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  1. Gronk Retires

    i could see it
  2. Well in the very least if you had any open wounds all that urine probably sterilized them btw me having everyone pee on you was my revenge for you hurting my feelings for attacking my tremendously well thought out thread
  3. It’s the biggest loser not the sorest loser
  4. Madden 19

    Haha— id argue that isn’t realistic at all!!!
  5. A. He cultivated mass that’s different B. Are you critiquing my methods?
  6. @skywindO2 you are way more intelligent than you give off, you got 15 right out of 17. 15 was Fin and 14 was Kris Jenner. You got the trump, jaden and hali quotes right. 1 was biebs 3 was jaden Smith 8 was schizophrenic Amanda Bynes, extra credit one you missed terribly 11 was 50 cent 16 was Anna kendrick Skywind lost 300 out of a possible 340 lbs from this challenge, has brutally murdered schizophrenic Amanda Bynes before she could eat him and his family, and won the challenge. He is no longer super fat and is the only one that escaped my borderline nazi regime Next Biggest Loser game is coming tomorrow jk tho but if there is one some day the champion trophy with be called the Skywind aka Thighbinge award and the dumbest most insignificant first loser in the game will be The Orca, who died so many times lmao
  7. Well ex ******* scuse me @skywindO2 do you plan on showing up to your own execution Jesus Christ
  8. You got off easy. When I was dying in the hospital in like January with what was almost leukemia meningitis but not even remotely that a coworker sent me a **** pic of him standing on a bed with no sheets on it. Literally the most bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced and I’ve since joined the #metoo movement but I guess when you’re born with a hog you kinda have to send it to fellow males that are dying in the hospital
  9. Hey sleazebag not every guy cheats on his girl with pornhub @Matts4313 is a quality guy jk tho Matts I loathe you more than mol loathes fat people
  10. Oh gosh what am I gonna do with you
  11. Not much just keepin it real what’s up with you
  12. Man does it smell like updog in here or what