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  1. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    I respect the approach after having *** ******* at the position for years. Hopefully the trade ends up being Jimmy Graham and every TE on the roster but Kmet for Njoku
  2. Chiefs sign Mahommes to 10 year extension

    You must be this tall to ride the ride
  3. Chiefs sign Mahommes to 10 year extension

    45/yr is pretty high but in 5-10 years that’ll be kicker money
  4. Chiefs sign Mahommes to 10 year extension

    So proud of the nfl for finally having a deal that rivals mlb and nba contracts
  5. Chiefs sign Mahommes to 10 year extension

    so can every other nfl player Welcome to footballsfuture can I take your order
  6. Player:First Name: Boobie Last Name: MilesPosition: RBNumber: 45Right/Left Hand: right College: N/a (Permian HS)Age: 22State: TexasHeight: 6'1Weight: 230Color Tone: BlackSpecific Equipment? : Visor, Gloves, elbow sweatbands everything he’s boobie miles Development: Star but don’t make him ******* 60 overall **** Player:First Name: MikeLast Name: WinchellPosition: QBNumber: 20Right/Left Hand: rightCollege: TCUAge: 22State: Texas Height: 5’7Weight: 135Color Tone: whiteSpecific Equipment? : Towel, concussion smelling salts Development: Normie
  7. Player:First Name: 420Last Name: Blazeit69Position: TENumber: 42069Right/Left Hand: right College: MiamiAge: 40State: OhioHeight: 7’0Weight: 190Color Tone: white with dreads if possible (if he has dreads he needs to know a lot about tea)Specific Equipment? : flak jacket, neck roll Development: Ssxf
  8. Oh god am I about to get cancelled for making him 8 years ago
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I also didn’t much appreciate that Omar is considered by many the biggest badass in tv history so I thought I was going to get something but then he just got thwarted left and right pretty much and then got shot in the head by a child after he was critically maimed while getting thwarted
  10. I think you just hate playing as a woman
  11. I don’t recall encountering a single trip mine after that one part where there was like a hundred
  12. My thoughts: -excellent game -played very similar to uncharted 4 -I would’ve absolutely wanted the head of Abby but after playing as her and getting her story I wanted her and Ellie to just go their separate ways -Abby was hilariously buff which made a cool dynamic in play styles. Abby was a good run and gunner and Ellie was for stealth. It was tough as Abby not having ellie’s Infinite knife -I couldn’t care less that Ellie is gay. People that are getting butthurt about it are annoying. They weren’t in your face about it either, there weren’t any “press triangle to scissor or finger bang” parts or anything. The lesbian scene of Dina and Ellie was a little conflicting for me though. On one hand, it was a little egregious and in the other hand was my pp. sorry I just needed to make that joke. Actually it was kinda neat playing as a lesbian character for the first time. -Carrying on the story of the first one to show that Joel did something absolutely monstrous and people viewed him as a devil was amazing. -the combat wasn’t bad, an improvement over the first one. The hand to hand with dodging made it super easy if there wasn’t anyone else around. -I posted in here a knock on these kinds of games about the bunches of npcs you encounter and kill being clones of each other with no name but didn’t expect that to be addressed at all but it was actually refreshing when you’d take one out and someone else in their party would yell “nooooooo Tina!!!!” -Joel and Ellies rickety relationship was compelling after they left the hospital. Ellie still had tons of respect and love for him despite his actions but his actions caused a lot of resentment of him and her own self. I was kinda bummed when I thought the first time you go to the farm was the end of the Game and I didn’t see any pictures of Joel around the house. Think that was because she had ptsd about his execution and didn’t want to think about it so it wouldn’t trigger an attack. -they were almost game of thrones-ey with character deaths, or at least that was my thought when I thought tommy was killed (I could’ve sworn Abby shot him in the head when he was on the ground). Abby losing all of her friends and then finding a new friend in a former scar shows the climate of the world in that loss is felt but expected and you need to constantly adapt to survive. -**** that infected thing in the hospital basement/garage -I think my only dislike of the Game was being unable to backtrack if you accidentally go the right way. I wanted to see and find everything -I don’t hunt trophies anymore cause platinuming it makes me never want to return to it but it looks like this one is a super easy one to get. No difficult challenges like “headshot 67 infected in 4 seconds” -I have all the respect in the world for Naughty Dog and every game I’ve ever played by them. I don’t really care about them mistreating their employees. If it’s too bad, leave. If you can handle the perfectionist atmosphere, good. It’s the Michael Jordan approach. Whiny millennials. Leaks hurt the developer but also hurt the fans that don’t want to have a game they’ve been waiting 7 years for spoiled by some whiny dude that couldn’t cut it.
  13. Sounds like someone has a lot of pent up internal homoerotic tension and doesn’t want to admit it
  14. What Comics Are You Reading?

    I started The Boys. Not bad so far, the story jumps about so randomly I might be confused if I hadn’t watched the show already.