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  1. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    So you would have felt the same had Kirk stayed.. or is he so much more the difference maker at QB, in your view?
  2. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Touche... and maybe so. I don't plan that far ahead, yet will disclose that I am still going to be watching favorably of Kansas City and always SF. That said, I am always hoping for the best of any team I claim to support.. assuming they win me over, over time. Now that I have dug into all personnel and whatnot of the Redskins (and GUICE is here!!!!), I would be very surprised if to not keep a strong interest in your team. Happy day, for you!!!! So, there is that..
  3. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    So to clarify this indirect answer to the question, you.. and presumably the evasive MK82 do indeed want your Redskins team to fail miserably over the next year or three. That about the size of it? Anyone else signing up for the Fans That Want Their Team To Suck group? ( it's all good, I have seen this before.. just wanted it well noted )
  4. New Forum - New Random

    This abuse of mod power is getting ridiculous!!!! I'm outraged! ( please feel free to edit my post accordingly )
  5. Well, he can't be any worse than that bust, Manny Lawson!!!!
  6. New Forum - New Random

    whatever do you mean??? ( best I can do, and well deserved gift after reading through the Manny Lawson Thread, jfc )
  7. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    So I am trying to nail down what it is you'd like to see happen for 2018. From your point view, a disaster would be a great outcome. That way, it gets Smith and Bruce Allen out of DC faster, yes? All you could ever see Alex as.. is being mediocre... So, it makes most sense that you actually hope the Redskins are in for a disaster this season, amirite? Honesty, please.
  8. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    ^ more good stuff in there...
  9. Should we sign LG Ritchie Incognito?

    Okay, moving onto Alex Boone now pretty please. LOL
  10. OTAs

  11. Yes, as someone far less aware of Redskins' past, I really didn't know that Crowder was so productive, the last few years. I remember him as a prospect, and remember liking him. It will be exciting to see what he can do with Alex and a healthy OL. I like those quick, sharp route-running WRs, and so does Smith. .. and nice thread concept you have here, @MKnight82 ...
  12. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Sounds good; @Woz ... you win. As a mod, you will always win. My intention is never to create conflict. I'm just trying to continue on with my optimism and excitement for Redskins' football.. and that's challenging with the current mood here. I know... I know.. don't like it, leave it.. but I do like FF, and it just makes me sad and disappointed. Some long-time Redskins' fans here feel as I do.. so it's more than just "the new guy that doesn't know our pain." Will try to leave this alone yet again. WE are on the same side here, assuming you want Redskins' success. Just do 1 small thing for me. As we go, when and if I am no longer welcome here or on the verge of removal? Just let me know first, and gone, I'll be. I don't want to lose out on the 49ers' subforum, among others. I hope that's not asking too much.
  13. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    That's not really fair. You are manufacturing an attitude I am not expressing. As "a new guy" here (certainly not to the game or FF), I am reading fans persistently dogging on their new QB.. which has never taken a snap on your team.. who had a great season last.. and is now on a team that clearly has talent when healthy. ... and I have an "attitude".. because I am saddened.. that on a fan forum in late May.. many fans of this team have already grabbed for the pitchforks and Kleenex? Is that really the interpretation being fabricated today? because that seems inaccurate and unfair to me.
  14. Our Offense got a lot faster this off season.

    Nominated for Post Of The Year Award.