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  1. Definitely the smarter decision to go for full recovery rather than force a comeback this season.
  2. Ideal replacement once Hurd inevitably gets hurt.
  3. The Texans cut Keke Coutee, that is absolutely someone we should go after imo.
  4. I'm absolutely here for some QB changing madness.
  5. To me this feels a little like the rumours about Mac Jones. I don't think anyone knows something or that an actual decision has been made, but it started somewhere and Kyle (again) just lets it happen.
  6. Guess it doesn't matter who gets the nod in week 1, but look equally...not so good.
  7. Was just about to post that. That picture of in-game Fred Warner is also hilarious.
  8. Would absolutely love to have something like that again. Maybe someone can excite Sega for it.
  9. Ohh they definitely do. FIFA has the exact same issues as Madden. The difference is that there are alternatives in PES(for playing) and FM(for managing only).
  10. Banks missing up to three weeks is rough. Definitely open to make a move at guard.
  11. Yeah same, paired with the fact that pretty much everyone thought it was a reach, it really looks like it was.
  12. Not much depth there anyway and they seem to have great chemistry so I hope Sherfield gets some opportunities.
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