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  1. Good. Carr over 90% Drake>>> jacobs Playcalling esp the Edwards TD Defense legit AF Bad Injuries to jacobs and perryman Ugly. The lack of calls going against philly..
  2. Removed cook and brown from deal and we made it.. so JJ and obj for tonyan and arob
  3. Would you trade Robert Tonyan, and Allen Robinson for Josh Jacobs and OBJ. 20 TEAM LEAUGE. No depth 1point ppr. My roster is Qb - cousins, taysom hill Wr- a rob, juedy, godwin, robinson(kc) Rb- chubb, brown(mia), pollard, bell , snell Te - tonyan, cook If i make trade no trade Cousin@ qb cousins@qb Godwin, juedy @wr godwin,arob @wr Chubb, JJ @rb chub, brown @wr Cook @te tonyan @te Obj@ flex
  4. B. SNELL rb from the squeelers. Draft over
  5. Selection of NO SAINTS WR TRE'QUAN SMITH @Lionized otc
  6. Going to grab #4 CARR QB LVR @Lionized otc
  7. Bryan Edwards LVR @Lionized otc. Srry
  8. Choosing to have ZACH ERTZ fill in for my TE bye week... @Lionized is OTC
  9. Taking Jarvis Landry WR CLE. @Bigbear72 OTC
  10. @1.10 Tre Sermon RB 49ERS @Lionized is OTC .
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