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  1. I'm not sure if they could do this with the CFL in existence, but let's say down the road the NFL wants to add Canadian teams. Which cities would get teams, which divisions would they be in and what would their mascot be?
  2. The NEXT series after GOT ends ?

    Yeah, that sucks.
  3. The NEXT series after GOT ends ?

    The show looks like it's going to be nothing like the graphic novel, thus it's going to be ***. I've been dreaming of a Watchmen miniseries since the movie, and I love the movie.
  4. New Orleans Saints will miss the playoffs

    NOLA isn't as dependent on Brees as much as the past.
  5. Greatest rivalry in each division

    As of right now: NE: Cowboys/Eagles NW: Seahawks/Rams NN: Packers/Bears NS: Saints/Falcons AE: Dolphins/Jets AW: Chiefs/Chargers AN: Steelers/Ravens AS: Colts/Texans
  6. Offensive line: OT: Luke Joeckel: I was tempted to put Robert Gallery here, but at least he ended up being a decent guard. Joeckel sucked everywhere he went and the better tackle, Lane Johnson, was selected just a couple of picks later. OT: Jason Smith: Remember when everyone thought Detroit should have picked him or Aaron Curry over Stafford? OG: Danny Watkins: Being a cool story doesn't bar him from being a total dud at guard. If Andy Reid can't turn you into an at least functional offensive lineman, you have problems. OG: Jonathan Cooper: Sad the way things went for him, but injuries doesn't excuse busting on a guard picked in the top 10. C: Cameron Erving: Has turned into a not horrible guard, but he was an absolutely disaster at center. One of the biggest lowlights of the failed Farmer era.
  7. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    How the hell did he last so long?
  8. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Rosen is straight up trash. There's no need for a full, in-depth analysis.
  9. Patriots extend WR Julian Edelman

    Where does Jules rank among all time great Pats?
  10. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    Acquiring a loser like Rosen is a sign of tanking lol.
  11. Who will be the worst team in the NFL?

    I don't think anyone can argue against Miami. Skeleton roster, Belichick disciples almost never workout as HCs and they're fundamentally planning to take.
  12. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    I have a soft spot for Dallas.
  13. There's a reason why Cleveland went from dumpster fire using "analytics" to actually being competitive when a football guy is running the ship.
  14. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Dungy isn't a Hall of Famer imo, but he was still a heck of a coach.