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  1. How could anyone forget that?! That's like Vietnam inducing PTSD flashback level right there.
  2. Sup with the sup?! This game was a lot closer than I wanted it to be but hot damn fam 2008 Desean out there lookin like fiya
  3. Is with the grain front to back? I'll probably start out with clippers no guard and see how I like that. Im not sure I wanna have the Professor X look. Maybe more the Jason Statham.
  4. Bran is like the love child of this guy mated with this guy
  5. I have also a long scar on my back/side part looks like a knife wound. Maybe, ill just get some teardrop tats or maybe some stars on the shoulders...
  6. Idk, I'm thinkin the onion and garlic will drive the women away more than any hair loss...
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