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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Spot on.... this is why I didn’t want to spend 18+M on Clowney.... I don’t think he’s THAT premium player FOR US. Not to mention it’d be a one year rental. Not to mention the young guys are will likely peak in ‘21 and given out cap situation we should be able to add 2 premium pieces via FA in ‘21 and be contenders in ‘21, while still having the ability to start extending the ‘18 + ‘19 drafts a year early, which is the best way of keeping cap costs down. I think we need a premium DT and a FS, said it 100x now. There will be a ton of FS options in FA next year. There should be some nice DTs too. Wouldn’t mind another WR if Williams isn’t the guy.
  2. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Such a drastic change from the old Colosseum, which was literally falling apart, and the new stadium and training facility. It’ll be such an advantage having state of the art facilities AND everything being so close to each other and the airport. It was perfectly planned and carried out.
  3. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Probably.... I’d bet on Daniels over Newman. I never saw a 1st round QB in Newman. He’s a 2nd round developmental player at best, IMO. Imagine if he doesn’t start and sits the bench all year, what a bad choice to transfer.
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    Mack didn’t want to be here.... we offered him deals he would have accepted if he wanted to stay but he didn’t. I’m glad he’s gone... we are so much better off with that trade and who we got in it and how it sparked a rebuild.... Plus Mack hasn’t consistently dominated and taken that next step to being elite, like Aaron Donald is. He’s been a 10 sack a year guy for Chicago, which is good but not amazing. He’ll never return to his ‘15 and ‘16 form.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    The hubris comment wasn’t directed solely at her. The comment has directed at society as a whole. Everyone thinks there so safe, “it wouldn’t happen to me”, etc etc..... until it does. That’s hubris... intentional or not. It’s especially prevalent with wealthy people, as she became. I do Admit I’m more sensitive to these things then most having had a neighbor toddler drown when I was a child, living in an area that has a large man made like where every year at least 3 Dominicans come on from the Bronx to go swimming and jump off a cliff and end up dying.... like clockwork it happens 3x a summer, and now working in the pool industry for the last 5-6 years and being responsible for meeting Absurd safety codes, but they’re there because someone did die before...... not to mention spending years in prison where your never safe and one small mistake and your life’s on the line. All day I see just crazy things people do And say and think “do they not realize how badly things could turn for them” but their completely obvious to that l possibility. I don’t want to go into it more than that though.... I get why you fired back at me and it’s no hard feelings.... There was no Ill will meant from either side.
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I admit I like Shaffir’s amazing racist years ago.... it was a FU to the current PC culture before it really even took off.... but as I learned more of the guy he seemed like a pathetic man deep down and someone who’d rape a passed out girl if you know what I mean.... just a morally twisted and demented Beta-male .... it was one of those things where just cuz you like the guys work doesn’t mean you like the guy.... like Bill Cosby was still funny back in he day, despite being a serial rapist or I love Lebron on my Lakers but despise his politics. The two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Note: when you learn what bill cosby or ari or Delia did it does really ruin the appreciation for their comedy.... my point was at the time they were funny, now I despise them and thus don’t enjoy their comedy.
  7. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    I have been on record as saying I expect us to sign a high priced FA DT and/or FS next year. But who knows exactly what we do... too many variables... who will be available at each position (C.Jones resigned, will Kenny Clark, etc... who gets released before FA begins, etc)? Who will likely be available where we draft? i think we’ll definitely spend a 1st or 2nd OR sign a relatively high priced DT and FS. I’d tend to think it’d be best to do something like draft Jevon Holland / Andre Cisco in the first and sign Kenny Clark. But then again with the large amount of really solid options at FS (and SS) that might drive down the cost of a 1b tier FS free agent and make it a more advantageous move. maybe we can get Kenny Clark (DT) for 17-18M and A FS like Marcus Williams, Budda Baker, Malik Hooker Has the market kind of fall out a bit on him because of the number of S’s available and we get him for 8-10M. Id tend to think the better value will be FS in FA given the amount of top end guys available (simple supply and demand... and being willing to get who remains after the first day or two for a good deal).... but then again picking in the 20s is a great spot to land the top FS in the draft. no matter how we split it ... the early outlook is we’ll have the resources to fill holes at both DT and FS with some high quality players
  8. FA 2020

    Interesting how quiet the coverage of the freeze was and how there was no coverage of it ending. and he’s we need some veteran signings ASAP!
