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  1. Tbh totally caught me off guard. I wasn’t too confident with Poirier but good for him. Dude came off as super humble too after a massive win
  2. She got jacked, the ref stepped in to stop it so they thought it was over but it wasn’t so Rodriguez jumped over and killed all of ribas remaining brain cells
  3. I wish it didn’t always have to come to violence. Some of this just could be talked out
  4. Very curious to see where he goes. He’s always been a 2nd to 3rd tier qb at least statistically but never really been a threat to the division
  5. Hate having to repeat myself, but the best day of your life.
  6. Watching Euphoria special ep 2. Looking like another pure dialogue thing lol
  7. How do these pro fighters wait til 10 to fight their fights without getting sleepy
  8. You have to follow behind the big boss bad lady’s car and not be detected while downloading her info but I instead am just hovering above her undetected on a drone and making the bus in front of her stop moving and she’s crashed her car into it 8 times now. I’m dying over here lmao
  9. Someone posted on Facebook that China has infiltrated our media in every form so it’s probably China’s fault
  10. Have you ever experienced happiness, @Outpost31?
  11. Just wait til you’re reborn in another life as a middle aged blue collar housewife and you’ll find the guys in the show sexy enough to carry on past the terrible plot, acting, and execution.
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