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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    That article is spot on... [I'm just going to piggy back on what this guy shared...] Marcus was going to have a bad game this year. Every quarterback in the league has them, and many of them have already had one. If you claim to be done with him after yesterday, you were already done with him. You were just waiting for one performance to justify your opinion. I understand the last straw argument, but every quarterback would have failed you with that mindset, because every quarterback has bad games in the NFL. Even the elite ones. His “last straw” was always going to come, and you probably knew that... [At this point, there's really no point in arguing this back and forth] ... It creates a situation where the overreactive Twitter world chooses a side that doesn’t really exist. Mariota wasn’t great yesterday. The coaches weren’t great yesterday. If you support Mariota, it’s ok to admit that he was at fault. If you are ready to move on from him, it’s ok to say that he wasn’t the sole reason for the loss... [It's ok to share the blame. I don't think a single person has said Mariota had a good game Sunday... but he wasn't alone... far from it.] ... So far this season, Mariota has thrown for 402 yards with 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions with a 63 percent completion percentage. Those stats don’t tell the whole story. He’s missed open guys and held the ball too long multiple times this year. He has to be better in that aspect. What’s frustrating is the cherry picking. If his touchdown to interception ratio mattered to you last year, then it should matter to you this year... [Some of those numbers won't hold up, and some will improve, but he's on track to have a career year, with a 112.8 QB Rating... that's there with the yearly leaders for the past 10 seasons. His sack rate though... is the worst of his career... not only is he leading the league in sack yards so far this season... only Watson has a higher sack %] ... Mariota has put himself into the situation of being hyper-critiqued. Going into the last year on his contract all eyes are on him, and that’s understandable. When we dissect every single one of his plays, though, faults and confirmations will be found... It’s the nature of the game. Quarterbacks make bad decisions sometimes. If you’re looking for them, you’ll find them. In all 32 NFL cities... ... If you want Marcus Mariota to be Pat Mahomes, Tom Brady, or Drew Brees, you’re never going to see that. He’s not those guys and probably won’t ever be. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you should be out him, but don’t think you’re going to magically find the answer in the draft. It’s far more likely you’ll find the opposite... I’m not saying settle for mediocrity. Choose whether having a chance to win every year is good enough. If it’s not, then the risk in finding an elite guy is may be worth it. But the risk/reward is an honest assessment that fans must make... [I know some have made that argument... or comparison... to what we've had here post McNair... Young, Collins, Hass, Locker, Fitz, and Mettenberger... we've tried the draft, from 3rd to 8th to middle rounders... and we've tried vets... Mariota is by far the best we've had post McNair... may not say much... but it shows how hard it is to find QBs in this league] ... Marcus wasn’t good in the two-minute yesterday. He shouldn’t have spiked the ball with 15 seconds left, but his two minute has been one of the best aspects of the game for the better part of five years. Saying “he shouldn’t be making those mistakes in year five.” Is pointing to an anomaly and not the rule and is a dishonest assessment of his operation in the two minute drill... [I think most have focused on the missed reads or lack of decisiveness... as far as where he hasn't improved in 5 seasons... the spike, if it was his decision, was horrible, but definitely an outlier as far as his clutchness is concerned. Just last year, we talked about how good he was in that 2 minute drill... his comeback wins, etc. I think this guy is a little misguided with this point... since the frustration I've seen lays mostly at the stuff I mentioned above, and not so much the choking at the end]
  2. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    A better angle is need to be sure... but of the 3 guys who were on Delanie by the time CD comes on the screen, at least one would have been hovering over CD, waiting to make a break on a pass to him. I may be wrong... but a better angle is needed... especially to see what the 3 guys on Delanie when the ball got there, were doing prior to the pass.
  3. Jalen Ramsey Trade Watch

    Personally, I'd rather resign Ryan... and he'll also come much cheaper than Ramsey. Even with our struggles with consistency on defense, we're 2nd in the NFL in total pass D... and would be 1st if the Vikes attempt more than 2 passes against the Falcons. On the flip side, we are 26th in the league in total run D... 24th in yds/attempt. I'd rather spend my defensive money on the front 7.
