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  1. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Now this is why I love movies. Will definitely be seeing this in theaters.
  2. Devils Top Prospects 2019 Preseason-Top Prospects Complete

    Midseason 150 will be coming out sometime this week. Of course there will be a new #1, but its not who everyone thinks it is.
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Bae knows how much I love him, and how much Ive defended him for the past couple years. He'll be ok. If anyone is to blame, its his new girl Mallory Pugh.
  4. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Is this the best Braves offense since 03? They still have a ways to go before they could get close to that team, but its scary to pitch against anyone in the lineup at the moment(even Markakis is punching out a hit or two). Javy Lopez-.328/.378/.687, 22 HR, 29 2B Robert Fick-.269/.335/.418, 11 HR, 26 2B Marcus Giles-.316/.390/.526, 21 HR, 49 2B Rafael Furcal-.292/.352/.443, 15 HR, 35 2B, 10 3B Vinny Castilla-.277/.310/.461, 22 HR, 28 2B Chipper Jones-.305/.402/.517, 27 HR, 33 2B Andruw Jones-.277/.338/.513, 36 HR, 28 2B Gary Sheffield-.330/.419/.604, 39 HR, 37 2B Julio Franco-.294/.372/.452, 5 HR, 12 2B
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Everyone in the east had their chances for about 4 years. The Braves have put everyone on notice now.
  6. Devils Country Music Thread(Shotgun Rider/Jon Pardi)

    Havent really looked at the country charts in a little while. I decided to take a look at the latest one, and here are 11 songs I like and 11 that I hate. http://charts.bdsradio.com/bdsradiocharts/charts.aspx?formatid=4 Jon Pardi-Heartache Medication Scotty McCreery-In Between Jake Owen-Homemade Luke Combs-Beer Never Broke My Heart Morgan Wallen-Whiskey Glasses Eric Church-Some of It George Strait-Every Little Honky Tonk Bar Travis Denning-After a Few Cody Johnson-On My Way To You Hardy-Rednecker Jordan Davis-Slow Dance in A Parking Lot(if this had no snap track, it could be actually great) Zac Brown Band-Someone I Used to Know Chris Jansen-Good Vibes Filmore-Slower Morgan Evans-Day Drunk Luke Bryan-Knockin Boots Dan + Shay-All To Myself Dustin Lynch-Ridin Roads LoCash-One Big Country Song Brett Young-Catch Chris Young-Raised on Country Thomas Rhett-Look What God Gave Her FGL-Talk You Out of It There are 10 songs on the chart that Ive never listened to. I have no interest in listening to the likes of Lanco, King Callaway, Pink, Sheryl Crow, and I dont really want to listen to new artists at the moment. Edit:I added another song I hate. I listened to the song by Filmore. God thats awful. I should have just left it alone. Edit 2:The new songs by Kane Brown, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Brantley Gilbert, and Jimmie Allen arent actually bad. Im not saying they are nowhere close to good, but they are better than most of the crap that these artists put out.
  7. Cubs to sign Closer Craig Kimbrel - 3 years, $43M

    Ynoa was babied with the Twins. Spent three seasons in rookie ball before we got him. He is only 21, but with his clock being accelerated because of those years, we dont have the luxury to just sit him in high A and let him grow. We are pushing him to see how he responds and to see if he is worth a 40 man spot, or if he is just a trade chip. High ceiling, but we have to make too many decisions this upcoming year for the 40 man. It was kinda the same deal with Ricardo Sanchez last year. Young guy with promise, but we just couldnt justify him on the 40 man, and now he is pitching well in AA for Seattle. I would imagine that we are showcasing Ynoa as a trade chip for the deadline, unless he just continues to show out as a reliever.
  8. Cubs to sign Closer Craig Kimbrel - 3 years, $43M

    Minter should get another look. He was rushed back too soon after his car accident in March. He's healthy now, and deserves it more than anyone else.
  9. Cubs to sign Closer Craig Kimbrel - 3 years, $43M

    Greene is a mirage. 30 years old and just now having a breakout season after not really changing a thing? .181 BABIP in 2019 when his career number is around .310. Fastball average is down to 92.9 average this year, 1.4 MPH less than last season. I feel like our front office is too smart to trade for him. One of the three guys on the Giants that are on the last year of their deal does seem like the most likely option. It probably wouldnt take too much to get them and we could get rid of one of the backend 40 man roster guys that would probably have a lot of value for a team like the Giants(Allard, Wilson). Felipe Vasquez would be another option. Proven track record at the back end of a pen, but he would definitely cost more. Really team friendly deal through 2021 with a couple options, and he is only 27. He would definitely cost a bigger prospect package that would probably be headlined by either Contreras or Muller.
  10. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    Unless players get hurt/traded, I dont see either making it to AAA. Connor Lien was called up from Miss and he was hitting under .200. Duvall and Demeriette are going to get full ABs in the outfield as long as they dont get called up/traded, as will LaMarre and Ortega. If outfielders in Atlanta were to go down, one of them will need to be called up. There's a reason that LaMarre and Ortega went through all of camp with the big team and went to AAA. They are the back up plans in case of injury because they have a lot of experience being backups in the majors, and the organization wouldnt want to have to put either Waters/Pache on the 40 man until they are ready since once you are on there, you cant be taken off. Plus, offenses are a joke in AAA now with the new ball. I feel like it would almost be a waste to send them up and have their numbers inflated and potentially not have them grow as hitters because of this.
  11. Devils Country Music Thread(Shotgun Rider/Jon Pardi)

    It doesnt look like there is a new album coming, but Sturgill just dropped a new song. Its the theme song from the movie The Dead Dont Die, and its phenomenal. Its more High Top Mountain than A Sailor's Guide. Pure old school country. Who knows what his next album will be. He has stated that he has tons of songs recorded, and he keeps recording when the nerve hits. He's said he wants to release a more rock type of album that sounds like what his concerts have been like the past year or so, but he just released this gem of classic country, and he also just did a set at the Opry that was 100% bluegrass.
  12. 2019 Road to Omaha

    Kumar Rocker just no hit Duke. 19K.
  13. Braves to sign Dallas Keuchel - 1 year, $13M

    I dont. Maybe I just picked a better career/job and have an amazing CEO.
  14. What movie are you watching?

    50/50 I didnt realize this was on Netflix. Its such a good movie. The way Jonathan Levine blends the humor with such a serious subject is just brilliant. Even Seth Rogan stays in his lane during it all. Definitely one of the best of the decade.