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  1. 2019 Transfer Thread

    2017 high 4* Aubrey Solomon has left Michigan. Will be interesting to see if either Georgia or Bama takes a look at him, since they were high on his list when he committed. Might be able to play immediately if he gets a medical redshirt this season.
  2. Devils Country Music Thread(2018 Top EPs 20-16)

    Favorite songs from 20-16
  3. Devils Country Music Thread(2018 Top EPs 20-16)

    20.Waterloo Revival-Wonder Woman This three song EP has no redeeming value at all. This group has gone way down hill since signing with Toby Keith’s Showdog Records a couple years ago. You don’t even want to listen to it to hear how bad it is.(5/50) 19.Jillian Jacqueline-Side B Maybe females will be more in tuned to listen to this album. I usually can enjoy music made and for women, but this is just an album that falls flat to my ears. Nothing really stands out from the overused cliches used in Nashville.(20/50) 18.Drake White-Pieces Oh how Drake has fallen. He has gone from one of the most promising, most unique talents in Nashville, to just another guy. Since switching management and his full team, Drake has lost his edge, and now sounds like any other Nashville artist. There is no soul in any of the songs on this new EP.(20/50) 17.Levi Hummon-Pieces Ive always been hot and cold with Levi. He will release a song that I really like, then will follow it up with something that shouldn’t be heard. This whole album is full of music that is just bland. He had always been more of a pop country artist, but this album takes it even further.(20/50) 16. Muscadine Bloodline-Movin’ On I really love these Alabama boys. Their 2017 EP was one of my favorites of the year, but their 2018 follow up pales in comparison. The harmonies are not as good. The writing is not as good. Just the whole product is a step down. Hopefully, better things are to come next year and I’m the future.(22/50)
  4. Devils Country Music Thread(2018 Top EPs 20-16)

    Been a while I have posted on this thread. Been kinda bored with a lot of what has been put out this year, but I will try to do my year end list. I don’t have a laptop right now so it will all come from my phone, so it will be abbreviated. No graphics. Going to start with EPs like usual. I ranked 20 this year.
  5. Aquaman (December 2018)

    Really fun movie. 7/10 is probably correct in its rating. its definitely a comic movie, and that’s a huge upgrade for DC. It doesn’t try to be anything else. It’s over the top. It has a few of those awesome geek out shots/sequences that Marvel is great at. Humor is a miss for the most part, but Mamoa is great, and the world building is phenomenal.
  6. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Look for RB Brian Herrien to transfer from Georgia after the bowl game. Descent back, but he was never going to be more than a fourth option with the backs the program brings in.
  7. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Take it for what its worth, but Trent Smallwood from Rivals has CBd Sanders to Georgia. He is 42 for 42 in the past two cycles on Georgia recruits, and the guy I trust has now put Sanders in his class predictions.
  8. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Momma/family could definitely be the biggest factor.
  9. The Official Recruiting Thread

    If anyone says they know where Sanders is going right now is fooling themselves. It wouldnt hurt if Georgia missed out on him since we already have a 4* committed, and should be in play for both of the great backs next year(both are better than anyone this year), but he would get the opportunity for a lot of touches next season. Holyfield probably declares for the draft and Herrien is going to leave to somewhere where he can get more touches, and that will leave Swift(great), Cook(dont think he is going to be great running the ball/should be a slot guy), and White(who is coming off ACL surgery).
  10. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Sanders tweet means nothing. Him and Nolan troll on twitter all the time. Thats where the main rumors have come from the past year about Smith leaving Georgia, when he has been 100% solid for over a year. Im going off Georgia and even national guys saying that Georgia has moved the needle when it comes to Sanders. Im not saying Georgia will get him, but I think its up to a punchers chance, and if you look at visits, Bama has been looking at other RBs. That could mean something. It might not Georgia has been in it a lot more with the two tackles more than crystal balls or whatever indicates. Both have been a priority for a while, and all Im saying is that I dont count out Sam Pittman in any recruiting battle. He is the best in the business. Wording was probably a bit too suggestive, but I do believe Georgia will end up with 7 5* at the end of all of this.
  11. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Smith, Webb, Walker, and Blaylock are locked in Haselwood and Dean are two guys Im counting, and will be until the guy that I follow(who is right 98% of the time) says otherwise. Only time I know he has been wrong was with Pappoe, and he knew a day before the announcement, and if we would have taken his friend, Pappoe would be with Georgia, but we probably wouldnt have went after Dean, so its whatever. I have full faith in Sam Pittman and believe that he is going to get one of the available tackles. Neal seems to be the guy at the moment, but Wright is a guy we are still in with, although it does look like he is leaning Tennessee. Sanders is the guy thats up in the air. We moved the needle a whole heck of a lot after last weekend. Will it be enough? I dont think anyone knows, but I do think it is telling that Alabama went in home with 3* DJ Williams last night, and its not because they are losing their one RB commit to Maryland. Glass seems to be the guy that will take his spot. They might know that Sanders isnt going to Tuscaloosa. Still a long way to go, but it seems that Georgia feels pretty good at the moment. Stevenson is someone Im not counting. I doubt he will get his fifth star, and if he does, it could cause Blaylock to slide to a four.
  12. The Official Recruiting Thread

    Great chance Georgia equals their 7 5* of last year, and probably around 50% that they better it.
  13. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    All Braves rumors in the past couple days The team is looking to upgrade the top of the rotation, but it wont be from a FA signing(Kuechel has never been contacted). Stroman, Gray, Bumgarner, and Kluber have been the names mentioned. 1.Gray, 2.Bumgarner, 3.Kluber, 4.Stroman would be the most likely. They have contacted Detroit about Castellanos. Haniger is probably out. Either Seattle isnt trading him or they are asking too much. If they cant trade for someone, Andrew McCutchen might be the top name for them to sign. Branley wants too much money, and I dont think the team is that interested in Pollock. Would probably expect players from the ML roster to be traded. Inciarte, Newcomb, and even Folty's name has come up, and AA is doing all he can to make the team better. A Folty trade would be a precursor to a much larger trade for a big name(Kluber?). Not going after any closers. Vizcaino or Minter will be the closer next year.....Not sure about other pen options. The team probably has around $30 mil to spend even after the Donaldson and McCann signings.
  14. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Braves have been linked to Stroman, but it seems like the Jays dont want to trade him.
  15. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I think its 50/50 right now that either Newcomb or Folty is on a different team come spring. AA is working on some big things.