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  1. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    They are human beings. They never tire of greed, coveting, so then fighting, and loss.
  2. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    This was a strong vid on discussing the mind of Dany. ( just a good one for anyone still iffy on her decision; I know many are dug in too deep or too far gone for alternate considerations )
  3. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    D+D gonna be all like this and stuffs.
  4. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Would be impossible for me to LIKE this post more. .. but you do have to admit that it's hilarious when people are crumbling over this fictional stuff. Some of the rage videos out there are priceless. Almost all over. Just 1 more to go. Then onto the next tragedy, after a few months of healing.
  5. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    At this point, I'll just be content with whatever results in THE most internet outrage, lol. I'm finding that equally entertaining as the show itself. I think it would be fun to see Drogon kill most of the remaining humans.. then embrace Tyrion Targaryen after Dany is slain and Jon pouts back to the North. Drogon and Ty can just go get drunk often... fly around quipping with each other. The spin-off!
  6. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Their solid reason can be as simple as "this is they way they wanted it to go." Someone put them into position to do this job. When you're a big writer/director/etc.. you go ahead and do what you do the way you want to. Many would and do agree with this. Others don't feel that they needed to spoon feed this development out any more than they did. Most everyone understands by now that time constraints were at play. I don't mean to keep harping like a jerk about this. It is not personal for me at all.. though the "deal with it" memes keep flashing in my mind when reading through these pages. It just IS WHAT IT IS. btw, that was a fun vid (Ozzy) that you recently posted in this thread, @Matts4313, thanks.
  7. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    I'm not even stoked. Just taking what is givin and enjoying the ride for what it is. I don't know why that is so hard for some. It's a strange display.
  8. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    It's a thin-skinned world of quitters and crybabies. I actually applaud the disgruntled that have the integrity to step off the ledge... see what awaits them elsewhere on some other channels. No surprise in the least. I mean, there's no doubt that the writers are wrapping this up more quickly than fans desire... and the development of crucial events has been forced too quickly as a result. Oh well. That is what is left. ... but it's still, IMO, so much better than most garbage out there. It comes down to taking what good you can get.. being a grown up and accepting that whatever happens from most tv is just more fiction that's... really not all that life impacting after all.
  9. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Oh, and don't forget the recent and final word from her best pal, Mes. She did exactly that. Enough Ms. Nice Gal. She was done with it.. for better or worse. The people want to be and hide under Cersei's protection? Down they go too. She's not crazy. She just stays in RAGE mode longer than most.
  10. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    So, let's for a moment say this is true. The 20% are the people that like the show and buy in. The 80% are the people that do little else but gripe about every ep. How "laughable" is it that the "majority 80%" are even still giving the show and thread their time of day? and to what end? Like I'd suggested before.. there are show watchers that enjoy shows, and there are griefers that just like to try and ruin things for others... and why? because they didn't get their way. THAT could very well answer your question of, "what's the point?" So now that this is answered, what exactly is... your point in this?
  11. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    In most of those seasons, Dany didn't watch her best bud get her head separated from her body in defiance of her presence. She had lost so many and so much that was dear to her. Her 2 dragons to Cersei. Jorah to the NK. Betrayals, a broken heart 5x over. Now to learn that Jon was not being honest with her. Knowing that even as she won at KL, her claim was tenuous, and the people hiding under Cersei's protection were just mindless sheep anyway. Her dream was now discovered as pretty unworthy of all her travels, losses, and other turmoils. She mad. It's not the way I wanted this to go. It was no guarantee that she would or even should snap... but in this fantasy-land television show.. she did. Jon was a fool at that point to open his big yap about who he was.. and he doubled down on telling his family when he did. Is what it is. Outrage may be good for venting purposes, but it is rather futile. People act like the show owes them something. The entitlement is out of hand these days.
  12. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Hand over fist cash; these two don't care, and lol at all the hate rage ( I would expect ). This is just how it is these days with people. Some will never be happy. Some don't care at all, but enjoy feeding fires because trollololololulz. Some are just emo kids with no ability to process their raw feelings. Some are just snotty arrogants that feel they can always do better than others in hindsight, and feel better about themselves in announcing it to the internet world. Just that kind of world we live in now.
  13. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    well, there's real shocker here...
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    JL did recently Knight Brienne. That could turn out insignificant, but maybe it defines her final path next week, for those that still give a crap.