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  1. Are they somehow not gonna be required to change the name Washington too?
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Solid and intriguing, if into that kind of thing. A bit slow and boring though, iirc.
  3. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Bound to be nearing the end of Good Omens. It's been a funny and light season of clever characters and imagination.
  4. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I am rarely that guy to throw up his arms and bellow, "it's over!!! it's all over!!!!" but this has for a short while now been feeling like the NFL 2020 season is listed as DOUBTFUL on the injury list. It was so very predictable... and avoidable... but people gonna people. So, I hope they all enjoyed their close quarters partying, rallying, and rioting. I hope it was worth it to them. Selfish, empowered jerks. May there be a 2021 season, if we make it that long to bother.
  5. I don't think there is a single positional aspect that I'm not excited and intrigued to see. I hope there will indeed be a full season to enjoy. Very troubled over this expected 2nd surge of Rona, but people are gonna people. Still have a nagging concern over the edge rush depth, but hopefully Blair can be ready or a darkhorse candidate will help out.
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Like it for a while, but really started to loathe Nancy Parker as it went along. Much as I did with Ozark's Wendy Byrd. This "I'm a tough girl" posturing was an eye roll, after a while. Now Darlene Snell??? that character was a legitimate tough girl.
  7. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    One of the shows we've been watching lately is Homecoming on I believe Prime. Not really impressed. In between the weird and ill-suited background music, it's a long season 1 so far. Julia Roberts is getting harder to enjoy looking at so often, it's slow, and really could have been thrown together in a 2 hour movie version. Just my opinion; the wife is slightly more intrigued with it than I. Good bit into season 1 of The Expanse. Pretty good.
  8. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    SO jelly.
  9. I had to just now look up who this Jennings being talked about was, lol. Forgot about him. I was going to say after first reading the question of who and how many.. The one that I would consider a lock behind (of course) Samuel and Aiyuk is Bourne. I get that he's on a 1 yr tag, but I suspect he would have to be really SUCK for them to cut him loose. He was pretty darn good and reliable, aside from an earlier bad game or two. I'm not super high on this WR corps, outside of Samuel and probably Aiyuk's pro transition. If I were a WR and in need of a roster spot, I'd have SF penciled in as an audition spot among all teams. I don't have any great expectations for the others, but I'm very open to them proving themselves. My wild guess: (1)Samuel (2)Aiyuk (3)Bourne (4)Taylor (5)Benjamin Hurd going I.R. and James a phone call away, if someone gets hurt. Jennings or Finke battle for a spot on the P-squad
  10. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    49ers WR Trent Taylor is running routes and making cuts while working out with Jimmy Garoppolo and other veteran receivers. “I’m back to doing all my normal stuff,” Taylor said. “I don’t know if you would say that I’m ready to go out and play a football game. I mean, I could if I had to." While that's not a complete assertion that he is fully healthy, Taylor dealt with a continuous foot injury last season that included five surgeries, so this is significant progress. His home is in the slot and there is a path to playing time if Taylor can stay healthy. Jalen Hurd, Kendrick Bourne and Dante Pettis are also participating in the throwing sessions with Garoppolo. SOURCE: The Athletic Jun 3, 2020, 10:28 AM ET
  11. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Dee-Ford-Kwon-Alexander-return-Vikings-playoffs-14960095.php According to Pro Football Focus, Ford had just 161 pass rush attempts this season, but made the most of them. The advanced stats website's "pass rush productivity" metric (PRP) combines sacks, hits and hurries relative to how many times a player rushes the passer. This is done to compute how "efficient" a pass rusher is, as raw sack numbers don't always tell the whole story. Ford is tied for third in the NFL with a PRP of 9.9 (2019) https://www.49ers.com/news/how-the-addition-of-dee-ford-impacts-the-49ers-pass-rush Ford made the Pro Bowl in 2018 after posting 13 sacks (seventh-most in the NFL). According to Pro Football Focus, Ford led all edge rushers with 78 pressures and a 91.0 overall grade last season. Kyle Shanahan said that the 49ers needed closers, and that's the role Ford assumed with the Chiefs. Ford forced a league-high 10 turnovers due to pressure. By comparison, the 49ers forced just seven turnovers as a defense in 2018.
  12. So long as we can, which could be till after 2021, I'd like to hang onto Alexander. Greenlaw has stepped in and up incredibly well, but I like the excellent depth in these years. Dre's minuscule contract (as well as Warner's) makes up for the KA cap cost, and the idea of us eating 10.4m dead cap after 2020 is not appetizing. Not even appetizing after 2021 at 7.29 mil, but we'll see how the years go in uncluttering the full picture.
  13. Yup. 15 per yr is about my max. Seems plenty fair for both sides.
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    We watched it all through not so long ago; probably knocked it out in a two month period. A decent slow-going show, but it was good enough I guess. I think the wife liked it more than I did, but I'm more of a grumpy bastard than she. Can't say I regret watching it, but it will be forgettable.
  15. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Yeah, this second season (mid-way through) has dipped a bit, but still good enough so far. I try and remind myself that without some of the ridiculously cringy decisions made, there would be no real avenues for the show.. or at least not that typically comes to my mind. spoilers below: