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  1. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    MLB is dead in the water. They are taking ques from their commissioner. He is directionless, emotionless, and just cavalier about the game in general. With no real leadership, this crap is going to fester and linger for a week until everything crashes on itself and baseball just implodes on itself and cancels the rest of the season. Hell, we cant even get clarification on roster rules for the 60 games.
  2. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    Tell me more
  3. Assuming we have a season...

    Sugar-1.Clemson vs 4.Alabama Rose-2.Penn State vs 3.Georgia Orange-North Carolina vs Notre Dame Peach-Florida vs Louisiana Lafayette Cotton-Ohio State vs USC Fiesta-Oregon vs Oklahoma State
  4. What movie are you watching?

    A couple weeks ago, I decided to watch Doctor Sleep. Absolutely loved it. Since it was done by Mike Flanagan, I decided to finally watch The Haunting of Hill House for a second time. It scared the crap out of me the first time, so Ive put it off. With the help of a little something, I was able to watch again, and it really might be my favorite season of tv ever. I think its that good. So, Ive been going down a rabbit hole for horror movies lately. The Conjuring-Saw in theaters because of my then girlfriend. It scared the crap out of me in theaters. I liked it in the rewatch. Really liked it. James Wan is such a good director. I really like the husband and wife characters. The Conjuring 2-I thought it was a better movie than the first. A couple more intense scares, and that Crooked Man is so creepy. I want more of this house. The Nun-She was pretty creepy in The Conjuring 2, but this movie sucked. Turned it off after about 45 mins. A couple of jump scares was all it had. Annabelle Comes Home-I actually saw this in theaters last year when my power was out and it was the only thing playing at that time. It sucked then. It sucked upon rewatch. None of the characters that Annabelle releases were scary. It really needed the husband and wife. Annabelle Creation-I did not watch the first Annabelle because reviews are terrible and they all say this was a much better movie. I agree. It held the tension well throughout the movie, and subverted expectations a couple times. It keeps you on your feet enough, and there is one really good scare that I was not expecting.
  5. 2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Why not? 10 College Players To Watch Kumar Rocker||RHP||Vanderbilt 15.0 IP, 28 K, 8 BB, 6 H, 3 ER Jack Leiter||RHP||Vanderbilt 15.2 IP, 22 K, 8 BB, 5 H, 3 ER Matt McLain||2B/SS||UCLA .397/.422/.621, 3 HR, 4 2B, 4/13 BB/K Hunter Goodman||C||Memphis .357/.416/.743, 8 HR, 3 2B, 5/16 BB/K Gunnar Hoglund||RHP||Ole Miss 23.1 IP, 37 K, 4 BB, 18 H, 3 ER Jaden Hill||RHP||LSU 11.2 IP, 17 K, 5 BB, 1 H, 0 ER Adrian Del Castillo||C||Miami .358/.478/.547, 2 HR, 2 2B, 1 3B, 11/8 BB/K Jud Fabian||CF||Florida .294/.407/.603, 5 HR, 6 2B, 13/18 BB/K Tommy Mace||RHP||Florida(not drafted) 27.0 IP, 26 K, 5 BB, 21 H, 5 ER Parker Chavers||CF||Coastal Carolina(not drafted) DNP-Injured 5 High Schoolers To Watch Brady House||3B/RHP||Winder Barrow, GA Commitment-Tennessee Christian Little||RHP||Christian Brothers, MO Commitment-Vanderbilt Braylon Bishop||CF||Texarkana, AR Commitment-Arkansas Izaac Pacheco||3B||Friendswood, TX Commitment-Texas A&M Marcelo Mayer||2B/SS||Eastlake, CA Commitment-UCLA
  6. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    I like Walker. I think he ends up in left or first by the time he is 25 because he will probably get even bigger. Power is legit. Pretty agile for now. Some swing and miss concerns. 21 is good value for him. I dont think he would have lasted to the comp round. It looks like the Cards announced Wynn as a SS, which might be better in the long run. He is a better prospect as a pitcher, but he is small, so durability questions are there. He'll stick at short. Good speed. Bat is the question mark. If they are taking him strictly as a SS and have no plans of him pitching, then he was taken too high. Dont know much about Hence. Like Wynn, if you are taking Burelson strictly as a hitter, might not be good. He's a much better hitting prospect, but he's gonna take the LF/1B/DH path. He can be in a major league pen as a reliever, not high leverage, but he could pitch enough to keep getting put back out there. Prater is a meh prospect. No pitch stands out, but the numbers were there in college. This is the type of guy that the Cardinals get the most out of, and he ends up in the back end of the rotation for a couple years. Bedell would have benefited from a full college season because this was going to be his first time in the weekend rotation. Good Cape where he was sitting in the 90s, but was in the high 80s this year. Was it rust? Was the Cape a blip? Cold weather? Very good command and a couple of offspeed pitches with promise. Probably my favorite pick of the Cards draft. No clue about LJ Jones If Wynn and Burelson get a chance to pitch along with hit, Id give the draft a B- If Wynn and Burelson are strictly position players, C
