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  1. Agreed. This is like the third offseason in a row we’ve heard this. It’s becoming synonymous with our annual camp WR star who amounts to nothing.
  2. From PFF TENNESSEE TITANS: SCB ELIJAH MOLDEN, WASHINGTON(PICK 100) PFF Big Board Rank: 35 This is one of the best picks of the 2021 NFL Draft so far. Elijah Molden is going to be solely a slot corner in the NFL, and teams knocked him for that. Tennessee will now reap the benefits of this, as they just got a late-first, early-second-round talent for pennies on the dollar. Slot corners are the most undervalued players in the entire game, and Molden has all the traits to be an excellent one for the Titans, just as he was in college for Washington. Of the 75 Power Five defensive
  3. Seems we are going to stay TE heavy - Firkser, Swaim, Pruitt. Also we will hopefully have a healthy Darrynton Evans. Also in "the guy" thread, we have looked into some trades for veteran WR's. Could still happen on day 3.
  5. Getting a 4th seems like good value. Nice trade back.
  6. Trade back -- wonder if we wanted those TE's
  7. Another reason we keep picking OT's is Lewan has durability concerns; think he has a chronic foot issue.
  8. The main shock is that we went with a risky pick after last year’s draft. Thought we might play it a little safer.
  9. In his first interview with Titans reporters, he said he would be ready for training camp.
  10. Whole video is good, but starting around 8:15 I think describes Titans thought process
  11. Yeah, would be lame, but I imagine it is a possibility. We took one last year and our OT situation is same/worse now.
  12. No matter which QB, feels like another QB related mistake for Chicago.
  13. This is the least that I have watched prospects since I have really followed the draft. Will make the draft very weird for me. Also, Jaelen Phillips no matter what.
  14. Race you to the bottom! Don't usually scout NHL prospects that much, but maybe I will this year since we will have an early pick. From what I've heard, Raty has had a disappointing season. What do you think of him? I'd like to have a high enough pick for Beniers with our desperate need at C.
  15. Happy with return for CBJ. Savard is still a good defender and maybe even great in playoff style hockey. Slower skater and doesn’t offer much offensively, but plays a physical game and willing shot blocker.
  16. David Savard rumored to be healthy scratch tonight for CBJ. Looks like he will be moved.
  17. I don’t know what to do with my free time at work today.
  18. Same, bro. We just got swept by Detroit.
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