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  1. Shazam

    Went to one of the fandango early screenings. Note. I am a DC apologist. the first half of the movie was boring and just plain bad. Terrible CGI. Terrible world building. Rip offs from other movies. i got back from the bathroom, and it was like it was a totally different movie. It was spectacular. It showed who Captain Marvel really is. I laughed. I wanted to jump out of my seat. It might be the best climax of any superhero movie. 7.5/10 spoilers for both after credits scenes [spoilers] thats definitely Mr Mxyzptlk in the mid credits right? adter credits is awesome and shows the link to Aquaman. A JL is coming but it’s going to be different members and is going to be a few years off.[/spoilers]
  2. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top 5 Per Team Part 4

    Oakland 1.Jesus Luzardo||LHP||MLB 2.AJ Puk||LHP||AA 3.Sean Murphy||C||AAA 4.Austin Beck||OF||A+ 5.Lazaro Armenteros||OF||A+ Player to Watch:Marcos Brito||SS||A -Im not going to even start with them wasting their first round pick in the top ten on a player that shouldnt have even been picked in the first round which pretty much made them punt the 2018 draft. What they have in their system is some guys that could vault them into one of the better systems if they come back from injury. James Kaprielian(16th overall in 2015) hasnt pitched since 2016. Grant Holmes(22nd overall in 2014) threw 6 innings last year. Daulton Jefferies(CBA 2016) has thrown 20 innings in three years. All three guys have nice potential, but they have to stay healthy, and if they can finally do that, the A's could have a nice problem. This isnt even counting AJ Puk, who broke out big time in 2017, but had to have TJS last year. Now top prospect Jesus Luzardo is dealing with some shoulder discomfort. It would be a huge blow to not only the organization, but the major league team, if he has to miss significant time because he was going to be looked to as a guy to make a impact in 2019. The system really needs guys like Jorge Mateo and Sheldon Neuse to take that next step in AAA. Both showed major glimpses last season in Nashville, but both ultimately had disappointing years. Mateo has true 80 speed, and is a good defender at short, but has a sky rocketing K%, and if he cant make contact, he cannot show off the blazing speed(16 triples in 2018). Neuse is a under the radar guy that had a breakout year at the plate in 2017, but couldnt recreate it in AAA in 2018. He has the arm and is adequate enough at third to profile as a good defender, but he struck out almost a third of his at bats last year and the power left. He did show some offensive ability in the last few months of the season last year, so maybe he has turned the corner and is in line for a big 2019. Pittsburgh 1.Mitch Keller||RHP||AAA 2.Oneil Cruz||INF||A+ 3.Travis Swaggerty||OF||A 4.Ke'Bryan Hayes||3B||AAA 5.Calvin Mitchell||OF||A+ Player to Watch:Lolo Sanchez||OF||A+ -Oneil Cruz. He turned 20 years old in October. He is 6'7. He wasnt this big just over a year ago. Is he going to keep growing? There's no way he can stick at short is there? No one knows. He is a physical freak with a cannon(80) of an arm. He will find a spot to play either in the infield or outfield. He also has plus raw power that could be plus plus. He could be a top ten prospect in a year, or we could be laughing at me hyping him up so much. The floor to ceiling to so big for him right now because of his size. Ke'Bryan Hayes is a gold glover at third. He needs to hit more because neither his power nor his speed will be above average in the majors. Travis Swaggerty was one of my favorite players in the 2018 draft. He doesnt have one tool that really stands out, but he has five tools that look to be above average, and that is extremely valuable. Because he is an advanced player. He needs to go up the ladder pretty quickly. Pittsburgh has a lot of 4A players that fit their organizational profile in Cole Tucker, Kevin Newman, Bryan Reynolds, and Kevin Kramer. Its good for organizational depth, but these guys arent going to help the big league club that much. Lolo Sanchez has a lot of issues right now. He has no power. He has problems with the breaking ball. His hit tool looks pretty bad at the moment, but he hasnt hit 20 years old yet and he has already played a full year in A ball. He will stick in center and he can be above average there. His speed plays. He just needs a breakout season at the plate to show that he can be a guy that can start at the big league level in the future. St Louis 1.Alex Reyes||RHP||AAA 2.Andrew Knizner||C||AAA/MLB 3.Nolan Gorman||3B||A 4.Elehuris Montero||3B||AA 5.Jhon Torres||OF||R Player to Watch:Ivan Herrera||C||A -St Louis was another organization that I thought knocked it out of the park in the 2018 draft. There was no reason for Nolan Gorman to slip to the 19th pick, but the Cardinals will benefit from the stupidity of other teams. He dominated the Appalachian League as a 18 year old and was even pushed to full season A ball. He looked absolutely lost there, but thats not uncommon for someone just months out of high school. He had the best prep power in the draft and showed it. The swing and miss is the biggest concern, and that is probably why he dropped so low, but in today's game, even striking out over a third of the time is ok if you can get on base