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  1. Is that be good options? I like not paying a QB 26 million to suck.
  2. All 49ers QBs thank you for that one, Richie J. Well done.
  3. Now that Roach hit, THAT'S what an illegal QB hit really looks like, ffs.
  4. was funny to watch McK just stand there and watch the INT taken place in slow motion.
  5. Nice coverage, Moseley! A DPI flag there would have been perhaps enough to turn it off.
  6. Sitting here listening to politics and couldn't taste candy if I tried; stupid Covid. Yes. That kind of year. 🤒
  7. Don't hold back, Nick. Crush GB 50-0 by halftime, so I can get some early sleep.
  8. Mullens the rest of the way. Win, lose, whatever. I don't care about draft spot. Just keep me entertained and be competitive. I didn't expect a real season anyway.
  9. He's done. He will be a backup somewhere else for the remainder of his career. Such a fizzled out disappointment.
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