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  1. Let's hear it! Who's down to do so? PLEASE NO "BABES" IN THE GDT WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST.
  2. Definitely pleased! I wasn't big on WR, but I can't complain!
  3. Duggar was the guy they thought was a Top 25 pick? Okay... Anywho, am I the only one that sold on Winfield?
  4. Belicheck stated the Patriots traded back to 37 because the guy they wanted would still be there at 37. I wonder if they're referring to Jalen Hurts?
  5. I'm 100% against moving up at all. This Draft is WAY too deep. Move back if you can. Get all the picks you can.
  6. SWING AND A MISS! I absolutely HATE seeing Alabama thump some no-name school; especially when the NCAA allows them to schedule it sometime in early November. It's ridiculous.
  7. In a meaningless game? Look at the situation. That's classless. If the roles are reversed; I'd be severely disappointed in Tomlin.
  8. Fake punt on your own 10 in a game like this. What a classless move.
  9. Why are you not going for it?! You've got nothing to lose at this point!
  10. Watt are you doing, T.J..... No excuse for that on third down!
  11. Apologize for my inactivity. My IP was getting an error for the last week+ when I tried to get on here.... I may not be around much tomorrow for the game. Sadly, I have a funeral (Viewing) to attend to. Everyone PLEASE behave in preparation for when we blow our chances at the playoffs again. K thanks.
  12. Someone mentioned Hall and Palmieri's wives are close... she apparently posted a picture of the two implying Hall is being dealt. I saw on Twitter someone mentioned he went into the Avs locker room after the game; and they're supposedly in on Hall.
  13. Just going to toot my own horn and say that I mentioned Johnson had the AB skill set but a bit more polished for a rookie.
  14. Myles Garrett is a scum bag. He better not play another down this year.
  15. We're better off going 5-11 at this point. This team has ZERO CHANCE of being a threat if they somehow made the playoffs.
  16. Draft a MLB early and get rid of both Williams and Barron. Both are them are BUMS.
  17. I know he got hurt in the pre-season but don't remember how bad it was.
  18. Reminds me of people who like to run the "Full House" on Madden lol
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