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  1. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign
  2. I think that’s called kidnapping
  3. So three of my coworkers got heavily into an illegal white powder substance and it led to two of them getting fired, but the last one didn’t so I told him he was the Last of the Cokehicans
  4. I’m very weird but I have kids that will likely be weirder. Pray for humanity
  5. Yeah **** you for having money and financial stability rsb99
  6. Definitely need some Gatorade with salt in it today
  7. I’ve been a bartender underling for a year now, drunk people don’t scare me. Just last Saturday some random customer dude was in the storage basement ****house drunk and yelling “**** you cameras!” and I just laughed and showed him where the elevator was. Drunkards are just entertaining for the most part
  8. I bartended for the first time today and it was slow and relatively easy. It’s more overwhelming on paper but it’ll also be tough af when it’s busy, esp this weekend being Memorial Day and all
  9. Matts4313 has been banned for one week
  10. @Matts4313 this is a warning for blatantly posting in the wrong thread. Don’t let it happen again. -tyty
  11. Relationship Advice Thread

    I know how to keep my pimp hand strong that’s for sure
  12. Lol we have basic/common cocktails like old fashioned, sazerac, Moscow mike etc but a lot of them are ones that people at my work came up with. Like this one is going to hard to remember for me lol: Shaken Cocktail (dry shake first and wet shake with ice) • 1.5oz Rye whiskey • 1oz Coffee Liquor • 0.5oz Orange simple syrup • 0.5oz Aquafaba (garbanzo bean juice (egg white substitute)) • 1oz Nitro Coffee • Dry shake cocktail • Add ice to shaker and wet shake until froth builds • Strain into rocks glass with NO ice • Garnish with orange rind
  13. I figure it’s going to take a balance of reading and practicing. I was thinking that too tho, getting fake bottles to go through the motions
  14. Well after a stressful hour of studying cocktails, I’m breaking out a bottle of rye whiskey and crying myself to sleep