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  1. Don't watch Naruto, read it. It's one of those outright superior Manga experiences.
  2. Very few times does a coach get to return to where he had success after leaving. Schiano and Brown are lucky in that regard.
  3. Cody and Caleb Martin played a combined 31 minutes tonight. For a combined zero points.
  4. I would like to personally thank the Bucks for sitting their starters. Cuz we don't have the firepower right now.
  5. Every time the Hornets official account post the pre-game injury report I die a little inside.
  6. It seems to me every coach has the one guy the love despite everything to the contrary. Like why do they keep playing them?
  7. Welp, we're injured to high heaven again. Hopefully we can hang on. We have Graham, Rozier, and Bridges still.
  8. This one hurt. Just too many mistakes down the stretch. Hopefully we can beat Washington.
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