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  1. Obviously.... that’s life in general, not just football. but this poster has him as G4 and OT5 and prospect 35 overall. Yet I’ve never seen A.Smith ranked in the same stratosphere as the poster. Thus, the question remains what is he seeing that no one else is?
  2. Serious sincere question: what are you seeing that no one else is? Smith is a 5th to UDFA by everyone else.
  3. How can you spend 3 1st and 3 2nds and have so little? Insane, even for Bill O’Brien. it’s even worse then that because they could have drafted Sewell this year.... who Wouldn’t cost 22M/year Like Tunsil.
  4. There’s a big majority of people on this board that can’t comprehend the complexity and context of someone’s opposing viewpoint.
  5. I think Mariota’s smartest move is to seek a trade via his agent to a team like Washington.... with the understanding that after a trade he’d be willing to reduce his performance bonuses. The bonuses are what’s killing any trade. If we waits til We have to Cut him The teams that would consider him to be their Starter will Have all moved on. They can’t wait around for MM. If MM gets cut there’s no way he gets close to his Current deal. He’d be smart to settle for 11M plus unlikely to be achieved incentives totalling a few million.... but not 10m give or take. I think Washington would t
  6. We almost always go into the draft with 10M+ in cap room in order to sign the picks and have some cap room to cover the practice squad and in season moves. We could carry Mariotas contract basically up until we need to Sign Draft picks... which is basically a few days before TC starts.
  7. Yeah grants a solid option at 48. But people Are talking late 1st now. He’s got all the range you want in a single high but he NEEDs to be a more willing and better tackler, take better angles, and better understand offenses presnap. He relies on his athleticism too much. Moehrig has less range but is a whole step Above because he’s so intelligent. so I’d be happy with Grant at 48.... but you gotta coach him up On those things if you want him to be a top notch FS. i really like Voch Lombardi too. One of the better guys online.
  8. I’ve never loved one of your posts anymore than this one! It literally brought a tear to my eyes.
  9. I think Grant is being overrated heavily after the Senior Bowl. Everyone’s talking about his range right now but his bad angles and instances of very poor mental processing are being ignored. Plus.... he can be kinda soft tackling. It’s not that Grant isn’t a very good prospect but right now people are all about his pluses and not lookin. At his glaring negatives. I don’t see Moehrig doesn’t at least go at the top Of round 2. But If he’s there At 48 You run to the podium with his card.
  10. I really like AO as a Leo but as your other link mentioned I’d really prefer him in a trade down. ive been watching a good amount of Moehrig tape and he’s soooooo intelligent. The guy is so elite in his understanding of offenses and his mental processing. He’s my favorite FS by far. I like Cox a lot. I just like Pete Werner a bit more. I think Werner will be a steal. I see Cox more of a WILL then a SAM.... and we have Littleton (and maybe Morrow coming back) At WILL. I think Cox can play SAM but I’m concerned at his stoutness setting the edge. I say that with the context that
  11. Again, it wasn’t about proving you wrong .... until you acted like a clown. I don’t think me clarifying that Jackson allowed one sack not zero is really correcting YOU. It’s correcting your source. 0...1.... even 2...3 sacks allowed doesn’t matter because Jackson is still a very good pass protector that will be hard to replace. Pushing “my” source to the side and “your” source to the side.... it’s clear as day Jackson allowed a sack from that video. Jackson Was blocking Q.Jefferson and in roughly 2.5 Seconds Jefferson Got penetration and stripped the ball. Interestingly enough Jeffer
  12. Hey If you want to use sites that fit your narrative but are inaccurate that’s fine. I didn’t realize you’d be so triggered about a stats website.
  13. I called it right after the Jackson release that we’d likely try and lower Incognito’s cap number/ the Amount of money he’s paid. I thought we’d offer less but guaranteed money on a new deal, instead of releasing him and then possibly resigning. Nonetheless, hopefully it ends up The same result. We really could use Incognito back... I love that guy he’s such a mean nasty SOB.
  14. Not that you will believe me and nor do I care.... but yes initially I was absolutely just being friendly and offering a good source for OL stats that, just happened to have a different sack total.... and it also Had other useful OL stats. I’ve also offered everyone here PFF’s insider draft guides and other PDFs several times. It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly and share info. if anyone wants the Access to Nfldraftscouts premium page I’m willing to provide that too.
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