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  1. Cut williams, let NA walk and your new WR is AROB.! Move on from brown, find a solid RT. Idk who. But availability and average or better would be acceptable Keep gabe jackson try to restructure contract, and simpson as our gaurds. Try to Trade or cut MM find a decent back up QB Move joyner back to saftey, where he played b4 he came here. Then sign a couple vet CB and let them battle with arnette and roberson. Go 100% on LEO.. keep vic beasley, irving, tak. Our line will be fine with a big addition, and i think Beasley has more to give. That would be awesome in
  2. Says Im projected to win but it isnt over till its over.. Thank you all for this year and allowing ne to take a team.
  3. 1st year in this keeper leauge. Was projected to finish dead last. Now 7th? Not happy with a small improvement but it is something to build on.. so next year i hope to challenge even more
  4. Thank you.. this year was fun.. look forward to next season.. if anybody wanna trade for some players send them over..
  5. There was 2 good things. 1. Waller.. epic proformance. 2. Regardless of game.... we got the win. This game was so bad. The Defensive scheme. Has to change.. even with takeaways from mullen, and the play of good ole pick #4. The D was horrible. Also Ruggs is the hero?? NO. He created the pick, he fimbled the ball.. he played a big part in why the jets were able to stay around. Also did it seem like evertime ruggs went in motion they just ran it with booker. Why not give it to ruggs once. That was pissing me off.. Happy we won. But not going to go to work feeling gr
  6. I voted to extend.. Carr pisses me off alot.. but since i started to watch the RAIDERS in 97 , Carr is probally the best QB we have had IMO. Gannon was a MVP sure but he had a much, much better team. Stop acting like CARR is the worst. He is actually quite good. Give him a D and he would have the team in playoffs each season
  7. @Raiders QB Derek Carr became the fifth player in NFL history to record at least 20 touchdown passes and 3,000 passing yards in six of his first seven seasons, joining Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning and Dan Marino.
  8. I think only good was JJ throwing that defender a d Bleacher Report giving ne 4 shots of it to use as ascreen saver.. Bad is all player.. each one. Nobody did good today. Ugly is Carr. Fumbles are a big problem.. the pick 6 is bad..
  9. Trap game.. main objective is to pressure Ryan, disrupt him and thier passing game will fail. We went toe to toe with KC and they are a much better team
  10. Awesome.. low risk high reward. Think. VB come here and can rejuvenate his career. They say change of scenery right. TM also. He was drafted quite high..he has talent. Why not kick the tires. So if they can play great. .if they are who they have shown recently then bye bye
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