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  1. Yes. The Packers got beat down hard yesterday. For many reasons and in many ways, they just flat out got beat. To win a Super Bowl, yes they need to just be better across the board. That said, I still have a great level of calm today. Going into the season, I was saying 10, maybe 11 wins, and hope the season came down to the Vikings game for the NFC North. I thought that would be a good year for GB and where I hoped they could get. Instead, in many ways they exceeded those expectations. 13-3 and the number 2 seed. Handling the Seahawks at home, a dangerous team in their own right. Fact of it is, I never thought the Packers roster was "there" yet to begin with. That's what I saw exposed. A defense that is almost literally one man in the middle of the DL trying to hold back the dam. The Smiths are fine on the edge but Clark is the only + player in the interior front. The rest are OK on a good day and on a bad... well we just saw that. On offense, they have Adams and Jones. Past that it's a bunch of guys who are fringe roster guys at best. If you can contain those two, the Packers don't really have anyone else that can beat the coverage consistently enough. Rodgers can hit an open window but you can't count on him to consistently throw guys open anymore. The OL should have played better than it did last night. I understand SF has a very good front, but the Packers OL usually play better than that. I don't have an explanation as to why, but they definitely underperformed. It's year one under a new HC. It was definitely steps in the right direction. We will see if they address what we think they should this offseason, but based on the past year, I see every reason to stay optimistic.
  2. Fire Pettine

    I didn't specifically see a coordinator problem I saw a DL and ILB group get mauled. Other than Clark, the other interior players were just getting consistently blown out of their gaps. I see this as highlighting the need for DL and ILB rather than a damning indictment of Pettine.
  3. What would Dalvin Cook be worth in a trade?

    Personally I feel like the price it would take to get it done, probably including an extension with the trade, is going to be higher than I would consider. Between positional value and injury history, I wouldn't go higher than a mid-late second, preferably a third. I think it would take an early 2 or better if they were going to actually consider trading him.
  4. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    The problem with Moss is he was inconsistent about it. The really great ones run with that intensity EVERY route, even when they aren't a primary read. Moss probably could have been a great route runner but his consistency and effort varied pretty wildly.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    How high do you think he'd have been otherwise? I still don't like it before maybe the very late 2nd.
  6. Who is the best route runner of all time?

    There is more to it than we can actually judge. Clean breaks are nice, obvious set up moves are cool, but we don't know the actual design. A level of timing and precision go in that are impossible to judge completely watching the results. From what I can see, Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison are probably the two best technicians I've gotten a chance to watch. Larry Fitzgerald, Issac Bruce, and Chris Carter are good HMs.
  7. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    And in the 5th round it's well worth the gamble. In the first, not so much.
  8. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Sometimes they can be but some guys just are what they are.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    I understood the angst over Rodgers but here is a key difference. When the Packers drafted Rodgers, Favre was ALREADY saying "IDK, maybe this is going to be my last year." Now, of course, no one really believed that, but you had Favre himself suggesting it, and THEN, the guy that SHOULD have been the #1 overall pick is on the board at 24. This is a perfect storm situation and left the Packers in a no brainer. Now if you are talking a 15 ish ranked prospect at 30 with no thought that this year or next might be Aaron's last, that's no where near as attractive a situation.
  10. McCarthy kept trying to give up playcalling though so he could focus more on the big picture. I don't think him calling plays was ever part of his plan moving forward. I wouldn't be surprised if it's as much Moore's offense as McCarthy's.
  11. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Geronimo is what he is. I don't consider this a huge "under". He was always a guy you've been hoping to push down the depth chart his career high is 23 catches. MVS is a second year guy who is physically talented but route running and hands have always been inconsistent. It's disappointing stat wise, I consider this a push. Kumerow? again a push. Overall this is another Geronimo Allison situation. Really borderline NFL talent and you gotta be kinda happy you get anything at all out of them. Shepherd washed out? He was a scrap heap pick up to begin with. There really isn't much talent to develop in the first place.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    It really isn't. A (singular) WR doesn't help much. Yes we need a #2, but the secret was having 4 guys who were viable starters for most of the league. Right now the Packers have 1. Adding a first round pick is nice, adding a 2nd-3rd and a mid level (think Billy Turner tier) FA would be much better.
  13. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    That second half was purely Wilson. Green Bay did use the advantage of time, but they mostly avoided giving up big chunk plays and managed to get the stops they needed too. Purely a case of an elite QB doing what elite QBs can do, and the defense still held together. They didn't get the barn doors blown off and fall apart completely.
  14. Definitely agree it could happen. Dream scenario is Garrapalo going dumb early. If the Packers could grab an early lead, the Smiths + Clark are capable of generating enough pass rush to make QBs panic. Hopefully that leaves a couple more balls in the air the Packers DB could take advantage of. The Packers have to play their best football for this to happen though.
  15. It all depends on the start of the game. If they get down early because of mistakes/poor play, I don't think the Packers have the weapons to come back from a large deficit.