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  1. Pre-Camp 53

    I think it has MORE to do with there isn't much left in the cupboard. Meaning, he isn't drastically worse then what's left. I didn't like the pick (still don't) but I do think he is being used incorrectly.
  2. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Are Baron and Bush big enough to flourish in an attacking NT scheme? Don't they need to be kept clean?
  3. Pre-Camp 53

    I haven't seen any of that. At least no more then any other player. I know I was pleasantly surprised by his Rookie year given I thought he was a reach but you may be correct in that Burns may never be the guy he was drafted to be. I think @Dcash4hit the nail on the head when he said for some people, the unknown of Sutton seems like the better option then the known of Burns. I don't agree with the sentiment but I do understand it. As for Lane, if they continue to use the "CBs 8 yards off the LOS" scheme he may end up being worse then Burns.
  4. I'll add to that, Burns is also being played out of position. He is a close to the LOS Jammer. They play him 8 yards off and he struggles....Duh. They drafted Layne who is also a close to the LOS Jammer. Maybe they are looking to implement that more strategy and Burns could get back some of his mojo. As you, suggested he may never live up to the 1st Rd pick but a career could be salvaged.
  5. Not to be the "I told you" guy but....I told you (not you specifically). I know my Vols. I viewed Sutton as JAG. While pretty good in Tenn it was clear to me his skillset wouldn't translate well to the Pros. He's a Zone guy that can't tackle. Not a good recipe. Maybe this is the year he takes that step up but even if he does, his ceiling is low IMO. I think you could do worse then him as a #4 or #5 CB but that isn't what he was drafted for and that was not the expectations of many on here. I think most have given up on McCullers a.k.a Big for Nothing (some took longer) but we still have some Dobbs hopefuls. Just as with Sutton, maybe he takes a step up this year but I cannot fathom him ever being a Franchise QB. Heck, it's hard for me to see him as a dependable backup.
  6. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    Well draft eligible guys don't always come out. Even potential 1st rdrs. I can't try and sell you on this guy. I don't know anything about him. But the article said he was a potential 3rd rdr next year. My guess is (as you suggested) he won't move the needle much.
  7. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    For the most part I agree but sometimes there are guys that are ruled academically ineligible or some that violated NCAA rules after the April Draft (this is the case with Thompson). At that point, the Supplemental Draft is there only option. Otherwise, they would have been selected in the following draft.
  8. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    Are you for real here? It's not uncommon for LEADERS to call out teammates who are not doing their job. I can get on board with keeping the comments in house and not go thru the media but "calling out" teammates is common place and often necessary.
  9. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    Be specific please. What exactly are you talking about here?
  10. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    This seems contradictory and I think calling Ben "spoiled" is an example of hate. This makes it look as if you have a problem with Ben on and/or off the field. Can Ben be criticized? Absolutely. But you seem to point the finger at him a little too often IMO (along with Colbert/Dupree/Burns/Tomlin).
  11. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    Cowher was absolutely BASHED for his turtle style Offense. MANY on this board would have blasted him for not being aggressive enough. While his philosophy won plenty of games, it also cost the Steelers plenty of games in the Regular Season AND Playoffs. I prefer today's "Ben run" Offense. I simply cannot and will not understand the Ben hate.
  12. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    Ok and that's fine but ALL of your OLB complaints are based solely on Pass Rush which leads me to believe you don't understand the Defensive Philosophy
  13. You Can Do Everything Right and Be Wrong

    I think we sometimes forget that historically the Steelers have deployed one of their OLBs as not the primary Pass Rusher but one that covers and sets the edge with some Pass Rushing.
  14. FS Jalen Thompson in Supplemental Draft

    I'd be ok with a mid rd bid but it doesn't matter because I think the Steelers are happy with what they have.
  15. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    Per Rotoworld: Panthers Rashaan Gaulden will the starting FS this year. They've been talking him up a lot this Offseason. I like him more at SS but I'd take him at either spot over what we have. What could have been.....