and hit the ball a long way. I was high of Griffin Roberts out of Wake Forst because his slider might have been the best off speed pitch in the draft. He is a future closer, but the team is going to try and develop him as a starter first. He will be out a while for a failed drug test. Luken Baker is a monster, and I mean that literally. I dont think Ive ever met a bigger person trying to play baseball. He was a uber prospect out of high school but decided to go the college route. A few injuries later, and it cost him a lot of money, but if his short showing in A ball is any indicator, he will be just fine. Gorman might have had the best pure power in HS, but Baker has the best power from the college ranks. He is going to be a prototypical power 1B as long as he can stay healthy and his body doesnt get worse. Finally, we get to Steven Gingery. A lefty from Texas Tech, that was one of the better college pitchers for his first two seasons, but got the TJ bug in 2018, and was lost for the season. He is a lefty that doesnt blow you away, but knows how to pitch, and already has three pitches that are almost major league ready, and he can command them, which helps since he sits around 90 during starts. Ivan Herrera. 18 years old until June. Played so well in the Gulf Coast, that he was called up to AA for two games when injuries depleted their catchers. He could make a huge impact in full season ball in 2019. Texas 1.Bubba Thompson||OF||A+ 2.Cole Winn||RHP||R 3.Hans Crouse||RHP||A 4.Julio Pablo Martinez||OF||A 5.Cole Ragans||LHP||R Player to Watch:Eli White||2B||AAA/MLB -As you can see, every prospect of note in the Texas system is in the lower levels. This team has almost no one of note between AA and AAA. They did make a couple of trades for pitchers bringing in Taylor Hearn(Pittsburgh) and Brock Burke(Tampa Bay) into the organization. This helps their putrid depth, but I dont think either is a long term solution in the Texas rotation. The organization has started to take high ceiling high school picks in the past few drafts, and it could be rewarding in a couple of years. Cole Ragans might be my favorite pitching prospect in the organization. A first round pick in 2016. He was poised for the breakout year in 2018 before he went down and had to have TJS before the season started. Before the injury, he showed a plus fastball and changeup that helped to dominate the Northwest League in 2017. Its not sure if he will be back this year. He could be a 22 year old starting A ball in 2020. The Rangers two big international names, Leody Taveras and Julio Pablo Martinez, had disappointing seasons in 2018, and look nothing like the prospects that many thought the were before 2018. Taveras just hasnt hit. Everyone keeps thinking the next year will be the one that he breaks out, but it hasnt happened yet. As a supposed advanced 22 year old out of Cuba, Julio Pablo Martinez looked just ordinary during his 60 games in the Northwest League in 2018. Maybe it was adjusting to playing ball in America, or maybe he was rusty from not playing high level competition, but the tools didnt look as great as advertised, and since he is probably going to be strictly a left fielder, he is going to have to hit to justify playing in the majors. 2019 could be make or break years for both prospects. Toronto 1.Vlad Guerrero Jr||3B||MLB 2.Bo Bichette||SS||AAA 3.Danny Jansen||C||MLB 4.Eric Pardinho||RHP||A 5.Nate Pearson||RHP||A Player to Watch:Hagen Danner||C||A -Everyone knows about Guerrero and Bichette. Vlad might be a better prospect that Ronald Acuna was, and thats saying a lot, and Bichette is a consensus top 20-25 prospect. I have one concern for both players, and that is position. Both will lose some value if they cannot stay on the left side of the infield. It shouldnt hurt Vlad at all if he hits as much as everyone thinks he will, but it is a small knock on Bichette. He will still very valuable at second because of his offense, but he would be much higher if he found a way to stick at short. After those two, the Blue Jays have two very intriguing right handed pitching prospects. Eric Pardinho just hit 18 years old in January, but he was dominant during his stint in the Appalachian League last year. He struck out a lot of guys, and walked hardly any. He has a fastball and curveball that are very advanced for his age, and as you can see, he already has an idea of the strike zone. He could be a fast riser in the system and in rankings if he can get that third pitch to major league average. Pearson might have the best fastball in minor league baseball. Its a true 80 that clocked in at 104 in the AFL during the all star game. The problem is that he isnt healthy and has only thrown 21 professional innings(not counting AFL). He's wild. The plus slider doesnt know where its going at times. He has lights out closer written all over him, but the Jays will try to make him a starter first. Hagen Dagger was primarily a pitcher for most of his high school career, but he showed enough behind the plate for the Jays to take him early in 2017. He looked advanced for the Appalachian League last year as a 19 year old. If he can show the ability at the plate in full season ball that he did last year, then he could be a viable prospect because he is going to stick at catcher for his career. -
  3. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top 5 Per Team Part 4

