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  1. Shilique Calhoun signed a $21M deal? He has .5 career sacks after 4 years! What was the Chargers GM thinking? Juston Burris who we signed for like 1 week got 13M? tell me these are like 10 year deals lol
  2. FA 2020

    How does everyone feel about giving Trumaine Johnson a 1yr prove it real? If we do what would you be comfortable paying him? i wouldn’t mind giving Charles Harris a chance. Avery Williamson would be a nice 2 down run defending MLB. everson griffin would be the main guy I go after. He’d be a real contributor and mentor for Crosby and Ferrell. at the right price janoris Jenkins would be a nice slot cb.
  3. FA 2020

    Your very right about how we should address CB in FA and I especially like Bradberry. However, both players will absolutely get more than 12M per year. Jones, by all reports.... like every single report, is going to get 15-16m per year. Bradberry will get 12-14 per year.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Before anyone overreacts, AB could have called Gruden, who answered thinking “oh **** he’s prolly at rock bottom” or “hey Duce how do you record a call on an iPhone, Mayock’s gonna piss himself when he hears what this ******* says today”.... in fact I hope Gruden is low key trolling him making him think we’d take him back... I’d even go as far as to fly AB out to LV for a meeting... the lights in the meeting room are off to start... then Al’s old projector (not the overhead one from the Kiffin firing... the old 1950’s movie theater type) flashes onto the wall... and it’s AB’s “I’m free, I’m free grandma” video plays and the Raiders laugh so hard they fall out there chairs and walk out the room. Seriously, no chance in hell old school, ultra conservative Mike Mayock ever takes that guy back, even for free.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yes, the simple version, which I know you did to keep the post from Being overly wordy, of what you said if true. Our draft class will cost $9,707,365, assuming no trades. Ive been an amateur capologist for over 20 years,,, I am absolutely certain I calculated the cap correctly. After Richard’s new deal and factoring in the draft class we have $41,639,973 in cap space. Currently the #51 player costs $0.585m, #50 is $0.585m, #49 is $0.585833m, #48/47 is $0.585833m, #46 is $0.590m So during free agency... player 1 signs for a cap number of $10.585m but only lowers the cap $10.0m player 2 signs for a cap number of $8.585m but only lowers the cap $8.0m player 3 signs for a cap number of $5.585833m,but only lowers the cap $5.0M and so on..... yes, the savings from cutting Jackson and Whitehead Could become helpful. But it’s no guarantee they get cut. my point wasn’t that we can’t resign Worley, Joseph, Jordan, Morrow, etc as well as get 2 Big money, day 1 players and a couple mid level contract players.... my point was: I keep hearing people say “I hope we sign Littleton@16M and Jones@16M and Emmanuel Saunders@12m (plus resign our FAs)... and well we can’t. We’re not going to make it rain on day 1 like a lot of people think. we always and rightfully so leave 5+M in cap space For trades or signing a player after initial cuts or just to carry over. we have money to get a few good players, but we’re not going to be able to go nuts.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    The Divinity only started because he was a 5 star recruit is weeeeakkk. If he was a (redshirtFR/) freshman 5-star kid coming in with tons of press and promise and the coaches wanted to give him experience immediately then that’d be a fair excuse or explanation. But thats not what it was. Divinity was a senior and the coaches knew exactly who he was. Queen was a junior. The coaches had 3 and 2 years to evaluate the players and after all that decided Divinity was going to be more productive or beneficial to the team. clearly, queen is far far the better prospect today ... so thats not the point im trying to make. the point im making is if Queen was this absolutely amazing, change the entire defense he’s on talent that Willis was.... then why wasnt he starting over a late round /udfa prospect like Divinity not even 9? Games ago (im not going to go back and count games, im guestimating)?
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Ummm,,, Most of Queens big plays are like this too. They both benefited from solid DL play and or scheme which allowed for successful run blitzes.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Your saying Murray is a product of his teammates... erasing any credit for the plays he made... yet the vast majority of Queen’s splash plays he’s unblocked because the NT’s job is to cover the G and C. If someone even just watched highlights they’d see that. Murray isnt trash, Queen isnt the best ever, but I’ll definitely agree Queen seems like a better prospect than Murray (...if Queen is a WILL and Murray is a MLB). This conversation is like a SJW vs a staunch conservative.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Wagner wasnt an elite MLB prospect. He was a solid 2nd tier, 2nd round type prospect. No one expected him to be what he has become. He progressed into being a fantastic player. I excluded him from this list for that reason. What you appear to be doing is not comparing the past prospects at the time they were drafted, but rather seeing how they shaked out and comparing them to an overly optimistic, best case scenario for what you think Queen will become. if you want to say you think Queen will become the best player since Willis, thats one thing. Everyone will disagree but thats ok. But your opinion isnt a fact. Its an opinion based upon a set of facts, observations, conclusions, and projections. You said he’s the best prospect since Willis and that just isnt true. There have been many widely recognized better prospects.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I’d love to jump on him but he is kinda right about Murray, at least in my opinion. I’ve watched many Oklahoma games and walked away upset I didn’t get to see Murray make as many big plays as you’d expect based on his junior year stats. I always had the opinion the spread offenses he faced didn’t allow him to look as good as he could have. He would be chasing WR’s who beat the CB on a screen or slant all day long. Queen makes more splash plays. The two of them are 2a or 2b, it comes down to what traits your looking for. Murray is much bigger and plays stronger. Personally, I think Queens a WILL in a base defense. He’d get eaten up by blockers but be able to shoot a gap and makes a TFL once or twice a game. Even disregarding his liabilities, Looking at his strengths he projects better to WILL. He’d be very good at chasing RB’s down sideline to sideline, using his agility to beat blocks on the move, and shooting gaps thru the LOS. Both are late 1st round prospects but don’t have some Cons as prospects.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    You gotta be Queen’s cousin, buddy, agent?? It’s one thing to be high on the guy but holy.... you over inflate his pro’s and totally ignore his con’s. Best MLB Prospect since Willis? Really? Really? Best since ‘07? Best in 13 years? Let’s look at who you claim he’s a better prospect then.... btw, if he was so magnificent why didn’t he start at MLB until week 4... he wasn’t even beating out Michael Divinity! It was Chaisson, Divinity, and Phillips starting at year. if not for Divinity being suspended or whatever it was that caused him not to play for a streak of games mid season, Queen would have only been rotating in. that doesn’t change who Queen is, but it shows his how much his coaches thought of him. ‘19: Devin White#5, Devin Bush#10 ’18: Roquan Smith#8 , Tremaine Edmunds#16, Leighton Vander Esch#19 ’17: Reuben Foster#31 ‘16: Jaylon Smith#34, Myles Jack#36, Darron Lee#20, Deion Jones#52 ’14: CJ Mosley#17 ’12: Luke Kuechly#9, Dont’a Hightower#25 ’10: Rolando McClain#10, Sean Witherspoon#19 ’09: Aaron Curry#4, Brian Cushing#15, James Laurinaitis#35 ’08: Keith Rivers#9, Jerod Mayo#10 ’07: (technically after Willis,,, they were drafted after him, albeit same year)... Lawrence Timmons#15, Jon Beason#25, Paul Posluszny#34 so queen is a better prospect then every single one of these guys at the time of their draft? Come on.... you can’t be that blinded. I wouldn’t mind trading back from 19 and getting Queen if Simmons goes before 7-8 (my driving the trade up for Simmons train), but to think he a generational talent (best prospect in 13 years) is crazy. we all have or had guys we liked far more than most “experts” liked midway thru the draft process. (Examples... I had David Carr as a top overall draft pick his junior year when he was thought of as a middle of the pack QB.. and Sheldon Rankins as a first rounder during his junior year). Nonetheless, you essentially are saying Queens a near perfect MLB prospect. That’s far from true.
  12. Around The League V.2

