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  1. Passing on Myles for Fitz was (one of) the dumbest move I've made.
  2. Bosa will be a bust in SF. Don't do it.
  3. There's a good degree of luck in the sims. It doesn't mean you should make stupid decisions off it.
  4. Tyron Smith over Andre Smith for one.
  5. I didn't think I'd trade three first round picks THIS YEAR. Yikes. Maybe I went overboard trying to land a franchise QB.
  6. Accepted @TheKillerNacho Untag Myles Jack and tag Marcus Peters
  7. What a bunch of nerds. Jarrett 2 Clark 1 20/20
  8. Deshaun Watson 4 Aaron Jones 1 A.J. Green 3 Brandin Cooks 3 Alex Mack 2 Grady Jarrett 1 Kenny Clark 2 Deion Jones 2 Myles Jack 2 20/20 @TheKillerNacho Still looking to acquire a tag.
  9. All-Stars on your team right now

    Trevor Cahill, Matt Harvey, and Tyler Skaggs
  10. Deal. S69 1st for 1 tag. @TheKillerNacho
  11. In search of 1 tag. *cough* @Scalamania *cough*
  12. Aaron Jones and Kenny Clark are available. Only 1 tag to keep.