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  1. Chad Brinkowitz

    “When everyone’s an anti Semitic caricature, no one will be.” -Syndrome
  2. Chad Brinkowitz

    tru. This is my mlb the show pitcher, Cocaine Missile
  3. Funny ReaderBoard Messages

    I am ready to die
  4. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    With how bothered he was by himself and his decline im surprised he hasn’t yet
  5. Chad Brinkowitz

    Someone didn’t make “not getting offended anymore by everything” their New Years resolution
  6. Chad Brinkowitz

    are we back in business
  7. Chad Brinkowitz

    It’s not a Tyty thread if someone doesn’t randomly call me a racist out of nowhere
  8. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to return for 17th season

    Jerry Rice wore #80 and Fitz #11, so....69. Nice.
  9. What movie are you watching?

    I went with a girl to see it and we paid 0% attention to it and don’t think we missed much
  10. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    Brett Favre made serial retirement cool and Tank Bawse made it uncool again
  11. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    Not for me I’m a really fast reader
  12. Chargers TE Antonio Gates retires

    I was just making a joke, at any point in the last 5 years if he announced his retirement, I wouldn’t have been surprised. And speaking of which, once 47 y/o Adam Vinatieri officially hangs em up, my heart will be shattered