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  1. GOTW | Week 4 | #7 Stanford @ #20 Oregon

    Despite the refs making it a game with one of the worst overturns I’ll ever see, you still have a chance to win and then find a way to blow it when you should have simply kneeled. What an absolute joke.
  2. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    No face mask? The ref was right there...
  3. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    8-man, standard scoring league where the top 7 is: Gurley, Bell, Johnson, Elliott, Brown, Karma, and Barkley. You have the 8th and 9th overall picks. Who do you take?
  4. 4 Fantasy Football Questions: Please Help

    I think Hooper takes a huge step forward this year, but for fantasy purposes I'm torn. On one hand, the TE group is really, really weak that I guy like Hooper interests me. On another, this offense is loaded that it'll be hard for him to get a lot of opportunities. I'd certainly take a flier on him though. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of 65 catches, 700 yards, 5 touchdowns. I'm not sure where that would put him at compared to other TE's. EDIT: I didn't see scar's predictions. Pretty similar. Only big difference is TD's which is really anyone's guess.
  5. Send me some cash and I'll release a player in the middle of the night when only you're on.
  6. My non-keepers can be had for little to nothing.
  7. TE: Jimmy Graham (GB)OT: Trent Brown (NE)DE: Frank Clark (SEA)DT: Malik Jackson (JAX)OLB: Clay Matthews (GB)SS: Andrew Sendejo (MIN)FS: Adrian Amos (CHI) Come get 'em.
  8. @TheKillerNacho please swap Duke Johnson/Spencer Ware and Kyle Van Noy/Clay Matthews.
  9. 3/6 + 3/6 = 6/6. Stop complaining. I'll trade you Ghost.
  10. Ready for more moves. Message me. TE: Jimmy Graham (GB)OT: Trent Brown (NE)DE: Frank Clark (SEA)DT: Malik Jackson (JAX)OLB: Clay Matthews (GB)CB: Robert Alford (ATL)SS: Andrew Sendejo (MIN)FS: Adrian Amos (CHI)
  11. Richmond sends WR Allen Robinson to Indianapolis in return for a S17 4th round pick. Start Cooper at WR3. Sign Ryan Succop. Bench Ghost (bum.). @TheKillerNacho @RandyMossIsBoss
  12. Allen Robinson? Fitz can be had but it's going to take a lot. I've had some good offers for him.
  13. Gg. It's about time our special teams made an impact.
  14. Oops. Cut Sam Bradford. Sign and start Andre Smith over Joe Staley.