  4. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    He threw a good pass as he scrambled to his left. All Sharpe had to worry about was bringing both feet down in bounds. It's a pretty standard play. He does need to see the field better and make those pre snap reads better. I actually thought he was at his best yesterday in the no huddle... where he gets to the LOS, reads the defense and makes the call. We got away from that too... but to me that was when he was at his best yesterday. He did call a run play into a stacked box that I thought was a bad decision, but they seemed to get into a good rhythm...
  5. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Henry has owned them in recent years... I'm expecting a bounce back performance from the coaches and Mariota. Our defense really has nothing to fear here But they still have a good D. Just barely lost to the Texans in Houston.. Gave up 13 points and under 300 yards. It could be interesting... just hope for the sake of some y'alls well being, its not...
  6. Week 3 GDT: Titans @ Jaguars TNF

    Wish I could find the source... but I saw something Sunday that had Mariota listed as one of the better prime time QBs in primetime... Something like 3 or 4 MNF and 3 or 4 TNF games... and a QB rating of 102+... I don't know how accurate that is (can't find souce or a split that shows primetime games)... but trying to give us some positive to look to this week.
  7. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I worked, so we won't complain about it... but you're right. What other team trots out two non offensive players as 2 of the top 3 options on a goal line play? Maybe an extra OL... but two guys? Lol... But I mean, that's Vrabel, right?
  8. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    Every time?!?! How about just once in a while? Agholor is a 3rd or 4th WR in that offense this year. How many times do you not think Jefferey or Ertz have helped Wentz out. Davis has gone up and gotten passes from Mariota... but it's far from a common occurance. Yet every game around the league, you see guys making play after play for their QB. This Agholor one stood out as I saw it live last night... thinking if that was MAriota, it probably would have been dropped... and he would have been called a bad QB for missing a wide open WR so badly.
  9. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    You're wondering if he's an effective game manager? That's ridiculous. This team is 3 games over .500 the past 3 years... on the backs of a team who was 22 games under .500 the 2 seasons prior to that. I don't care how talented a roster you've built in 3 years... a bad real life QB doesn't do that. Teams all load up to try to build around their QBs... not just us... and still, guys like Winston, Stafford, Tannehill, and other QBs the board appears to think are better QB options... can't claim the same kind of success. Tannehill has been a horrible, even more injury prone QB since 2015... and people are still calling for him to replace Mariota. It was no different with McNair and NOD... and honestly, it even happened with Moon and Carlson back in the day. A HOF QB and a QB most of us now claim is the ultimate Titan. Most fans are emotional... and get caught up in hyperbole. There's no rational argument to be had. I'm no saying Mariota was good yesterday... but it was a team effort... from the HCs to the QB to the D... but of course... its only Mariota. If Mariota only did this, we would have won. Well, maybe... but also maybe, had we wrapped up Brissett on a couple of those should be sacks, we prevent another score... or maybe, if we don't wast 40 seconds an a timeout with 4 minutes left, maybe we have enough time to drive for that game winning FG... or maybe if the FG kicker makes a 45 yarder... or if a bunch of other things happen differently, we win... there's enough blame to go around.
  10. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    I don't think I'm there yet... I haven't given up hope on the team or the QB. The thing is though... this franchise has been like this it seems like forever. Remember, I go back to the Run 'n Shoot Oiler days. I almost gave up on this franchise after what they did to McNair... and I blamed it all on Bud. His passing was like a rebirth for this franchise. I enjoy watching games again. I haven't given up hope. We're 2 weeks into the season... with 2 of our starting OL out... with a rookie OC... and with a bunch of guys coming together on offense (new or coming back from injury). People are giving up on the season after 1/8 of it is completed... just like they did last week after Cleveland drove down the field on the 1st drive. Let's get Lewan back, lets hit fall... and lets see where this offense is at. We need to keep trying deep to open up the short field more. I keep saying that, even when we miss... and it seems people agree with me. They also say they wish we took more deep shots even if it meant a couple turn over. I call bs on that, btw... 1st turnover, and its a crucifixion... as an example...He overthrows Delanie on a deep shot, and of course, everyone jumps on him about almost getting picked. The only reason I think it might be over is because of the posters on here... no matter what he does, it won't ever be enough it seems. I think it was similar with McNair back in the day (different posters, same general feel). I don't live in Nashville so I don't know what the consensus is... but it seems the board has given up on him. And it gets frustrating... every step, every drop back, every handoff is expected to be perfect... its the culture we live in I guess.
