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  1. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Love it.. and of course hate it! ... thoroughly believe it.. particularly when in GB; that place is creepy cult-like. Even in Santa Clara, I do suspect that the refs will do what they can to keep Aaron and Co. in the game, if possible. They'll keep it subtle enough, and probably won't give the game away. Just push it enough in their favor, if it could make a real difference, and give Aaron that moment to deliver. I know some fans refuse to believe in any of it.. ( and that's fine, I get it) and for various reasons. 1)they see it as being whiners and everyone hates whiners, win or lose.. cuz real men don't whine! 2)they themselves can't embrace the possibility that this precious sport they love can be (and often is) tainted with agenda. 3)so long as they win, they dgaf, and don't need to justify it. Hope the Niners can put this game away early and don't let up, so that it takes power away from the refs. Tall task, GB is no chump. I think we are the better team, but any given Sunday is right.
  2. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Matt LaFleur didn't hold practice in pads because "for us to be at our best, we need to be fresh for Sunday." He said it's just as important to be mentally sharp, noting they had the lowest total of mental errors all season last... https://es.pn/30quXlM Rob Demovskyā€¸Verified account @RobDemovsky 7h7 hours ago More Interesting that coach Matt LaFleur opted against going in pads today. His team is healthy and he clearly wants to keep it that way. https://es.pn/3afTHSn
  3. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    They've clearly been saving star CB Dontae Johnson for this important season's final two games. Move over, E and Spoon!
  4. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    so, gimpy, but likely just a cautious resting of that same ole same ole
  5. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    Not going to read a thing into this yet but: followed by :
  6. 49ers Stats and Observations

    Well, when folks are paid by this team to be right, that's when it should matter. Until then, being wrong about a great many things is every FootballsFuture poster's unwavering right.. and they exercise it with great emotion. I don't even remember exactly where I stood on these two, and I don't go back thru old threads to opinion-shame self or others. My guess is that I liked the Kwon addition but did feel it was an overpay.. one that I could probably live with after seeing contract details. My guess is that I was so butthurt after the Hurd selection that I was fairly indifferent of the Greenlaw pick.. but that it wasn't a pick that I loved or detested. Now good day sir!
  7. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    instead of boosting confidence for this game, some of these predictions of us beating GB down again are making me uncomfortable...
  8. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    really hate the Browns.. and hate that my Tigers WR duo languish there...
  9. 49ers Stats and Observations

    didn't want to bump the Vikes GDT but if someone knows how to gif up the befuddled and disappointed look on Shanny's face after the following play? that would be awesome. 3rd Q - 1:53 left - 3rd and 1 to go, Joe Staley or Bourne inside? blocks wrong assignment, leaving the big RE free to make the tackle on Coleman. Shanny's just beside himself.. .. regardless of the 14 point lead. ( love that )
  10. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    looks promising, thanks. Here is another one that is typically fun to check out when open time presents itself: edit: wrong place for it, but whateverz
  11. Conference Championship GDT - Packers at 49ers

    He looks genuinely triggered at times. Otherwise, this approach just seems silly to me, and I'd chuckle over the butthurt exuded.