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  1. Is this the first time all year we've had less names on the list than the opposing team? lol
  2. Yeah, Cincy and Vegas since those were the only two AFC teams in the playoffs we didn't face this season. Already had some familiarity with all the other teams. And I think most expected Cincy to win over Vegas so made sense to prep for them the most.
  3. Worse QB’s are easy to move on from. Wentz could be a curse for them because he’s just good enough that you can get stuck in mediocrity for a decade.
  4. Yeah, I'm not buying their explanation. That gets called 10/10 times.
  5. Yeah, idk how announcers are acting like that's a bad call
  6. Surprised that NFL teams don't provide food for free for the players
  7. I was traveling home from new year's so mercifully missed the game, but we have really struggled against them this year. Our defense isn't good enough to stand up to their forecheck for a full game. We tend to get pinned in our own zone.
  8. Almost seemed like he was a decoy on the few routes I noticed him. Didn't seem like he was running 100%.
  9. I think it is always good for us when an AFC team loses to an NFC team.
  10. A fairly dominant first half for us. Feels like we should be up by more than 10. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite us.
  11. Didn't really seem intentional, but the short punt there burns so much more clock.
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