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    I can’t Say what would happen if I ever saw Ari Shaffir in person but I guarantee he’d regret what he did. Horrible vile sub human. Besides the Kobe thing he’s just a bad bad beta-male “person” for many many reasons. dont know much about Delia but he’s the pedofile comedian right? He can go too imo.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    I wasn’t piling on her... I didn’t say she deserved that happened because she didn’t wear a life vest... i said nothing like that. So that’s why I don’t buy your moral superiority lecture. There’s a difference from commenting on how tragic yet potentially avoidable the death was and pulling an Ari Shaffir. I don’t care she was some 6th round draft pick’s semi-cute sister with a brief acting career of her own... I’m not going to idolize her for that.... but she was a human, a mother+sister+friend+etc, an American. It’s just as sad and tragic as any other death and one that could have been avoided potentially. I simply was stressing the importance of safety when swimming. Things can turn tragic fast. No one likes to wear a life vest, their bulky and just “uncool” imo. However, when your a parent it’s your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety AND your safety so you can be there for them. I didn’t say she deserved what happened, I wish it never happened, I hope people realize the risks and act more safe. It’s one of those things we’re you can do it 1000x before and never have a problem but that 1x, when certain conditions exist or a specific situation presents itself, and it’s a perfect storm for a tragic event. Do I always act safe? Absolutely not... I’m the definition of reckless... we’ll I use to be. So no I didn’t say she deserved what happened because she didn’t wear her vest. “and the it’s just not time yet” is a piss poor comment.... yeah let’s wait 6 weeks and then return and comment on a post 53 pages and 600 months ago. I’m pretty sure if anyone really knows her her loss will still be very hard to deal with then too. Not to mention I made the comment on a Raiders Message board... so let’s not act like I posted it on her online obituary.
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    Yeah everyone knows how to swim until something happens.... apparently the lake was known to have “lots of currents”. Its a shame her hubris cost her life. It was LIKELY so easily avoided.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Not to sound like a callous, heartless person.... but why would she take her life vest off to go swimming? The news is reporting her life vest was found on the boat. Just sad it could have been avoided.
  13. FA 2020

    Sam Young isn’t an adequate backup LT.... even at ND like 15 years ago he was a RT and has never been proficient at LT. If Miller goes out a series can Young come in and not get us killed.... sure.... but he’s proven To not be a good LT and that’s why he’s been at RT for quite some time. I think the idea behind signing him to begin with was insurance in case of an injury in Camp.... and nothing more. I think Sharpe could play very well at RG too. I’m very happy to have him as a backup RT. Parker should be stuck at the Backup LT spot only and hopefully he can prove to be marginal backup at least... and if not cut him. Id really love it if he could.... but i honestly have major concerns. When he was at RT he absolutely could kickstep at all and run DEs around the arc. I’ve never seen anything like it.... he’s basically engage the rusher immediately and then just try and take 1-2 steps with hand fighting before the DLmen blows by him. Its like OLmen blocked back in the 1960s.
  14. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Corey Durden, the other DT at FSU, is only a Jr but someone to really keep and eye on. He came in very strong at beginning of the year. Wilson and Durden will be a very formidable duo inside the FSU Dline and both guys could have very big years.
  15. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Prior to the draft I said it to the point of exhaustion.... we should invest some draft capital this year to gain draft capital in ‘21 and beyond. it’s unlikely we’d ever be able to get Fields tho, as he should go top 5. Even two middle of the pack 1sts wouldn’t be enough to get him.