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  1. He's an outlier in the "pristine route-runner, QB on the field" types that pan out in the NFL. At least he dominated his competition and had gawdy production at EW.
  2. My thoughts that no one asked for: I can't be the only one that likes the 3rd and 4th picks better than the first two... Akers - Has the regime not learned about early investments in running back? Todd Gurley investment was a costly mistake that should haunt Les Snead and Co. Instead, drafting a RB with your most valuable pick and essentially making the 3rd round pick from the last draft a sunk cost. Another reason why drafting backs this early is never a good idea. Love Akers as a player though, and had him controversially over Dobbins. Jefferson - I have very vivid flashbacks of this pick to the 2017 draft. Passing on young/dynamic Chris Godwin for the old/twitchy Cooper Kupp. This time, we passed on Denzel Mims (#1 comp. to Godwin) for Van Jefferson. It's deja vu. Not a fan and its a hard sell in one of the strongest receiver classes we have ever seen. Jefferson is low percentile across the board on the athleticism and production spectrum and is quite frankly an underwhelming prospect. -The redeeming Terrell's; where the draft was saved- Lewis - This is how you attack the middle rounds. Love the positional value, love the fit, love the risk, and ultimately love the prospect. While his only other knock is his struggle against top talent, it will be Brandon Staley's first project as DC to put into a position to succeed. Burgess - The best pick the Rams made considering the value. Burgess is an uber athletic DB that can fill many different roles on the defense year 1. Big enough to cover tweener TE's and quick enough to cover receivers, the Burgess profile is hard to dislike. Went unanimously later than anyone expected. -The rest- Hopkins - Like the athlete and the production. One of the better TE profiles in this weak class. However, I wish McVay would utilize the athletic TE that is already on the roster, but that's a conversation for another day. Fuller - I like betting on Ohio State players at any point in the draft. Although like many have said, not sure what there is to like on the profile. Fuller is here to provide safety depth and fight for a role on special teams. Johnston - Instinctive, "try hard" interior backer should find a depth role on the team. Hard to argue the pick. Sloman - In Bonamego we trust? Anchrum - Can't say I agree with not addressing the offensive line until the 7th round. I'm not asking for a repeat of 2015 where the Rams just picked offensive linemen to fill a need and ignoring player value, but at least Anchrum provides a solid value here. Should be able to naturally translate from T to G at the NFL level. Around the NFL: Thought the Browns, Bucs, and Panthers deserve the highest grades in the league.
  3. Did not follow this process as much as in the past, but my general thoughts from the draft: If it wasn't apparent before, it is now. College production matters to this group. Basically every pick had a very productive college career. Most fall short athletically unfortunately. Rapp was a mega producer at Wash that offers upper tier agility and nothing else. Darrell Henderson is the most efficient RB in college history with high tier speed and average everywhere else. Really love the high BMI, which translates well. David Long is my kind of pick. Dominated at Michigan and has the elite athleticism across the board to back it up. Steal of the draft. Bobby Evans was the first head scratcher, but on many accounts played well at OU. Barely passes the 10 and SS threshold, but leave a lot to be desired in the 3C. At least he excels in pass pro, which is ideal. Greg Gaines is another meh athlete as mentioned before. Had a unexpectedly high QB pressure rate at UW. His run stuffing "prowess" doesn't move the needle for me. David Edwards surprisingly projects well at the next level. It takes a lot for me to like a linemen with sole value in the run game, but I think he can develop into a good player. Hits all the OL thresholds. Nick Scott is the perfect 7th round flyer. Athleticism off the charts. Will he ever be more than a special teamer? Dakota Allen is one of the most agile linebackers in the class. Not much else to add.
  4. Okay then. Wonder if Elgton was considered.
  5. Elgton Jenkins Chase Winovich Greedy Williams One of them are dropping
  6. Love the day 1 trade. Getting Greedy would be awesome.
  7. Right? Although I think this is more about how bad Malcolm Brown is rather than saying CJ Anderson is good.
  8. Remember when Lynch wanted to pick this guy at 3? What a mitigated disaster.
  9. Love the idea. Hate the player. Hope I'm wrong about this one. I'd be much more comfortable if the aforementioned Jerry Hughes was coming this way instead... What are the Bills thinking?
  10. Safe to say this was Goff's best game? The play he made on Kupp's TD might've been the best play I've seen him make.
  11. Raiders got one thing right. Low-key burn on the Bears.
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