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  1. Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    I’m glad to hear the positive vibes from the players - seems like more than the usual lip service. The big question to me - is he good at implementing other people’s systems or does he have ideas of his own? Love the continuity with Marcus and should have a good idea what Marcus likes. Not crazy about the search as it seems he was the only interview, but I trust JRob and Vrabel.
  2. Titans OC Search

    JRob is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers. Nobody else thought of getting the McVay offense this way!
  3. Titans OC Search

    The wording of that tweet makes it sound like a guess. If we were going to promote from within, would think it would already be finalized. Still feels to me like we are waiting for someone in the playoffs or talking to someone in college. With as leak free as our organization is, wouldn’t surprise me if there had already been interviews.
  4. Titans OC Search

    If so, hopefully they have back-channeled the hell out of it. Not a fan of banking on one person unless the team is 100% confident they can make it happen.
  5. Titans OC Search

    Monken to the Browns
  6. Browns hire Todd Monken for OC

    Smart move. Ride Baker to a HC gig.
  7. Around the NFL

    Which was strange because I thought that would favor them.
  8. Titans OC Search

    If only Urban Meyer didn’t retire - could be Ryan Day.
  9. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    At the time, I thought Matthews quitting was a big deal, but then he did nothing for the Jets so not sure it mattered all that much.
  10. What are you reading? V1

    Had a friend suggest Dawn of Wonder. Any opinions?
  11. Thanks for running this @TitanLegend! Awesome that you have started this.
  12. Offseason Thread

    Maybe I’m just biased because I want some consistency with our offense, but I think LaFleur would flop as a head coach right now. Don’t think he’s ready.
  13. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    That’s what stings the most
  14. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Pretty weak DPI
  15. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Jayon wants playoffs