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  1. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly

  2. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Love that guy!
  3. Who plays MLB this year

    I think Bostic as the Buck and Kendricks as the Mack would work very well.
  4. Mychal Kendricks released by Philly

    He was cut because of the $7 million owed. I know the Igles we're shopping him around. Perhaps because he wasn't budging on the money owed? How much less does he sign for? I see this as the annual Cap Casualty that the Steelers can't afford. I hope I'm wrong because he would be a nice addition to what I see as the team's biggest weakness.
  5. Just some thoughts...

    We're aware. However, it makes no sense moving 1 player (Hargrave) into a better suited position (DT) and moving 3 or 4 players out of position. There is NO WAY Heyward would be better as a LDE in a 4-3 then a DE in a 3-4. He is one of the best there is as is. A healthy Watt is the only one better and he's rarely healthy these days. Tuitt is already near the top at the positon (imo) and has room to grow. I see nothing that tells me he would be a better DT then a 3-4 DE. While Watt could fair Ok with the switch I do not see him being definitively better (and I think worse). He's doesn't have a great bend nor spectacular explosion. If anything he'd be a better 4-3 OLB but that isn't part of the 4 man front. Ideally they'd add a 4-3 type DE that could be subbed into hybrid fronts (as @warfelg has suggested). Other then that, tell me how the switch improves the Defense and any players' overall effectiveness because I simply cannot see it.
  6. New KO rules=Quadree making roster??

    I don't think so. I don't know the specific stats but I'd venture a guess that at least half the KOs go out the back of the Endzone. Couple that with the new rule that if the ball touches the Endzone its an automatic Touchback, KRs are becoming obsolete. Quadree will have to impress as a PRr and show some ability as a WR to make the team.
  7. @MOSteelers56, at the top of the page. Unless I'm not reading it correctly (which RARLEY happens). *I just re-read within the context of the previous post. I get it now and agree.
  8. I think we're mixing up statements. I was not saying there was no way Thomas doesn't make the roster (tho I think he will). Where I differed was the statement that there was no way an UDFA will make the roster. That's a pretty Hot Take.
  9. So expect an UDFA or 2 but don't predict it to be a certain player? I understand the idea of simmering down on a player that is a UDFA. We see Mini Camp hype all too frequently. But if I think a UDFA has a GOOD chance of making the roster, I don't see the issue with that.
  10. I read forgone conclusion as it's a fact no UDFA will make the roster. An UDFA making the roster happens enough that it isn't what I'd call a rarity especially considering what the depth looks like at ILB/OLB and WR. It would surprise me if one UDFA made it in one of those groups. I hope you know me well enough on here to know I don't get overly excited about Mini Camp news. However, I do think Thomas has a great chance considering his ability coupled with the complete garbage we have at ILB. Then again, he may get cut and I'll have egg on my face.
  11. Agreed but Thomas will be the exception
  12. Wait. A College kid was drunk and belligerent in public? Crazy.
  13. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Here's a video of Tomlin describing his initial thoughts on the Draft Class. It's the typical puff piece but the main reason I posted it is because Tomlin is sporting the sweetest Steeler hat I've ever seen. I checked the New Era website but they don't have it. Any of you Yinzers know where I can get one? http://www.steelers.com/videos/videos/Tomlin-likes-what-he-hears-so-far/4a3a1b8f-a429-4630-8187-c2500894c44f