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  1. fantastic effort, fantastic spot by the refs
  2. that russ/kyler trade is looking about as bad as russ' finger. i mean, russ is still a stud, but kyler is looking unreal. coupled with the fact that he's 8 years younger* and I gave up a ton of assets in addition to kyler. oof. * let's be real though, once russ retires, I better not still be here.
  3. 2-3 isn't great obviously, but I like the overall direction of the team. Arthur Smith is still learning. Personnel wise, we're lacking. There's no way around that. It's going to take some time. The encouraging part is other than against Philadelphia in week one, they've been in every game. Even at Tampa Bay, they hung in there until the 4th. Dropping the Washington game hurt. Long season and the schedule is pretty favorable. With regards to Pitts, I've loved what I've seen so far. Crazy to think he just turned 21 this month. I don't put much stock into TD's, or lack thereof. A lot of tha
  4. That miss was because Doyle is a giant turd.
  5. Why is there an Aitch on my screen?
  6. Patterson is earning himself some nice money. He has been outstanding.
  7. *9 seconds left at the 2* Announcer: What do you think? Do you have enough time to run another play or just kick it on 3rd down? It still baffles me how dumb some of these announcers are.
  8. I mean not even trying to lateral?
  9. you deserve nothing if you put your money on Texas
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