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  1. GDT Preseason Week 2 Bucs(1-0)@ Titans(0-1)

    That's great to hear... I knew I couldn't be the only one. It was bugging me all game. Looked really cheap.
  2. Titania Keeper League - Preparing for Year 6?

    The 2nd is my birthday, so an evening draft wouldn't work for me. I'm more flexible most other days but I can still do early on ther 2nd or even as late as possible. Usually do the family thing late afternoon through the evening.
  3. GDT Preseason Week 2 Bucs(1-0)@ Titans(0-1)

    I've been on that train since last week. He was as impressive, if not more so against GB last week. I think he's locked up that 5 spot ahead of King, and could be in for a decent sized chunk of the rotation.
  4. GDT Preseason Week 2 Bucs(1-0)@ Titans(0-1)

    One last thing. Love the unis... love em. But I don't like how the front looks after some hits. Looks like there's a layer of like packing tape that's coming loose. I understand it's just scuffs, but I havent seen other helmets do that... iit looks like a straight line away about where the forehead and hair meet... is not a good look... Edit: front of the helmet
  5. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Not being a Nashvillian, I don't have that attachment for Ramsey... and I don't think I'd ever fully embrace him as a Titan. I'd cheer for him no doubt... but I'd never go buy his jersey, would never draft him as my AAT nor any other important things like that.
  6. GDT Preseason Week 2 Bucs(1-0)@ Titans(0-1)

    Just rewatched the first half. - getting excited about the offense. Taylor finally had a chance to show off the speed and quickness. Still think we lack depth at WR outside our top 3, but the auxiliary receiving options look great... Walker, Lewis, Smith, even Henry. Won't be surprised if/ when we lead the league in non-wr receptions. - outside of Taylor, no wr stood out in the 1st half. Ross looked great in that after catch, then coughed it up. Williams was invisible, though I think he had a chance had he been better aware on that Mariota broken play shovel pass. - loved seeing Lewan absolutely dominate JPP. Titans starters went out early, but there wasn't even as much as a pressure or run penetration from JPP against the starters. - I wasn't the biggest Landry fan, even as a 2nd round pick, but his natural ability has been on display and he looks impressive as hell. I can see him working himself into the lineup and end up with as many snaps as Rak and Morgan. I like Wallace too. Finch had a couple close calls, but couldn't finish... that 1st td by Winston for instance, Finch shoulda taken him down before he even had that chance. - Brown also looked great out there. He's a starter week 1. I've said this before, but when Evans starts taking more snaps, I think he starts eating into Woodyards snaps. Brown is showing 3 down skills. Had a couple great blitzes too. Pees should have fun with his and Evans' versatility soon. - even after an up and down game I'm comfortable with Sims as the 4th CB. I just can't believe we have our 5th guy on the roster yet. Who knew an injury to a 4th/5th guy (Smith) should look so damaging to our depth. - I'd like to see the CB assignments be more flexible. We have a good trio, but I can't be the only one who wants to see Adoree following DJax around while Ryan followed Evans around. It changes some when Butler plays, but I want to see that flexibility back there. - I cant believe Fluellen hasn't locked up the #3 RB spot right now. He looked good again, and even though the stats don't show it, he fights for every yard. He's also heavily involved on STs, so I think he's locked into the roster. Wadley is fighting for that 4th spot, if we even keep 4. PS may be his early calling. - Bucs starters were out there quite a bit longer than ours. Our backups held up for the most part. Winston was 8/9 when his starters were limited up vs our 2nd team... then his #s normalized when the Tampa 2nd unit came out late in the 2nd Q. As frustrating as that may be as a fan to watch, it's really good for or backups.
  7. GDT Preseason Week 2 Bucs(1-0)@ Titans(0-1)

    I'm pulling for guys like Wadley, Finch, and Warmsley... I liked the quickness that Williams showed gettin the slot... interested to see Campanaro play. I also want to see Jennings get more reps against ones, see if he could be a legit option outside. Can he win one on one matchups against the Bucs' starters, etc... Hopefully Evans sees his first action tonight as well. Also want to see how easy the GOAT, aka CD84, takes it on that poor secondary. I don't expect him to go above 20% effort in this game, and he'll be out after a series maybe... so it may be unreasonable to expect 100 yards. I wouldn't put it past him though...
  8. Training Camp Thread

