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  1. That'd be terrific if Rosen didn't absolutely suck.
  2. Honestly, they could tag Jameis and draft Tua; this would allow Tua to redshirt his rookie year essentially.
  3. Is a QB "elevating talent" a myth?

    A QB's skill definitely helps in that regard, but I think the big pitfall people fall into is "oh this guy's elite at pocket awareness, so we can go cheap on the o-line". There just comes a breaking point where QB can't overcome something crucial as at least decent blocking or a receiver that doesn't have stone hands.
  4. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    General consensus is that Cam is moving on regardless of what happens. I thought Dalton was in a contract year, but I'd be pretty shocked if he wasn't let go considering he was benched and wasn't happy he wasn't traded. Even if he goes somewhere else, it's completely reasonable that Carolina would have a 3 way competition between said retread, Allen and a rookie. Will Grier isn't in the conversation because he's terrible and could be cut next offseason.
  5. We hear it all the time: a true elite, franchise quarterback "elevates the talent around him". These type of quarterbacks makes "everyone around him better". However, does this actually happen? Granted having a prime Peyton Manning/Tom Brady under center will certainly give you a better chance to win, but does having a "franchise quarterback" really make everyone else "better"? We've seen Brady struggle carrying less than stellar offenses in 2006, 2013 and this season. Peyton's stats took a noticeable dip in 2010.
  6. Wk 11 GDT - Remember....

    Belichick's final sentence during the presser: Looked like they all had fun out there today Don't think BB forgot about Lane Johnson saying we're a "fear-based organization" and no one has "fun". Hope he has fun going through the concussion protocol.
  7. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Darnold is average at best.
  8. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Because they won't be picking high, Carolina is probably going to roll with a competition between Allen, a retread like Andy Dalton a non-first round rookie (Fromm?).
  9. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Not sure how a better defense will fix Jameis' turnover issues. Arians didn't draft Jameis and he's shown he can make any decent quarterback look like a stud (Carson Palmer).
  10. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Don't know how Tampa can justify re-signing a quarterback who is on pace for 35 turnovers in a contract year. Jameis has been given plenty of time to prove he can be Tampa's guy and he just hasn't.
  11. Tampa could definitely get a QB at #6 barring any trade ups. The only teams ahead of them that are in the market for one are Cincinnati (Joe Burrow) and Miami (Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert).
  12. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    Washington: Dwayne Haskins - This pick was all Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. Haskins isn't going anywhere. Miami: Tua Tagovailoa - His hip will be fine by draft day. With the rise of Joe Burrow, Tua could very well be the second QB taken. Cincinnati: Joe Burrow - Cincinnati is on pace for the first overall pick and Burrow is the favorite. New York Jets: Sam Darnold will be their starting quarterback for at least a few more years. Chicago: Matt Nagy and Ryan Price are going to live and die by Trubisky. Denver: Cam Newton - I don't think Drew Lock ever starts in this league because he's just that bad. Elway can't go into next season with Brandon Allen as his top quarterback. Jacksonville: Nick Foles - Jacksonville is stuck with Foles. Adding Tampa to the list. Jameis is good as done here. If they can't land Cam, I can see them going after Teddy Bridgewater.
  13. How good is Carson Wentz

    He's always been just above average, even during 2017, but right now the team is devastated with injuries. It's a miracle Philly managed to score points against us despite being down 2 starting WRs, the starting RB and their All-Pro RT.
  14. Week 11: Saints (7-2) @ Bucs (3-6)

    It might be time to shut Jameis down. He's way too much of a turnover machine, the season's over and now he has an ankle problem.