    A guy I like is TJ Friedl. Not flashy by any means, but he uses every ounce of talent he has to succeed. He is the type of guy that will find a role on a major league team for multiple years.
  4. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Bill Hall
  5. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top 5 Per Team Part 4

    Cleveland 1.Triston McKenzie||RHP||AAA 2.Ethan Hankins||RHP||R 3.Nolan Jones||3B||AA 4.Yu Chang||3B||AAA/MLB 5.Lenny Torres||RHP||R Player to Watch:Nick Sandlin||RHP||AA -I really, really, really liked Cleveland's draft in 2018. It was probably top two with Detroit for me. Ethan Hankins has the most potential of any pick from the draft, and if it wasnt for the shoulder tightness, he would have went either #1 or #2. He is going to make a lot of people look stupid. Their third first round pick, Lenny Torres, blew scouts away once he made it to the AZL Indians. Fastball is plus. Slider flashes plus, and he did all of this at 17 years old(birthday is in October). The Indians first draft pick in 2018, not even in the top 5, was Noah Naylor. As a catcher, he could be one of the best offensive ones in the game, but much like former farm hand Francisco Mejia, he is very athletic and might move to another position to maximize his offensive value, and get him moving up the ladder quicker. The teams second rounder was reliever Nick Sandlin, and all he did last year was make it through four levels. He is a very advanced pitcher from the college ranks. He has four pitches that are probably major league average that he throws from multiple arm slots. Dont be surprised if he is the first guy from the 2018 draft to make it to the majors. Cincinnati 1.Nick Senzel||INF/OF||MLB 2.Taylor Trammell||OF||AA 3.Hunter Greene||RHP||A+ 4.Vladimir Gutierrez||RHP||AAA 5.Tony Santillian||RHP||AA Player to Watch:Nick Hanson||RHP||R/A -Im glad Cincinnati is joining the small ranks of teams that are trying to win. I just think that they have gone about it the wrong way. Through two trades, they have lost Jeter Downs, Shed Long, and Josiah Gray. Two players in my rankings, and another that is a 2018 draftee that has some descent upside. Because of this, the farm system has taken a bit of a hit. They do have three players that are in my top 50. Senzel is going to play somewhere in Cincinnati in 2019. You have to give him credit. He has played so many positions, trying to get him in the lineup, and he has been at least serviceable at all of them. I think his approach at the plate is a lot like Reds great Joey Votto. He is going to be a on base machine, with adequate power. Hunter Greene is a guy that you just want to cheer for. Look up what he has done for his community for the past few years as a teenager. He has the makeup you want, and it helps that he has a 80 fastball. The secondary stuff and the command have a ways to go, but he doesnt even turn 20 until August, so his ceiling is sky high. Nick Hanson is a guy that has 20 career innings in three years. He was a cold weather arm(Minnesota) that could have went higher than the third round in 2016. He was babied after being drafted, and then had TJS before the start of the 2017 season. This year will be his first full one in professional baseball. He is a big kid at 6'6 that has a plus fastball and not much else right now. Who knows what will come of him, but he is pretty intriguing. Los Angeles Angels 1.Jo Adell||OF||AA 2.Brandon Marsh||OF||AA 3.Jahmai Jones||2B||AA 4.Griffin Canning||RHP||AAA/MLB 5.Matt Thaiss||1B||AAA Player to Watch:Livan Soto||SS||A -Just a few years ago, the Angels had one of the worst farm systems that might have been one of the worst ever. Thaiss and Marsh were drafted in 2016. Adell and Canning were drafted in 2017, and they benefited from the Braves scandal to get Kevin Maitan and Livan Soto. Add in some great athletes in the 2018 class, and Mike Trout might actually have some help in Los Angeles soon. Adell and Marsh are two guys that were great athletes with raw tools when drafted, but have been able to develop them during their time in the organization. Adell is as close as you can get to a true 5 tool player. He has shown the ability to hit for both average and power so far as a teenager to go along with potential Gold Glove ability