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  1. Upgrade

    I thought I saw a thread for it, but I looked and to no avail... Anyone, see this?! I thought it was refreshing take on sci-if AI and had awesome bits of action and comedy. I thought mini Tom Hardy (the Black Hawk Down version) did a great job in this. It kinda had an 80s-90s vibe, and I loved the score. I could totally see this happening and is the logical progresssion in a little more time. Highly recommend!
  2. Cobra Kai Season 1

    “If do right, Daniel-San, no can defense...” On the flip side, he recognized the power and effectiveness of the move and has worked almost every time except against Chozen. Smart to use it, mocking or not. Also, at the end of KK1, we see Jonny try to make amends with Danny by being happy for Danny, handing him the trophy, and telling him “he’s alright”. But yet, he still harbored feelings all these years...
  3. Cobra Kai Season 1

    Also, it makes me sad to not have Miyagi be around to be a part of this. He was such an amazing, iconic character.
  4. Cobra Kai Season 1

    Also, with today’s age, it feels like people don’t have the time or patience with instant gratification and all, Having all the episodes available from the jump is nice.
  5. Cobra Kai Season 1

    I agree with it being humorous, but with Miyagi imparting all of his knowledge and skills (karate, meditation, bonsai trimming, Okinawan culture, etc.) over the years to Daniel, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for him to know how to do that. By the way, rubbing of the hands and using that heat/energy to heal is called Reiki. It’s not some superpower that only Miyagi has. It’s a learnable skill just like karate, bonsai trimming, etc. But, I like that they didn’t mirror everything from the original and used that as a humorous line. i also just binged watched all the episodes with my wife. I thought it fun, refreshing, and an interesting spin on the original where they everyone sees it through the eyes of Johnny Laurence. I didn’t like that Miguel use the crane technique. I felt that iconic move was Miyagi’s and Daniel’s thing. im excited for season 2, though. I’m very interested to see what direction they go, and I would definitely like to see more of what daughter has to offer. Seems like she’s about unleash some major karate skills.
  6. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    It’s over. Embiid is a game changer and they don’t have an answer for him.
  7. Sixers tryin to make dat comeback in the 4th...leggo
  8. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    NFL Gen?! That's the real dumpster...
  9. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    I don’t need to go to the dumpster to know what trash smells like bruh...
  10. Walking Dead season 8 (no comic stuff)

    Yeah, I agree. That didn't make any sense with falling in line with his altruistic, always-see-the-good-in-everyone persona.
  11. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    How do you guys keep falling for this fake azz Skip Bayless wannabe’s shtick?! Dude’s a troll, who’s always wrong... Case in point - look at all that smack about the Eagles last year and they went on to win it all. Sixers are winning it all thanks to this schnook.
  12. Hmm, that’s a tough one. If they get Lebron next year, that’s a couple titles most likely so I’ll go them if he’s here but gotta believe Cason will win at least one on his own. I’m excited for this next decade of Philly sports. “The New Norm” of Philly sports!
  13. I don’t know if anyone has pointed out how good it is to be a Philly sports fan right. Flyers in the playoffs off a Giroux hat trick, Sixers in that 3 spot after beating Lebron without Embiid on a 13 game win streak, and Franco just hit a grand slam. What a time to be alive!
  14. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    Boo this man

    Well then, I’ll see myself out.