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  1. Ty21

    The Batman

    I love Ben Affleck but actually felt happy when it was revealed Batman was getting rebooted again after him. I thought every movie he was in as Batman was horrendous and he was probably my most meh Batman so far. Luckily I don’t remember Clooney’s Batman lol. I don’t know what could’ve happened in those terrible movies for you all to decide he was subliminally a good Batman lol.
  2. First episode was a slow start for me but towards the end I’m feeling conflicted. Logan Roy seems very unsettled but I still think Kendall is too rash, in his own way, and immature for the job. This is the kind of show where Kendall wouldn’t be allowed to transition in and be the guy smoothly anyway. No matter who’s running the show now, it’ll just be chaos. I do wonder what Shiv is doing. My first thought was that she was joining forces with Kendall to spite her dad but idk if she’d do that after the awkward meeting with Lisa.
  3. Kendall talking over the two and not listening after telling them he needs to hear their pitch to let them on is a small sign that he’s gonna fail.
  4. “Who said I never killed anyone?” -Kendall 😬
  5. I just bet a packer fan at work $10 that the bears will win lol. I don’t think I’ve ever given $10 away so willy nilly. im going to tell her my bet was 18-1 odds tho so if the bears win she owes me $180
  6. Jason Kelce should’ve made the bet for entire season, not just week 1.
  7. Is that where you hide your dinosaur embryos
  8. I’m surprised my bank hasn’t added one of those just from me. I roll in every Monday or Tuesday with around that much money in mostly smaller bills from bartending lol. They probably hate me
  9. My mom needed to borrow money late at night. She’s never asked before but a couple months ago she got hit by a car while riding her bike and broke her back and has been out of work and insurance and unemployment won’t help her with anything so everything has been out of pocket for her. Insurance will eventually catch up and unemployment I guess since she’s a nurse but her health insurance and car insurance refuse to pay cause they both say the other is responsible to pay and throwing her through loops.
  10. I think it’s hilarious that we are all adults and have so many threads that get locked all the time for being about a topic mods know we aren’t mentally mature enough to discuss civilly.
  11. Giving Y: The Last Man a chance despite enjoying the graphic novel. I say despite cause I’m worried it’ll be overly PC cause everyone’s so paranoid to offend the wrong person these days.
  12. How could I be expected to watch anything with Neal McDonough in it after he showed what a p*ssy he is in Band of Brothers
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