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  1. TABT

    Is that 1 million or 1000.000
  2. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

    Hey if you’re not waking up each morning to a nice warm bowl of chemo then you’re not living
  3. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

    @ET80 is a slightly overweight scottish man and was close to bowling his best ever game (127) when LenDale White, while still in the nfl, shows up with a bunch of his friends and just starts getting rowdy, literally hitting on ET’s Hispanic girlfriend and kinda just being an egomaniac. ET is a pacifist and generally a chill guy but then LW started calling him a leprechaun over and over, which ET got offended about because A he’s sensitive about his weight, B 5’4” is nowhere near as short as a leprechaun and C leprechauns are Irish not Scottish. ET went off outside to hit his vape and apparently someone in LW’s crew took ET’s girl in the bathroom and went family style on her but that’s not 100% known. ET comes back and starts cussing at LW even though LW was worth millions and ET just polished shoes for a living at that same bowling alley. LW ran off, not able to afford to get in trouble and made a couple fancy moves around tables which ET wasn’t able to make being relatively chubby. He blew out a knee but was too angry to notice and almost caught LW before blowing out his other knee. ET walks with a walker now, has his ex girl blocked on Twitter cause she’s left him for a LW cronie, and has sworn of Irish Catholicism for life. There you have it.
  4. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Why you gotta add the .... all condescending like
  5. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    I predict bears win but not by a lot. Bears 27 Vikings 29
  6. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Considering I’m still on my same pair of socks from September it’s pretty much a guarantee already
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Everyone’s praising the AI and interactions but I pretty much only get the same interaction or awkward ones. It’s ejther “howdy mister/ma’am how are you today” “random comment” “alright you have yourself a good one” or the one I just had. Came upon a camp and pet a dog and the guy welcomed me over and talked about joining a saint Denis cult with turtles and then I got up and pet his dog and he yelled I want nothing to do with this and got on his horse and galloped off without any of his possessions.
  8. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

    Don’t tell me y’all never heard the story of young @ET80
  9. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Oh damn I forgot it was this weekend. Usually I get out of work Sunday at a decent time but we have our massive twice a year event going on so who knows how much of the game I’ll even catch.
  10. TABT

    I had a dream last night Bruce Irvin cancelled his signing with the Falcons and signed with the bears to play WR. Do you guys think there’s a chance
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2

    So I was really far gone last night and playing red dead. A guy at the saloon in Valentine was being rude so I antagonized him and he ran out of the saloon and sprinted out of town into the wilderness so I followed him for like 40 minutes several miles into the country and tackled him every 100 feet or so and then let him go. He kept saying “what in God’s name is wrong with you” over and over and eventually I accidentally knocked him out so I had to carry him a couple miles to the nearest vacant house with an empty bed. Threw him on it and while waiting for him to wake up I passed out irl. I think I’m a sociopath
  12. Should’ve made it “The Midichlorians” and just had it as a documentary about George Lucas and midichlorians. Many jar jar cameos too
  13. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Story a while ago was that she donated so much she ceased to be a billionaire but willing to bet she’s back in the billionaire class since then just from residual blah blah and other stuff
  14. I know my parents anniversary still and they’ve been divorced 13 years lol
  15. I’m you’re huckleberry