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  1. Matt Ryan is as much of a Hall of Famer as Milhouse is a meme.
  2. In a way; teams are looking for ways to have a committee at the position as of late.
  3. Gore will get in because of his unprecendented longevity at such a physically punishing position. He absolutely deserves to be in the Hof.
  4. Take Tyreek Hill over Cyrus Jones. Think that'll keep Brady happy?
  5. I'd take Lawrence and trade Burrow. Even if the latter plays terribly, a QB needy team would still pay a premium for him as a reclamation project.
  6. Do you think this will ever happen? Discuss.
  7. No. He's a good quarterback and is the greatest in Atlanta's history, but he is simply not good enough for the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is more than just numbers. He's never won a Super Bowl (and Atlanta's epic choke doesn't help) and rarely has been considered among the best at his position.
  8. No, if Tyreek Hill doesn't get wide open SF wins that game. SF was on the verge of winning because Mahomes played bad for three quarters.
  9. And then Ben melted down in the playoffs because he's rookie that ran into Bill Belichick. I agree Cincinnati isn't as bad as their record indicated, but I highly doubt we'll be seeing a rookie QB start in the Super Bowl any time soon. The pressure is just too much.
  10. Part of the reason those teams made it to those conference championships is because those quarterbacks had career years. Philadelphia does not win that Super Bowl if Nick Foles did not blow up in the playoffs. I do agree Cincinnati is more talented than their record indicated, but a rookie QB has never started in a Super Bowl and Cincinnati isn't good enough to take one to the Super Bowl.
  11. The result of the Desean Jackson fiasco (plus complete silence on Malik Jackson defending him and saying Louis Farakkhan speaks the truth) is leading me, who is half-Jewish, to say enough is enough and boycott the NFL and their sponsors to the best of my ability. Seeing Scumbag Shannon call for Brees to retire for simply disagreeing with the flag kneeling and then say this is just a "learning lesson" for Jackson who should have "provided context" is the type of double standards and hypocrisy that royally pisses me off. DeSean is a 33 year old man who went to college. There was no con
  12. Plus the Shanahans can make any of us a Pro Browl RB.
  13. Ever had dreams of NFL games playing or events happening?
  14. Had a nightmare last night that we were losing 32-0 to Miami and the offense looked like complete and utter crap. Hope this isn't a premonition of things to come.
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