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  1. Brady plays as poorly in this game as he did against Philly and this is a Rams blowout. Tampa’s defense stymied an inept Philly offense, LA doesn’t have that type of offense. Brady missing on several throws especially on third down, the refs made sure to extend those early drives for Tampa, but don’t expect the Rams to have the same issues.
  2. This team has so many holes it’s hard to pick a number 1 need. Left Guard, WR, Edge, RB, Safety Those are the top needs for me. But maybe Center and RT also fall into that list. There’s no way to get enough high draft picks to fill those roles so TF gunna have to hit in the mid-late rounds to get some players on the field. As much as I don’t want a 1st round WR, especially not at #8 it’s such a pivotal role for AS offense largely because of the blocking on the edge as well so I think we’ve gotta find a big body outside who can either win on the contested catch and be a good
  3. 1000+ yards for a rookie TE when you're the primary weapon on your offense, amazing job young man. Take next week off, get that hammy healthy and be ready to level up next year with some new offensive linemen and some weapons around you to take some pressure off. Hopefully Ridley can recover mentally and be ready to go and we can find a big body in the draft to help as well. Your attitude and approach to the game are great, now we just gotta figure out how to get you some tuddys.
  4. Be mad if you want, facts don't care what you feel. The kid is hot garbage.
  5. Yep he did, doesn’t make him less awful. But gotta give him credit today was his best day
  6. He’s the worst offensive lineman in the history of the NFL. Deal with the facts.
  7. Hey Scar… your boy just set the record. Congrats. I know you’ve gotta be proud of what is now OFFICIALLY the WORST offensive lineman in NFL history! Keep defending your friend all you want. He’s a dumpster fire.
  8. Mayfield is on pace to give up most QB pass disruptions in the past 15 years. Currently he has allowed 40 QB disruptions through 10 games. As a point of comparison, the worst totals in the league are in the 45 range. So, here's to you making history Jalen!
  9. Man I wish he was healthy and could be out there. It was very obvious something was impacting Ridley’s play. Hope he gets the help he needs to have a good life, regardless of football. But him not being on the field is miserable. We don’t have a single WR who can beat one on one coverage.
  10. Can’t answer my question I see. 👀 no need to continue beating the dead horse. Mayfield is garbage, always was garbage, always will be garbage.
  11. This move gives me hope in TF’s ability as a GM. He managed to get 2nd rounder for nothing. Julio was was too expensive for us to keep, and while he was the best WR in the game for several years, at this point his body is starting to fail him.
  12. He’s a dumpster fire who’s going to get Ryan absolutely massacred. So no it’s not trolling he HAS to be upgraded. You’re just blind as a bat if you think he’s anything else. I remember when I thought you knew football and cared what you thought, now knowing you disagree with me is super comforting. Name 1 team in the NFL outside of Atlanta that Mayfield is a starter.
  13. Mayfield may be the worst player ever drafted into the NFL. He shows 0 upside and has already peaked. Which is disgusting considering how poor his play is. Unless he’s carried by guys on either side of him, he’s going to end Matt’s career
  14. With Mayfield at LG and without Ridley… just absolutely BRUTAL
  15. Very glad Pitts played well today. These 1 hand snags are becoming almost too common for him. Until Davis coughed the ball up he was finally starting to look a little okay, he just has to stop dancing quite so much. Mayfield again was underwhelming but the line gave 0 sacks as a whole so I’m glad for that. Defense without Fowler lacks pass rush even worse than with him but Grady keeps putting in work
  16. Glad to know people see it my way and not yours Scar. PFF analysis and HD83 both agree with me. He was tragic on Sunday again, not just in pass pro but played a MAJOR role in Davis having 0 chance in the backfield. It’s no surprise that our big success running came from the right side. We ran left and Pitts and Mayfield just full on did nothing. We run right with Gallman and get our best runs of the day. Mayfield is hot garbage
  17. So going full matador allowing Matt to get wrecked. That’s what your standard of excellence is? Got it. Still getting all the help in the world in terms of the scheme and still can’t hand off a stunt at all. He’s hot garbage.
  18. Those hometown officials are awful for Atlanta. What is the freaking deal out there? Atlanta is very close and shouldn’t have left it that close for the refs to decide the game. But dang. That PI against Ridley both calls against 22 and the fumble that wasn’t. Like give me a break now. That’s too much to overcome unless you’re a really good team. The Falcons with Mayfield on the line improved a tiny amount but the kid is trash. Too many dropped passes from Ridley on catches we’ve seen him make and too many dropped interceptions. I counted 3 that should have been caught. If we were a
  19. He had someone in tandem with him the whole game and it disrupted everything about the offense. If we can’t win in the trenches we can’t win games. Teams can sit down on Rid and the run game at the same time. Even if he did show some improvement, he literally had the worst game of any offensive lineman I’ve ever seen and I watched Sapp destroy guards and Centers forever. I watched McClure crap the bed at the end. I’ve seen plenty of bad olinemen. I hope you’re right. But I don’t think the kid can play. He was TRASH even at Michigan.
  20. The entire offense is handicapped by his play. Hennessy was forced left to double with him on nearly every play which allowed those free blitzes far too often. The routes being run by Ridley are an embarrassment to his skill set but Ryan has 2 seconds back there so ball has to be out in an instant. I’m not saying it’s only him, but when the whole scheme is having to adapt because of how bad you are… woof
  21. Mayfield had no idea how to hand off any of those stunts and he’s too much marshmallow to block anyone
  22. Mayfield and our punter both would be cut off any other team in the NFL right now, what an atrocity. The Falcons claw back into today's game, their punter pins us deep, Mayfield can't block anyone gets blown up we get nowhere and then our punter shanks the game away. What an atrocity these scrubs have NFL jobs. Outside of that, the team looked decent today with a LOT of room to improve. Pitts is a freak, but I want to feel more of his impact, I loved seeing that growth today.
  23. From the first 15 yard penalty for roughness on a player who was still in bounds to the no call on the late hit against Patterson I knew the game was rigged. But the defense kept us within reason and the Offense QUIT. Godert didn't catch the touchdown, the ball was on the ground and he re-adjusted, there should be 2 seconds on the clock at the end of the first half and them kicking a field goal. The disgusting no calls against Philly that were getting turned around and called against Atlanta made me sick to my stomach, but I'm used to refs trying to screw the Falcons over, especially
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