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  1. Well, he was wearing red... Gotta watch them gang colors in Philly.
  2. Amazon had them when I got mine a couple of days ago. I think they were out of the german shephard one, but they had the pug, poodle, and a couple others.
  3. Anyone know how to watch the game on your phone?! Just in case, I might not be at home to watch... I don't know if I can wait and watch on the dvr.
  4. Bitcoin

    Does anyone follow crypto people on YouTube? If so, who do you recommend. I started following CryptoCrow. He's seems pretty to be pretty solid, down-to-earth-type, and I enjoy listening to him. He recently got licensed and is starting up a crypto hedge fund-type of thing. Anyone know of some good ICOs to invest in? It sucks that a lot of them won't let US-based investors in. Like, I wanted to get in on Rentberry, but I can't.
  5. @EaglesPeteC Haulways bet on green. They see me haulin', they hatin'. Trying to catch me haulin' dirtyyyy.
  6. The playoffs!

    I like this guy. He can stay. Also, I got my dog mask avy. @EaglesPeteC you should like this...
  7. Alright, let's do this...
  8. The playoffs!

    Look at all them L's in Valhalla...
  9. The playoffs!

    Brees is a HOFer and lead them back from a 17-0 deficit in the blink of an eye. It wouldn't have been a cakewalk with the Saints like you're suggesting. Neither will be, in fact. Either way, it will be a slugfest for us. I think we can both agree that we just want a W and trip back to the Superb Owl.
  10. The playoffs!

    Any average DB could have tackled him there. Williams bit hard and completely just flung himself sideways and with zero control of his body and took out his own teammate. Despite the catch, it should have been game over for the Vikes if the DB was just average.
  11. The playoffs!

    aka the Jeff Fisher Bowl lol
  12. The playoffs!

    He didn't do anything. The corner just brainfarted and had one of the most epic fails of all time. That was such a fluke play.
  13. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    lol you're tears are so salty
  14. The playoffs!

    Guy is a 1st ballot HOFer...what are you on?! Just led a 17 pt comeback against one of the best defenses...