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  1. For GM/HC, if you make the QB the problem and draft a first round QB, that’s usually 2-3 years guaranteed job security.
  2. Incoming season-ending injury in practice thanks to this post
  3. haha I had the same reaction. "****, more positives?!"
  4. Yeah, I’m willing to give him a chance, but I’m worried about the difference between being a relief player vs. another team game planning and targeting him as a weak link on the line.
  5. Meh... we have super bowl aspirations, eff the picks.
  6. So funny that Vrabel has to point it out to the refs lol
  7. yes, the broadcast said he walked off on his own with a limp hopefully a good sign, but players have walked off with torn ligaments before
  8. With Texans at 1-5, would have to think they have to at least go 8-2 minimum in their final 10 games to have a shot at the playoffs.
  9. Still shocked that we were able to score with such a slow developing run there. There defense had to be gassed because they got very little penetration at the line of scrimmage.
  10. Not sure if it will work out for him, but I think you're right. Lot easier to call plays when you have Derrick Henry.
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