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  1. I guess they want someone to start ahead of Bridgewater right away, so Lance would probably make the least sense for them
  2. Former NFL executive Mike Tannenbaum, now ESPN’s front office insider, said the 49ers did it the right way to avoid any heartbreak on draft day. He said he believes the Carolina Panthers, who own the No. 8 overall pick, were a prime candidate to pounce on Jones if the 49ers left them an opening. Lynch and the 49ers’ front office had to gauge what would be a safe place in the draft to land in order to get the player they are targeting. The Panthers coached Jones at the Senior Bowl, and Tannenbaum said he observed how much Jones impressed the Carolina staff. https://www.nbcsp
  3. Going Jones would definitely make sense, going by the reports earlier in the season that Peters went to watch Wilson and Jones, since we liked them the most and Wilson is most likely a Jet by then.
  4. Little bit surprised by that, thought he'd be too expensive.
  5. That's definitely my favorite thing about this signing
  6. Well I'd hope for another ouside CB and a new Slot CB
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