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  1. I won a golf competition at work last year and have $430 in amazon gift cards from it so I’m hoping availability opens up for it soon there so I don’t have to drop $500 on paper money elsewhere
  2. Worked all day yesterday so I missed out on any and all preorder opportunities lol
  3. I suggested restructuring the bar I work at a certain way for like 3 years and it fell on deaf ears for 3 years and then the I told the bar lead my idea when he came on a few months ago and he got it approved and took all the credit lol
  4. I understand what it means lol. I was just curious if his bottom was 15 which 14 were better. I wasn’t assuming the guy meant he’s the absolute 15th best
  5. You’re going to be the death of me
  6. There’s still time to fix it goober
  7. Ask me how surprised I am that the thread that absolutely butchers his first name is the one that stays open unlike the other one that actually got it right
  8. Eh we already had a locker room cancer with Brian Piccolo
  9. Bears, Vikings, and packers all have potential to have a winning record. If anyone in the nfc east ends up with one, bettors will be very wealthy.
  10. Those walk hand in hand tho
  11. He’s the only bears offensive player I would really want to retain tbh. Although I am pretty hopeful about kmet
  12. https://www.letsbeardown.com/articles/report-allen-robinson-has-asked-for-trade/?fbclid=IwAR3uH2CamJvp-X6Np9SwiTJlrB9YkkwW6SDSMuyDhDFkaqKpv_mLZHM0-xc I will kill myself
  13. The entire division is a huge joke lol. Expect the winner of it to go 7-9
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