    Finch looked good, definitely, but he's got some competition. Rak, Morgan, Wallace and Landry are all firmly ahead of him. He'll have to beat Carraway out for that 5th spot... not impossible by any means, but not a given either... but the stiffest competition might be a roster crunch. We started last year with 5 olbs until we sentCarraway down and only went with 4 olbsat the end of the season... Dodd being one of those 4, so you can really only count 3. Hole he continues though, cuz he looked awesome. The other guy that really impressed me was Warmsley. He was everywhere and was relentless. He may have an easier path to the roster with only 4 of the 6 DL positions certain. I think Warmsley could pass King on the depth chart and make him work for the 6th spot.
  9. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Ugh... what a POS... and playing off this current environment of attempting to control and/or censor the media. In the context of sports it may not seem as much, but it'd be an action with huge implications and consequences overall, which could help set precedent down the line. Or maybe he's just an idiot, and didn't really connect dots nor see anything to be connected beyond his little tantrum. That's definitely it... he's just a self-centered, idiotic prima donna. My bad!!
  10. Training Camp Thread

    They were 1 and 2 for me... so it was amazing we got them both. I loved that whole leader of men label Vrabel carried and his and track record in the locker room. I still believe or hope that's the case (nothing I've seen or heard refutes that)... and I figured that would carry over with the media and especially fans... early indications even showed that in March leading up to the draft. Given all that, I have hope that he outgrows this little BB phase. JRob has never gone through that... and i'm hoping some growth and success will cure that in Vrabel.
  11. What team do you think would trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

    A backup qb drawing up games like Hightower, Olsen, D-Jax, etc? He's never been any good... and not worth more than a mid round pick at best. I see the comparison to Bradford, but their 1 year deals signed a few months ago should tell you everything you need to know about how NFL franchises value them.
  12. Training Camp Thread

    I was a huge fan of the Vrabel hire, but this whole BB wannabe attitude is gonna get old real quick. Be your own person... nothing is gained from alienating the fan base you're trying to reenergize. What other possible advantage is he getting football-wise? What does it hurt to say... Evans is dealing with a shoulder right now. We're expecting him back full time in a couple of weeks, but we'll know and can provide additional details later. That's it. Are the Dolphins gaining any competitive advantage with that info? No... It's BB douchebaggery, is all it is. And I don't even care about the injuries. But there are plenty of people who do... many invest a ton of money, a ton of time following the team, etc... give fans what they want when it doesn't impact you negatively in a competitive way.
  13. Titans sign S Steven Terrell

    This signing is for a guy competing for the 4th S spot. While I argued that Reid could conceivably be brought in in addition to Vaccaro, it was as a SS. Regardless of what the depth chart said, Cruikshank was Byard's backup... If Cruikshank will be missing time, we need a FS... and I want neither Vaccaro nor Lewis at that spot. Terrell, while not an ideal candidate for heavy snaps... is a true FS... and probably better suited for that deep S role than Reid, Vaccaro, or Lewis would be.
  14. Titans sign Kenny Vaccaro

    I could see this happening later in the season. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Lewis ends up being the guy who starts... and even keeps it all year.
  15. Training Camp Thread

    Lol... ok... In the pic you're linking, Jackson is on Sharpe's outside hip... if the ball goes outside, he's got the positioning for the breakup at least... and if both players show similar responsiveness as they did in the real scenario, Adoree beats him to the ball and comes up with the pic still probably (no pick 6, but still a pick). Not saying Mariota purposely threw the ball inside based on Adoree's positioning at this point... but it just shows how bad a mismatch this was. Jackson cut off the inside fake, beat him back outside, then beat him again to the ball (undercut him from that outside position). You don't play any better cb than that... and you don't play any worse receiver than that. He wasn't open... not for a nano second on this play... nowhere for any QB to anticipate an opening for the throw. This is no different than in 2016 when Mariota completed over 60% of his passes to all receivers not named Sharpe... and there's Sharpe catching under 50% of passes thrown his way. The thing is i'm not even looking at the interception per se... I see at the complete inability to create separation by Sharpe.... the exact same issue that plagued him in 2016. No offense or qb should have to rely on as receiver this bad at getting open... and here we are trotting him as a starter in 2 days... and he's a significant injury away from being our 3rd overall guy and #2 outside guy. I don't even care about the result tomorrow. Starters ain't playing many snaps... but Sharpe and Taylor... or whoever the 2 after Davis and Matthew's are... need to play the starter and 2nd team snaps. And they have to be able to show they can separate and make a play for their QB. Show something... some promise, potential, something to give us hope beyond Davis and Matthews... even if it's against 2nd teamers.