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  1. ESPN was kissing Trey Lance's backside all night for refusing to switch from QB...
  2. Hopefully a straight up competition. If Mac's better already, put him in. If he isn't ready, roll with Cam (or Stidham) a few weeks to get him up to speed.
  3. Anyone got the Daniel Bryan YES! gif handy? Hell yeah.
  4. He'll wind up third string, catch the game winning touchdown that puts the Jags in the playoffs and wind up selling more jerseys than Lawrence. It's going to be majestic and hilarious all at once...
  5. I was really hoping we'd grab Ehlinger for a long time, but man his pro day was bad. Like multiple wobbly-off target passes bad.
  6. Dude's got his rings and records, nothing more to prove. Time to go make action movies and hang with instagram models while he's still young. Plus I tend to think higher of Gunner as his potential replacement than most...
  7. As far as I know we still have Dan Vitale on the roster. Dude's supposedly pretty talented, just opted out last season.
  8. Wonder if we could get Josh Rosen from the niners for a late round pick. Most NFL fans seem to have an odd hatred for the kid anyway, he'd be right at home here.
  9. I don't even see Cam having a chance against Drew Lock in Denver.
  10. So this dude's wikipedia page is college stats, pro injuries and a photo of him playing baseball. Not sure what to think here...
  11. I want to hate this move. But honestly, with an actual training camp, preseason and such if there's a legitimate competition I believe Stidham beats him out easily and it's a non-factor. Last year Bill grabbed his shiny new toy at the last second, handed him the job and we spent all season watching a broken down fullback toss balls into the dirt. Hopefully this isn't a repeat.
  12. Just watching Mond's youtube clips, he seems to badly underthrow a lot of passes and get bailed out by the receivers. If we're taking a late-round developmental guy, give me Ehlinger or Brock Purdy anytime.
  13. As a Pats fan I'm fairly indifferent to Tom and Gronk now that they're playing elsewhere. As someone living deep in the heart of Chiefs territory, I hope the Bucs hang 50 on KC and send Andy Reid home to cry in his barbecue...
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