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  1. 2020 Draft Thread

    It's okay guys. Some just don't have the acumen and skill to sniff out the best WRs every year like I do. It's something your bourne with.. and it cannot be learned or taught. Just trust in me. Chester Claytonpool will be the very best WR to come out of any draft the last two decades, or my name ain't Nathan Arizona.
  2. 2020 Draft Thread

    RB in the 5th rd though? Claypool falls to late 3rd... for realz? Overall, looks like a happy draft, aside from that.
  3. Your snide tone aside { }, your question is a fair one. In short, it comes down to genuine and thorough dialogue with team and player. This is why you have that internal discussion with him to determine and be forthright about what he could be walking into. Any effort into these considerations, and yes, this gets hashed out for all. OBJ averaged 8 targets per game last season. One could presume the targets he receives in SF would be comparable.. one can make a fair case for a little less.. but 2 thoughts on this: 1) OBJ's happiness hinges much more on team success vs personal glory stats (after all, he already has the notoriety and future money yrs in place.. now he just wants to win and be in a better environment) 2) his targets would likely be of more substance and impact with Jimmy G vs Baker.. which can make up for target amounts. KNowing you have a guy like KIttle and Samuel can put less coverage on he alone. Yum Yum. Who wants to live in Ohio anyway FFS? edit: and the most obvious part... his contract wouldn't be guaranteed after the trade.. so if he does act up? we show him the door. Make no mistake though, he's no Antonio Brown. He just wants a team with their bleep together that can win strong... and we will.
  4. But see, reasons actually matter. I ask myself three questions: 1) will adding OBJ make us stronger SB contenders? easy answer is YES 2) will our offense function well as is if an injury occurs to GK or Deebo? easy answer is Definitely NOT and lesser extent: 3) how much trust should I really put in an unproven WR, even if a top one. answer is not so much trust
  5. Good. Hope that sticks. I wanted and still want him back, but not if he's dug in on a 10+ mil per deal.
  6. Did it?! serious question. Maybe I forgot; is this brand new?
  7. I gave Joe a hard time for a few weeks of this past season, but I think it was more injury related, and would now be resistant to trading him for anything short of top 15 pick value. fans dream of stockpiling young talent to develop for a decade+.. but more than this, we are SO DAMN CLOSE... I want that #6. Losing Joe right now would only serve to lessen our current chance at this objective, imho.
  8. Maybe he's earned a little latitude in his decisions. < shrug >
  9. 49ers sign Tom Compton Guard

    How bout LSU IOL Lloyd Cushenberry. Feel like he is not being talked about much these days. Been awhile, but he probably has good athleticism for the scheme, and I remember him being talked about as a potential late 1st/early 2nd.
  10. 49ers release Mike Person

    and on that note, maybe we released him now (out of respect, in a perverse way) so that he could have better chance to sign on with his team of choice (if any are interested of course). If we cut him after the draft or in August, he would have less appeal to teams just on knowledge of scheme alone.
  11. 2020 Draft Thread

    Boring answer is, it comes down to the subjective BVA. Me? I'd lean toward CB. Position value.. Sherman's age.. Spoon's inconsistency.. fear of Dontae Johnson and Verrett...
  12. 49ers re-sign Jimmie Ward

    Following up on this FWIW: https://overthecap.com/player/jimmie-ward/2969/
  13. 2020 Draft Thread

    Something I have been guilty of as well.. it's an antiquated mindset on what it takes to be the space eater. ( so Devil's advocate) No, Street isn't in the mold of DJJ or the old-school 320 lb hogs in the middle. He is, however, freakishly strong and stout (or so said to be). Could be that he comes into camp at 6' 2" - 300 and is up to the challenge of rotating inside.
  14. 2020 Draft Thread

    Maybe they also like the development of young Kevin Givens. They'll probably have a few IDL circled per round, and decide on their value vs others, as the draft unfolds. I don't know that we need to spend big resources on what would essentially be an IDL battling for the 4th depth spot.. just as I would doubt a day 2 or lesser IDL rookie would beat out one of our current guys to garner the #2 spot anytime this season. just my 2 cents