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    Saw sender come out after that piece of ****. Got so much respect for him now. you would think Mattingly would have some class but then again he was a Yankee.

    Had a work outing tonight. just saw what happened. Fuc**** pus**** Break Realmuto’s leg tomorrow and see how it feels.
  3. I agree on that. There's only 8 guys that are qualified in baseball with a .570 SLG. I do expect him to be up there in the future. What Im most impressed with is the fact that he is using all fields now, unlike the first of the year, where he was pulling almost everything. Almost 9 BB% and 23 K% since he went to the leadoff spot. I kid around a lot with this kid, but he has made adjustments already that I wouldnt expect from even 25-26 year olds. .285/.360/.540 is a realistic number for him this year with 25+ HR, 25+ 2B, and maybe 15+ SB(if he will hit singles), and that will be in about 110 games.
  4. I would be willing to bet that the .346 BABIP is probably going to be sustainable from him, or at least it wont be far off. He also has another 40ish games to make the numbers look even better.
  5. Thats funny. Cling to OBP, because thats the only thing Soto is better than Acuna at, and now that Acuna is healthy, he is showing it. Plus, Acuna might actually win a playoff series during his lifetime.

    He's going oppo too. Thats the scary part. He's not just pulling the ball like he was when he first came up.
  7. Are the 90's the greatest movie decade?

    70s Godfather Godfather part 2 The Deer Hunter Jaws Star Wars Rocky The Exorcist Alien Taxi Driver Chinatown Annie Hall Animal House Blazing Saddles Carrie Young Frankenstein Patton One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest A Clockwork Orange The Sting Halloween Apocalypse Now The French Connection The Omen Dirty Harry Network Probably missing a lot more. The Godfather, The Godfather part 2, The Deer Hunter, Network, Chinatown, Annie Hall, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and A Clockwork Orange are all in my top 25 movies of all time.
  8. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    I was a really small kid, but Ernie was always my favorite. I just loved how he described the game. Skip and Pete were both good as well. One of the GOAT broadcast trios of all time. I wish Don would do tv now. He is so much better than Chip and Joe. Hell, Id rather listen to Gilbert Godfried try to call a game instead of those two.
  9. That injury probably keeps him from being the best player of all time already, but Im sure we can agree he is the best leadoff hitter ever.
  10. Chris Archer traded to the Pirates

    Baz, Libatore, McClanahan, and Franco in Bowling Green next year? Makes me very happy. Might be at almost every home game in April.

    So far today for Acuna 5 for 7, 2 BB, 2 HR, 1 2B, 5 RBI, 1 SB

    Seriously? Hasn’t even played half a season and you’re trying to say that? August-.215/.420/.351, 1 HR, 114 wRC, 23 K% ill be that he won’t even be the ROY this season
  13. The Prospect/Amateur Thread - Where Reds Top Prospects Get Hurt

    You are pretty much describing me as a 12 year old. I was about 5'7 and had the beginnings of facial hair. I dont think I hit 70, but I threw harder than anyone my age(probably in the 60s). Everyone else caught up with me. Ended up being right at 6 ft, and couldnt throw harder than 80 at any point in my baseball career from a full mound.
  14. Atlanta Braves Mega Thread

    It always depends on the player. AA has slowed things down quite a bit from what Coppy did. A guy like Jenista is unlike the others. He is/was an All American type player in college, and basically moving him up levels is trying to find where he gets challenged. You dont want to let him sit in Rookie ball and not be challenged by the level. You see that from almost every team in MLB. Seth Beer has gone from the NY/Penn league to A ball and now to A+. Would you rather have a guy like Joey Bart hitting .331 with a OPS over 1000 in 30 games in rookie ball? Because thats whats happening. He isnt being challenged there, but it doesnt look like San Francisco is going to move him up. Waters was dominating in Rome. He needed a new challenge. Plus, call ups like his, Pache, Contreras are all common. They play their level for most of the year, and right around August 1st they are sent to a new level for the last month. Its really like bringing up a kid in September to see what he has. They have already shown all they needed to at the level they spent most of the year at, so give them 25-30 at new level, and its to reward the guys for being that good. Now if they were being promoted for the hell of it, or if they were dominating and not being called up, thats another thing. Look at Brendon McKay with Tampa for being called up this year after a month in A ball, or look at 17 year old Wander Franco absolutely killing the Appalachian League, and not being sent up to either NY/Penn or A ball. Just off the top of my head. Jesus Sanchez, Jesus Luzardo, and Jo Adell are guys that are very young that were promoted at the first of the month. It just really depends on the organization. The Braves and Angels are teams that are aggressive with sending up guys, while teams like Minnesota and San Francisco are slow to promote. Its neither good or bad since you can see examples of both working and both not working.
  15. Devils Top 100 Prospects(Midseason-AL Central)

