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  1. FA 2020

    Oh yeah as a whole deal (contract plus Trade) it wasn’t a great value by any means for the cowboys. lm with ya on all that, I’m still yelling “suckerssss” at Dallas im only saying the contract he signed is weak and gives the cowboys an out in year 3 and a cheap cap hit year 1. We don’t gotta go into the whole Abram or Amari debate..... I’m with ya sooooo glad we got Abrams. I love him. I just want lamb at 12 cuZ he’s the anti cooper. Cooper can’t handle strong CBs and is a b-word. I want a alpha WR.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I don’t dislike Chaisson. He’s just so risky as a boom/bust. We can’t afford a bust right now. I do Think we need a chess piece or Star player on Defense. Which is why I’d accept paying a Kings ransom for Simmons. I think he can be a 8-10 sack LB. he’s raw but so fast and crafty blitzing from the edge. If not Simmons or Chaisson, I really like Okwara. He brings speed as a PR that we sorely lack.
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I just like Larry David, Not Seinfield.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.... isn’t that a line from Seinfield? When I picture a Browns fan I fed see cop and truck driver lol.
  5. Raiders Defense

    Why do people always want to say he’s the backup SS. I mean he can play SS but he’s best roaming deep, picking off passes.... not coming up and tackling. id like to see littleton and Abrams as a Dime LB/rover in some looks with Randall and Harris/Heath at S i think we added a nice mix of S. Randall for deep coverage. Heath brings toughness and tackling in the box.
  6. Raiders Defense

    Bangladesh-I bias! (I’d that wasn’t so funny I wouldn’t have said it)
  7. FA 2020

    I don’t disagree. I hate Cooper. But that contract isn’t THAT, THAT bad. I mean it’s bad but... year 1- cap hit of 12M year 2- cap hit of 22M year 3- cut with a dead cap of 6M If the cowboys Franxhise Tagged him 2x he’s get: year 1: $18.491M year 2: 120% of LY: 22.1289 year 3: no dead cap that’s 2yrs, 40.6M i don’t think Dallas paying 12,22,6 for him for 2 years of play is that bad. I think it’s way overpaid but i equate it to us needing to draft a WR at 12 (Lamb pref). Dallas is about to give Dak deal. Idk exactly what he’ll get but maybe like 4y,130M+? (32.5 apt)? They prolly think Dak cant be an upper escholon QB without solid WRs. They just don’t mind over paying Cooper short term. Jones doesn’t care about dead cap.... he’s getting Cooper for 12m this year.... that’s all he cares about he’ll deal with the consequences later.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I think I’m gonna Amazon a new TV and set of drinking glasses before the draft. I just have a feeling I’ll be breaking something this year. Even wiTh Mayock i feel we’re gonna be disappointed. But if he does pull out some moves and we hit nice he’s the GOAT.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I like the trades and the idea. Just not a huge fan of some of the picks. I don’t love Uche...(Okwara!!!) and Shenault (I think he falls to the late 2nd to third.... no medical checks to for teams to check out ... Daniel Jeremiah said in a podcast that guys with medical issues are gonna be dropping a bit... it’ll be a big thing) Love Akers and Johnson. Quarterman in the fifth is a real nice pick. He can smash people and blitz. My only issue is I just don’t like some of the guys... but I’d love have all this happen if I could swap out a few people. But hey that’s why it’s your mock and not mine lol nice
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    You a cop? Lol jk (not a dig at you)
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes I’m familiar with James Kelly the black kungfu master. He’s okay I guess but not a fan. I also hate Jim Kelly from The Bills... my whole childhood people asked if that’s my dad cuz im a junior. Nope that’s just my name. If I had to create a screen name I don’t think I’d be able to lol... im so I uncreative. just Jimkelly02 cuz that’s my name and high school class year. I had jimkelly on the old board I think but when I came home from prison I forgot my password. Plus I needed a brand new fresh start lol. Hence jimkelly02
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Bro I stay with a big old .45 in my hoody when I go out.... I’d end his career from my back .... crying, bloody those Irish kneecapings ain’t something ya come back from lol youd have to shoot someone like him,,, he’s such a monster Note: This is strictly a poor joke not a threat
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I Hate Chicago so much.... why couldn’t they have lost a few more games and we’re picking in the top 10. If I ever see Mack in public I’m gonna hit him with the I’ll sucker punch .... and run like all hell. The trick is to weave lol you can’t straight line run I think it’s finally set in that there’s a good chance this draft is very disappointing for us, despite having 2 1sts and 3 3rds. Another reason I’d be all about trading 19 away for something small this year and a 1st next year.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to finish my opinion on Chaisson at 12 like you asked but I don’t like it in short. Reason: our defense is now serviceable. Needs upgrades but we can be respectable into there. Our offense isn’t. We’ll struggle without a starter at WR. We can spend this years 12/19 and next years 1st+2nd all we want a build a real solid defense. But if we struggle to put up 20 let alone 30 we ain’t beating KC.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    All these bad scenario is why I have zero problem paying a premium to move up for a difference maker Iike Simmons or even Okudah. Do we want Jeudy at 12 and one of many 2nd round graded players at 19? the problem is we won’t be able to trade 19 until we’re on the clock or the pick before. we could get stuck having to pick someone not worth 19 at all. if I think Lamb won’t be there I’d have no problem trading 12/19 to move up for Simmons preferably but if not Okudah and a 2nd, ‘21 2nd, etc