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  1. #keepfingdoubtingthisdudeftw
  2. New Forum - New Random

    I normally hate going anywhere near this, tbh, but leaving out whether good or how good yadda yadda etc... THIS was a touching, and even resiliency-impressive quick vid. Stay retired, fella.. but do enjoy the life and fam.
  3. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Won't let me into the Minor Niner News Thread for some weird reason, so:
  4. Oh, easily agree that some of these wtf? plays can be minimized via his comfort in scheme, and further work with the receivers. The last sentence... eh, i dunno that it does HAVE to happen. Sure would be nice to happen.. make decisive winning more decisive.. could cost us a swim-or-sink game.. but I don't think other good QBs are clean on this either. They take their chances and throw some close INTs that whizz by defenders' ears or bounce off hands. That's just the game.. a game of split seconds and inches.
  5. Enjoyed it. Feel better, clarkfn. Glad that Forge gave Wishnowsky that shout out. Agree with J's disagreement on the pass blocking OL. They weren't horrible all day, but they def let their QB take too many shots. I guess my only other critique would be in Warner getting as high as a B grade. I felt he made a bunch of false step mistakes to allow AZ's offense to flow, but he is young still, and a Greased Midget offense can be frustratingly hard to react to.
  6. Doesn't make me uncomfortable. Jimmy's the real deal.. and this team is strong enough to absorb his 2 wtf? passes per game. Gets a bit less cozy with no Kittle and Sanders... but still.. seems we can win against many opponents even without those two. I never expected this team to average a crazy rush avr. or 150+ on the ground yds each game. The idea is to just know that they are ABLE to, if opponents are not careful (honest).They clearly know it now, and have greatly overcompensated.. so now, we show them we can beat em just in the air too, if they go back to dishonest.. and we show em without our top 2 pass weapons. Defenses play us honest, and we can mix it up quite well. The threat of breaking a long run with these backs we have is real. The threat of Jimmy converting plenty of 3rd downs is real. That defense is real. We just getting started.
  7. ... and speaking of DEPTH !!!!!
  8. Dee Ford left Sunday's Week 11 game against the Cardinals with a hamstring injury and did not return. Ford hobbled off late in the second quarter. Beat reporter Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle described it as a "potentially significant" injury. The former Chief has enjoyed another strong season, logging 6.5 sacks and two forced fumbles over 222 defensive snaps while garnering PFF's No. 15 pass-rushing grade among 4-3 defensive ends. SOURCE: San Francisco Chronicle Nov 18, 2019, 10:53 AM ET As I'm sure we all feel... hope not serious.
  9. Been said by everyone and more than once. SO good to see our baby Deebo stepping up yesterday. Late in the 3rd, Jimmy took a few consecutive hits.. and that 3rd one was when Deebo rewarded him with that crazy tough grab at the sideline between PP21 and i forget, S. The play was flagged to our benefit anyway, but the plays Deebo made (and plays so far with Sanders) will keep a Jimmy trusting his guys. Nice plays shown by JUICE as well. Just wish he could break/slip more tackles.
  10. heavy blitzes, and I found our OL to be generally underwhelming. We are playing a dangerous game, and betting on Jimmy's toughness. So far, so good, but they have to get better protection moving along. The fact that we're winning with the penalties and obvious injuries is very impressive. Our running game was no mirage. We'll get it back strong enough.. but getting a healthy Kittle and Sanders would sure speed this return of it up.
  11. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Hey, I completely get your trepidation of playing them. They are quite good, and can be a real strong problem. I'm just leaning towards optimism that we will be equipped to formulate a strong plan. That we will keep up in scoring.. and that LJ will make enough mistakes elicited by what is a talented defense. Baltimore is a top 5 AFC team, but so are we a top 5 NFC team. At 9-1, I welcome the challenge on the road. Just bring me a healthier Kittle and Sanders, please, and thank u.
  12. Must have missed this comment. I LOVE this so much; makes me wish we still had signatures. So worthy, haaahaaaha.