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  1. Your second sentence, my brain read it as he is a heartless animal. I'm comfortable in either sentiment. 👍
  2. weird that it didn't quote right... rusty oldman I just don’t see trading up with two first-round picks as the price to get a guy who is raw and needs time. Lance has skills, but he will need time. (Pete Prisco)
  3. I was reading this on a drafttracker, and frankly, it's hard to disagree with. That said, if you move up like that, sure, do it for a smart and physically gifted player. I preferred Lance and Wilson over Fields or McCorkle. I'd like to say I have great respect for what Shanny can do with a QB, but that smacks of contradiction in why he needed to give up so much to get a specific QB. Trey Lance QB, NDST Height: 6-4, Weight: 226 I just don’t see trading up with two first-round picks as the price to get a guy who is raw and needs time. Lance has ski
  4. Glad they hit on areas of need. Don't know jack about any of the draftees, and don't care about what they've done. Bring it strong in September+ and then I'll care. 🙂
  5. Corrupt media Fake News... hmmm.. no limitations, sad sad. After already having traded to #3, yes, I am very glad that they swing for the fences with Lance. I prefer he not start right away, but if he deserves it by September, then let it be so.
  6. the McCorkle to NE just feels so right.
  7. we selected Lance.. all the rest is fluff
  8. I'm keeping Jimmy for this season. No guarantee that he starts though, but likely. I don't wanna break Trey Lance by dealing with Kwame Harris 2.0 at right tackle.
  9. I dunno much at all on this but I'd sure like value at OL or CB or ER soon.
  10. I would agree. You don't trade up like that if you don't have your guy locked in. Lance was the athlete that had a terribad pass percentage, yeah?
  11. Yep.. looks locked in at Lance right? is that good?
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