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  1. a playoff berth? I can't wait for the year where the Falcons are able to release someone they drafted in the 7th round for the next Lawrence Taylor who just entered the supplemental draft, without the other 31 teams having a chance to grab him.
  2. scared? lol you got me. last time I checked, we're playing a game on a forum. I'm here to have fun but I'm doing my tribe a disservice as a captain if I allow something like this to happen.
  3. even adds to the comedy. matts trying to pull a fast one.
  4. why would I find someone? you're the one desperate to add someone new. I'm good. I'm just not going to allow you to pull some dumb ****.
  5. i've said over and over, we're good with our tribe, inactives included. that's part of the game. look, I've worked with you all game long, but you thinking what you're proposing is close to remotely fair is hilarious. you would've been better off playing it off as a troll job, because it's that dumb of a suggestion. - here, let me take these 4 players even though I have the 2nd pick. - here, let me kick mission to the curb and pick up someone swoosh's tribe never had a chance at drafting, even after I drafted mission as a troll job and mission told me he'd be throwing comps. - here, let me drop an inactive and pick up another person swoosh's tribe never had a chance at drafting.
  6. well it's not mafia, so that's where you went wrong. I'm good with my squad, inactives included. if you want swag, find a second player and we can do another draft, but god damn, where do we draw the line? hope this is the last one. regardless, you thinking you could just replace an inactive and pick someone new up without us having the same opportunity is laughable.
  7. what you're proposing would essentially be like a college player entering the supplemental draft and some NFL team releasing their 7th round pick and saying, we'll take that player instead.
  8. didn't see that but I'll bet it can't happen after he comes back online. you can't just release inactives and sign new people as you see fit. I'm not sure if you're just trolling or you are really that delusional, but come on, how is that fair? you act like we don't have our fair share of inactives. just roll with the group you have, how hard is that? if swag wants to join, find a second person, and we can run through another 1-round extension. just like last time. that's the only fair way to do this. but at what point do we put a stop to adding people?
  9. sure, how much? shady won't allow those shenanigans, just like he didn't allow it last time you tried to pull some bs lol