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  1. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    I’m up to 51 pizza rolls since 7 pm
  2. Former Bucs, Giants, Broncos DE Robert Ayers retires

    I think the highlight of his career is when Notorious BIG called him out by saying “throw your hands in the Ayer if you’re a true player”
  3. Ha ha what a fool you are
  4. My ff identity has been all about growth. Years ago, I posted a thread panicking about my son’s sunburn. Now my kids both have sunburns and I feel nothing. Growth.
  5. It’s all the coaching. In madden I flipped Tom Brady to the jets and made him a runningback and he was laughably terrible.
  6. What Should The Cowboys Do?

    Take the VHS tapes of their Super Bowl victories and make them digital so they’re more accessible
  7. Should Rookie RBs Get Shorter Contracts?

    Then give the player a player option so they can end the contract if they’re good or keep it going the final year if they suck
  8. Jay cutler 2012 devin Hester 2006-07 Jordan Howard 2016 mitch tru 2019
  9. Are we predicting some We Are Marshall stuff happening to the Rams, Seahawks, and Cards?
  10. Clowney Franchise Tag

    Hey we have some of that ugly charisma too
  11. Is there something in his contract that says he can kick for the bears in the playoffs since the 9ers won’t be needing him then?
  12. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    You’ve been sitting on that pun for a while eh
  13. Got in an argument with a bartender yesterday night cause the three of us split tips but the other two are entitled to the tips they received before I arrived and I divvied up all our tips before knowing they didn’t do that before I got there. So I told him just figure out what they were due and I’d pull it from my tips and give it to them to divide and he said he couldn’t do that because to make it even he’d had to combine all the tips again to divide the shares out evenly. All they needed to do though was divide that figure by 3 and I’d give them that third they were missing since our cut was all even and they didn’t need to take any from theirs. So the guy got mad when I said it and said I didn’t know what I was talking about so I just gave him the tips and he did it all over again so it went from a 35 second problem to a 35 minute problem lol