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  1. Fun game, wish I could join but I'll send @jasonwbantle to represent. Knock 'em dead, Jason!
  2. Haha true, I definitely helped town get there, but Daniel caught squire and town as a whole chose right with carl and rackcs. The best part is most lynches weren't even particularly close. Like Bible stood no chance whatsoever. I guess there's not much they can do when they're red lettered three times. People are going to follow that.
  3. Oh yeah, I didn't want to lynch him, but as soon as Raves brought it up I knew I had to go along with it. I was thinking the same thing because it truly was the best town strategy IMO. I was hoping Daniel's hesitancy around it would help make him the lynch over me. As far as KSJ, that's funny. I was convinced it had to be Daniel given what Raves posted.
  4. Town can't even hang their heads for this performance. Bible got taken to the woodshed. Pure domination.
  5. Phew. I knew I was in trouble at the very end, but more importantly I have **** to do today so I'm glad it's over lol. Thanks for hosting @TheKillerNacho, it's always a fun game that is executed really well with you hosting. A few thoughts: I actually had two powers that would've kept me alive late in the game: one which allowed me to prevent all tainted players from voting for me AND another which stopped my first kill, either a lynch or night kill. With that being said, since I didn't have a kill myself (only taints), I don't think either would've helped me that much. Likel
  6. I'm going to watch a movie. @Raves @Matts4313 please read these last few pages in the morning. if you have any questions for me, let them fly. I'll be on around 8am PST. sweet dreams 😘
  7. so if you think I'm scum, you must believe I completely made up the leviathan faction. why would I do this? why wouldn't I just say orca was bible-aligned if it was a fake invest? and if it was a fake invest, man do I have some good luck with josh and orca. what's your theory on me?
  8. key word: was. I'm not denying you started out Isaac, but you clearly morphed into something else.
  9. I also have my knowledge of another faction, something I said on d4. this game is still going for a reason. just so happens the faction that I called could only be you (see raves' link). what unfortunate, unfortunate luck. and if I was somehow setting that up (lol), how could I even know you would be left and it would come to this? I'm clearly not bible and would have absolutely no way of knowing you wouldn't be hit. which is another interesting point - you weren't hit. despite being isaac. seems strange for bible not to target you.
  10. @Daniel what faction am I? give me something besides you're the main character because turns out the main character can be turned into something else. that's not going to cut it.
  11. @Daniel you've yet to answer anything. what's your theory?
  12. also, the link states "Isaac turns into a Lovecraftian horror" so you're no longer isaac.
  13. you keep falling back on that, but it doesn't clear you. you would like it to, but it doesn't. this game is still going because there's another faction left. you would agree with that statement, yes? there's no way either of us are bible, I've outed two (Josh and Orca) and you outed one (squire). we both also pushed for the lynches of carl and rackcs. so if there's another faction still out there, all signs point to it being one I called out on D4. I had no idea that it could only be isaac. raves pointed that out. I'm not setting something like that up, a week before. I also had no
  14. @Matts4313 @Raves @Daniel do you all have your moves in?
  15. first time bringing up the Leviathan faction. I believe this was the start of D4.
  16. also, I wasn't even the one to bring up the wiki. @Raves was. so if I was setting something like this up, you would think I would've been the one to bring it up.
  17. there’s a reason this game is still going, so it makes sense there’s another faction. and I posted about this on d4. so what you’re telling me is I made this up, knowing you would be the one alive a week later, and would fit this faction. you’re literally the only one where it makes sense for a character to be in it. i mean I appreciate the compliment, but talk about a major stretch.
  18. https://bindingofisaacrebirth.fandom.com/wiki/Leviathan
  19. yet I know about a Leviathan faction, which @Raves is saying would be Isaac your story does not check out.
  20. @Raves don’t telegraph who you’re blocking or even if you are blocking someone. make them (could be me) think about it. force them to say if they’ve been blocked or not (if there are no kills).
  21. how do you explain the other faction? maybr only bible had kills? jason and player b could have made up the others.
  22. @Raves based on your research, can someone besides isaac be this?
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