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  1. Week 15 GDT: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

    No Bosa, but hey, beat the Seahawks!
  2. Week 15 GDT: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

    Taylor is not good enough
  3. NFL Week 14 GDT

    But Kittle is. And they can't cover him.
  4. Haha Staley liked that And then Goodwin with the fumble..but got lucky
  5. Unless we bench Kittle...yeah.
  6. Lee starting over Smith
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

    If Nzeocha actually makes it it's all the Germans fault. German TV station that shows the NFL encouraged it's fans to vote for him, looks like they did pretty well haha.
  8. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Someone who can't even be arsed to do the warm-up drills with his QB can stay on the street imo.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    What the hell?
  10. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Easily goal of the season from Origi. Can't stop watching it.
  11. Interior OL are just bad throughout the league.