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  1. Catch rule changed

    Will they rename it the "Jesse James Rule" though?
  2. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    Yeah, I work overnights then I end up working afternoons as well for the most part. Weekdays I'm lucky to get 6 hours of sleep. Not fun.
  3. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    To be fair, it mostly had to do with me taking so long to respond due to work. My time available to talk is when others are sleeping. Makes for long, drawn out discussions.
  4. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    Appreciate the offer, but I'll gladly pass. I was offered a solid amount for him early on, but sadly the trade got nixed last minute
  5. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    So I start Aaron Jones after Coleman did nothing as starter... and Jones is completely shut down but Coleman runs great? I don't know why I bother with RB. No matter who I use, they suck. Anywho, I'm open to trades. Anyone sans a few would be available. Graham is not available at this time.
  6. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    PM me offers and we'll see what we can (possibly) work out.
  7. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    Also, seeing as things have fallen apart; Seattle isn't against moving players as "rentals" if things continue to be so bad.
  8. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    Change Aaron Jones to the new starting RB for Seattle please. Clearly, Coleman sucks.
  9. Free Agency Update : Chris Hubbard to the Browns

    Bummed Hubbard is gone, but the man deserves the pay day.
  10. Good New Everybody!

    They're not re-sigining him. Word is there's talk of who to replace him with. Thank God. He's so awful.
  11. UFC 3

    And this game is still trash if you face the CPU. Just faced the CPU (UT) for the title. Beat the hell out of the CPU. I threw less punches and landed more. Significant strikes in my favor massively. Once again, CPU can run a marathon and I can barely last a sprint and I'm definitely NOT throwing "punches in bunches". I'm blocking and counter-punching. End of the 4th, CPU attempts a Rear Naked Choke. I got out of it. CPU LOST NO STAMINA AT ALL. I lost all mine. Okay EA. These games used to be outstanding with THQ. Now they're just average.
  12. UFC 3

    I see they STILL CAN'T FIX CPU STAMINA. Typical EA. Also, Leg Health NEEDS FIXED. BADLY. I've lost 3 fights to the CPU already. I take one kick to the leg and I'm done. I lost a fight 1 minute in when THE FIRST LEG KICKED MADE ME QUIT. What is this trash?!
  13. NSFL S15 DRAFT (Draft Finished)

    Also Steve Sarkisian (OC) and Kris Richard (DC)
  14. NSFL S15 DRAFT (Draft Finished)

    Zach Line and Jake Elliott for the Sonics, please. Will get other picks here in a moment.
  15. NSFL S15 DRAFT (Draft Finished)

    Seattle Make-up picks. LB Koa Misi CB Rashaan Melvin K Will Lutz P Chris Jones