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  1. I’d add to that but you summed it up…. I’d prefer an offensive HC but not locked into that.
  2. Anyone want 3 really nice tickets Nov to the game versus the Giants? im not done as a Raider fan… we’ve been Thru worse…. But this is one heck of a blow.
  3. I’ll keep it 100% with you all: Once it all comes out I won’t really care what he said. how bad could be really have been if after 1 year on the team Carl Nassib feels comfortable to come out as gay… and is openly supported by the entire team?
  4. That’s fine…. Dude was on the hot seat if I’m calling the shots…. But 2 weeks ago we were the talk of the town…. Any real raider fan knew we’d come down to earth, like we always do…. But I think we coulda rebounded.
  5. I can’t believe this…. I really don’t care what Gruden did…. He made some Off color comments 10 years ago… who cares! the world has changed a lot in 10 Years you can’t judge his Comments then by today’s standards. This season is over…. Done. Fire Mayocl, he can’t draft well At all. We should trade Carr and anything of value immediately, tank, and rebuild. btw….. I’d really like to see Mark Davis sell the team While he’s at it.
  6. Waller is a bad man! something set him off…. Dudes hyped and we gotta start feeding him if we want to win
  7. I know this game isn’t going out way but that 3rd sack was awesome…. It’s been years since we got inside pressure. Philon, Thomas, and Jefferson have been able to not just get pressure but get to the QB. if the Qb is gonna take a 3 step Drop on 3rd down you gotta gotta gotta be able to get in his face and get hands up.
  8. Only way we can win is if we score a TD on opening drive and get the offense to stay on the field long enough the defense can rest. And we’re gonna need a ST or Defensive score
  9. Exactly….. you called it before he called a WR screen to EDWARDS on the first play of the last drive in the half…. The play that Frackrell almost INT’d and took to the house. We need to get Ruggs involved in some quick passes … hit him on the run…and hope He can break a tackle. Do that enough that am the DBs jump A route and Ruggs can burn them deep.
  10. Yeah… of course. I did previous complain about the inability of the OL to get any push inside when rushing the ball. That’s allowing the Chargers to play in the nickel and the DL can pin its ears back and rush aggressively.
  11. It’s sad we can’t run the ball in short yardage situations. as good as the Offense had been i Feared if things aren’t going perfect we would be completely derailed. we can’t run the ball. Teams are going to catch up on the passing game…. Unless Edwards and Ruggs step up.
  12. That pass break up by Renfrow was absolutely amazing….. move him to backup FS! He can’t be any worse then Leavitt
  13. There really isn’t anyone better out there? I mean a decent career tackle could drop down and play better…:: and it’s not like we have any power/ski to run block you the middle. I can only think he was familiar with the system so we went with him.
  14. Omfg im serious embarrassed for him!!!! i called it when Hudson was traded and again when James was extended….. James isn’t gonna be good. He’s too weak. He gets blown up way too often.
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