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  1. Thankfully with Preston Smith and Gary he can be used in an easy rotation and not be too concerned.
  2. A couple huge differences. It sounds like the Adams talks ended because they want to be the highest paid and is using an inflated number as his starting point. Jones deal is much friendlier he's #7 on paper and it is structured in a team friendly way. Also it's the difference between 2n and 3rd contracts. 3rds are always a bigger gamble.
  3. Just no. 20 mil is already tough to swallow, and 27+ is just stupid. You can't let one other teams bad contracts push you into doing something stupid. It would be nice, but the Packers have shown when he's been out that losing him wouldn't kill the offense.
  4. It seems King also suffers hat because he's not Watt.
  5. Take off the tinfoil hat, no colluding needed. There are serious complications and headaches for unvaccinated players just from a logistical and organizational point of view it's just a conclusion that will arise internally from most corporate entities.
  6. I'd rather let him walk. For one the numbers are two high. Second you basically have no out until year 4 and that's hard to swallow. The amount of signing bonus this takes is awful.
  7. Any numbers on this? I'm pretty much always happy about OL/DL pick ups, even depth.
  8. I don't think I even tried to put cooper or Rodgers, I think my phone added it in.
  9. Tbh I expect if Cooper cashes in on his opportunities, he will move past Cobb as the #1 slot fairly quickly.
  10. That list of vets is just sad. In almost every case of an aging vet, the Packers made the right decision. There is no way to be nice about telling someone you think it's time to move on. Amicable break ups aren't a thing. You can argue Hayward and Hyde but both those decisions seemed reasonable at the time given what they had shown, the roster, and the cap. As confirmed by the discussions of the contract, it's all about Rodgers realizing he could be next on that list and railing as hard as he can against it. Unfortunately doing so also makes it more appealing to make that change.
  11. Tbh I see him as a package #3/4 wr. Him and Amari in the same slot could be fun. Adams and Lazard are your primary outside WR with MVS as the deep threat.
  12. For one I don't think they are resigning Adams. After that it shouldn't be too hard.
  13. The structure on it is important. Hopkins deal is a very real 27+ if there are balloon years you can escape from at the end it's ok.
  14. Adams camp just has to be willing to ignore the Hopkins contract as an outlier. Then you are negotiating in the 20-22 range not 27-28.
  15. Personally I think he had no choice but to come back, and am annoyed at any concessions to issues that are 100% in Rodgers head.
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