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  1. I just hope 2020 doesnt derail his whole career. He's 4 years from being a HS draftee that lasted to 10 because of his rawness, and the organization trying to push him to the majors as fast as possible hasnt helped at all.
  2. oof. Yeah. I saw that. I guess Nebraska pissed Arkansas off. To be fair, up until that game, State had been one of the hottest teams in the country but Other than Notre Dame, the ACC looks like it was full of frauds this year.
  3. Kath and Schrier are two potential HS prospects that are flying up draft boards. Dont think they go as high as 15, but you never know.
  4. Yeah, pass on the OFers and Del Castillo. I dont think he has power and if he isnt a catcher, he is below average at every other position. Luca Tresh and NCST are powering through this tournament. I have him as a top 15 player. He can move his stock from 2nd round to maybe top 15 once people see him more. I would love him at 15 for yall.
  5. Not sure yet, but thing Ive liked is that he has improved and adjusted to the pitching in each league in his second year at the level, and this really is his 2nd year in AAA and he was utterly destroyed in the majors last year and I think its going to take sometime to get over that. Personally, I would still have him as a top 10 prospect if he were eligible. As you said, the power and athleticism is there. He could play serviceable RF and a great LF. Thats an above average player in baseball at the moment. He's going to K over 30% of the time, but if he can keep it around 30% and walk a little
  6. Yeah Wicks from Kansas State. He's not a first rounder imo. The only thing Id be worried about is if Frelick or Cowser slipping there and yall taking them. I think both are highly overrated as well.
  7. Enrique Bradfield from Vandy is my #1 for 23.
  8. 10-4 I have been reading some HS guys on yalls radar. Everyone apparently loves Ford apparently so much that he could go top 5 and MIlwaukee would easily be his floor. That speedy CF from South Carolina thats committed to Clemson as WR that has 80 speed might interest yall. It seems it could be a HS year. Just hopes its not a lefty in Hicks.
  9. Im not a Barstool fan, but I love their movie podcast and from that I was introduced to the sports trivia show The Dozen. Its my absolute favorite show/content over all media. It first started over quarantine last year and they just now finished their first ever tournament. Started watching MLW last year and its easily become one of my favorite "sports" to watch. The new season just started last month. 8 teams and the season goes through August. Trevor Bauer and his season long blog in MLB
  10. Not sure what publication it was, but it sounds like Schrier is getting some first round buzz now because it looks like he could play up the middle, so Im not sure he will even last to the second round now.
  11. Ford is uber athletic. I've seen some people compare him to the likes of Biggio, Murphy, and other catchers turned up the middle players. If the bat progresses fast, he could definitely move positions. He's getting some top 10 whispers and thats special in this day of organizations not taking high school catchers early because of the bust rates. The Reds could be his floor come July.
  12. Leiter just had another great game tonight. He has been back to form since he got that week off. He is unprecidented waters for innings. Never threw this much in HS and only got a taste of college last year. I really do think he will be gone before Detroit's pick. I cant fathom someone taking Lawler over him, so I think it could be either Davis or House. Doesnt sound like they are too interested in Lawler at the moment. Detroit is in perfect position to go big with those four early picks and I dont think Hill is going to bust the bank too much with the injury so taking someone like Clarke
  13. Do you think the org will go HS? Been very college heavy the past couple of years.
  14. I think its more likely that Fabian slips out of the first round than him going top 20. The swing and miss is huge. I know if you've watched Florida baseball in the SEC Tournament or in May, you hear "Fabian is back hitting. He isnt striking out like before." He might not be striking out 40% of the time now, but he still is missing balls down the middle of the plate, off the plate; pretty much anywhere. 15-59, 6 HR, 2 2B, 21 K, 15 BB. Thats his line for May. I dont understand your love for Hill over Huglund. Hill had 10 great innings in 2020 and never found that player in 21 before gettin
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