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  1. Running backs !!!!

    I think Royce Freeman will actually be the one on the trading block and he would absolutely beast in our system. But I'm also ok with RB @ #49.
  2. Running backs !!!!

    While I agree, they're in "Ben mode" right now and a new LT doesn't help right now. I wouldn't think any Rookie LT will take the starting role away from Al this year and maybe not even the next.
  3. Running backs !!!!

    So 4 RBs and Watt? Maybe. I've said since day 1 I'd take Akers (depending on other available players). I'm just not sure that's what THEY are thinking. However, they did visit with Akers and Moss.
  4. Running backs !!!!

    All game time active?
  5. Running backs !!!!

    I'm all for Akers but as I think @jebrick suggested, they prolly aren't gonna keep 4 RBs. Connor isn't getting cut. They just drafted Snell and Samuels has shown enough (imo) to stay on the roster. They could have moved Samuels to that H-Back/Move FB role but that's what Watt was signed for. As much as I'd love to add one of these guys, I don't see it happening.
  6. Offseason Work to do

    Steelers sign XFL and former Wolverine Safety Tyree Kinnel.
  7. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    That makes sense. Not sure Minkah is big enough for that role Full time tho. So the question for the Steelers is to either draft a 3rd Safety or a Hybrid. They have visited with both types. There's a good chance they take both. The question remains which scheme is the "go to".
  8. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    But that's not what they did last year. Baron and Bush were on the field at the same time the vast majority of the snaps. The Dri Archer comparison wasn't a player comparison. It was a scheme comparison. I like the idea of bringing a quick and explosive guy out of the backfield. That's what Dri was supposed to be.
  9. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    I'm ok with the Winfield pick. I know I've been beating a dead horse but this pick only solves the ILB "problem" if you expect Edmunds to slide into that spot. If the plan is for VW to "Start" and then have Edmunds slide down to ILB and add Winfield on "Passing" downs then ok. But I don't think that's what the Steelers want. Your strategy could work but I believe they want a Full time Hybrid ILB and only have VW come in on 3rd and short. Is that Edmunds? Maybe. But drafting Winfield early would all but assure that. Again, I like what Winfield brings. I just don't know if that's the direction they wanna go. -Because holes were filled in FA, I actually don't mind the Gibson pick. He would certainly bring some unpredictability and needed explosiveness to the Offense. Depending on available OL and/or WR, I wouldn't mind it. I see it as the "Dri Archer experiment" 2.0 but with a better all around player. -It's pretty cool you have such a close tie to Simpson. If the OG/OCs are gone, he'll provide nice depth. -Highsmith is a good get here. Good rotational player and a possible starter down the road. Could be a 3rd and Long nightmare early. -It's no secret I prefer Jones but Roy does fit a need and would at least kick McCullers out. -No issues with Reed. Holton is gone so that's already a good start. -I don't think we need another VW. Switch out Brunson for Floyd (VT) and we have our Hybrid ILB.
  10. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    He's from my hometown and there was such a buzz about him.. I followed him a little but it just never seemed to pan out. I see he is a Late Rd/UDFA and I wouldn't have imagined that 4 years ago.
  11. kurgan 2020 mock draft+ v.2

    @bigben07MVP, as an FSU what is your take on Lavonte Taylor. A highly prized DB coming out and going to a College known for its DBs but as far as I can tell, he never really panned out. He seems to have the size/agility to be a pretty good Nickel Safety. What's your take?
  12. DTs and INT OL

    Agree with all except the last sentence. It's a popular belief that ILB isn't a need. I think it's a huge need. The "Starter", while not all that good, is gone. VW is not gonna play his normal 36% snaps AND Baron's 69%. Not only mathematically impossible, he's not the type of ILB they want out there most of the time. Unless the plan is to move Edmunds, I believe a S/Hybrid ILB will be chosen and early imo. If Edmunds does move, Safety is the #1 need. I think Chinn/Dugger early and Muse in the later Rds for Depth. NT is #1b but can be had in the later Rds.
  13. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    Not at all. But I do like Ben's tendency and ability to audible.
  14. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    He reminds me a little of Eric Green. Green was such a large/athletic TE especially in his day. I was a big fan but I always wanted more out of him.