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  1. I absolutely agree. I’m going on record and saying Ferrell will have a very very good season.... as long as we get decent DT play. Im Very excited to see Ferrell (3T) and Ngokoue (9T LEO) lined up along side each other running twists and stunts on 3rd down. I’m gonna Say Ferrell has 7 sacks or more and 30 or more pressures. i think We get 12 sacks from Ngokoue, 7 from Ferrell, and 10 From Crosby. That real question is how many Sacks can we get out of the DTs and LBs and other players. That will Determine a lot of how highly ranked our Pass rush is. i Think Nassib Can actuall
  2. Im not saying he isn’t talented... he is. But rookies are raw and it takes time to build consistency. Johnson isn’t so overly talented and skilled in the smaller nuances of CB play that he could sustain the high level. teams will Always attack the weak links.... rookies are almost always weak links.... and Johnson played well early but prolly showed some stuff on tape that could be exploited. Teams started to target those things and target him more and your right as a rookie he hit that wall around game 12-14 and slowed down.
  3. That’s not surprising.... he plays on a good defense and has talent but not so talented he could sustain that level of play.
  4. Yuk! Serious there Isn’t anyone not 34yo or stinks less?
  5. At some point it’s just not worth trading a high pick (Day 2) For him. There’s value in getting a 32 year old Jones at a cost of 15,12,12m. But if he wants a new deal that costs 60m..... run away. There is no way he’s gonna be worth that money let alone having to give uP A pick.
  6. And any new contract 100% means more money
  7. Exactly..... Atlanta couldn’t trade him for a 1st prior to the draft.... or really a future first back then because he needs to be traded after June 1. It’s far more Likely Atlanta is only getting a few 2nds but mostly 3rd round (and maybe a borderline starter) offers for Jones. Thus Propaganda 1.0 would be to leak interest by over 5+ years, ideally 8-10. Since their are so many teams interested it makes it very easy to Float a rumor that one of the teams is offering a first. It Wouldn’t surprise me if their only getting third would offers for Jones. They don’t want to look Like they
  8. Exactly.... he needed a SR year to show his passing skills but opted out. I’d still have used a late 5th on him only cause after Book there wasn’t much left.
  9. Yeah but I was telling everyone Jenkins wasn’t a 1st round RT. A few people on here acted like I’m the retard for mentioning his faults and saying RTs better be very good in pass pro to be 1st round picks and move very well.... areas Jenkins has issues. Moehrig was always a leg first who fell half a round cuz of injury concerns.... but when without them he easily could have gone within the top 10 picks in round 2. JOK surprised me A bit because he’s so good in coverage. I still shocked about that one. I wonder why he “fell”
  10. Nice.... I had a feeling we’d sign him as a UDFA is he didn’t get drafted
  11. I was about to say I have little To no faith we sign and decent UDFAs after last year... but Stills is a Nice pickup. Hopefully we get some decent guys this year.
  12. I love how nooooo one pre Draft would have had Koonze in their mock before the 6th round all Of a sudden like the pick. Over Elijah Molden? Wyatt Davis? jabril Cox? Come on..... horrible pick no need to act like It was good. the deablo pick Was pretty solid though. He could be our cam Chancellor or play OLB.... solid pick. Kinda admits Muse isn’t good though.
  13. There are enough good value prospects left on the board for us redeem ourselves overall... I hope We draft 2 very good values and not reach. These next two picks are sooo make or break for us.
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