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  1. His first few years in GB I delivered pizza to him on a fairly consistent basis. He was always one of the nicest people I interacted with, he would actually be conversational and engaging. With some guys that's an act, with Donald Driver, I am sure it is 100% just who he is.
  2. You literally can't have it both ways. Either you just look at winning % because not all teams will play 16 games or you give one the loss and one the win.
  3. Brett Favre had a pretty good year 2 under McCarthy also, but moving on from the aging QB was certainly the right call. I would be peeved if we didn't keep love at least next year and the year after to see how he develops before that decision. He is on a 5 year deal. It would be silly to throw away that lottery ticket before seeing if it might payoff. Also no one is going to give a top 10 pick for a guy who went late 1st and has done nothing. That part is absolutely ridiculous hyperbole.
  4. It's just flat out not worth the investment, the vast majority of the time. Guys who are up for mid season trades are guy who have contracts that outweigh their value. I want to spend that money resigning what guys we have that we can and those picks drafting the replacements for the guys we can't. You just don't get good value from veteran trades more often than not.
  5. Yeah if we let him walk we are going to regret it more than Hayward and Hyde put together. He's a higher priority resign for me than Aaron Jones.
  6. Are they OVERLY cautious or APPROPRIATELY cautious? Hamstrings especially can be twitchy things that once you start having repeated pulls it can linger the whole season.
  7. This is definitely suspension worthy. Picking a fight after the game over some personal beef is literally CRIMINAL. This is not how grown men should act, athletes or otherwise.
  8. Implying adult male. This behavior is outright childish.
  9. You consider this handling it like an adult?
  10. My apologies, but too many people really believe the stuff I could read.
  11. There are reasons to believe that there are long term physical after effects, including possible lung and heart problems. That is very serious to an athlete and we don't know enough to say for certain how bad it could be long term. That's what's terrifying about the "just get everyone sick" thought.
  12. It comes more down to two questions. Where do you really find that guy? How much are you willing to invest in that? The guys people fall in love with every year as college ILB prospects don't have a great track record. What is a FA going to cost? Any good examples of guys you WISHED we had pursued? There aren't many good ILB in the league in the first place really.
  13. I'm hoping to see Degura back. I think he's going to be a great asset in the mid level and underneath passing game, plus he's a really good blocker, especially for a rookie.
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