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  1. Ranking The Roster - #9

    I know there isn’t really any evidence to support it, but I just feel Corey Davis is a top 10 player on this team.
  2. Ranking The Roster - #8

    Went with Rak. Definitely reaching a point where you can make an argument for a lot of guys.
  3. New Jerseys Thread

    They also look far better on a person compared to on a hanger.
  4. Titans, Rashaan Evans agree to deal

    Guess it's easier to negotiate offset language when you pick later.
  5. Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

    And it's not even close. I hate him for giving you guys a hometown discount on his contract. These videos are awesome. Definitely one of the best football-related twitter accounts.
  6. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    If I was a player, I think the worst places to play would be wherever you have fans disrupting your sleep at the hotel the night before with fire alarms etc..
  7. The Offseason Thread

  8. Ranking The Roster - #5

    Marcus for me. We finally have a QB worthy of being in our top 10.
  9. NCAA football

    I agree, unfortunately, that this game has a low chance of success. But money is the only thing that will bring EA back to the table.
  10. NCAA football

    This game making a lot of money could potentially motivate EA to get serious about bringing the game back.
  11. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    Jon Robinson has done an amazing job building depth throughout our roster in his short time as GM, to the point that there wasn't that many clear cut needs that we had. With a solid roster, I think it makes sense to go for more high end prospects than quantity. A ton of late round picks this season would have ended up on the practice squad at best most likely. We were somewhat short on young defensive prospects. Prior to selecting Adoree Jackson last year in the first round, the last time we used a first round pick on defense was Derrick Morgan in 2010. Now this strategy likely would not be smart every year, but I think it made a lot of sense this season. And the most impressive thing is that we moved up in the first and second rounds and maintained all of our picks for next year. With all that said though, it was pretty boring as a fan of the draft with so few picks. lol
  12. The Offseason Thread

    The Colts had such a long run of success that people give them the benefit of the doubt, but they are a clear #4 in the division currently. We haven’t been consistently good yet. If we have another strong season this year then I think we will start getting some respect. And I agree that Mariota will be the key. If he can stay healthy, I have full confidence in him to have us back in the playoffs. That’s another annoying thing to me - reading QB rankings.
  13. The Offseason Thread

    Yep. Small market team. Things never change. lol
  14. Bitcoin

    I’m still a student so it’s out of my range. I operate in the hundreds lol