariota's career efficiency stats as are higher than Stafford's... Completion %, qb rating, QBR, with slightly lower qb and int %'s. Stafford is all bulk stats... Like I said it's debatable, but I'll take Mariota. And no, I'm objective about Mariota. He needs to stay healthy and take the next step. Still has a ways to go.
  3. Offseason Thread

    As far as Stafford... I just don't know how to explain this any other way... There's no chance in hell we trade for someone like him and keep Mariota. It's one or the other. If you trade for him, you have to trade Mariota....we're not spending 40M+ on the qb position. Is Stafford better than Mariota? ... I guess it's debatable. Stats and fantasy football wise, it's no comparison. But actual real world football value, I'd take Mariota. Stafford won't get hurt, will put up bigger stats... But my money would be on Mariota getting more wins even missing a few games... Business wise though... Trading a pick for a 31 yr old qb with no playoff wins and with a 2 year 40M contract just doesn't make sense (maybe if they're able to essentially get back in a Mariota trade what you're giving up for Stafford.... maybe). Stafford is not a franchise Qb at 31...and wont become one now as he's well into the 2nd half of his career. If Mariota doesn't work out, you're better off just going back to the (draft) well.
  4. Offseason Thread

    Man, I wanted Garcon a couple years ago... But 2 straight seasons ended on the IR has changed a lot. Even as depth, there's not much upside anymore. Maybe a 1 year minimal $ deal after all other viable FA options are off the table.
  5. Offseason Thread

    Some mocks are (wrongfully) mocking his cousin to us. If that were to be the route we'd take, I'd trade it for AB. Sometimes we get cute and easy over value draft picks. In all honesty, since Lewan, what 1st round pick is a slam drunk resign at this point? 4 years in we're still at the starting line with Mariota... Could go either way. Conklin had a nice start, but needs a bike back season in the biggest way (we'll pick up his 5th year option in May, right?!) CD84 and Jackson are far from sure things at this point. Thing is if I can get 2 more elite years out of AB and 2-3 more good years, it's a solid return on the investment. By the way... After a trade, his cap numbers would be... 15M in 19, 11M in 20, and 12.5M in 21...3 years 38.5M. Find a better value... Of course, there would be a restructure /extension... But considering there are still 3 years left on the contract, it won't be insanely unreasonable.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Even with those allegations, most had him early as a top 5-10 pick. Not saying we'll take him in the 2nd, but saying someone will. He's got as much talent/potential as any of those guys I mentioned.
  7. Offseason Thread

    At least he adds another WR to the market. More players in the market shifts if (even if slightly) from a seller's to a buyer's market... and may bring prices down a little bit (again, even if slightly). For instance, say Tyrell is the unanimous top outside option at WR. A couple of teams may bid up the price into the 12+M/year territory (don't forget Richardson, Lee , and Wilson were all 8M+ guys... and Moncrief got close to 10M for 1 year) With DT, maybe it drops the price to 11M/yr. But either way, whether we're players for either DT or Tyrell, it adds another body to the market (at the top end of the market), and gives us a better chance at landing someone decent at least.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Jaylen Smith, Sydney Jones, Myles Jack All recent guys who were seen as top 15ish picks, who's draft stock was lowered due to injury... but all still went in the 2nd. No doubt Simmons won't get past the 2nd, unless he's had recurring knee injuries
  9. Offseason Thread

