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  1. Bye Week Thread

    That's the 1 game I missed... But didn't Tanny play half that game, and we still didn't score?
  2. King Henry Appreciation Thread.

    He might be one of the best pure runners in the game. It's a pretty complete package there, and we're going to continue running this type of offense, he's a great fit. But he is limited in the Pass game... Not only as a receiver, but also as a blocker. He can do both, but he's not above replacement level aylt either. He's become deadly on screens, but thats essentially a long handoff. I always thought that his game and Marcus' didn't mesh well. I still think Marcus will be good in a system similar to what he ran in college (some nfl offenses are running similar systems). And Henry is more of a throwback who gets better as the game goes on. He may not be a traditional bruiser... But defenders get tired of trying to hit him, or better said, getting hit by him. Even with 8 man boxes, he gets positive yards... Leads the league in ya contact. But he's not a 3 down back, like the Gurley and Bells and Barkleys, etc. The contract should make that clear... In order for me to be comfortable with it.
  3. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Again, Garrett took it too far... But Rudolph is not without blame... Him trying to pull Garrett's helmet off and kicking him in the groin all happened before Garrett "retaliated". I don't care for Garrett, but fair is fair. A qb should not get preferential treatment when he's just as much to blame for the escalation as anyone else...
  4. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Garrett looks bad, for sure... You just don't get to the point where you use a helmet as a weapon. But Rudolph is also at blame here. Maybe Garrett him him late... But maybe Garrett didn't see that little side throw a second before he hit him. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it's possible. Mason being upset about that and trying to twist his head and rip Garrett's helmet off is what escalated this whole thing. Garrett took it up a few notches, but Rudolph isn't blameless. And Pouncey too. He took multiple swings and kicks to his head. Retaliating just like Garrett was. Garrett should be gone for the rest of the year (and some of next year too), but Pouncey and Rudolph should get multiple games as well... Id even say 2 for Rudolph and 4 for Pouncey.
  5. Jon Robinson

    I actually think Correa was a starter in their eyes. I did too... But I was wrong. He's not horrible... As a rotational player. But I think they like him still. He was on the promo poster last week... Wtf?!
  6. Jon Robinson