    Been a little busy Cleveland 1.Triston McKenzie||RHP||AA 2.Ethan Hankins||RHP||N/A 3.Nolan Jones||3B||A+ 4.Yu-Cheng Chang||SS/3B||AAA 5.Noah Naylor||C||R 6.Lenny Torres||RHP||R 7.George Valera||OF||R 8.Luis Oviedo||RHP||A 9.Bobby Bradley||1B||AAA 10.Oscar Mercado||OF||AAA In the Cleveland system, you have a potential top of the rotation arm, a potentially 2018 draft class, and not much else. There has been a lot of failure in the system this year. Bobby Bradley is still showing plus power, but the hit tool is looking worse and worse, and the strike outs are popping up eve more. 2017 top pick, Quentin Holmes, was horrendous in rookie ball in his first season, and has only played one game thus far in Arizona this year. Will Benson, the teams top selection in 2016, is striking out 30% of the time in A ball, and is hitting .160. You could even lump in Brady Aiken, who hasnt pitched this season, but he looked to potentially be a lost cause before the season started. With Bradley Zimmer languishing on the bench in Cleveland, and Francisco Mejia being traded away for a reliever, there is going to be a lot of pressure on the 2018 draft class to exceed expectations, and restock the system. Chicago 1.Eloy Jimenez||OF||AAA 2.Dylan Cease||RHP||AA 3.Nick Madrigal||2B||A+ 4.Dane Dunning||RHP||AA 5.Michael Kopech||RHP||AAA 6.Luis Robert||OF||A+ 7.Jake Burger||3B||N/A 8.Blake Rutherford||OF||A+ 9.Alec Hansen||RHP||A+ 10.Micker Adolfo||OF||A+ 11.Kodi Medeiros||LHP||AA 12.Zack Collins||C||AA 13.Luis Alexander Basabe||OF||AA 14.Zack Burdi||RHP||AAA 15.Laz Rivera||SS||A+ There is a lot of potential in the Chicago system, but its the one system that are towards the top of the rankings that I think could fail in putting quality players in the majors. We've already seen it in the players that they have called up the past two years. Eloy Jiminez and Dylan Cease are two guys at the top that are exempt from my criticism. Jiminez has the best hit/power tool combo in the minors, and Cease is developing a major league level change up to go along with his two other plus pitches. After that? There are a lot of question marks. The more I see Kopech, the more I am convinced he is a reliever. Command is not getting better, and he still has no third pitch. Luis Robert cant stay on the field, and still only has roughly 50 games played in two years in the system. Alec Hansen got injured, and looks more like the Oklahoma Hansen, and not the one that dominated two levels last year. Zack Collins has a great eye, walking 20% in AA, but he still cant hit for average, strikes out almost a third of the time, and its looking less likely that he will be a catcher in the majors. Detroit 1.Casey Mize||RHP||A+ 2.Matt Manning||RHP||A+ 3.Franklin Perez||RHP||A+ 4.Daz Cameron||OF||AA 5.Beau Burrows||RHP||AA 6.Isaac Paredes||SS||AA 7.Alex Faedo||RHP||AA 8.Parker Meadows||OF||R 9.Jake Rogers||C||AA 10.Willi Castro||SS||AA Any time you add the best player in the draft, your organization is going to get a big boost. During his junior season at Auburn, Mize showed three potential plus pitches, and plus command. Its possible that he could be in the Detroit rotation come next spring, but they will probably want to give him some time in the minors, and not start his clock on a bad Detroit team. The Tigers other top pick in the 2018 draft is Parker Meadows, brother of Austin. I am extremely high on Parker, and see a lot of Drew Waters in him. Prior to the draft, the organization had four pitchers that look to be the future. Out of Manning, Perez, Burrows, and Faedo, only Manning is a guy that I am high on. Command has been the major issue for Manning, but he has pitched at two levels in 2018, and it looks like his delivery has become cleaner, and in turn, the walks are down. If this is permanent, he will fly up prospect lists. 