    Is the NBA that solid. I honestly dont care about it and can go months without even hearing about it. And that's with DP Show keeping me company on my way in to work (Rich Eisen is very football centric at lunch). Wasn't the NBA lockout a few years ago unsuccessful cause no one cared about it? I don't know, just never was able to get into the NBA since The Kings/Lakers rivalry. I was a Bulls fan growing up so maybe then sucking for so long has kept me away... Although the Titans and Phillies haven't kept me away, no matter how much they suck. But baseball is still very high on my list... My favorite sport to go see live (after hockey, which oddly I don't follow much, but it's freaking awesome live).
  10. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I think you're basing your "rankings" of them based on thoughts, feelings, preferences, etc... and not on stats. Let me share some stats and you tell me who's who based on those stats. Now keep in mind, I've never once said Butler was good in the first half of the season (although I do think his coverage was just "off" on a couple of the deep passes he gave up early on)... but have shown you how good he was in the 2nd half. Even if his snap count went down a little (it didn't), efficiency stats like passer rating against (whichI cited above from PFF as a counter to your PFF based argument) are based on a per play basis... and snap count wouldn't affect it. Here are some stats from another analytics website (playerprofiler). Can you tell who is who? As far as on a game to game basis, you can clearly see how Butler got better as the season went on. Here are Adoree's per game stats to compare. You can see Butler was clearly the more efficient since the NEP game. My argument is that as long as he continues playing at this level (post week 9... and really his worse games all happened in the first 4 weeks of the season) in 2019, there's no way in hell he's not back in 2020.
  11. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Right on! You cited PFF... Checkmate. Lol... But if you must cite PFF, there's this... https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-tennessee-cb-malcolm-butlers-2018-campaign-was-a-tale-of-two-halves First I hear of this (or Butler's ridiculously low score by them). But it pretty much reinforces what I posted earlier about him... "Fortunately for Tennessee, Butler reminded them exactly why they coveted him in free agency by finishing the season with an 83.1 coverage grade over their final eight games. Butler appeared to have flipped the switch starting in Week 10 – just in time for his former squad to roll into town. In a Week 10 showdown with the Patriots, Butler played 42 snaps in coverage and yielded a minuscule 0.27 yards per coverage snap, as he only allowed 11 total yards on two targets. Five of his highest-graded games came in the second half of the season, including his best performance in Week 13 against the New York Jets. In this contest, Butler recorded his highest single-game coverage grade (91.7) since 2016 while only allowing a passer rating of 8.3. The fifth-year pro was spectacular down the stretch: of all corners who played at least 100 snaps in Weeks 10-17, Butler finished with the third-lowest passer rating allowed(40.4) and sixth in coverage grade (83.1). 2018 was the tale of two halves for Butler, but how he ended the season should leave Tennessee feeling plenty optimistic. Producing consistently over a full season will prove to be key for Butler, and it can help improve a Titans unit that finished 13th in our end-of-year defensive secondary rankings." For as bad as it got for Butler, it never got as bad as the 9/155/2 game Jackson had against Hilton. PFF didn't really beat Jackson up about it either. Wonder if it had anything to do with Jackson being one of PFFs preseason breakout candidates... Surely they wouldn't be biased. Also in their season ending rankings, they say of Adoree, "Jackson was picked on ruthlessly in the Titans’ defense, getting 105 passes thrown his way this season. He continued his high-level of play, though, allowing a catch rate of 62.9 and had seven pass breakups." I honestly never heard of a 62.9 completion % against being cited for a CBs high level of play. But wtf do I know, right? And what do opposing coaches and QBs know... Just continue picking on our "best" CB, to the tune of 7 attempts per game.
  12. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Re: Butler. A) 16m is not an actual figure for him... Not once in this contract is he being 16M in salary or is he costing us 16M against the cap. His call his are 13m this year and next year B) if he plays at the level of the first of of the season, we definitely looking at cutting him (saving 7.5m, far from 16m) . But if he plays at the second half level, there is no way in hell he's not back in 2020. Ryan was our most consistent CB, but Butler finished really strong. C) talking about Ryan, he's earned an extension. D) you talk about White and production and potential. Yet you still want to give Adoree a pass. He still hasn't taken that step. Until/if he does, he's a few notches behind Ryan and Butler. As bad as Butler was early, Jackson was much worse in the 2nd half of the season. It's extremely discouraging when you see what some of those other 1st/2nd round CBs from that CB rich draft have already shown.
  13. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I've made the rookie contract qb argument a few times. We wasted this years of Mariota with constant coaching changes and not surrounding him with talent. We don't have that opportunity anymore as Mariota is at 20M this year. There's one of two outcomes... Mariota earns a new contract and will never be cheap again... Or he doesn't and we start the search all over again, and even then we're a couoke of years from finding out if we the new qb is good enough to make that kinda power move. We have cap space, but we're middle of the pack even with the carry over. It's like saying you have 10k to spend at an auction... It means nothing without context. If everyone else has less than you, then you have an advantage... But it all. But if more than a third of the other people there have more than you, then you have to be smart to come away with what you really want or need.
  14. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    We have cap space, but like you said other teams have more. We have to be smart about our cap. We finally have the type of roster that's going to get decent/good 2nd contracts. Other than just throwing money at every position, what's your plan? For me, an ideal realistic offseason includes - going after the top FA edge guys. #1 priority, open up the checkbook. My top choice is Clowney, but I k kw he may not be available. There are still so many good options here. - going after a WR. I love the slot guys. Can we afford Tate after spending top money on an Edge? Cobb would be good too... But I really like Crowder as a sleeper option. If we decide to go with an outside guy, we still have a hole at the slot (I know all players move around, but Taylor and Sharpe seem more like outside guys). - while I'd like to focus the early part of the draft on the lines, we still need to get some depth in FA here. We can stand to upgrade 5 positions here, so going after some value is the key here. I would love to get Suh or Richardson but they'll both likely get top notch money (Jarrett won't be available) . What about Wilkerson... Can we get him at a value. I would love Irving too if he came at the right price (a ton of potential but a lot of risk there too). Shelton, Mebane, Brown, Harris, Gunter, etc may be the value guys we look at though. Same with OL (honestly I don't even know who's available, I haven't even looked at the position). - additional depth at WR (this is where someone like White comes in), a backup QB, depth at S, a 3rd RB
  15. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    I don't think anyone is saying grab White and that's it, we're set. Hell no. Give me Tate, give me Cobb, give me Crowder. Give us a rookie WR also. Thing is, most of the better available FA WRs are more inclined to play the slot. (Williams and Brown are the only decent outside options, so they'll be overpaid... Hogan/Funchess maybe, but were really stretching it here). Bring White in addition to compete for a roster spot. Its not like Taylor and Sharpe are world beaters who should be guaranteed a spot. Up the competition level. At a potentially discounted price (I want this team to make a serious run at one of the Edge guys available this year) While White hasn't done anything in the pros, he had huge potential coming out. I'm a self admitted sucker for size speed, and White's 6'3/225 and runs a 4.3. He had beaucoup production at WV also... Was drawing Nuk comparisons coming out. Injuries have done him in, but maybe a change can help him at least reach some of that potential (no one's expecting best case scenario). Even at a fraction of that potential, he would be a great 4th or 5th option on the team (CD84, slot FA, Walker).