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  1. Matt LaFleur

    Yeah, the Panthers were surprising... But they use Cam to run the ball more than any other team other than the Ravens recently with Jackson. In overall carries, they're about middle of the pack, but are amongst the lowest in non qb carries. McCaffrey has been their "workhorse" with 179 carries. Him and Cam are the only ones in Carolina with more than 25 carries. Then you have the Ravens with 277 carries between Collins, Edwards, Allen, and Dixon. Seattle with 354 carries between Carson, Davis, and Penny. The Pat's have 319 with their 4 (including Patterson who they were using as their RB while Michel was out) ... We're at 290 with our 2... Right with the Saints at 283. These are just bulk stats... Doesn't take into account down and distance, game situation, personnel, and other things. Would be great to have a website with that kind of query capabilities. I think teams probably have their own analytics teams... I hope the Titans have one. If you don't Titans, let's talk. I may not have a masters in data, but I know my way around numbers, and I'll probably be more affordable than SS!
  2. Matt LaFleur

    Essentially, we're running 4 out every 10 plays... The teams who are most pass heavy run 3 out of 10 plays. I guess I was just using statistical analysis for those who think Lafleur runs 3 out of every 4 plays. Yeah, i'm sure it exists (for a price)... Or the data is there to extract and compile... Itd be a huge endeavor though. The thing is the teams at the bottom don't necessarily suck... They're underachieving. The Vikings just died their oc, and rumblings were that one of the reasons was his refusal to run more. I think they're still above 500, but are severely underperforming. The Steelers are obviously mien Bell, but they also don't suck... Even in their losses, it's not like theyre getting blown out. The Packers, the Falcons (without Devonte), the Bucs are just pass heavy teams.
  3. Matt LaFleur

    I don't know if this is where we were discussing LaFluer's insistence on the run... but I figured this was as good a place as any to share some of these stats I ran. Titans are 2nd in the NFL in run%, running on 47.5% of all plays (all rush attempts, including QB scrambles). Only Seattle had a higher % at 52.3%. When I looked at the rest of the top 10, I noticed an interesting trend... 10 of the top 12 teams are in the playoff contenders (PC) right now, with 7 of us all but guaranteed a spot (PG)... in order: Seahawks 52.3% - PG Titans 47.5 - PC Saints 47.4 - PG Texans 47.3 - PG Bills 46.1 Bears 45.0 - PG Ravens 44.7 - PC Cowboys 44.3 - PG Patriots 43.4 - PG 49ers 43.2 Chargers 43.0 - PG Dolphins 42.7 - PC The league average is 40.8. It shouldn't be surprising that most of those teams have QBs in the top 10 in carries, including Wilson (9th), Mariota (6th), Saints (Hill/Brees would be ahead of Mariota), Watson (3rd), Allen (5th), Trubiski (7th), Jackson (1st), Prescott (4th). Once you adjust QB carries, the % change slightly (league average is 35.6%), and the top 6 all consist of playoff contenders: Seahawks - 45.8% Chargers - 40.9 Patriots - 40.6 Titans - 39.6 Dolphins - 39.3 Saints - 39.6 When you look at the bottom of the league, you see teams who are failing to meet expectations, and teams who are slumping as the weather's getting colder: 26. Bengals - 35.8 % (with QB carries), 32.5% without 27. Falcons - 33.3/30.2 28. Steelers - 32.8/30.0 29. Packers - 34.1/29.8 30. Panthers - 41.3/29.3 31. Vikings - 33/28.6 32. Bucs - 36.9/28.2 Of the slam dunk playoff teams, the Chargers (2nd), Patriots (3rd), Saints (6th), Texans (8th), Bears (10th), Rams (13th), Cowboys (15th) are above the league average. Only the Chiefs (25th) are guaranteed the playoffs at this point and are under the league average. Just interesting (to this stats geek at least) when using stats to consider how LaFleur is using the pass/run ratio in relation to the rest of the league.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Oh Haynesworth... where are you?!?!? Although I think he was 325+, wasn't he?! Those 2 elite years we got from him, are probably two of the best seasons all time for an interior DL. He didn't put up the sack #'s that Donald or Watt put up, but he was just as dominant. Should have won at least one DPOY.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Vet WR... yep Finch and Correa at depth... yep Splash on an established OLB starter still on the upswing... yep Spend early picks on some interior line help... both OL and DL... yep We're not far from a serious championship contender here...
  6. Sunday GDT

