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  1. Rams & Clay Matthews agree to 2 year deal

    Only gripe is the loss of a future 4th.
  2. Week 16 - Rams at Cardinals

    Right? Although I think this is more about how bad Malcolm Brown is rather than saying CJ Anderson is good.
  3. Remember when Lynch wanted to pick this guy at 3? What a mitigated disaster.
  4. Trade deadline - Rams trade for Fowler

    Love the idea. Hate the player. Hope I'm wrong about this one. I'd be much more comfortable if the aforementioned Jerry Hughes was coming this way instead... What are the Bills thinking?
  5. Week 3 - Rams vs Chargers - Battle of LA

    Safe to say this was Goff's best game? The play he made on Kupp's TD might've been the best play I've seen him make.
  6. Rams attempted a trade for Mack

    Raiders got one thing right. Low-key burn on the Bears.
  7. The STL Cardinals Thread - Yelich Owns Us (9-7)

    Really wishing we could've found a roster spot for Luke Voit.
  8. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    We saw this in Cleveland for several years. HC vs. GM. Gruden trying to lay the blame onto McKenzie. Only one will survive, and I have a feeling it's the one who will be paid 100mil over 10 years.
  9. Rams 2018 offseason

    Jeesh... I got burned on these two evaluations.
  10. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    Just throwing people under the bus now. Turning into a toxic situation.
  11. Rams extend Aaron Donald 6 years 135 mil 87 mil grt

    Dominique Hafield and Troy Hill started important games for the Rams last season.
  12. Rams 2018 offseason

    I was kinda hoping we'd make a play on John Simon or Vince Biegel. Still think the roster could use another rusher.
  13. Having talent helps. Noteboom is a hell of a prospect.