in the field. He will turn 20 in April and will be in AA. Marsh might not have quite the potential with the bat as Adell, but he still looks to be a solid contributor at the plate, and he does have the speed and defensive ability to be great. At 18 years old, Livan Soto should make his debut in full season ball this year. He is a guy that will definitely stick at shortstop, and has shown a advanced approach so far. If he can show he has any power, he could be on his way to the majors. Philadelphia 1.Adonis Medina||RHP||AA 2.Luis Garcia||SS|R 3.Adam Haseley||OF||AAA 4.Alex Bohm||3B||A 5.Spencer Howard||RHP||A+ Player to Watch:Jhailyn Ortiz||1B||A+ -The Philadelphia Phillies arent good at the draft thing. Only one of their players drafted in the past 10 years is on their roster(Nola), and only three are even in the majors(Crawford, Biddle). 2015 first rounder Cornelius Randolph is a non-prospect. 2016 first pick, Mickey Moniak, has been a non-factor so far. 2017 first round pick, Adam Haseley, is one of their better prospects but he is going to be limited to left field, and he doesnt have the power to really be a big impact there. I was not high on Alec Bohm in the 2018 draft. I do not think his raw power will translate to games. He also isnt too athletic, and will likely end up at first before he reaches the majors. I do like Adonis Medina, and I think the Marlins might regret taking Sanchez over him in the Realmuto trade. Medina just turned 22 in December, but he already has an advanced feel for the strike zone for his age. His fastball has nice movement to it, and he has two secondary pitches that can flash plus at times. I would not be surprised to see him in the majors by the end of this season. Jhailyn Ortiz is a bad body first baseman that possibly has 80 raw power. Besides that, he is still very raw. He doesnt have a good idea of the strike zone, and he is obviously stuck to first base. If he can somewhat put it together at the plate, and harness the power, he could be a prospect to watch for. Washington 1.Victor Robles||OF||MLB 2.Carter Kieboom||SS||AAA 3.Luis Garcia||SS||AA 4.Mason Denaburg||RHP||R 5.James Bourque||RHP||AAA Player to Watch:Tanner Rainey||RHP||AAA/MLB -No team in the majors has as much disparity in their system. They have three prospects that could rank in the top 50, but after that? They have a 2018 draft pick with promise, and not much else. Victor Robles probably has four elite tools. He is uber athletic and fast. Add that to good instincts, and you have a guy that could be one of the best defenders in center for years. He's also a guy that has a good eye at the plate. He doesnt strike out much, and he takes plenty of walks. The only question mark I have is his power. He's never really show it in the minors, but he could be a good gap hitter, and with his speed, he could be a doubles machine. Up until last year, Luis Garcia was overshadowed by fellow 2016 signee Yasel Antuna, but he broke out in a big way in A/A+. He doesnt turn 19 until May, but he could already be headed to AA ball. He somewhat surprisingly hit 7 HRs last season, and he could have a little more power in his body as he matures. He also only struck out 15% of the time in over 500 plate appearances. He solid, not spectacular, at short, but he will definitely stick at the position. Tanner Rainey is your prototypical reliever in today's game. He has a fastball that can hit triple digits. A slider that flashes as a above average major league pitch, and lots of problems throwing strikes. If he can somehow find the strike zone, he could be a high leverage guy for the Nationals.
  6. Disney completes 21st Century Fox acquisition

    The shawarma scene in Avengers was done after filming and lasted a day. If they wanted to do something, the could easily do it.
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Spoiler alert..........there was
  8. Angels Extending Trout 12/430m

    2020(we'll say mid-year) C-? 1B-? 2B-Jahmai Jones 3B-David Fletcher SS-Andrelton Simmons LF-Justin Upton CF-Mike Trout RF-Jo Adell DH-Shohei Ohtani 40 mil coming off the books with Calhoun, Harvey, Cahill, Allen, and Lucroy. Bring in someone like Jose Abreu/Josh Donaldson and bring Gerrit Cole home and you have something.
  9. What movie are you watching?

