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  1. Ranking The Roster - #5

    Considered 3 here - Logan Ryan, Jayon Brown, and Derrick Henry. I really only watch Titans games, so not really qualified to have much of an opinion on Saffold. I went with Ryan as he is one of the best slot defenders in the league. Henry was probably next for me especially if I'm guaranteed end of year Henry. Have to say though, it's been a bit of a trend with him to be a slow starter each season and pick it up towards the end of the year.
  2. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Big loss for the Jags
  3. Offseason Thread

    If the stories about Rodgers are true, he is going to walk all over LaFleur and dominate the room. Could get dysfunctional fast.
  4. 2019 UDFA Thread

    University of Tennessee LB
  5. 2019 UDFA Thread

    My boy Anthony Johnson going to Tampa
  6. Around the NFL

    Saw a report that it happened right around the time the Texans drafted a TE lol
  7. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Edit: already posted
  8. 2019 UDFA Thread

  9. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Wondering if we have any BC sleepers given the Vrabel connection.
  10. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Holyfield to Panthers and Tyree Jackson to Bills.
  11. 2019 UDFA Thread

    My favorite guy left is Anthony Johnson, WR from Buffalo. I’m also a sucker for a tall QB with a cannon arm so I also like their QB Tyree Jackson even though I’ve been fooled many times by players like this.
  12. 2019 UDFA Thread

    With our picks ending in the 6th round (barring a late trade), hopefully we have been working the phones to sell our team to our favorite prospects. I’ll keep a list updated below as news comes out of signings: Braxton Hoyett - DT - Mississippi State Amani Bledsoe - DE - Oklahoma A.T. Hall - OT - Stanford Anthony Ratliff-Williams - WR - UNC Isaiah Mack - DT - UT Chattanooga Hamp Cheevers - CB - Boston College JoJo Tillery - S - Wofford Alex Barnes - RB - Kansas State Derick Roberson - Edge - Sam Houston State Taj-Amir Torres - CB - Boston College Kwadarrius Smith - WR - Akron Quart’e Sapp - LB - Tennessee Adonis Davis - Edge - Florida Tech