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  1. Cleveland had it just as bad
  2. Bruh clicking on FF after work and seeing 10 notifications. Think I’ll just go to bed.
  3. Man the nfc north sucks so bad
  4. For every Prescott you could’ve had, there’s 10 Jimmy Clausens. Hindsight is 20:20
  5. Game captains: Jaylon Johnson, Andy Dalton, Christian Jones. Lmao
  6. I’m still using an 8+ since its release a couple years ago but I’m eyeing the 13 pro max for an upgrade. This phone is still pretty much entirely functional though. The only issues are the memory is like 95% full and the speaker is kinda warbled but I have AirPods
  7. On the offensive side: the offense is going to open up more after choosing a scheme last week that hindered us all day (and we never adjusted). I don’t know how Montgomery went off against the Rams D and bears terrible line but I imagine we go a little run heavy again. We’ll try to spread the field and bit more and Robinson will play with a little fire after being cognizant of slip ups last week. Kmet looks like he plays w heart. Defense though is just as average as the offense. Goldman could help if he’s back after being out for so long. Takes a little pressure off Mack and hicks. S
  8. Bears should go back to using this crackhead bear design
  9. Honestly never could get into American Horror Story, started watching the most recent season a few weeks ago cause Macaulay mf Culkin is in it and I love it
  10. God there’s so much **** i wanna watch but have no time to. It’s a luxurious spot to be in tho, since when quarantine happened and i has nothing but time to actually do what I wanted I was actually miserable
  11. I hated malignant. But i also didn’t hate it somehow. I’m never gonna watch it again but I feel like it’s gonna stick w me. I predicted the twist somehow and the jump scares got me uncharacteristically for me.
  12. Yep guilty pleasure. Woody harrelson played a fun jackass teacher
  13. Yeah I hope wolverine is a full on game and doesn’t have repetitive combat moves and animations
  14. I was thinking some sort of homage to me
  15. Sopranos season 1 was solid gold. Ep 1 of season 2 feels 180° different. Different director something? Kinda feels soap opera-ey
  16. Seeing all the love that didn’t exist before his death, as per the usual for celebrity deaths but I guess on the other hand he hadn’t done anything in the mainstream for a long time. dude was absolutely my comedy hero tho. His voice by itself made whatever he said funny. His dry delivery and wit made him an unforgettable performer for me. RIP King.
  17. Nice promoting lol. The same thing happened with 21, I didn’t know til like 4 hrs before it ended
  18. I like that this sub forum is still named after madden despite madden being dog**** for a decade now
  19. Took 7 years of geeked out stats for my player to finally receive enough play time to win MVP lol. And it took getting traded away too. I didn’t get traded til 5 years after I originally requested lol. And I find myself still stuck being forced to play pitcher on the side with no way of bailing on it altogether.
  20. Deathloop looks okay but I don’t get why Bethesda likes making a lot of its games look like reskinned dishonored
  21. Hope it isn’t too bad. He’s one of my favorite nfl stories ever
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