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  1. I wish the vita had carried on and had a Switch-like success. Playing the show 21 on a vita would be tight
  2. I’m watching on YouTube and thinking about getting it for the 5. But it still doesn’t look all that different after like 8 years
  3. Ty21

    Alex Smith retires

    It was distressing when he came back after coming so close to a worst case scenario with his injury so it’s nice to see him leave while he’s ahead. Very cool he was able to make the recovery he did though.
  4. Well I guess I’m pretty much ice cold otherwise and don’t let things get to me but I’m very soft when it comes to girls. I ran into the girl yesterday when she was out w her bf (he’s kinda a scumbag I guess, cheated on her while she was out of town and said she’d be ending it but I guess they’re back together). I’ll get past it but nothing deflates me emotionally more than this stuff. I’m just going to stop vesting interest til it’s requited
  5. I’ve been with a couple girls in the last year that were interested in me and I wasn’t but I was interested in a girl recently that was going somewhere but then failed to materialize. Totally bummed. When I become interested in a girl I turn into a total p****
  6. April 17 update: one of my hillbilly fb friends started dating a guy mid March and married him last week. I will try to remember this update and will update y’all when their relationship degrades to the point of one or both of them being in jail.
  7. What does that even mean if he’s never done anything with it
  8. So does alfred molinas involvement in the new spiderman movie infer that Tobey Maguire Spiderman still exists? Or is his return as doc ock retconning his original doc ock?
  9. Not surprised. Nagy + Pace have to risk the bears future to secure their own this year
  10. This means nothing. Most inconsequential signing of the offseason so far lol hasn’t returned a punt I think ever and hasn’t returned a kick in years lol Some people say you don’t really hit your stride until you turn 30
  11. Oh my god. Someone posted on reddit the options they bought in GME with a $450 strike price. He’s down $117k and it’s only worth $40 now.
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