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  1. Ferrell has definitely played much better this year. I think he needs a solid 3Tech next to him, one that can collapse the pocket. Interior pressure leads to hustle sacks and a “team sacks”.... by which I mean one DL gets the initial pressure and drives the QB within reach of another DL who gets the sack. Right now we have such a ridiculously low number of sacks because it’s we rarely ever have more than 1 player get penetration on any given play. There’s no “clean up” sacks.... and we simply don’t have the type of DLmen that can get those sub 2.5 sec sacks. If we can ever establish good interior pressure then Ferrell and Crosby should see the sack totals increase.
  2. I respect Morris’s abilities as a DC, but doesn’t he run a lot of Tampa 2 zone with some Cover 3 zone? In my humblest of opinions, we absolutely need a DC whose scheme fits our young talent. We can’t just scrap guys like Crosby, Ferrell, Abrams, Mullen, and Arnette as well as Kwiatkoski and Littleton because they don’t fit the new scheme. we need a coach who can mold his scheme around our current players strengths and then bring in draft picks and FAs to fill in the gaps. basically I want a coach like PG, but one who isn’t inept. Keep the basic scheme, add in some elements, coach up the players and win!
  3. Also.... Remember when people said Bryan Edwards was going to step right in for the IR’d T.Willians and put up 700-1000 yards..... and that Ruggs ABSOLUTELY could be a high volume target.... cuz what proof do you have he can’t be!?! luckily Agholor stepped up and Carrs gotten hurt with just spreading the ball all over and capitalizing on a high percentage of scoring opportunities.
  4. I don’t understand the logic of a team not be willing to spending like 3M/yr on a DC. we’ll spend 27M over 3 years on Nassib, a back up DE.... how much of an impact in the best case scenario did we expect at the time of signing him? Well... that impact is a FRACTION of what a good DC would bring. Id spend within reason whatever it takes on an elite DC. Good coaching gives 10-20x the productivity to cost Ratio that a player can. we need to spend the money to get top NFL coach or a young, innovative college DC. we need a coach who can base his system on what we have, then add players that fit the system......not have a rigid system that forces us to scrap the talent we have to replace with players for their system. We need a coach who can adapt!!!
  5. It’s kinda wierd.... most of the draft picks and FAs haven’t “worked out”.... yet! Some like Kwiatkoski absolutely have- but even he has missed time with injuries. not to mention top guys like Trent Brown and Incognito have missed almost season..... and yet we are remarkably a better team this year. I know the records are the same but it’s obviously apparent watching the games were a much better team. I think in one Ruggs, Arnette, Simpson, And Robertson Will be just fine. I think we just don’t need them to contribute yet. What I find crazy is looking at our offensive stats. Outside of Waller we don’t have any real big contributors. It’s all a team effort and the ball is spread around so much. Even Jacobs hasn’t been as good as last year. He’s playing just fine (it’s obvious the OL missed Incognto and Brown) and I think he’s just about to hit stride. it’s just a wierd year when you look at it through the lense of what we expected from various players individually versus what’s happened.! You’d expect we’re not playing very well as a team but we absolutely have. I think the main reason is this offense has been sooooo efficient.
  6. Absolutely! I’ve been saying that for a while. Collins has been a massive liability all season.
  7. While both guys did show really big potential earlier in their careers and are both very young 25+28..... I don’t think they’ll contribute much. i am glad we have at least realize the need and attempted to fill it the best we could this late in the season for 1) a lengthy 3T 2) speed Def. Pass Rusher aka 3rd down DE. I’ve been ranting about how we lack these things and its Hampering our Defense. I think Irving can certainly prove to be a solid 3rd DT. I’m much less optimistic that McKinley+Beasley will contribute anything more than minimally or enough to be retained next year. The Raiders have worked this way for decades: 1. ignore a need for way too long 2. fill the need with players who in theory should work but don’t (often reclamation projects) work out. 3. Next year.... finally address the need correctly in the draft or Free Agency. Thus.... I think there’s a good chance we actually invest the resources necessary to upgrade DT and DPR in the offseason.
  8. I’m not saying Ferrell is a pass rushing phenom.... at all. but look at that clip.... Ferrell busts thru the line and Crosby runs the arc on Pipkins (who is up there for worst pass blocking RTs IMO) and they don’t get the sack because there’s zero interior pass rush... Hankins is a great run defender but that rush was bad lol. I can’t help but think if we had a competent 3Tech / some interior pressure some of these hurries become sacks.
  9. https://nfltraderumors.co/raiders-working-out-four-players/ Were trying out 4 FBs: Derrick Coleman Tommy Bohannan Tre Madden Rod Smith
  10. I know it’s not the answer you want but I don’t know. he’s only played in weeks 1-3. He’s had good points and bad points. He definitely looks like he has the talent to be a top end CB2 in the league. I love his tackling and physicality. But we clearly don’t have enough information to make a opinion. Any “opinion” on Arnette would be purely based upon what I want to believe will happen not what I think will happen based upon evidence/facts. While I think he was a reach at 19, I don’t think it was a massive reach. As soon as it was known that he wasn’t a 4.56 and instead Better than 4.47 he became a 1st round talent Again. I say again because he was a 1st round talent for 2+ years at OSU. But when his speed came in at 4.57 and with his shorter arms I moved him into the “can’t start outside, must play slot” group. I think Arnette was CB4 in the draft and the 1st round / Tier 1 CB.
  11. Your absolutely right about this. You always have to fear a jet sweep with KC. It grabs the attention of the linebackers and DBs. It can often be used to give the QB a good pre-snap tell of the coverage. We should absolutely be doing this at least 10x a game.
  12. I agree. If we can add a good 3Tech and a speedy DPR we’d be much better. Ferrell and Crosby would play better,,, it was nice to see Nassib make a sack. He could be another accessory piece. We have the accessory pieces we just need the playmakers now.
  13. Everyone got excited by that 2019 PFF interior pressure stat and thought he’d be good. He was never that good... he fed off Quinn and DLaws outside pressure and had a career year. But if you watched the tape it didn’t match the PFF stats. He was never dominate in Dallas, even in 2019. If he was so good why didn’t Dallas try to resign him and why didn’t anyone else offer him something decent in FA?
  14. I’ve said this a long time.... we need a speed rusher. A DPR type that can be brought in on 3rd down and be let loose. The lack of pressure from the interior is embarrassing even for us. Until that’s fixed there’s no point to a Speed rusher. QBs can just step up in the pocket. Pass rushing is a team game.... usually one guy causes the sack for the guy who gets the second best pressure. On any given sack we really can only hope for one player to get a pressure unfortunately. We need to seriously upgrade DT and get a DPR this offseason.
  15. Yeah NK is outplaying everyone on defense. It was funny to see Taylor juke everyone.... until NK was there to save the 2PT Conversion. He’s been solid in the passing and running game. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to really let him loose on A-gap blitzes, where he could be a menace.
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