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  1. This is the entire shift that got him benched
  2. PLD being a clown. Minimum effort.
  3. Texans are in an interesting predicament. BOB gutted the team so bad that even if there was not this current Deshaun situation, it’s tough to see how they build around him. The new owner/GM situation seems like it will keep top free agents away. In a way the trade haul they would get for Deshaun could be a blessing in disguise. The big challenge is you have to find another legit QB which even with high picks is never a guarantee.
  4. The end could have been so different if they had all 3 timeouts. The late punt I can understand when it's to Chad Henne.
  5. Just sucks that we've been weak at C for so long and we finally find a young top line C and he immediately wants to leave.
  6. Do you all see any likely staff members he would target to take with him as OC/DC if he gets a HC job?
  7. Need a 3 and out. That taunting penalty moves them out of FG range I think.
  8. Hypothetical: if we score TD--- extra point or 2pt? Edit: nvm
  9. Usually if the helmet is gone, it's injury, but I don't think anything has been announced.
  10. Yeah, not a fan of taking Henry off the field there. His presence alone makes the passing game easier.
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