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  1. Do the Eagles win the Super Bowl last year with Wentz?

    If we got shredded that badly by Nick Foles, I can't imagine the damage Wentz would have done.
  2. Jay Cutler in Denver

    Had DEN kept Cutler and assuming they still beat PIT with him in the 2011 playoffs (assuming they stick with him after firing McDaniels), then they never sign Peyton; Cutler would have been in a contract year and was only 29 at the time.
  3. Pro Bowl predictions

    He'll be too busy getting ready for another Super Bowl start.
  4. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Pats trade Michel and sign Bell.
  5. I will be disappointed if we don't outright destroy NYJ coming off a bye after this.
  6. Bills release QB Nate Peterman

    Well, considering Hackenberg has never taken a regular season snap, even in meaningless games...
  7. Bills release QB Nate Peterman

    Having a traffic cone picked over him for a game of street football.
  8. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    He's the blame game coordinator.
  9. Chargers lose Denzel Perryman for the year

    I've always been curious how potent this team would be at 100%.
  10. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25258106/buccaneers-cut-kicker-chandler-catanzaro The curse continues.
  11. Bengals fire DC after loss to Saints

    Heck, Jay Gruden would have been an upgrade. Marv did a lot of good for the team, but they should have moved on from him years ago.
  12. Bengals fire DC after loss to Saints

    To think this team could have had Mike Zimmer as their HC instead of Marvin Lewis.
  13. Brady has been having a noticeable amount of stinkers this year. He's played either poorly or average the past three weeks.
  14. This is why Belichick did not want to trade Garappolo. Brady looks done this season.