    Does not compute
  10. 2019 MLB Draft

    Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State .456/.619/.895, 8 HR, 1 2B, 26 BB, 10 K Kameron Misner, OF, Missouri .324/.483/.574, 5 HR, 2 2B, 20 BB, 16 K, 10-10 SB Bryson Stott, SS, UNLV .333/.505/.667, 5 HR, 7 2B, 2 3B, 25 BB, 17 K, 3-5 SB Andrew Vaughn, 1B, California .418/.579/.818, 7 HR, 1 2B, 20 BB, 8 K Chase Strumpf, 2B, UCLA .282/.378/.465, 3 HR, 2 2B, 1 3B, 9 BB, 22 K Michael Toglia, 1B, UCLA .229/.308/.386, 1 HR, 4 2B, 2 3B, 7 BB, 22 K Kyle McCann, C/1B, Georgia Tech .400/.553/1.014, 12 HR, 7 2B, 24 BB, 16 K Jaxx Groshans, C, Kansas .391/.518/.797, 8 HR, 2 2B, 17 BB, 11 K Hunter Bishop, OF, Arizona State .438/.549/.986, 10 HR, 6 2B, 2 3B, 15 BB, 11 K, 8-9 SB JJ Bleday, OF, Vanderbilt .363/.439/.650, 6 HR, 5 2B, 13 BB, 16 K 2020 Spencer Torkelson, OF, Arizona State .385/.468/.551, 3 HR, 4 2B, 14 BB, 14 K Patrick Bailey, C, North Carolina State .338/.485/.662, 4 HR, 8 2B, 2 3B, 21 BB, 7 K
  11. 2019 MLB Draft

    Emerson Hancock, 2020 RHP #1 prospect, got SEC play started on Friday night against South Carolina 7 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 1 ER, 12 K 2019 Season: 31 IP, 16 H, 8 BB, 2 ER, 37 K
  12. 2019 MLB Draft

    Watched Michael Busch from North Carolina for the first time today. Not real impressed. Inside out swing. Not very powerful. Doesnt look too athletic either.
  13. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top 5 Per Team Part 4

