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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I know it's homerish, but if the Pirates make the playoffs and Bell isn't the unanimous vote for the MVP; it'll be the biggest crime in the history of baseball.
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Both. Pirates fan for obvious reasons (live in the Pittsburgh area) but my family has been Braves fans for years. We were always able to watch them thanks to TBS, plus Bonds left for an Fran a few years later and we hate Bonds. I actually have gone down to Atlanta for games before. I'm going to a game against the Braves in early June.
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    And to think, Miami wanted Austin Riley in a deal if they dealt JT Realmuto to Atlanta. Damn glad the Braves didn't do so!!
  4. Madden 19

    I wasn't even considered Madden or any EA game until Christmas time (when they do the 4 game bundle) but I will have to get Madden now! These additions look so incredible!
  5. Let's try this again, without using sexual remarks to attack each other, yeah? Let's start this off on a good note. Bliss, Becky, Bayley and Banks are all on Twitter taking legitimate shots at each other and it's not kayfabe. This is gonna be good.
  6. His measurables are almost identical to AB, but he's quicker...
  7. @Money This is a warning for your language. You are well aware of the fact that you can't be saying any of those words; but you felt the need to use **** to get your point across. If you know it's unacceptable, why would you continually attempt to say it? Don't do it again.
  8. Added a poll to the OP for everyone to vote, if they'd like.
  9. I'm STILL ANGRY over the fact that Thomas is gone; especially to the RAVENS
  10. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A NEW THREAD ABOUT UDFA SIGNINGS!!!! Post them here WITH LINK and I will add them to Original Post! Thank you!
  11. I think he was making the food with them, to be fair.... lol
  12. Call me crazy, but sub him in as a "corner" in Blitz packages? You can afford to do that now when an athetlic LB like Bush now.
  13. I'd imagine we go RT or LG next year in round 1. Unless a QB drops....
  14. I'm not. It's just hilarious seeing them act like he's the second coming of Jesus and that he's going to lead them to another run as a Dynasty. Good Lord. It was a steal for sure, but let's dial it back a bit here....
  15. Anyone else catch Trey Wingo going NUTS over this stupid Patriots at QB? He literally said this is why they'll keep winning, because of picks like this hahaha