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  1. Happy with return for CBJ. Savard is still a good defender and maybe even great in playoff style hockey. Slower skater and doesn’t offer much offensively, but plays a physical game and willing shot blocker.
  2. David Savard rumored to be healthy scratch tonight for CBJ. Looks like he will be moved.
  3. I don’t know what to do with my free time at work today.
  4. Same, bro. We just got swept by Detroit.
  5. Yeah, there weren't any major, known red flags that I'm aware of.
  6. Some in our fanbase give him somewhat of a pass due to the COVID restrictions on draft evaluations. It definitely looks to be Robinson’s worst draft as GM since he’s been here.
  7. Had a feeling it would be good given the disparity between total and guaranteed money.
  8. As with most free agent contracts, the details look much better than the total numbers.
  9. Certainly has been an off-season of surprises. Glad to have Jayon back. He transformed our TE pass coverage when he first arrived.
  10. Just glad he didn't go to Ravens. Would have been a great fit there with his excellent run blocking.
  11. Ahh South Beach, that will get him back on track
  12. This is my thinking as well. Of the pass rushers I have watched, I think he has the most talent, but the concussion/injury history is concerning. It’s especially difficult because I’m not sure they are allowed to complete a medical evaluation with team doctors under the COVID rules (I don’t believe it was allowed last year - not sure if it is different this offseason). It’s one thing to take a chance with a later pick, but a lot of risk in the first round when we need some hits in the draft this year.
  13. If we’re talking negatives, CBJ have been outscored 24-7 in second periods.
  14. He's been a joy to watch. PPG thru 10 is a good start to re-naming the trade.
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