2018 is a lost season for Perez, and I dont believe in multiple plus pitches. Burrows is probably a back of the rotation arm(at best), and Faedo is still a high effort guy that is going to end up in the bullpen. Kansas City 1.MJ Melendez||C||A 2.Seuly Matias||OF||A 3.Brady Singer||RHP||N/A 4.Nick Pratto||1B||A 5.Khalil Lee||OF||AA 6.Jackson Kowar||RHP||A 7.Josh Staumont||RHP||AAA 8.Nicky Lopez||2B/SS||AAA 9.Kris Bubic||LHP||R 10.Michael Gigliotto||OF||A What is Kansas City doing? 7 of their top 10 pick in 2017 were junior college or college guys. This year, their first five picks were college arms. Maybe it will work out, but to me it seems like the front office is looking for a quick fix to a major, long term problem. The ironic part of all this is that the most promising guys in their system this year were either high school draftees from last year, or are young international signees. The more I see of MJ Melendez, the more confident I get that he has the tools to be an above average catcher in the majors. His athleticism can play at other positions. He has a plus arm. He is already showing that there could be plus power in his body. The hit tool is what is going to hold him back. Seuly Matias and Nick Pratto are the other teenagers in A ball that could be the backbone of the rebuild. Like Melendez, both could be very good defenders, and like Melendez, both are striking out at an alarming rate for A ball. Its still a long way to go for all three. Minnesota 1.Royce Lewis||SS||A+ 2.Alex Kirilloff||OF||A+ 3.Brusdar Graterol||RHP||A+ 4.Brent Rooker||1B/OF||AA 5.Nick Gordon||SS||AAA 6.Stephen Gonsalves||LHP||AAA 7.Trevor Larnach||OF||A 8.Wander Javier||SS||N/A 9.Akil Baddoo||OF||A 10.Lewis Thorpe||LHP||AA Minnesota probably has my favorite system, outside of the Braves. I think they are close to being in that top tier in baseball. The only thing they are missing is a little more depth, and probably one more top tier guy. Royce Lewis is the best player I have seen in person this year. Every single tool jumps out at you. Speed is a plus. Defense is a plus. Hit tool is a plus, and I see a surprising amount of power in his body. Im confident in saying that he might have the highest ceiling in minor league baseball. After him, you have Alex Kirilloff. He was kind of forgotten after missing all of last year because of injury. He played the first half of the year in the Midwest League, and he might have been the second best player in the league, only behind Lewis. The power might not be a plus once he reaches higher levels, but he could be a double machine. He looks like a young Nick Markakis. There is one forgotten guy in the system in Wander Javier. He was signed for over $4 million three years ago. Injuries have hampered him from breaking out. He's lost all of 2018 because of a torn labrum. If he is healthy, then he is one of the guys that is poised for a breakout next year. Division Top 25 1.Eloy Jiminez||OF||Chicago White Sox 2.Royce Lewis||SS||Minnesota 3.Triston McKenzie||RHP||Cleveland 4.Dylan Cease||RHP||Chicago White Sox 5.Casey Mize||RHP||Detroit 6.Matt Manning||RHP||Detroit 7.Alex Kirilloff||OF||Minnesota 8.Ethan Hankins||RHP||Cleveland 9.Nick Madrigal||2B||Chicago White Sox 10.Dane Dunning||RHP||Chicago White Sox 11.Michael Kopech||RHP||Chicago White Sox 12.Franklin Perez||RHP||Detroit 13.Daz Cameron||OF||Detroit 14.Luis Robert||OF||Chicago White Sox 15.Brusdar Graterol||RHP||Minnesota 16.Jake Burger||3B||Chicago White Sox 17.Blake Rutherford||OF||Chicago White Sox 18.MJ Melendez||C||Kansas City 19.Brent Rooker||1B/OF||Minnesota 20.Beau Burrows||RHP||Detroit 21.Nick Gordon||SS||Minnesota 22.Nolan Jones||3B||Cleveland 23.Seuly Matias||OF||Kansas City 24.Alec Hansen||RHP||Chicago White Sox 25.Stephen Gonsalves||LHP||Minnesota Ranking the Systems 1.Chicago 2.Minnesota 3.Detroit 4.Cleveland 5.Kansas City