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  1. TNF: Eagles at Packers

    The sack machine still doin his thing I see. Today resulted in a fumble
  2. Joe Montana/Dan Marino in 2018 vs.................

    I very sincerely doubt it
  3. Better QB, Andy Dalton or Derek Carr?

    I would take Carr because I expect him to continue improving while Dalton kind of is what he is at this point. I'd rather keep what I have than get either of them though lol.
  4. Thoughts on Cousins

    I love the guy, but I'm very biased given that I'm currently a Michigan State student, my parents met each other there, along with 4 other family members who attended the school.
  5. Favorite Plays In History

    "Marlin's got it, we're going to the Super Bowl!!"
  6. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    wait are you serious?
  7. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    The numbers represent the performance/effectiveness of the quarterback. If the numbers suck, then he was not very effective. Therefore, he must not have done it very well. Its that simple
  8. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    And if he was any good at it, then his numbers would show it. But he wasn't, he was a good qb on great teams, not a great qb on good teams or any other variation of the phrase. He does not deserve any more praise than being "good" being that he was never especially good at ANY point in his career.
  9. Matt Ryan vs Philip Rivers: Prime & All-Time list

    Maybe it is a "grass is always greener on the other side" sort of thing though.
  10. Matt Ryan vs Philip Rivers: Prime & All-Time list

    You don't even need to consider the O-line, as far as quarterback's overall support, having a top 10 defense is more valuable than top 5 skill position players.
  11. NFL Toughness Stats: Fantasy & Game Day

    I don't think there is any reasonable way to quantify the "toughness" that a player possesses.
  12. QB Cap Percentage and Super Bowl wins

    It's not .02% of your roster, it's actually 1.88% of your roster. I know this is a nitpick but I'm weird like this.
  13. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    Being under utilized is irrelevant when his efficiency is trash.
  14. Using ANY/A as a means to compare across eras

    He totally should!!