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  1. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    I'll be catching most of this game in my car or by stream once again... so we're winning again. Feels like a trap game for sure (are we even considered good enough to qualify for trap games?)... but I think the Titans come out firing on all cylinders here... win 34-17 after taking the foot off the pedal in the 2nd half.
  2. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    Those are freakin' great... and they don't even scratch the surface of his... uhmmm... colorfulness. My faves from that list: 7. “When you have great players, playing great, well that’s great football!” 13. “Here’s a guy, here’s a guy who when he puts his contacts in, he can see better” LMAO... I mean... what the hell?!?! People actually consider this great?!?! (Funny? Maybe... but it was unintended... he was just a blabbering old man... similar to Gruden minus the years).
  3. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    I was about to say that. Madden spoke nothing but nonsense... look at this play, that guy went bam that way and then look at this butterfly, its zig zaging across midfield... and he always used his marker to focus on an O-line's belly jiggle... could go 10 minutes about the belly jiggle's projected 40 time, etc... I always felt bad for Pat S having to deal with that... . Maybe he added some sort of comic relief... but he added nothing to the X's and O's. It's sad that Madden's where the bar has been set. But if that is the case, Romo is already the best then.
  4. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Yep... Its the mental aspect of it. Pre snap read, seeing and picking up where the blitz or free guy is coming from. Mariota can help him, but that's the biggest difference between Murray and Henry. Did y'all see that blitz pickup by Hunt on Tyreek's long TD? That doesn't happen without that blitz pick up. Henry hasn't shown the ability or willingness to do that yet.

    LBer and WR... Its like we're snake bitten. Can we once just hit at one of these positions for more than a season?! We also drafted Jackson with the idea that while Ryan shadows the bigger guys, he could stay on the faster, quicker guys like Hilton and Fuller. That was the plan and we've deviated from it for a reason. Is it coach driven or player driven? I'd love the OC from Oklahoma. Was able to get Nixon and Perine to 1k each last year and sent his QB and a WR to NY as Heisman finalists. Not too shabby... I've heard from a few guys that is a key to the offense... Plays that look the same with multiple options. In HS we used to run a similar, way more basic power I scheme. I32 was a FB run up the 2 gap with the qb continuing pretending to hand off to the tailback and then pretending to run play action on a boot. Then there was I28 which was the same play only with the fake to the FB and the handoff to the HB on a sweep. And then there was I17 or whatever the play was that carries on both fake handoffs and ended with the QB rolling out for a pass or take off option. Its a very simplistic comparison... But its that gist... Plays that look the same with different results... Theyre harder to execute when the threat from the QB isn't there though.
  6. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    100%. I said it a few games back... But without Mariota back there, the o-line, run game, even the passing game suffers simply from the lack of his ability to be smart with his feet. Its not just his running ability... Its his decision making. All these jet sweeps and other read options dont work when he's not able to run... So the d can focus on the rb (WR, TE, whoever the "runner" is.

