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  1. First order of business: trade Eddie Jax for Darius Leonard
  2. Good news is if he’s an absolute clown at least he’s not calling the plays on offense
  3. Jay Cutler should have him on his podcast so he can stomp on Jay’s head one last time
  4. Yeah let’s trade for a coach that could only win once with one of the best qbs ever, prolific offenses and defenses. Would be a higher quality retread of someone like John Fox.
  5. Or freaking Dan Quinn. I was stressed
  6. Hey I already made the joke. And I’ll continue to make the joke in memory of you
  7. Think FF found its most pathetic debate
  8. Fire Ryan and hire Ryan for GM Fire Matt and hire Matt for HC
  9. Commanders is lame af. Red anything would’ve been better IMO. Red Commanders even.
  10. I just finished the entirety of the comics for it. So good.
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