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  1. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    I saw that tweet as well. I wonder if the deal has more coming our way since they got a new deal done?
  2. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    If AB needed money that bad.... That makes me wonder. He DENIED the Bills deal. He wanted to go to San Fran, but settled for Oakland.... I wonder what legal trouble he got himself into here. Gambling perhaps? Maybe something more serious / illegal? Buffalo isn't exactly FAR from Pittsburgh.... but San Fran was; then again, so is Oakland. Just speculating, but if he wanted money THAT BADLY and was OKAY WITH OAKLAND or San Fran.... Makes me think why he wanted to go to the West Coast so badly. He didn't even consider Miami, which is his hometown.
  3. Antonio Brown to the Raiders for a 3rd and 5th

    Not to be that guy, but that was the point.... And AB is looking on as JuJu scores. Clearly, the locker room did NOT have his back. These guys saying AB was their guy were guys clearly trying to save face so they could still get value out of him. Personally, I LOVE THIS DEAL. The problem is GONE. You still got basically a late 2nd value out of a guy who 2 days ago publicly stated he wouldn't go to another team after a deal was done. SCREW. BROWN. We re-tool and move forward.
  4. Should Steelers sign JaDeveon Clowney?

    This idea is anything but.... "money".
  5. Word is it is for a late 6th round pick. No official word yet, but that's not surprising. Injured and suspended plus saves 4 million.
  6. Pick a top 3?

    Is C even possible without some pure luck in the Draft? I feel like Wilson will be gone.
  7. The Browns have signed Kareem Hunt

    I'm sure their rising star RB they just drafted last year will be thrilled to hear this... Very disappointed in the Browns. This is a new low.
  8. Russell Wilson

    Umm.... If Seattle can't afford that, how the Hell can WE afford it?
  9. Honest Question--How Good is Colbert?

    Gentlemen.... webby just came in here the other day, in a very angry mood; mainly with the behavior of some of you guys... and we already have issues again. I'm not dumb, I can see you're trying to call out others with your subtle comments. STOP IT. Also, PREVIEW YOUR POSTS. There's a good reason your words were censored. (I'm looking at you, @muncher) LAST WARNING. I don't care who does it next. If I see more people trying to find a way to add in expletives, I will have Webmaster deal with you directly. We're all better than this. Post smarter. Thank you, sc29
  10. Argument for 4-2-5 defense

    The issue with this is, a 4-2-5 ultimately seems to me liek it's for teams with tons of DB depth, limited at LB and versatile DL options. I don't feel we fit that memo... at all.
  11. 5 ups/downs on the Steelers season

    HM - Bud Dupree. He showed there's still some hope for him in the future....
  12. Pittsburgh Flying Circus

    @Webmaster Thank you for the help here. I apologize for not being available for this. Things have been a bit hectic on my end lately with a new job and some other things (personal) but all is good. Usually, this sort of behavior hasn't been something that normally happens here. Also, big thank you to @showtime for being available to help out here; as I was at work (very busy day) and could not possibly respond to this in a more proper fashion. @CKSteeler I'm disappointed in your response to this. You're a veteran here, and I know you know better. I was about to hand out warnings, but if Webmaster has seen enough and said his peace; than I shall do so as well. In the future, WE ALL NEED TO BE BETTER. This topic is completely unacceptable and we all know better. We're adults. If we can't discuss this properly; then your future here may be short lived.
  13. May this year be as successful for you as possible! For those out tonight, please be safe and get home as stress-free as possible. For those like myself (Who sat at home playing my Xbox lol); I hope you enjoyed your night in like I did! Happy New Years everyone!
  14. https://steelersdepot.com/2018/12/keith-butler-says-tyler-eifert-will-be-a-problem-for-us-to-cover-eifert-is-on-injured-reserve/ Butler states Eifert will be hard to cover on Sunday, but there's one problem with that. Eifert hasn't played in 3 months and won't be playing Sunday. *sigh*
  15. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Next year do a 16 team league and 8 get in the playoffs? I'd join in if you can do ESPN.