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  1. 2017 College Football/2018 Draft Prospect Thread

    Gotta love this... Just one if the reasons he was my top choice at HC... Can't tell me players don't respond to this...
  2. The Offseason Thread

    Saw this on FB... Don't have insta, so I can't verify... But...
  3. Titans Release Sylvester Williams

    Found this interesting...so the Titans had already passed a cut-by date with Sly. Had their plans all along were to cut him, they would have cut him prior to that date. Instead, they guaranteed/paid him $1.25M this year. . and something happened since then that made them change their mind. Interesting... Also, even though Suh just landed yesterday, dont think for one minute that JRob hasn't had significant contact with his agent since he was cut. They know what he's asking/looking for. Maybe I'm reading too much between the lines, but something tells me something is in the works already...
  4. The Offseason Thread

    The Colts are probably prepared to offer him the most money. If he leaves here without a contract, and he's looking for the most money... We won't be the team. If he's looking at a possible ring while getting a solid contract, we may be the front runners...
  5. The Offseason Thread

    As for Matthieu, I get he's a good player, but I've never understood the obsession with him here in Titania. He's a nice piece, a versatile, complimentary piece, but I dont see him as a core piece. He could help the Texans next year for sure, but he won't be the reason they're good or bad... Thats all on their front... Watt, Clowney, Mercilus, etc. Our focus on D should all be aimed at the front 7. Suh gives us the potential all world DL opposite of Casey. I predict Casey would have a career/All-Pro type season. Jones and Austin or whoever they plug in at the nose would also have an incredible season as OLs would have nightmares thinking about Such and Casey. Add a solid 3 down ILB early in the draft, and the front 7 should be insane.
  6. The Offseason Thread

    It was an excellent trade for the Colts... Highway robbery really. But they desperately needed it. They honestly could be the least talented roster in the league. Their first HC candidate rejected them. They haven't generated any buzz in FA... In spite of having a ton of cap space. Even if Luck returns this year, it looks like they're in full on rebuild... Build depth and keep it together for next year or the year after that.
  7. Titans Release Sylvester Williams

    Sly had his best stretch after Jones went down. His days were prettyuch numbered once Jones was brought back. This cut doesn't guarantee Suh is coming in... But it does have that feeling doesn't it? Crazy that with a new staff, the Titans look to be gearing up for a serious SB run now. Its not surprising seeing as this is Mariota's last cheap year. Bit really, the cap I'd in such great shape that a monsterbSuh contract doesn't cripple us going forward.
  8. The Offseason Thread

    Short answer... Yes. But I think to avoid that, the carry over money is the first to be "spent" in the cap year... So any carryover is new carryover... If that makes any sense
  9. The Offseason Thread

    yeah... I'm going by estimates as well... After the cuts, we were about $60M under the cap... Daquan will count about $5M... Lewis about $4M... Butler about $7M... and I'm guessing Kline about $5M... so that's about $21M... the figure is somewhere between $35-$40, closer to $40. Barring any other major moves, we'll probably carry about $30M over to next season
  10. The Offseason Thread

    As far as how much a backup QB means to the starter... that impact would be minimized with a QB guru as the OC. I'd also go after Kaep... I think he'd give us the best option to win if Mariota went down. Looks like JRob thinks our window is open now... and he's making a run before he needs to pay Mariota and change the team around. If the Titans were to get someone like Suh... then they have to get the QB they think would give us the best chance to win if Mariota went down... that's Kaep hands down. I guess that move/or lack of move will tell me if JRob is going all in now or not.
  11. The Offseason Thread

    I saw the question earlier about cap space... won't go back to find it now... but my guess is we have about $40M left on the cap after the 4 signings and the cuts right before the start of FA...
  12. Titans to sign Malcolm Butler-CB

    So this one has an out after 2019... 2 years, $24M... $10M SB, so I'm guessing salaries will be something like $5M this year and $9M next year.... that would make his cap hits something along the lines of $7M this year, $11M next year, then a $6M dead hit after 19 (if cut after 2 seasons)
  13. Titans sign RB Dion Lewis

    That's pretty spot on... 2 years $10M... the cap hit would be a little over 4M this year, a little under $5M next year, then the $1.125M dead hit in '20 if cut.
  14. The Offseason Thread

    Jayon basically split snaps with Williamson as a rookie last year. I think they'd be OK starting him but would obviously like to bring in someone to compete for that spot. If thats the 1st, great... My top target in that range where we're picking is Vander Esch, regardless of position. I like Evans and Jefferson too, but I like them a lot more in the 2nd. I look at the roster, and I see us able to go BPA in the first without having to reach. I also see JRob having the flexibility of moving around to match that BPA with one of our less set positions... Like any of those I mentioned previously, including ILB, which ATM seems like the position that could use an upgrade a starter more than most. But I'm guessing I'm more comfortable going with Woodyard and Jayon than you may be.
  15. Titans sign RB Dion Lewis