    Like I've said numerous times before... I'm not here saying LeBeau's still this genius that can do no wrong... I'm saying we knew the issues going into the offseason... and yet we didn't address them. We need help against the pass. So instead of addressing those needs exclusively, we: Prioritized CB, but instead of going for one of the purer coverage guys in FA, we went after a guy who's specialty is the slot, and who's strength is his play against the run (good in coverage, but not his "strength") Went after a CB in the 1st... but we go with a guy who'd also probably be best in the slot... who we knew needed a lot of seasoning... and who only went in the 1st because of his STs dynamic ability We signed a S... but instead of signing a S who's strength is the pass... we sign one who's almost exclusively an in-the-box safety. We overspend for a NT who's now a healthy scratch... when we had guys on rookie deals who have been just as good the past few years (and this) Jayon Brown is the new bright spot here... he looks like a find.. has been strong in pass coverage... and alongside Woodyard, give us a solid pair at ILB. So yeah, LeBeau's defense has left much to be desired... but he wasn't exactly given the tools to fix this issues... at least not all the way. We could use new blood... like I said in another thread, Schiano of Ohio St. or the Bama DC would be attractive names. But who else would be able to do much more with this D than LeBeau has done the past couple of seasons. Like TL alluded to above, the Titans have given up 3 and 14 prior to garbage time in 2 of our wins... and now 16 in back to back games. The defense is by no means great... but it's doing enough to win most weeks.
  8. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    I expect him to play too.... but if I was making the call, I may sit him (may). I've stated a few times that the Dolphins DL is probably the best DL we've played all year. They may not be the "best" defense we've played this year... but they are the best at stopping our type of game. But then again... the Browns have been excellent against the run this year... 5th in the NFL giving up 84 rushing yards per game... and 1st in average yards per rushing attempt at 3.0 (better than the Broncos by hundredths of a decimal). They're middle of the pack against the pass... giving up 226/g... but they've also given up 14 passing TDs (tied for last, one worse than us!) So on 2nd thought... nevermind... we will need him... especially if the Browns are successful shutting down the run game like they have most everyone else.
  9. Week 7: Tennessee Titans (3-3) @ Cleveland Browns (0-6)

    Call me crazy... but I'd think long and hard about relegating Marcus to backup duty in this game. Can Cassel or Weeden (almost leaning Weeden at this point) lead us to a victory against the Browns. I'd dress Mariota in case we need him in the second half (every win counts)... but if we can pull off the win without him playing... and him getting two weeks off with the bye... it would help him heal better... at least I think it would... and would help us down the stretch.
  10. FIRE LEBEAU!!!

    That was my biggest critique of the signing. I said Ryan's strength was in the slot... but we needed an outside corner. I was told by others that I was wrong and that he was great everywhere... but him being the primary slot guy again this year is proving that point (and that is not only a Titans thing since the same was true with NEP). The exception rather than the rule. Everyone keeps hanging their hat on that game. I get it, it was disgraceful. The defense obviously still has flaws... a mixture of players, coaching, and front office failures... but considering everything... it's been alright (outside that 1 game).
  11. Lol... I dont know how any sane person can seriously post on these game day threads... Reading through it sounds like its a repeat of the Texans game... But the defense ended up giving up 16 points once its said and done... 16... Some posters need to get a grip and understand a game isn't 1 play, 1 drive, or 1 quarter. Its 60 minutes. The Titans looked dominant in the 2nd half (outside that one return against and Mariota's pick6).
  12. FIRE LEBEAU!!!

    2nd half adjustments be dammed!!!
  13. Don't worry guys... we got this... another explosive half of football. I had to catch at least part of our 2 wins on Sirius in the car (win 1, I couldn't catch most of the 1st half and heard the 2nd half in the car... win 2, I watched the first half at home, listened to 2nd half in the car). I'll be listening to at least the first half in my car tonight (may be able to stream some of it on my phone). So if we put up another ~30 points in one half this week.. I'll be spending the next few Sundays circling my block for a few hours.... environment and gas allowance be dammed!!
  14. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    The positive is that his margin for error is getting smaller as the defense continues losing starters. As it is, they're only 2-2 these past 4 games, aven as they're averaging just under 40 ppg (33+ each). I agree he won't likely sustain this pace, but some examples like the aforementioned RG3, took a year for defenses to catch up.
  15. Sunday GDT: No Titans football

    KCs cap situation was pretty dreadful this past off season... And I dont think it'll get any better next year. They may be forced into a move that's not the most favorable for them or risk getting nothing in return for him. I'm sure there's some outs there in their cap situation, but itsngonna take some maneuvering to get things in place to seek out the best deal. He may not have any trade protection clause but he's also got some power/control. Any team won't want to give up much for a 1 year rental and will want an extension worked out prior to a trade... And that's where Smiths control cones from... He could delay negotiations with a team he doesn't want to play for.