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  1. They wouldn't have time with the way Kenny Clark is playing. I really expect him to wow some people vs Seattle and being a night game it could really be "DPOY?" type buzz.
  2. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    I'd use a 1 and 2 to move up, and maybe even both ones. If the Packers could get up and get a top edge guy, this D could quickly become special for quite some time.
  3. This "second tier" roster bit is funny. There isn't that much disparity.
  4. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

  5. I loved James. Probably my favorite prospect in this year's draft. That said I'm totally on board with the great value they got trading down. No matter how good anyone else turns out to be, if Alexander is anywhere close to as promising as he's flashed so far, plus another first, is just too good a steal.
  6. Should the NFL move on from Goodell?

    He's not going anywhere, any time soon. He is a perfect whipping boy for the fans and players to blame things on.
  7. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    For me I'll take Faulk for an offense as the rules stand today. He was a great runner, as good as most WR downfield, and a very good blocker. While not the best pure runner of the group his all around skill set is the best.
  8. Are Sacks overrated?

    If gets almost sacks on a higher % of snaps? Definitely!
  9. If Trubisky is good, the Bears could be a real Mitch-Mack problem.
  10. Comparing the 2017 & 2018 INITIAL Rosters

    This is so dumb because it's not a Packers specific thing. It's not McCarthy, it's the entire CBA.
  11. Packers Roster Cuts

    Blake Martinez? Still really hopeful on Kevin King and Josh Jones. Lowry is a solid rotational piece as well. You want stars? Most teams don't consistently get them out of any draft.
  12. I'm expecting Rodgers to be dialed in because he feels he has something to prove between missing time last year and a record deal. Not that he isn't usually sharp but he can hit that next level "cheat code" precision.
  13. Who is your favorite Packers player,

    All time? LeRoy Butler. I was one of the kids at practice with a bike and met him every practice his rookie year.
  14. Play maybe, but limited snaps and probably not much opportunity for impact.
  15. Packers and Rodgers agree to new deal

    Except his mobility in these terms really shouldn't be impacted. It's not him running for yardage or speed to get outside for Rodgers. It's his ability yo slide and reset the pocket. Awareness and his mental game will make up for what his legs lose in that regard.