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  1. Lutz costs me two games in a row. Brutal.
  2. @TheKillerNacho please start Johnson over Jones at RB2.
  3. @RandyMossIsBoss heck of a battle.
  4. gg, my defense makes Winston looks like a franchise QB.
  5. @TheKillerNacho please move Ingram to DE2, Quinn to PS, Jack to OLB1, and Littleton to OLB2.
  6. Angels combine for a no-hitter in their first home game since Skaggs passed. Sports.
  7. Good stuff. Happy to be 6-4 with my schedule thus far.
  8. @TheKillerNacho please make Trumaine Johnson my CB1. I'm in the market for a DE or OLB.
  9. Damn, take it easy on my guys.
  10. 2 game losing streak coming right up.
  11. #1 offense vs #1 defense is facing off this week. On the flip side, the #3 offense is facing the #16th defense. Don't kill me too bad @RuskieTitan. EDIT: I'm an idiot. I'm looking ahead to W9. I better win this week or I'm looking at 4-5.