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  1. I kind of agree with this. I'm not interested in looking far down the road on what the team will be. What will be, will be, and all. I want to see good football every week, and want the 49ers scrapping for a spot. Entertain me with competitive games and that's just gonna have to be good enough. Let's face it. 2020 has been a ridiculous year of misery all over. Football is not what it was. nothing is what it once was. Take what we can get that's good, and just get through it with a few smiles. It's just a silly game, and easily corrupted, after all.
  2. There is NO doom n gloom allowed in the GDT. That's it. I'm finding a mod for this!
  3. take it from the 49ers, it SUCKS for a pass rush defense to have to deal with these freak QB runners.
  4. Bears OL Massie just caught a 4th down deflected pass to give Bears a much needed 1st down vs NYG. lol
  5. well my way eliminates... no, reduces.. chance of further injuries.
  6. should we not just kneel 3x and punt after draining as much clock as possible?
  7. really leaving him out there to get smashed with that playcall, Kyle Shanahan.
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