    Just realized Clowney's contact has a no franchise tag clause... He's my top target this person, even higher than Ryan by far... Although I think we can sign both... And still have room for RT and Henry if they take modest contracts. Our front 7 would be elite... And if focus the draft in offense... OL, QB, TE, RB...
  7. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    With our remaining schedule, if he can get us to the playoffs, I would be willing to look into him as a more long term answer. I think every remaining team on our schedule is a playoff contender... so it'd be a nice stretch... especially with the injuries that have been plaguing us recently. I'm looking at 25M for our starting offensive backfiled... if that means 15M for Tanny and 10M for Henry, or 17M for Tanny and 8M for Henry, I don't care... that seems like a good amount... with easy outs starting after 2 seasons. We run the risk of a Bortles scenario with Tanny... but if he can keep winning and shows improvement against that schedule with our offensive system and issues, I'd be willing to take that risk with him. We're projected at a little more than 60M in cap space next year as it stands (pending the official cap # for next year) including the roll over and dead cap hits. But we can easily create more money with a few simple moves... cutting Wake and Dion are pretty obvious moves that would net us an additional 10M. Walker is a tough one... he doesn't save us much with a pre 6/1 cut... but would remove him off the books completely in 2020 (if we designate him a post 6/1 cut, we get nearly 2M in cap space this year, but have a dead hit of 1.6M next year... same savings, just pushing it up a year (which is moot now a days with roll over). Cutting Delanie though... man, that sucks even thinking about it... but he may not be breaking down... he might have already broken down...
  8. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I mentioned 5-10M in a previous post... But I was really thinking 15M/year... Which is what Brissett got after Luck retired. 20M seems likely possible as well... And less attractive. On the other end of the spectrum, Keenum got 3M to start and Fitz and Taylor both got 2/11M. Bridgewater got 7M. I really don't know where his market is...
  9. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    I disagree with the bolded part. I think we need to target blue chip players... if we're not going QB. I don't want another Finch/Correa at OLB. I want an elite blue chip prospect... I think that's the piece keeping our defense from being elite. Casey is in decline already, if nothing else, just his body is slowly breaking down it seems. But if we can get a bounce back from him next year, we have an elite line with him, Simmons, and Daquaon at the nose. Evans and Landry are looking great this year, and Brown has show he's a very good starter as well. Give us another good edge, and its an elite unit as well. The secondary, with a pass rush can also be elite.... if they bring Ryan back. We have the CB trio for at least 1 more year, before we decide to cut Butler and/or give Adoree a 2nd contract. And Byard may be the best player on our team. That's a stacked unit, just missing that 1 piece. The crazy thing is we're not far on offense either. Qb really is the weakness, but if Tannehill can continue doing what he's doing while tagetting the WRs more, he's definitely worth a look for the short term... the biggest question I have is sustainability... the completion % is impressive, but is it sustainable? Our other weakness is the OL, right now... but individually, it's a good line. Everyone loves to knock Jones, but he's a solid starting center... he gives us what we need. Lewan has been all-pro, but something is not right this year... can't be the PEDs, since he had passed those before, so its not like it's a long standing issue with him. Saffold was elite as recently as last year. Conklin has been up and down, but we know he can be a good RT. Davis is a rookie, and looks outmatched (putting it very nicely). We just need a coach that can bring that unit back up... talent wise, it should be an elite unit. It's hard with Henry... one on hand, RBS are a dime a dozen, and aren't worth big contracts (ie, Gurley). But he's the best thing we have going on our offense right now... for the past 17 games or so. Lewis should be gone, play and money wise... but can we rely on hitting on a RB in the mid rounds of the draft without an option. If we can resign Ryan early, maybe we tag Henry if he's not open to a team friendly deal. See if we can strike gold with a mid round back.
  10. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    RT had a great 4th q... Mariota like when Mariota was at his best. If he can continue to build on this, I would be comfortable signing him to a modest contract, and making sure we identify the qb we like best, this or next year. Im still not a fan of the QBs that should be available to us in the 1st...too much of a risk in developing them with an unproven and challenged offensive staff. I will say, Smiths game plan was better this week... He needed to feed Henry, he did, and Henry rewarded him with a monster game. We also played out receivers more this game I think... Strange on a week with CD out, but thats a positive. But I don't think we targeted or WRs often enough. I just don't get it... They need to fix that. And they need to look at the ol... If it means firing the OC coach right now, they need to do that. What was thought to be a Mariota problem, obviously is an offensive problem... Like sucks or WRs aren't getting open... Something's just not working.
  11. GDT: Chiefs -3.5 (6-3) @ Titans (4-5)

    Another CBS guy picking us... Will Brinson... Titans (+3.5) vs. Chiefs VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Do not actually wager on this at +3.5. You might not be able to, because Patrick Mahomes will likely play in this game and the Chiefs will be closer to 5.5 or 6.5 point favorites. I currently see +6, which means the expectation is Mahomes, who practiced in full, will play this weekend. The problem for the Chiefs, in my opinion, is the Titans are a bad matchup for them. They run the ball a ton and even though Kansas City's been better against the run the last few weeks, giving up just 95 rush yards per games over the last three weeks, I don't think they're necessarily GOOD against the run. I also believe the defense could come back to earth a bit and relax with Mahomes returning. The Titans haven't run the ball really well, but they have gone over 400 yards of total offense twice in the last three weeks. I think Derrick Henry has a breakout style game with a few long runs, I think the Titans get pressure on a gimpy Mahomes and I think they win outright. Get the best possible number obviously.
  12. Titans Pick'Em Competition - Week 10

    Chiefs 27 Titans 17
  13. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Tanking for Tanny!! The whole team was in on it!
  14. I know the there's a theory that home teams automatically get 3 points, but the spread still seems small for a game I figure the Titans to have no shot in... Especially with Mahomes being a FP in practice this week, Butler being placed on IR along with Casey and Walker both still being out of practice. CD84 and Jayon also didn't practice yesterday. I just don't see a way we keep this one close... but some people still believe in us... Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (+3.5) Patrick Mahomes will likely be back in this one, but this is a tough game for the Chiefs. The Titans have won the last three in the series, including a playoff game. They did it by being the more physical team. They will use that style in this one to pull off another upset. Pick: Titans 23, Chiefs 21 (Pete Prisco, CBS)