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  1. TABT

  2. TABT

    http://www.totalprosports.com/2017/10/19/former-florida-qb-chris-leak-loses-teaching-license-allegedly-had-15-year-old-touch-his-privates/ hopefully this will end @CBears019 obsession with Chris leak
  3. I'd just bite and keep sucking til it's past the point of necessity like Edward did in the first Twilight
  4. Being particularly average at everything is a pretty decent power
  5. I think the Mola mola has to be the winner
  6. My wife already got it by a radioactive sloth a while ago. My submission for worst radioactive animal is this guy: https://www.google.com/amp/brobible.com/life/article/facebook-rant-ocean-sunfish-molamola/amp/ must read
  7. I echo your sentiment. That's terrible to hear, matts. I'm sorry
  8. It's all good. Worst case scenario I'll just move in with @domepatrol91 or @Matts4313. Or I'll sneak in @BigBillsFan13's garage at night to sleep since he works every night and will never notice
  9. I just wondered if there was a significant discount for staying for long periods of time lol
  10. @iPwn are you in need of a roommate in Chicago? I can wash your cats for you
  11. Fair enough lol. It's just an attractive idea to me cause then I won't be paying electric or anything and all the furniture is already there and I can leave whenever (and not live in the ghetto where the cheap apartments are)
  12. Has anyone ever lived in a hotel/motel by themselves before on here? I'm considering it because I wouldn't have to pay any utilities or anything just the flat room fee, whatever it is.
  13. Josh Gordon

    Remember when we had Heisenberg at WR a few years ago
  14. What is your spirit animal

    Are you saying you're a sociopath/serial killer