  7. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Here are my 5 favorite and 5 least favorite drafts. Im just looking into the talent they are bringing into the system from a prospect point of view. 1.San Diego The Padres are saying they can get the money to give Wilcox 3 million to keep from going back to Georgia. If they can do that, they will have two top 15 players in the draft and Lange, who popped up this spring hitting triple digits. 2.Detroit Detroit needed bats in the system. Their first five picks were college hitters. I love the strategy. I think they got good value where they picked Dingler, Cabrera, Cruz, and Workman. Colt Keith is a interesting project in the fifth. 3.NY Mets I think the Mets got a top 5 prospect in the draft at 19. They are inserting a top 100 player straight into their system. Ginn was potentially a top 10 guy this draft before his injury, and Greene is a very raw, but talented kid. They would be higher, but I dont like anything after the first three picks. 4.Chicago Cubs I love the Howard pick. Another guy that could have went top 10 with a full season. He's going to have some pressure as a hometown kid. Calloway is the best reliever in the draft and you dont label him as a high leverage reliever. He is a closer. Maybe a tad high, but he can be in a pen in 2020. Nwogu has so many tools. Could be special if he puts it together, and Little can hit 105 on the gun. 5.Milwaukee Even if the bat doesnt come around, you still have two plus tools in defense and speed for Mitchell, so he is worth the gamble at 20. Zamora was a potential first rounder this year before his injury, and I love that the Brewers announced Zavier Warren as a catcher. He hasnt played the position in college, but with his skill set, he could be very valuable if he can do it. 1.Atlanta This is about as close to punting a draft as you can get. Everyone expected cheap college signs with the first two picks, then high upside high schoolers with the savings, like in 2019, but that didnt happen. Not a single player drafted will be in the organization top 20 this year. 2.Cleveland The Indians took three high school position players. Tucker was taken because he was determined to go first day and will take 1-1.5 mil. Low ceiling. I feel the same with Halpin and Tolentino. All three are athletic enough to stay at short or center, but I think major changes much happen for them to hit enough. The three college pitchers taken have low ceilings as well and I see Burns and Allen as relievers, and Hickman is back of the rotation at best. 3.Kansas City Lacy is a good pick. I didnt have him top three, but its good value at #3. They had picks at 32 and 41 and had a chance to really infuse a system that got beat up a lot in 2019 by under performance, and they blew it. I do not believe in Loftin. I dont think he hits enough to get to the majors. Hernandez probably could have been had a lot later. The last two college pitchers they took are pen bound. 4.Boston This is all because of Yorke in the first. I didnt have him being taken in all five rounds. He has no position at the moment because of his arm and the bat might have come around, but looking at this as players looking to boost a system, and he isnt going to move the needle at the moment. Boston might have found a gem, but we wont know for a while. I love Blaze in the 3rd, and they announced him as a 3rd baseman. Thats interesting. 5.Texas I love Foscue. I think he has a lot of value for Texas. He can be a real offensive force in Arlington. After that, Im not excited by any of their picks, and they have been really bad at developing high schoolers the past few years, so I dont really trust their evaluations when they take these guys earlier than people think.
  8. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Luke Little, the 105 mph man, potentially getting 500k from the Cubs is very interesting.
  9. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Calabrese will probably go underslot there, so its a perfect Moreno pick. They really do like their outfielders in the 2-5 rounds.
  10. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Taking Tanner Witt at 126 and giving him 1.5 mil is the only thing going to keep me from flipping my **** as a Braves fan.
  11. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Stopping in to say that the Astros made an A+ pick with their first spot of 72. Santos could be scary in that organization.
  12. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Forgot about Shuster. Id take almost all of the 10 players I didnt want over him. Im not going to get pissed yet. Ill wait to see what they do with their last picks, but the rumors are they love Cole Henry for their next pick, and I think he is a reliever like Shuster, so........The high school guys in the 4th and 5th better be worth it, because this is underwhelming as hell. I hate AAs draft strategy.
  13. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    Im scared as a Braves fan. Beeter, Martin, Loftin, Mlodzinski, Burns, Cecconi are all still left.
  14. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    congrats @ramssuperbowl99@beekay414 Smart pick at 20
  15. 2020 MLB Draft Thread (No Spoilers)

    I hate you Mets