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  1. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    The scary thing is, Bryant and Henry could pass off as each others doppleganger...
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    That's about the time I wake up some days Night shift FTW
  3. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Is she nuts? He's averages over 6 targets per game and he's the #3 option after a superstar RB and superstar WR. What did he expect?
  4. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Can you post the links to these tweets, please? (PLEASE do not post any tweets that would have anything against rules, though.)
  5. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Mark Madden will find a way to blame this on Antonio Brown
  6. Martavis Bryant has requested a trade

    Please watch your language... No amount of frustration towards Bryant here is worth a warning. I'm frustrated myself. Pretty messed up after all his own faults....
  7. Fork the Class of 2004

    Eli should have already been done.... Big Ben is definitely done. He's mentally checked out. I can't see him continuing after this point.
  8. Madden 18

    Nice team @MKnight82 Some advice. The CPU tends to ignore OL for a good bit. Take as many OL as you can. CPU will overpay for them. I manage to still get offers of 2nd's+ for guys who are 82-83 OVR on the OL. I do it all the time and get so many picks that way.
  9. Regular Season GDT Sign-Ups!

    @JLambert58 Appears you're up for the GDT for the Chiefs game. Can you put one up ASAP?
  10. Week #5 Gameday Thread Steelers vs. Jaguars

    Going to lock this up since it seem the discussion is in the past. This will be in the forum directory for future reference.
  11. AP Trade

    Peterson would just be overpaid, whiny waterboy that I want nothing to do with.
  12. I am now calling the Plays....

    We're greedy here in Pittsburgh. We need more than one.
  13. I am now calling the Plays....

    Haley will likely bail once Ben leaves. I doubt he'll want to deal with a rookie QB. I just pray we find someone quickly. If Bell walks; we're screwed.
  14. Week #5 Gameday Thread Steelers vs. Jaguars

    OFFICIAL INACTIVES Steelers InactivesNo. 5 QB Joshua DobbsNo. 17 WR Eli RogersNo. 29 CB Brian AllenNo. 65 OT Jerald HawkinsNo. 77 OT Marcus GilbertN0. 92 LB James HarrisonNo. 93 DT Daniel McCullersJaguars InactivesNo. 10 WR Jaelen StrongNo. 24 RB T.J. YeldonNo. 31 CB Jalen MyrickNo. 55 LB Lerentee McCrayNo. 65 C Brandon LinderNo. 73 OG Josh WalkerNo. 75 OT William Poehls
  15. South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    I completely forgot this was coming out anytime soon.... I played the first one a ton. Definitely a great game. I lost it when I realized Canada was in 8-bit graphics lol