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  1. What Comics Are You Reading?

    No I read all of killing joke and some of the owl one but hush is next up. I forgot to read it because it forgot the one I hadn't read yet
  2. What Comics Are You Reading?

    Just read killing joke and it was really good, albeit super short.
  3. What Comics Are You Reading?

    What are some really good graphic novels? Doesn't have to be superhero-based per se
  4. What Comics Are You Reading?

    Thanks I'll def check them out
  5. What Comics Are You Reading?

    Why is that? I just read the first comic for it after reading what you guys said about it and the "invincible/invulnerable" blah blah just makes characters boring for me. I am interested in hearing more about it
  6. What Comics Are You Reading?

    I think these are graphic novels not comics (idk difference) but I'm halfway through Watchmen, then got Preacher next then wanna read the end of the fckin world and the dark knight returns one where he's old or whatever
  7. The End of The F'n World (Netflix)

    Characters were quirky and fun. Good watch
  8. That's perfect! Thanks! and I will. Vegetable oil is pretty cheap at the local grocery store
  9. The only problem I have with Chicago style pizza is that I haven't tried every single version. Giordanos is good but I've heard uno and malnatis is better. I always thought Gino's east wasn't the best tho
  10. What's a good cheapish shaver for my head? I don't wanna be bald but I want it kept pretty short at all times
  11. What movie are you watching v1

    Awesome. I love Vaughn and thought this looked decent. Def gonna have to check it out
  12. What movie are you watching v1

    Wish it was cheaper on bluray. One of my favs
  13. What movie are you watching v1

    Book and movie weren't even in the same neighborhood lol. Same with wwz
  14. What movie are you watching v1

    Just watched the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie and it was bad, on par with all the other ones. The ending was the only thing that was terrible lol
  15. Someone make sure Bucs is sitting down. Lead singer of the cranberries died