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  1. How many Super Bowls did you watch?

    My very first one was Cowboys/Steelers in XXX, but I didn't get what was going on because I was 4. I remember my mom making cookies that game. I remember my dad screaming "GOD DAMN IT BLEDSOE" a million times during NE/GB. The first one where I really knew what was going on was Denver/Green Bay.
  2. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Adding Hildur Guðnadóttir to handle music.
  3. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    Why do people act like Burrow is a guaranteed bust and Young isn't? Remember when some people honestly though Detroit should have taken Aaron Curry over Matt Stafford? If Cincinnati takes anyone but Burrow, the fans should flat out revolt. Could he bust? Of course. But if he doesn't pan out Cincy will just have to try again. Can't really fault them for taking a chance on the top rated QB when they need a QB.
  4. Eli Manning is retiring

    You think Jim Plunkett should be in the Hall of Fame?
  5. Offseason Thread

    Get back with me when Carr accomplishes something meaningful.
  6. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    The only people think Lamar Jackson is MVP over Russell Wilson are dip****s from the media and people who only understand football from playing fantasy.
  7. 2000, aka the QB recession Young, Aikman, Marino and Elway were all gone. Brett Favre was regressing since his three year MVP streak. Peyton was only in his 3rd season and Tom Brady was just a random 6th round rookie. The Super Bowl was Kerry Collins vs. Trent Diofer
  8. Offseason Thread

    No one is saying they'd rather have Jimmy over Brady. However I'd feel MUCH more comfortable with the former taking over.
  9. Offseason Thread

    Goff is a liablity to his team. Jimmy makes his team better.
  10. Offseason Thread

    No, just no. Dilfer was so meaningless to that team he became the first quarterback to start and win the Super Bowl and not be on the roster the following season. Grossman was a total liability to Chicago. Jimmy makes SF better. They were terrible before the trade and he went undefeated with them. The ended up picking top 5 after he blew out his knee. Now they're in the Super Bowl with him back. He's a franchise quarterback.
  11. Offseason Thread

    He's Tom ******* Brady. The locker room is going to roll out the red carpet for him.
  12. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Keith David. @Pickle Rick
  13. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Joe Keery, aka Steve from Stranger Things, joins the Coraline sequel project in a secondary antagonist role. @Outpost31
  14. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    If Burrow busts, then whatever. Cincinnati will just have to try again.