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  1. 1. Ward Davis-Black Cats and Crows, I have heard the name Ward Davis over and over from being part of Cody Jinks, Tennessee Jet, and Sunny Sweeney group in Texas but I never listened to any of his stuff because he has not put out much music since his last album in 2015. Knowing that he went through a divorce gives this album so much more weight because its a dark album. There are rock songs on the album and then you have piano ballads because Ward is also a piano player. He is able to take these two separate sounds and bring them together through the song writing and the themes of the albu
  2. 2.Sturgill Simpson-Cuttin' Grass Vol. 2, I am not giving this album a perfect score on this list because its not an original album, but it is a perfect album. Its twelve songs, not twenty like the last album. The songs arent in alphabetical order. These are the songs that mean something to Sturgill. Half of the album is from A Sailors Guide, his album for his son. It has his tribute to his grandfather. Oh Sarah is a song for his wife. Hobo Cartoon is a song Sturgill co-wrote with Merle Haggard before his death. This album has weight to it. There is not much else that I can say about the album
  3. 5.Chris Stapleton-Starting Over, Chris Stapleton is that rare artist that can pretty much sing anything and it will sound good. He has shown tons of versatility in his short career. When he released the single Starting Over, I was ready to give up on Chris. His From A Room records were good but not great and he now gives us this simple, boring song that would work for most people, but it feels like wasted talent when he is releasing songs like this. Luckily, that was just one small piece of the album. There are a number of rock songs on this album that fit really well next to his normal blues
  4. 2021 TOP 75 DRAFT PROSPECTS 1.Jack Leiter||RHP||Vanderbilt 2.Jud Fabian||CF||Florida 3.Kumar Rocker||RHP||Vanderbilt 4.Jaden Hill||RHP||LSU 5.Matt McLain||SS||UCLA 6.Jordan Lawlar||SS||Jesuit College Prep, TX 7.Benny Montgomery||COF||Red Land, PA 8.Brady House||3B||Winder Barrow, GA 9.Henry Davis||C||Louisville 10.Marcelo Mayer||SS||Eastlake, CA I have really gotten into the analytical side of scouting, and I have come to understand a good bit of it with the pitching side because of Jack Leiter. I was prepared to have him at #2 b
  5. 10.Sturgill Simpson-Cuttin' Grass Vol. 1, This is my list so I will be having two albums that do not consist of new music ranked. We will see the other Simpson album later on, but volume 1 finds its place here. Sturgill seems to get bored easily. We've had classic country Sturgill, psychedelic Sturgill, horns Sturgill, and rock Sturgill in album form. Now because of the pandemic, we have bluegrass Sturgill. Bluegrass and Sturgill have been something that fans have been clamoring for but it took a fundraising bet from Sturgill to the fans for us to get an actual bluegrass album. The music is be
  6. 15.The Panhandlers-The Panhandlers, This new super group in Texas Country might not rival The Highwaymen, but the four guys that make up The Panhandlers are some of the absolute best in the Texas scene and all are at the height of their powers. This isn't newcomers and this isnt old timers. Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, John Baumann, and Cleto Cordero are the four Panhandlers. What I liked most about the album was that they taylored their album around the area the band was named after and where these guys either grew up or went to school. There is a true vision here. This isnt just to cash
  7. 20.Koe Wetzel-Sellout, Koe Wetzel was my most played artist in 2020. My top five songs from last year were all Koe Wetzel songs. He plays the power chords and doesnt try to stay in the country box all the time like so many that try to incorporate a more rock sound in their country music. He hits my itch for 90s and 00s rock along with an attitude that just doesnt give a damn what you think. On Sellout, I think he let his dont give a damn attitude leak out too much in the songs. Sidechick and Drug Problem are just dribble. Two of the worst songs that have been released in 2000. There is no subs
  8. 25.Tennessee Jet-The Country, If you know Tennessee Jet, then you probably know him as a friend, opening act for, and collaborator with Cody Jinks. The album truly has some great songs like The Country, Off to War, and the Nirvana inspired Johnny but you can take off two songs right away. He tried to bring some friends together(Jinks included) and redo the classic Pancho & Lefty, and its an automatic skip for me. Too many voices. Too much going on. The Raven & The Dove is another song that I automatically skip because he wrote that song with Jinks and Jinks released it a few years ago,
  9. Im going to try and do this as much as I can since I should be able to watch some live college baseball regularly and it secretly lets me just comment on college baseball since its become my second favorite sport behind the MLB. It will be UGA and SEC dominant since its my conference and I watch it more than anything else, but I do try to watch as many big prospects and big teams as I can. My preseason top 10 if anyone cares-1.Florida, 2.Virginia, 3.Louisville, 4.UCLA, 5.Vanderbilt, 6.Texas Tech, 7.Mississippi State, 8.Ole Miss, 9.UCSB, 10.Alabama Reading box scores, my 22 #1 and be
  10. College baseball started this weekend and I just started flipping through channels watching some guys. I hope to have my top 50 by Friday. I have a long way to go with fall info. Jud Fabian has Kd three times today and I saw one where he could catch up to low 90s heat three times down the middle of the plate Michael Rothenburg has a cannon at the catcher position. He threw out possible top 100 prospect Parker Chavers of Coastal Carolina by a mile. He is a hit first catcher whose lack of defense has hurt his stock. If he can catch, he could be first round material. Was not draf
  11. 30.Kelsea Ballerini-kelsea/ballerini, The album kelsea was released last March and was a very pop sounding album to say the least. On some songs, its sounds like the only music is electronically made. Since the pandemic gave everyone a lot of free time, Mrs Ballerini decided to redo the album as a more country version, and it was named ballerini. There is a good balance of songs between the two albums. Kelsea does have the ability to seamlessly go back and forth between country and pop. What distances Ballerini between the rest of the pack in Nashville is her writing. She wrote or co-wrote all
  12. 40.Kody West-Overgrown, The Texas scene has been great for the country and rock fusion. Both types of music blend well together, and we have seen a number of rock influenced artists to show up on the country scene and Kody West is one of the best. Kody is versatile. He can play more traditional country music, but his sound has morphed into a 2000s hybrid. His new album sounds great to me. I love the power chords and actually leaning into the rock genre instead of straddling the line. My biggest problem with the album is the reason its so low. You cannot hear the vocals on the album. The mix is
  13. 50.Gabby Barrett-Goldmine, If you get past all the sounds being thrown at you throughout this album, you hear a great voice coming from Barrett. She is one of the most talented singers to show up in Nashville in the past few years. The problem with this album isn't her voice. Its not really the lyrics either. She co-wrote all but one song on the album, and she has a clear voice with her writing. The problems are the production. It takes all emotion out of the songs. No intimacy at all.(40/100) 49.Kip Moore-Wild World, Kip Moore has been able to enjoy sustained success in country music not
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