    Whether we "like" LaFleur or not... I trust the FO won't respond with a knee jerk reaction. He and the rest of the offense have gone through growing pains, but there is enough good, and marked improvement as the season has wore on. If Mariota has any chance to turning the corner... he needs consistency at the OC position. He's still only 25... it's crucial he gets some consistency at that OC position.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    We are on pace for our 3rd straight winning season... We have a somewhat difficult, but not anywhere near impossible path to the playoffs... We are 5-1 at home with 2 home games left... Regardless of anything, we are currently 3-2 in the division, 2-0 at home in the division, with 1 division home game left... This all with a 1st time head coach, a 1st time playcalling OC, and a team that is definitely still on the upswing, going 4-2 since the bye so far... Mariota will have his OC for a 2nd season for only the 2nd time since he's been drafted (previous to LaFleur, he had 4 different OC's in 5 seasons... the only repeat was Biscuits) And yet we have some rival fans that we have no business with the 2 other relevant teams in the division?? Lmao... gtfoh wit ya salty aces...
  8. Playoff Picture

    Crazy... Had we pulled off the 2 point conversion against the Chargers... And had we gotten our heads out of our behinds against the Bills... We'd be talking about tiebreakers revolving around the 2 seed... Instead here we are, trying to figure out how we can make it in if we can't run the table...
  9. Sunday GDT

    Who called him a bust? ... And why is it so important to be brought up more than once? He's not a Titan, hasn't been close to being a Titan, he's not in the afc south, he's not even in the afc...
  10. Sunday GDT

    But they're seeing what many saw when that move was announced... it's a weird fit. If they resign Tate, do they let Agholor go?
  11. Sunday GDT

    The Dolphins losing today would have really helped our 9-7 scenario. They're schedule isn't exactly intimidating... as as confident as I am that they don't finish 3-0... a 1-2 finish for them is also not likely (as long as Tannehill isn't hurt... if he goes down, it's a different story). We still need to win out, in my opinion. All this 9-7 talk seems like us preparing for a loss at NYG, while still keeping hope alive. But we're in the playoffs already.. if we can't win at NYG... if we can't beat Indy in a potential win and in (play-in playoff game essentially)... we don't deserve to be in the playoffs...
  12. Playoff Picture

    Steelers losing twice would put them at 8-7-1, but yeah, we'd still be ahead of them. But we'd also need the Broncos to lose another game... In any scenario with them winning out, their conference record will get them in over us.
  13. Sunday GDT

    They're equal to us right now. They're both a game ahead of us... Ravens due to the tiebreaker... and the Steelers due to 1 less loss. Either of them has to lose at least 1 more... doesn't matter who. But yeah, in the scenario that we get in at 9-7... the Steelers' schedule favors us. If they lose those 2 games, they're 8-7-1... and we'd be ahead of them at 9-7. Would still need the Dolphins and Colts to lose 2 more, and the Broncos to lose another one.
  14. Sunday GDT

    Crazy... everyone was calling the Cowboys out for giving up a 1st for him... but they've gone 5-1 since trading for him... the only loss coming that 1st week after they got him... against us. He's averaging 7 rec, 107 yards, and 1 TD per game as a Cowboy. Some people were saying trading for a WR midseason never works out. Imagine if that was us... The Eagles' trade for Tate hasn't been anywhere near that... but it was discussed how that move didn't quite fit. Tate is a natural slot WR... which would have been a great fit here. But in Philly, Agholor does his damage almost exclusively out of the slot. It was a weird fit to begin with, and they still haven't figured out how to use them together... which has limited their effectiveness. I'd still consider the Titans signing Tate in the offseason. He's got to be one of the best 5 or so options available.
  15. Sunday GDT

    The Ravens would have to lose twice. Going into the week, they were the biggest hurdle because they were a game ahead and had the head to head... meaning they're 2 games ahead of us. That was by far the most crucial game... because they still have to lose one more (in a Titans-win-out scenario. In order for us to go in at 9-7, the Colts, Dolphins, Ravens/Steelers would all have to lose twice... and the Broncos would have to lose again. So Ravens losing today was by far the most important thing to happen... Broncos losing was the 2nd most important, since they're schedule looked cake... so they got their loss out of the way for us... Dolphins losing was 3rd... but they scare me least cuz I just don't think they win out... I see them as significantly less likely than us to win out, tbh... Colts losing woulda actually hurt the slim chances we have at winning the division. The Texans, like most teams, an injury away at QB from losing out. Watson has a pretty significant injury history... Colts losing before the Titans game only matters if we hope to make it in at 9-7 (extremely unlikely). All we need to do is beat them...