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  1. Dillon was a good pick because you knew at least one RB was leaving and it made it not an "at any cost" type move to resign Jones. It worked out where now the Packers have 2 good options at RB. Degura is something different. I hope the plan is to use him as a hb/fb the way SF uses Juszczyk. There is no one like that on the roster, and it could add a dynamic wrinkle to the offense even if he doesn't get many touches. No rookie was going to come in and take many snaps.
  2. Or, 29 + 92 could get us 20-25 ish.
  3. I like this. For 1 year 6 mil you get a viable starter in case the draft doesn't fall your way. When healthy, he is a B- CB, and we could do a lot worse. This way you don't have to be forced into a situation where your #2 CB gets utterly abused. Is he a lock down corner? No, but many teams start worse CB than Kevin King
  4. At first glance, yuck , I hate it. At second glance, I have hopes it's low guarantee and team friendly, it might not be horrible, still not a big fan.
  5. I just wish we'd see a D with press corners, multiple fronts, and sound gap control.
  6. The Hyde and Hayward decisions made sense. Hayward looked like an injury bust and Hyde wasn't a better S when the Packers needed a CB. Change of scenery did both well.
  7. Life's been crazy and I haven't done any ground work. Can anyone give me some short lists of CB, OT, WR for the top half of the draft? Guys I should watch that fit what GB seems to want to do. Maybe 5-10 guys worth watching in depth.
  8. Except 2 things. 1 they were always in conversations. 2 you (aren't able/don't want/don't have) to if you have your own rookies you want to sign to second contracts. Ted Thompson had some great draft classes taking those "FA" deals, to stay here.
  9. I don't even think you can put it ALL on TT slipping later in his tenure as GM either though. A couple of those years were pretty bad classes league wide, really. It's some of both but figuring out how much either way is impossible.
  10. Free agency is the price you pay for missing on draft picks. If you are hitting, you just have more extensions and don't have the cap space.
  11. I don't see why the Franchise Tag would go down. I thought they were the avg of the top 5 contracts not related to a % of the cap. This makes no sense to me.
  12. Does Rodgers focus on fundamentals and have a resurgent year without the threat of replacement? No rookie was going to move the needle on this team, this year. Plus, drafting for year one impact is just absolutely moronic. Virtually no rookie is really ready year 1. They get snaps because their team didn't have better options. Show me a position where a rookie would have definitely gotten significant snaps. WR and ILB, maybe, and no player at those positions changes anything.
  13. Also, King is a pretty solid CB. If the cap wasn't going down this year, I'd bet on him getting a second contract, and it's still possible they figure out a way to make it happen. He's had some injuries, and that's slowed his development, but he's not a bust or awful CB or anything like that.
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