    I thought the RaiderCody podcast was pretty decent from the few I recently heard. There was another one I stumbled across which was basically a Raider podcast where 2 tools were just talking about microbrew beers instead of Raiders. It was horrible. Cody seemed informative. But the Mack rumor he started was pure BS, fake news to get clicks. Is the guy worth listening to or is he trash?
  13. Around The League V.2

    Very valid concern. Queen at MLB would bring problems with stopping the run. He’d make some splash plays shooting gaps but he’s going to struggle getting off blocks when run at. He’d have to have 2 big, 2 gapping DT’s in front of him to keep linemen off him. Personally I think he’s far better suited as a WILL then MLB. I also think taking him at #19 is a reach. I’d much, much, much rather give up to 2 3rds to move up to #8 (Arizona) for Simmons. I think that’s a realistic trade option if Giants pass on him at 4 (I see Carolina going D. Brown). Arizona could still have their choice of Lamb or Jeudy if they want a WR or Wirfs, Wills, Thomas, or Bechton (1 would likely go to NYG at #4). I’d love to see passing downs with Simmons and Abram at LB with Joyner and Joseph at safety. I almost, almost think if we can’t get Schobert or Littleton we’d still be decent at LB. Simmons at SAM, Whitehead (hopefully restructured/reduced cap number) at MLB and M.Lee (who i still have some hope for, don’t forget his ‘18 pre-season was very good) or a cheap free agent. Whiteheads horrible covering TE’s and slot WRs but he’s capable of dropping into a zone. He’d only be in on base sets, which are around 40% of the time. Simmons can man up and erase the TE. It’s far from ideal but we wouldn’t be crippled by our LB play like we were this year.
  14. FA 2020

    I found that espn generator to have a real anti-Raider bias. We don’t make out too well with most of their scenarios.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Everything I’ve seen has him expected to get $7million. I’m not talking one source, but many. Maybe he gets less, I just agree with the $7mil estimates. I’ve been saying this for weeks now... we’re not as wealthy cap wise as we all think. After Richard’s deal and factoring in the draft class were at $41.6M. That’s really only $35M because we always leave money in case of a trade, carry some over to next year, or when injuries hit we sign some vets. Everyone wants to throw $15mil at a LB and CB. What about resigning our FA’s. The picture isn’t as bright as we all lead ourselves to believe. Personally, I couldn’t substantiate spending $7mil on a backup QB when a good one can be had for 2 and a pretty good but older one for less than 4. That $7million goes a long ways if not completely gets us a valuable starter. And sure we can cut Jackson and get 9.6M and or Whitehead and get $6.25M but we still are tight on cap space. plus the reality is if Carr goes out for the year I have no faith in Mariotta taking over and bringing us to playoffs. In fact, at this point if Carr gets hurt I’d also rather we rank and get a high draft pick and replace him.