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  1. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I'll join if it's on ESPN. I have massive issues with Yahoo!
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I hate when people hate on a wrestling just because of their time in the WWE. People need to realize how stale and generic the WWE product is and realize it's not the superstar that's the issue.
  3. E3 2018 and upcoming titles

    Looking forward to Fallout 76 FF7 PLEASE!!! I've heard rumors over the past year+ of a potential Chrono Trigger remake? Pokemon Let's Go games Days Gone SURPRISES!
  4. Far Cry 5

    Just beat it today. What the hell did I just watch? MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW! HIGHLIGHT THE TEXT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! Seriously? What the hell was that?!? The right ending was the "Secret" one where you walk away before even starting the game?? So basically, the entire game was a big lie. Either choice at the end was WRONG. If you walked away then, your player TURNS on everyone and kills everyone after hearing "Only You"; they just don't show you kill everyone. (Clearly implied). IF YOU CHOSE TO ARREST HIM; IT WAS ALSO WRONG!! If you choose to "walk away" at the beginning for the secret ending, the Deputy tells you "If you arrest he, we won't make it out alive" (paraphrased). He foreshadows the ending for you. Literally everyone dies, except you. Then you're with The Father as you're handcuffed to the bed at the Den (With Dutch's dead body next to you) and he said that you are his Son now as you're all he has left. I loved this game overall, but the ending was one massive troll job. One thing I didn't like was there was so much you didn't get to do; nor NEEDED to do in a sense. The Resistance Points needed should've been bumped up. Also, if I recall - (SPOILERS AFTER THIS, HIGHLIGHT TO READ) You never actually get to kill any of the "kids". All 3 die without a proper "killing" scene. In fact, how the hell did Faith even DIE?? Probably going to sell this game now. No reason to hang onto it. Game was worth it, but Ubisoft gave us all a giant middle finger.
  5. Fortnite

    You saw the one game he's ever done that then. Watched him on Mother's Day. He won Squads games BY HIMSELF! He solo wins SQUADS game with 10+ kills. Zero camping. He goes after full squads and wins.
  6. burns and dupree still starting by seasons end?

    Dupree - I'm 50/50 there. When he's on top of his game; he's a gamechanger. When he's not, we might as well play with 10 on the defensive side. Burns - Really?? He had a good rookie campaign and a very inconsistent 2nd year. He's not even close to being in any sort of jeopardy. Unless one of the 27 injured corners we got finally gets healthy and becomes a major surprise; I doubt Burns has anything to worry about.
  7. Madden 19

    Just fix man coverage and the inconsistent Awareness issues.... That's all I ask.
  8. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Browns Up)

    D+ is probably too high for everyone in the forum but myself. I think C- is fair. I don't think the Edmunds pick is all that bad. Rudolph is the best value to me. WR is a need, especially since they got Washington and Rudolph. I hope Summers can pan out, but I'm not holding my breath. Allen I feel won't do much. OT in the third was an awful pick since it's not even a need. Last pick is a head-scratcher. I feel this draft won't be a bust, but it wasn't very good; in terms of drafting.
  9. J.J. Wilcox Released

    Per their official Twitter account. Can someone help a mobile-using moderator out here and grab the link for me? 😎
  10. Rumor: Khalil Mack on the block?

    Um, so.... We're trading our problem for their problem? And we can't afford Bell at his price; how can we afford someone worth much more.
  11. I saw that as well (his 40 time). That can't possibly be from the combine. Look at that pick in the end zone (early in the highlights) he tried to return. He got caught, QUICK.
  12. I like what I saw from Trey Johnson. Seems like he has great instincts and is a good tackler, but his speed looks concerning to me.
  13. Guess this dude was never taught how to wrap players up to tackle. He comes close to missing about 15 tackles in his highlight reel.... HE'LL FIT RIGHT INTO OUR DEFENSE!
  14. He did. Check the OP. He's one of the UDFA confirmed to have signed.
  15. DAL trades WR Ryan Switzer for DL Jihad Ward

    Quadree Henderson would like to have a word with you