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  1. Vikings sign OL Josh Kline (3 yr/$15.75M)

    No, we have since switched to ZBS. He’s still fairly young so he has a chance to bounce back I would think. Believe the Titans wanted him back as a backup as we tried to restructure his deal and he declined.
  2. Vikings sign OL Josh Kline (3 yr/$15.75M)

    Very different situations. Levitre we tried to move from a zone blocking scheme into our (at the time) more power blocking scheme and he was a poor fit. I'm guessing Atlanta was using ZBS and he was a much better fit for their scheme. Kline on the other hand has a history of playing well for us and just took a sharp decline last season.
  3. Titans have traded for Ryan Tannehill

    Most likely stuck in mediocrity unless we found a QB which is difficult to do without a high pick.
  4. Titans trade for Tannehill

  5. Titans trade for Tannehill

    Nice price to solidify our backup QB
  6. Titans release Josh Kline

    Aah, forgot about that new contract
  7. Titans release Josh Kline

    Idk that ‘messed up’ is the right wording. We got some good years out of Kline. He’s just at the end of his career now and ceasing to be productive.
  8. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    Don't think it has been announced on any of the team's social media like the other signings. Maybe he is on vacation?
  9. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to the forum, @Daniel
  10. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    More confirmation. Honestly surprised he stayed with us. I already like him.
  11. Offseason Thread

    Seems like a good way to waste away Luck's prime.
  12. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    Haven’t seen much of him over the years, but based on his highlights I like that he just catches the ball and gets upfield. Not much dancing around always trying to hit a homerun.
  13. Offseason Thread

  14. Titans Resign Vaccaro

    I was scared to see the numbers after the Collins contract and was pleasantly surprised. Glad to have him back!