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  1. I think the rock side of Texas Country/Red Dirt is overrated for the most part. You got Koe, Read Southall, and Kody West bringing it since they started and really expanding the genre, but there is a long list of pretenders with boring sanitized Nashville type arena rock that really dilute the product. There are three songs recently released that I have on repeat, and of course two are from Read and Kody but I got really surprised by Giovannie and the Hired Guns this time. They are one of those bands that are just bland and sound like many others, but the new song "Ramon Ayala" is fun. Its eve
  2. Good look on the metal song. Had no clue it was coming out this week. Been really looking forward to it and it hits every nerve. I love rock music in my country. Add in the premiere outlaw artist in country music, and it does it for me. The country song sounds alright but I feel like Ive heard that same song and melody multiple times in his past few albums.
  3. New Sturgill out today. The album is 10 songs, 27 minutes. The Ballad of Dood & Juanita. Dood and Juanita were his grandparents. This is a fictional story set in the old west and its a combo of western music, gospel, bluegrass, and other old influences. It sounds like a combo of Marty Robbins, Johnny Horton, Roy Rogers, and Tyler Childers. Musically, perfect maybe? Going to take a few listens and lyric sheets to really get the story since Sturgill does have the tendency to muffle his words.
  4. Been waiting and wondering when we were going to get some great country music in 2021 and it took half of the year but we might finally have it in albums from Leah Blevins and Mike and the Moonpies. Blevins reminds me a little of early Ashley Monroe. Sweetness just drips off her voice, and Mike and the boys have been killing it for about 5 years now but this new album released last week could be the best.
  5. Ive liked what Ive heard so far, but Im keeping full judgement until I hear her with a producer and a full band behind her. To me, singer/songwriter isnt end all be all. I need more. Zach Bryan didnt reel me in until he started having a backing band. Kat has the talent, just waiting for her to blossom.
  6. and depending on today, best recruiting class could be Arkansas with basically getting a 5* with Stovall going to school. 20.Peyton Stovall||2B||Haughton, LA(Arkansas) 79.Hagen Smith||LHP||Bullard, TX(Arkansas) 153.Braylon Bishop||CF||Arkansas, TX(Arkansas) 182.Drake Varnado||SS||IMG Academy, FL(Arkansas) 200.Brady Tygart||RHP||Lewisberg, MS(Arkansas) Arkansas, UCLA, and Florida look to be the top three
  7. I knew about some of those but Stovall surprises me the most.
  8. Players left in my Top 100 with college commitments. 14.Will Taylor||CF||Dutch Fork, SC(Clemson-WR) 20.Peyton Stovall||2B||Haughton, LA(Arkansas) 27.Alex Mooney||SS||Orchard Lake St Marys Prep, MI(Duke) 38.Malakhi Knight||CF||Marysville-Getchell, WA(UCLA) 41.Josh Hartle||LHP||Reagan, NC(Wake Forest) 42.Chase Burns||RHP||Station Camp, TN(Tennessee) 43.Cody Schrier||SS||JSerra Catholic, CA(UCLA) 49.Brody Brecht||RHP||Ankeny, IA(Iowa-WR) 53.Thomas Dilandri||COF||Palo Verde, NV(TCU) 59.Luca Tresh||C||North Carolina State 61.Thatcher Hurd||RHP||Mira Costa, CA(UCLA) 63.Max
  9. Braves picks with my rankings. Hopefully they are saving money for upcoming picks. 24.Cusick(JR4)..........51 59.Schwellenbach(JR4)...74 96.Dodd(SR5)............no clue 126.Conley(JR4).........140 157.Waddell(SR).........192 186.Malloy(JR4).........not in my 250
  10. Lots of Ks towards the end of the year and in the tournament. Very quick hands and bat but he can make his swing long. Little surprising he hasnt been drafted though.
  11. Maybe the Braves promised Chandler a car like they did Drew Waters a few years ago.
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