  11. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Is this every play... or just on quick reads like the final play? I know his TD to Quessenberry, Q was his 3rd option. He looked at the flat (was it Bates who ran that flat from the FB postion).. then progressed to Jonnu... before finally finding Q open in the middle... (progression was left to right).
  12. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    What about the plays he makes to give us a chance that are easily forgotten... The run for first down flipping over the defender... sacrificing himself for the team... only for the play to be brought back on a bogus holding call. What about eluding the rush, finding the right guy at the sticks to keep a drive alive... only to have said guy come back and lose 2 yards and the 1st down... Its these types of plays typically go unmentioned. And he'll take the brunt of the criticism for not leading us to a victory... it comes with the territory. But this was a team loss... from the coaching to the QB to the line play to missing sacks and giving up the long run at the end of the game. There were lapses at all levels... and that typically falls on the coaching. They did such a great job last week... not so much this week. People post about him thinking he needs to make the perfect play every time... and why he takes the sacks he takes from time to time... and maybe that holds a lot more truth than we know... he's been trained to react that way. Compared to other QB's, how often does someone made a play for him? It's just what he's know the first 4 years of his career.
  13. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    I know I kept mentioning the pass to Davis last week... and while that was a little high, this one was more catchable. He's a rookie, so I'm not holding him to CD standards yet... but he could have definitely caught that ball. Did anyone see Agholor's catch late in the game yesterday? Agholor is no #1... but he's making those plays for Wentz. We need our guys to do the same for Mariota. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000001055543/Nelson-Agholor-gets-UP-for-16-yard-catch-in-open-space I forgot about Santos' 45 yarder, but its a similar list to what I posted yesterday. It was a total team effort. I know the onus is on Marcus since he's the leader. He needs to be more confident... for instance... that 4th down waste of time on the penultimate drive, he should have taken it upon himself and called the TO as soon as Indy didn't jump... instead they all just looked at the sideline the last 20 seconds. They haven't said who made the call to spike it on that last 4th, but if it was a Smith/Vrabel call, Mariota should have overruled them. It would have taken maybe an extra 2-3 seconds... but it's something he should know to do, even if the coaches don't. It's week 2... in another offensive system, with 40% of his expected starting OL missing... and the new "All Pro" RG playing badly. Let's give the team time to gel. By the time Lewan comes back, I expect the team to start clicking on all cylinders. Other than Marcus, I can't think of anyone else on offense that we can least afford to lose other than Lewan (although Henry is trying real hard to make a case) Getting caught up in hypotheticals. In what planet, do you think Adoree is going to agree to a 7M/contract before testing FA? His 5th year option will be 10M+ (I don't know how high over 10M... but 19 CBs are making 10M+ this year, so I'm sure the average of the top 25 is quite a bit over 7M... maybe 12.5M?) He's going to request a contract that at least comes close to that average. He may end up in the 7M range... but he's not going to accept that before testing FA... and seeing if a team like the Raiders who will surely love his speed and athleticism... won't offer him more.
  14. Week 2 GDT: Colts @ Titans

    This loss: - Marcus taking those sacks, and that spike at the end... Wtf. - Vrabel's clock management. Wasted 40 seconds and a TO... WTF. He needs tu get a little more liberal with that red flag too. - Tajae going backwards, when simply falling forward gets you a 1st - Team not finishing tackles. How many sacks did Brissett get out of? - Refs... PI on Butler and holding on Conklin. Horrible spots all game also - Adoree. I'm not picking up his option next May - OL. Some sacks were definitely on Mariota... But too often he's got people in his face immediately after the snap. Other observations : - Where's Humphries? How is Jennings getting his slot snaps? - Casey, where are you? - Kern has been outstanding, but shabkex that punt when we needed another boom from him. - Mariota is at his best in the no huddle, making the call at the line after seeing the defense. They need to do that more.