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  1. this is such a fun theme, please don’t make N1 before sunday 🙏🏼
  2. impossible to read, let's just crown you champ right now
  3. @rackcs if you're hosting, put me down (unless N1 will be before sunday). I'll be out of town starting tomorrow, but I'll be back on sunday night.
  4. bbb is literally impossible to figure out. I'm not even going to attempt to read him moving forward.
  5. yeah, that's on me. fwiw, I was planning on dropping the hammer on mwil in OT...only problem being there was no OT lol I was going to go you over bbb, until your lock on mwil. that was pretty telling. that coupled with the pickle flip ruled you out for me. too many ballsy moves for you to be town.
  6. lol maybe swag was helping nacho finished that bottle.
  7. just kick a man when he's down, will ya? my saving grace is I was one of the few really pushing to get out mwil early. nobody wanted to follow. also I was right about you being town and also right about going pickle over bbb there (which would've ended it). some good reads, but an absolutely atrocious end game. I'm not even mad about the swag thing. no signs pointed to him being town.
  8. lol @bigbadbuff I can't figure you out. and I love it.
  9. agreed, well played @MWil23. was so set on you early on, but backed off this last day after the josh thing. in all honesty, it's my fault for not reading the rules. I thought it was going OT.
  10. @TheKillerNacho @bigbadbuff @MWil23 buckle up, this is settled tonight
  11. just needed to make sure you weren't hesitant, well here we go
  12. if I was scum, it would be over with 2 locks already.
  13. your lock on mwil is interesting. why not lock onto bbb if you don't honestly believe it's mwil?
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