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  1. No outside rusher is going to win his matchup against officiating unless he gets a free rush.
  2. refs are done bailing you out, Matty. Game OVER
  3. rasslin' !!! good moment
  4. Hey, don't look now. "We got a real game going here. What an unbelievable story here!" You don't say? Hmmm... Well this change in the game just must be good for the NFL drama yes? How bout that? Seems legit.
  5. nasty tackle/sack. Get rid of it Jimmy damn
  6. really doesn't even matter. NFL is so tainted. LOL. Rasslin' !!!!!
  7. Marsh got mauled illegally. No way around that. This is SO bullpoop. LOL love the NFL
  8. Can not BELIEVE the announcer is so hard up on DET to say that. WOW. He would be soooooo fired.
  9. too far behind pettis... bad jimmy!
  10. That was just a sexy play all around. Not like that, but like that. : /
  11. Witherspoon can hang on deep routes but man, he sucks at turning to find the ball.
  12. See? I told yall, who needs old Alf Morris, we gt Breida!!!!!
  13. X 100000000 That was awesome!!!!
  14. Nice esplozion for Breeder!
  15. who missed that tackle please?