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  1. 2020 Green Bay Packers Defensive Line

    It doesn't have to be an explosive offense, but it needs to be efficient. If you can consistently score points that applies some pressure. If you can grind the clock too, that adds more. With the pieces the Packers already had, it could be possible. We need to see it come together. Yes the run defense needs to play better. We need the 2018 Lowry not the 2019 version for example, but it's not a hopeless situation. If the run D can be OK, not awful, the pass D could be great. If the offense is consistent and efficient that is a combo that can win. Yes everyone needs to step up and play to their strengths. Things need to go right. It's still one of the better situations to be in right now. Every team from the inside especially has some major questions.
  2. NFL News & Notes

    The new kickoff rules dropped the success rate of onside kicks from 15% average to 8% and 6% the last 2 years, compared to almost 22% the year before and year to year around 15-20% success rate. Since the vast majority of the time teams don't try to convert on 4th down, what is the league average conversion rate for 3rd and 15+? I'm pretty sure it's in that 15-20% ballpark. It gives you a comparable gamble that could swing momentum and help close a gap (or pull away). That adds enough of a dynamic to the situation.
  3. Can a small-market, low payroll NFL team win a Super Bowl?

    The important part is it's not about the money. There are no "small budget teams". Everyone has the same upper limit and a high floor. Sure some people are going to pick one team over another based on all sorts of OTHER factors, but it's not because teams can't all financially make competitive offers.
  4. Random Packer News & Notes

    TBH, you get better insight from people here than articles for exactly the reason cannondale says.
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    The point is that's a pretty low end site with crappy articles as a rule. You don't read BR and expect good analysis and reasoning.
  6. Random Packer News & Notes

    Playing Savage in the slot just means your next best DB plays S not corner. It would put Savage in a position to cover TE or blitz as well. If he is capable of being that kind of player, it's better than keeping him stuck on the back end.
  7. Random Packer News & Notes

    There is audio of Rodgers earlier this offseason saying his goal is to play well enough that they can't functionally replace him. Assuming he is willing (and still capable) then I don't see him trying to force his way out as long as the Packers want him to start. If he steps his game up a little, which is possible, then unless Love looks like an absolute stud, it's not even a discussion for two years, and at that point, it becomes a much different discussion. Say in the next 2 years the Packers make deep runs, ring or no, Rodgers balls out, and it's obviously run D meltdowns costing the Packers. If the Packers DID decide to move on, Rodgers has both value and a certain degree of leverage in. If the Packers and Rodgers struggle, they would have probably been in full rebuild mode in 2 years anyway. Remember, legacy is something Rodgers regularly talks about. I think he's going to go out of the way to make sure everything here is as amicable as possible.
  8. Did you read the OP?
  9. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Cooley has been my go-to as a wing H-back.
  10. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Yeah Wycheck is another good one. Way better than Kyle Juszczyk.
  11. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    I really expect him to be used more on the line, slot, or wing than FB. I keep saying I see more Cooley in his game than a FB type.
  12. 1.26 - Jordan Love [QB; Utah State]

  13. Green Bay Packers Draft Grade

    That's just not true. Rodgers had little problem with Adams and some rookies he's loved. This all comes fromguys like Janis who have physical tools but can't run correct/consistent routes. It has nothing to do with them being new and everything with being sloppy. Some get better, some don't.
  14. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    Instead of Juszcyk, think Chris Cooley. They are listing him at TE not FB for a reason, I really think that's more the type of H-Back they envision him as.
  15. 3.94 - Josiah Deguara [TE; Cincinnati]

    How is TE not an impact position?