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  1. I would go Sherman and Verrett, but Moseley should be getting enough reps to help in the various spots. Sherman likely won't be ready for all snaps. Also liked what I saw of Hasty.
  2. Skule looked fine on his two snaps. Bad drop from Kittle there, my my.
  3. Showed a bunch of plays where Brunskill got timely help from his fellow blockers here and there, but yeah, props so far to his efforts.
  4. have to be the worst defense versus QB run containment, lol
  5. dunno who let the pressure in, but yeah, Jimmy had to do a throw, quick spin, and pray with the contact right after
  6. unexpected decision on that 4th down pass.. KITTLE !!!!!
  7. RB was slapped by LB in the helmet. So, DUH I would have left my offense standing on the field for hours, until they get it right. F em.
  8. Verrett.. accept my apologies for thoroughly writing you off last year. signed, drunk dumbarse
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