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  1. GOAT Combat Sports Movies

    Yeah you’re right about the emotional aspect. It’s just the whole movie was edgy/dark and then it closes with a Disney ending. Just not a fan of how they ended the story.
  2. GOAT Combat Sports Movies

    Warrior is soooo good...and then the final fight happens.
  3. The Offseason Thread

    Sounds like a great way for young receivers to learn and develop.
  4. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I like picking one from offense and one from defense. Otherwise would’ve taken DMorg.
  5. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I’ll take Jonnu Smith.
  6. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    @grizzans3222, you are now on the clock
  7. AaT - Draft Thread - 1 Person Needs To Pick

    I’ll take Harold “Honor” Landry
  8. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    definitely one of the most fun to watch when he's on
  9. Nashville Awarded the 2019 Draft(Rumor)

    I think the success of the jersey reveal played a big part in this. I also expect a lot of teams in the future to model their jersey reveals off of ours.
  10. Ranking The Roster - #9

    I know there isn’t really any evidence to support it, but I just feel Corey Davis is a top 10 player on this team.
  11. Ranking The Roster - #8

    Went with Rak. Definitely reaching a point where you can make an argument for a lot of guys.
  12. Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

    Count me in
  13. New Jerseys Thread

    They also look far better on a person compared to on a hanger.
  14. Titans, Rashaan Evans agree to deal

    Guess it's easier to negotiate offset language when you pick later.
  15. Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

    And it's not even close. I hate him for giving you guys a hometown discount on his contract. These videos are awesome. Definitely one of the best football-related twitter accounts.