    Arizona 1.Jon Duplantier||RHP||AA 2.Jazz Chisholm||SS||AA 3.Daulton Varsho||C||AA 4.Geraldo Perdomo||SS||A 5.Blaze Alexander||SS||A Player to Watch:Drew Ellis||3B||AA -Jon Duplantier just cant stay healthy. He has dealt with injuries since college, which led him to slide to the third round. In 2018, he missed more than a month because of tendinitis, but when he was healthy, he was dominant. He has the tools to be a top 30-40 prospect in the game, and could be a mid rotation starter for Arizona, but the injury concerns pop up year after year. Arizona has some intriguing SS prospects. Chisholm is the closest to the majors. I do question if he can play short in the majors, and I am always weary of players that have their breakout seasons in the very hitter friendly Cal League. Geraldo Perdomo and Blaze Alexander are both 19, and should start in full season A ball together. I think Perdomo is the better prospect that the moment. He has a lot of room to grow physically, and that could come with a move off short. I do think there is a lot of power in his body, and its going to come out soon. Giving Blaze Alexander enough money to keep him from college might be the best decision Arizona did in this past draft. I think he is more of a classic shortstop. Great arm and good range. Not going to be a real powerful guy, but it seems that he has a great idea of the strike zone, and could be an on base machine. Baltimore 1.Yusniel Diaz||OF||AA 2.DL Hall||LHP||A+ 3.Ryan Mountcastle||3B||AAA 4.Grayson Rodriguez||RHP||A 5.Jean Carlos Encarnacion||3B||A+ Player to Watch:Bruce Zimmermann||LHP||AA -If it werent for their trades with the Dodgers and Braves last year, the Orioles would possibly have the worst system in baseball. It looks like they have done a good job drafting in the first round(Mountcastle, Hall, Rodriguez), but they have been atrocious drafting after that. Diaz, the crown jewel in the Machado trade, looks like he will be an everyday starting outfielder, but with a bunch of tools that are just average, he is really going to have to develop one of them to be more than just pretty good. Hall was a guy that I had a top 10 grade on in the 2017 draft. Things started rocky for him in rookie ball and in A to begin 2018. The results finally started to come when he was able to command his pitches better. He could possibly have three above average pitches, and could be a regular in a rotation as long as he continues to improve the command. Jean Carlos Encarnacion and Bruce Zimmermann. Two guys the Orioles got from the Braves last year. Encarnacion has really grown and is a physical specimin. He has plus raw power to all fields. He hasnt mastered the strike zone yet, but that isnt too concerning yet but he needs to start showing improvement in 2019, which will be his fourth year in the professional leagues. Zimmermann broke out big time in A ball in 2018 before being traded. He was striking out over a batter an inning and was not walking anyone. He is not very physically impressive, and is pretty much maxed out, but with his advanced feel for pitching, he could be a guy that makes a career coming out of the pen in the majors. Milwaukee 1.Keston Hiura||2B||AAA 2.Brice Turang||SS||A 3.Corey Ray||OF||AAA 4.Tristen Lutz||OF||A+ 5.Zack Brown||RHP||AAA Player to Watch:Braden Webb||RHP||AA -The Brewers have really depleted their system in the past year, but at least they are an organization that has actually tried to win, unlike most of the teams in the majors, and they are one of the favorites in the NL because of it. They still have some impact guys at the very top, and that is led by Keston Hiura. He was a guy that had a very advanced bat coming out of UC Irvine. Milwaukee was not scared by his bad elbow, and since drafted, he has made the organization look like geniuses. His plus hit tool and potential plus power make him one of the best hitting prospects in the game. After Hiura, you have 2018 first rounder Brice Turang. Much like Hiura, he was a guy that some organizations soured on during the draft process. He fell into the Brewers lap, and if his first taste of professional ball is any indicator, teams are going to regret passing him up. He is going to stick at short. He has potential gold glove ability there to go along with potential plus speed. If he is able to get any power out of his body, then he could be a top half starting shortstop in the majors. Brandon Webb is the guy to watch for this year. With the way the Brewers use relievers for multiple innings, Webb could find a role in Milwaukee. He has a fastball that is a plus pitch and a curve that is developing and shows plus at times. The Brewers will probably start him off in the rotation this year, but his future role is going to be in the pen. Colorado 1.Brendan Rodgers||INF||AAA/MLB 2.Colton Welker||3B||AA 3.Garrett Hampson||2B||AAA/MLB 4.Ryan Villade||SS||A+ 5.Grant Lavigne||1B||A Player to Watch:Terrin Vavra||SS||A -The Rockies are set on the left side of the infield for the foreseeable future with Arenado and Story. They Signed second baseman Daniel Murphy to play first, and former top prospect Ryan McMahon is sliding from first to second this year. Where does that leave their prospects? Brendan Rodgers has over 600 plate appearances at AA or higher. Hampson just had a 121 wRC+ in AAA last year, and Colton Welker should start this year in AA. Are the Rockies just gun shy in putting prospects in starting roles when they want to fight for a playoff spot this year, or are they not as high on their prospects as the scouting community? Thats not something I know the answer to, but I think all three can be at least average major leaguers. Terrin Vavra was the Rockies third pick in the 2018 draft from the University of Minnesota. Like almost their whole organization, Vavra is a hit first middle infielder. He will probably end up at second as he advances. He has a very advanced eye at the plate, and he could develop double digit power. I could see him moving up the ladder pretty quickly. NY Mets 1.Andres Giminez||SS||AA 2.Pete Alonso||1B||MLB 3.Mark Vientos||3B||A 4.Simeon Woods-Richardson||RHP||R 5.Ronny Mauricio||SS||R Player to Watch:Tony Dibrell||RHP||A+ -Giminez is only 20 years old, and has already played two years in full season ball. It is impressive that he has been league average with the bat in both years, but Im still not convinced that he is going to be a real threat with the bat even as he ages. He probably isnt going to hit for power, and he doesnt have plus speed, so right now, his positional value and age is whats working in his favor. Now Pete Alonso has power. It hits 80, and he will probably have many 30+ home run seasons. Hitting for average might be a problem for him. His K% skyrocked up to 25.9% in AAA last season. Was it an abnormality or is it something that is going to hinder his value in the majors? Woods-Richardson was taken by the Mets in the second round this past season. Before his senior season, he was looked at going much higher, but the velocity was down and he just wasnt any good. In short season ball, everything looked to be back to normal, and if he can keep the velocity, then he has the potential to have two plus pitches. Tony Dibrell was much like Woods-Richardson. At Kennesaw State, he had a bad junior season, but he had flashed tools. The Mets took him, and last year in A ball, Dibrell was back to the pitcher that caught scouts eye. DIbrell doesnt have any plus pitches, but his advanced feel could help him to maybe be a back end of the rotation guy.
  14. Triple Frontier (Netflix)

    100%. Such a bad movie.
  15. What movie are you watching?

    Or when a guy gets shot halfway through the movie and 20 mins later, he is perfectly fine.