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  1. Reed claimed by the Seahawks. Not sure why they waived him in the first placed.
  2. If I remember correctly a lot of people were very high on him and wanted him on the Niners. I'd certainly be interested in that. Does anyone actually what Jackson's issues were last season?
  3. Not the greatest fan of the first two picks and the trade that came with the second, but I can't complain about all the other Picks of this Draft that were either traded for Players or the ones that were picked. So it's a B+ I guess?
  4. Yeah Hasty looks exactly like a guy that randomly pops up with a 100 yrd game during the season.
  5. Still would have liked to do the first two picks differently, getting a top WR before someone like Blacklock because even though the gap between Kinlaw and Blacklock might be bigger then between Lamb and Aiyuk, I thought top talent at WR was more important than at DL. And hands down, Lamb would have been by far the most exciting player, which is probably not the best reason though lol. We'll see how that move turns out. Can't really complain about the other moves they have done.
  6. One left Bit surprised they didn't go after AJ Green
  7. Gordon going to the Seahawks
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