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  1. Roast of Alec Baldwin

    Have people not heard of roasts before?
  2. Even with the INTs tonight, Ryan aint the problem. No one on the right side of the offensive line, and maybe the worst running game in the NFL will be the down fall because that will cause Ryan to go in gunslinger mode like tonight, and thats not always good. Knowing Payton and NO, Taysom Hill will be starting for Brees, and Payton will have some kind of crazy gameplan to do enough to win 9ish games and take the division. Plus I trust Quinn as much as I can throw him, and he is a big man.
  3. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Top 5 pick in 2022
  4. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Not great. Just like against Georgia Tech.
  5. Predict Joker's box office

    Its not going to be Deadpool, but a movie like Logan could be a good barometer for what we could expect, and that did 88 mil opening weekend and 226 mil total domestic for a 2.55 multiplier. If we are just a little conservative with the opening at 70 million with a 2.4 multiplier, you get to 168 million. I think its legs will be better than Logan with it coming out in October and it having Oscar buzz, so that multiplier is going to go up, and I think it will do over 75 million its first weekend. I doubt it will have huge overseas numbers because its not some huge blockbuster film so I think the box office take will be closer to 50/50 with the domestic total. Opening Weekend:79 million 2.8 qualifier Domestic Total:221 million No WW opening prediction since I dont know what markets it will open in on OCT 4 WW Total:209 million Total:430 million
  6. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    I vote Tennessee vs Chattanooga
  7. Week Two Gameday Thread

    That Cougar knows he is going to enjoy some "soaking" after that win.
  8. Week Two Gameday Thread

  9. Week Two Gameday Thread

  10. Week Two Gameday Thread

  11. Week Two Gameday Thread

  12. Week Two Gameday Thread

  13. Week Two Gameday Thread

    I love Tennessee football
  14. GOTW #1 | Week Two | #6 LSU @ #9 Texas

    and because of that, Marty would have had sex with his mother in Back to the Future.