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  1. Raiders Pick at 11

    LAMB.. He should be the pick.
  2. HB Final Social Distance Mock Draft

    You think nassib starts over CROSBY??
  3. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    Thats what I see it as.. ability to move on from #4 and draft a QB this year or the next.. OR if MM works out have him be the QB.. it will be fun to see how this unfurls
  4. Draft Capital (I'm OCDing)

    Not pro or con on #4. I just want a QB to help us win
  5. Draft Capital (I'm OCDing)

    Lol a CULT!
  6. Raiders sign WR Nelson Agholor

    https://twitter.com/Jerrymcd/status/1241538790792945664?s=20 Well he will be the career leader in receptions day one
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I belive it is important. Need a WR who can balance the O...
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Really hope we can draft Lamb @12 and delpit @19 this would give us the #1 WR we need and a saftey that complements johnathan A.
  9. Raiders sign TE Nick O'leary

    Wonder if Foster M health is worse off then thought
  10. New Derek Carr thread

  11. FA 2020

    Any news on the available WR out there??
  12. This is a great interior DL move for us. He is young, and has experience with RM.. I can only assume he will have a effect on the rest of the DL for QB pressure!! Trust mayock
  13. New Derek Carr thread

    Carr should be the week 1 starter unless MM really shows in camp and any pre season action. Only time you need to push a CARR is if it is broke down.. sorry had to drop that. But serious i belive carr can be a top 10-14 QB and. I hope having MM right behind him can motivate him, or a RND 1 WR can help him, or what ever it takes.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    All of the guys i work with on the construction site. Regardless of the team they root for. Even raider fans spout this. I hated the trade and also see why they sisnt want to pay thay much to 2 players. ..mack is a beast he is worth 20 mill yes. Guess the staff didnt think becoming first team to have 2 guys over 20 mill was good idea? I actually think the trade could work for us if we can be patient. But not going to get a MACK out of the 2 bears picks at all
  15. 0-2 now. Im looking for 8-9 wins. But forsee 7.hope to get breaks in steeler and colts games. Dolphins- W. Browns- W Chargers- W Seahawks - L Colts - L 49ers- W Chargers - L Cardinals- 75% W Ravens - W Chiefs - L. Chiefs- L Steelers- L Bengals- W Broncos - W