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  1. The August Ps+ games are historically bad
  2. Putting aside any obvious selfish desire for him to leave GB, I kinda hope he does so I can see how he balls out with a lesser qb. Many people consider him a top 1-3 WR in the league but I want to see how he performs with less.
  3. That sounds tantalizing but Matt Damon’s best role was himself in Entourage
  4. The narrator’s voice unintentionally reads a lot like Lenny in Of Mice and Men lmao
  5. It’s only like 180 pages lol
  6. Started perks of being a wallflower. Reads incredibly easily, adorable writing style lol. I’ve cried every time I’ve watched the movie so figured I’d give the book a try.
  7. Yeah it was good. Heavy. Kaluuya killed it. Remember when he was in the random black mirror pilot and now he’s a powerhouse.
  8. Judas and the black messiah. Duuuuuuuuuude.
  9. At least you’re stuck with the name of the best packers qb ever. There is a bears forum poster named after Brian Griese lmao
  10. I’m a pretty stupid person, not terribly observant, so I can’t usually pick up on minute details in movies like others can but I wonder why when I originally watched shutter island I thought his idea that he was a us Marshall and was getting trapped by the institution was a legitimate possibility and that the ending was left ambiguous but after reading the book a couple times and watching it countless times afterwards it’s clear there was only one ending all along lol. I do like the moment of clarity Laeddis gets at the end, pretending to start sliding back into his previous ways because he kn
  11. I just finished Miles Morales on hard which I actually think might be the first time I’ve started and finished a game on hard lol. Usually I start hard and then I just want the game to end or I’m doing terribly so I drop down a bit
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