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  1. Can I have a digital photo album full of barely covered butts and breasts as well
  2. My coworker showed up to work 6 hours early the other day cause he read the wrong "M" name on the schedule lol. 40 min drive for no reason
  3. This is like straight out of Hollywood. Jeremy renner is the bomber, John Travolta is the fat police chief, Sean Bean is the fedex dude
  4. Jags cut Allen Hurns

    Robinson is already recruiting him to come to Chicago on twitter lol
  5. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finished Mad Men after a month and a half. Ending was okay. Unspectacular but okay. -didn't like how they destroyed Don's character in season 2 and 3 and made him so weak and vulnerable. I know it's to make him more fleshed out in some ways but all it did was make him seem like a wimp. -Betty Draper was the worst tv wife of all time until the last season when she finally just became tolerable. -Megan Draper was annoying as hell and I cringed when he proposed to her. Her and her rotting nasty horse teeth and ego. Ugh. Why did they keep her around for like 4 f'ing seasons. Faye was bae. -Roger Sterling was the only character that really stayed himself and was solid all around. -Peggy was another one that had her character diminished left and right as time went on. She made so many childish and stupid decisions. -Christina Hendricks was a bit annoying after they made her a partner but she stayed hot even at like 40. -Sally Draper was a good actress and did a good job -the one writer that cut his nipple off was an extremely bizarre decision. How did he go from normal to all out psychopath in one episode? That's another thing that annoyed me. Extremely abrupt and out of nowhere storylines that were never even hinted at and just came to be out of nowhere. -cancer seemed to be the biggest theme. Seemed like over and over again it was popping up for all the characters lol. Don't know if that's lazy writing or a statement about the world back then
  6. Took my 1 year old with to a stand up comedy show and she was good for like 30 mins before she started screaming. That's about as good as it gets.
  7. Heck I'd like if other people just did it all for me but I already got two people helpin. I was just teasin Bucs cause he has a history of bailing on my love
  8. Psh I didn't want you help anyway 🤡
  9. She's a toddler now and she'll warm up to you quickly. Stop making excuses
  10. My brain is just a bowl of soup at this point. If I try to think of anything enticing my mind will flip to something weird instead or Donald Draper or Donkey Kong and thingsll just get weirder