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  1. Yep. With the ball in his hands, he just looks like he's playing at a different speed then all the other 21 on the field.
  2. Let's be real... Our OC this year is Ben. I just hope he's "smart" enough to not call 40-50+ Pass plays for himself a game.
  3. No words... https://twitter.com/Steelersdepot/status/1265779290005594112?s=20
  4. Yep. I expect big things from him. The AB comparison isn't a fair but one I get. I don't think he has the hands of AB (yet) but he is every bit as explosive (and perhaps even more) as AB. His quickness out of breaks is elite. I'm excited to see how much he flourishes with Ben feeding him the rock.
  5. I suspect we'll get a really good look at Mason this Pre-Season. They're not gonna overwork Ben in practice or Pre-Season games. He'll just need to knock some rust off. Hopefully that won't take long. That leaves a lot of reps for Mason. Given that, I think this will be the year they find out if they have anything other then a Backup in him.
  6. Looks like DJ's hospital pic was for a sports hernia surgery and he is now close to returning. Not sure if everyone knew that or not. I'd been wondering for sometime what that pic was about. "Good news".
  7. I don't remember anyone disagreeing with you. However, I think there is still a place for that traditional NT. One that warrants a 6th or 7th Rd pick and one that could kick Dan off the roster. Also, I don't need my traditional NT to Pass Rush. I need him to occupy 2 and allow my Pass Rushers to go 1 on 1.
  8. Article explaining Tomlin's current view on the NT position... https://www.steelers.com/news/adjusting-the-point-of-attack
  9. Burns had to beat out Ross Cockrell. Layne had Nelson. I can't speak to Artie being more prepared or not but I felt he had a pretty good Rookie year. Strangely it was prolly his best year as a pro. I'll still contend Artie was used incorrectly. Both he and Layne are Press Man CBs. They don't play that scheme often. Maybe they didn't feel Layne showed any Off Man ability in practice but Burns showed some. Maybe.
  10. Interestingly, Tomlin says he's a "Feature Runner type of guy". https://www.pennlive.com/steelers/2020/05/mike-tomlin-talks-rb-preference-with-fans-why-the-steelers-wont-go-to-a-by-committee-approach-if-he-can-help-it.html
  11. Agreed but I have more faith in our talent on the field then I do the scheming of the Coordinators. Hopefully the Defense maintains and the Offensive play calling gets a bit more creative. I'll give last Season's Offense a mulligan but I hope it opens up and becomes less predictable than Seasons before.
  12. If you can't make the this Steelers team as a NT you might as well find something else to do.
  13. Anyone see where Reggie Bush said McFarland might be better than Bell? I don't really like the guy. I think he's a weasel and a jerk (Bush) but it'd be great if he's right and the "rumors" of McFarland's behavior turn out to be false. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/maryland-terps/reggie-bush-thinks-ex-terp-rb-anthony-mcfarland-could-be-better-leveon-bell
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