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  1. New Forum - New Random

    https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/christmas/food-drink/mcdonalds-austria-restaurants-us-embassy-travel-tourists-a8913411.html?amp&__twitter_impression=true That's just....LOL
  2. Signed Garland so no need for depth and in round 6th if you see anything you like, go for it.
  3. 49ers draft Nick Bosa at 2

    Great how he just picks out Bosa.
  4. Not sure about his but kind of the gimmick guy(that still needs to be developed) for someone like Shanny. Kittle, Pettis, Samuel and Hurd can be absolutely terrifying. Needed OL/DB too though..
  5. Damn Adderley is gone. Pretty awesome saftey-pairing with James
  6. Really thought about writing February first haha
  7. Won't complain if he stays fit and produces obviously, but I'm still a little disappointed AJ Brown was there and they didn't get him. Hopefully in January this will look like the right decision.
  8. THIS AJ Brown definitely my favorite choice here. Won't be mad if he's gone and we go OL. Other than that I'd look to trade down.
  9. 1am middle european time
  10. Giants new Browns imo
  11. Pretty sure they had a PC before trading back into the first for Foster. Won't be mad if we just stick to the plan.
  12. ...to get AJ Brown, hell yeah!
  13. 17-47 since 2015, worst in NFC uagh Time to get the Maga dude!