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  1. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    1. Worst case scenario, the Rams receive a 3rd round comp pick. 2. Tavon Austin is not a reason to not acquire a receiver.
  2. Expectations for Cooper Kupp

    Geez, seeing some extremely lofty expectations. There's no way he tops what Jamison Crowder did last season (68/847/7). I'm betting on numbers around 50/500/5. Career wise, you don't want to know (much worse than Chris Godwin). Hope he gets replaced sooner rather than later.
  3. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Oh we just need to trade for bonafide talents, that's all
  4. Bills Trade WR Sammy Watkins To the Rams

    We deserve it. Just don't remind me of Cooper Kupp, please.
  5. Rams Acquire Sammy Watkins

    Good point. Think this is Les Snead's swan song. Additionally, there's no way anyone felt good about Woods/Kupp/Austin going into the season. Usually hate giving up valuable picks like that 2nd will be, but Watkins is an elite talent that is never available. I love the move.
  6. Bills Trade WR Sammy Watkins To the Rams

    Big get for the Rams. I love the move. There was no way Rams could go into the season with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp as the leading receivers
  7. Rams sign WR K.D. Cannon

    I just saw this and I was a fan. Just hope he keeps his head straight. Best case scenario, he can do his best DeSean Jackson impression and run go routes all day. Definitely not the role for Tavon Austin.
  8. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    Maybe. But Adams' success against righties seems legit. Assuming he would have hit like that here (which seems doubtful), a platoon with him and Jose Martinez would've been productive at 1B. .301 BABIP is lower than his career average. Contact slash of 13.4 %/44.3 %/42.3 % (soft/medium/hard) is impressive and close to his career norms. Pulling the ball as much as before. Nothing sticks out with his plate discipline either (O-Swing/O-Contact and Z-Swing/Z-Contact). Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like a change of scenery just made him better for no reason.
  9. Expectations for Jared Goff

    I want to be proven wrong. The receiving "talent" acquired in the off-season is less than desirable. I'm banking on the impressive coaching staff and improvement among the offensive line to lead to improvements in Goff's game.
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    RE: Grichuk Trade Interest I have a hard time trading someone who's young and consistently among the league leaders in barrels/plate appearance. As mentioned by @CWood21, I fear another Matt Adams success story for whoever would acquire him. The fact he's had 4+ seasons to correct his K% woes is worrisome, but he's a talent I wouldn't let go.
  11. The STL Cardinals Thread - #FireMatheny (61-56)

    Like most prospects that don't "look" like a typical player, people have him all over the map. I'd like to see him play before ranking him that highly. What I do like is how highly KATOH ranks him.