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  1. not bad? the two people you said were scum were in fact not scum.
  2. would love to play in this set up but I'll be traveling the next week so not a good time. gl dill
  3. i put in a hit for you last night. i thought i had a decent chance to then get out rmib. i think that would have won it for me.
  4. i just meant people in general. you haven’t said much of anything
  5. says the guy with the only vote on kotn. nothing you said is anything we didn’t already know. if it were up to you all, we would’ve gone with malf right away. at least we got a decent amount of posts the last couple of days.
  6. looks like i missed kotn switching from you to bcb. wouldn't call that way off lol VC - (5 for majority) 1 malf - rmib 2 naz - counselor, daboyle 2 bcb - kotn, swoosh 1 kotn - bcb 1 rmib - malf needs to vote: naz double check that
  7. @Dome when does the day end? or is majority needed?
  8. VC - (5 for majority) 2 malf - kotn, rmib 2 naz - counseler, daboyle 1 bcb - swoosh 1 kotn - bcb 1 rmib - malf Needs to vote: naz
  9. just to be upfront, i'm inclined to make this as close as possible. we got very little info the last few days. that needs to change today.
  10. VC - (5 for majority) 2 malf - kotn, rmib 2 naz - counseler, daboyle 1 bcb - malf 1 kotn - bcb Needs to vote: myself, naz
  11. curious to see what daboyle thinks of malf, as he (daboyle) is cleared. he had his vote on him and then flipped to you, after i pushed not going the easy route.
  12. does naz always talk in the third person?