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  1. Defense played lights out and held Iowa to just 264 yards, but we still found a way to lose. I believe Gostkowski has missed a FG in both preseason and regular season games so far.
  2. @HorizontoZenith @EliteTexan80 and I are pairing up.
  3. @mission27, @Shady Slim, @EliteTexan80, @Dwight_Schrute, @MookieMonster Someone pick me.
  4. gg. I'll take that performance from Eli.
  5. Can I submit moves for Dwight and Mission the rest of the game?
  6. Yeah, I was going to add a lot likely depends on Freeman's success. He seems like a good guy. Not sure why Nacho hates him.
  7. 19 aye? Must be based mostly on Eli which is fair. I think if coaches actually affect play, that combined the skill players on offense and the right sliders Eli will be halfway decent. If he doesn’t lose us games, I think we could sneak into the playoffs. I like my coaches and love my special teams, so we’ll see how much the little stuff matters.
  8. Soft. You should've banned him from playing ever again.