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  1. Woot woot $115 just to put a sticker on my license plate. I love being an adult.
  2. Madden 19

  3. Been reading 50+ pages a day and my brain is numb
  4. Make him eat some o dat wawa salad
  5. So me and my wife have been donezo for a week and I had a dream @domepatrol91 and @Gmen4ev we're snapchatting her that I was in the wrong and was crazy for leaving. So I won't be talking to you fellas anytime soon, you betrayed me.
  6. I genuinely have never had high end ramen. Idk if there's even one in my area.
  7. Rex Ryan and young Mark hamill
  8. Looks like a fusion of ellen degeneres and Michael j fox
  9. The plaques kinda an improvement imo
  10. Why have fiber optic like 100 Mbps when you can be like me and have a jankbox 3000 that puts out like 8 Mbps
  11. I have ATT. slow but steady
  12. My goal in life is to become so disfigured by an unhealthy hobby that I'm featured in a commercial condemning it.
  13. Tattoos

    I've had I heart tyty on my *** since I was born scrub
  14. @bucsfan333 how do you have time to post on here so much with your Post Malone career taking off so hard lately