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  1. Four picks. All surrounding upside. I like this draft a lot. We might not see Graham or Monk back and I would be surprised if we had Rozier this time next year.
  2. No idea what we'll do. Could trade the pick to move down. Could make a trade to move up. Could move out of the draft entirely.
  3. Congrats Bucks fans. I'm just glad someone else won for once.
  4. I mean I would argue against calling it a 'moment' when it's been happening several years now.
  5. Except the US has a massive talent advantage overall. It's one thing if these guys were all major NBA starters playing together for years at a time. It's another when it's a bunch of relative role players.
  6. Except is is true: https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/nba-draft/2020-nba-draft-top-60-prospects-big-board NBC has Ball over Wiseman. As did: https://therookiewire.usatoday.com/lists/2020-nba-mock-draft-big-board-top-players-best-prospects/ https://www.si.com/nba/2020/09/16/2020-nba-draft-big-board-updated-top-80-rankings https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2020-nba-draft-top-100-prospects-players-rising-falling-on-big-board-as-virtual-combine-begins/ https://theathletic.com/2103507/2020/10/02/2020-nba-draft-big-board-the-post-playoffs-update-featuring-a-sh
  7. Fine Most thought it was mistake. Especially after Klay's injury.
  8. His shot wasn't broken. He has ****tastic shot selection but it went in relatively often from where he shot it. If you actually watched him in the NBL you could see the rapid improvement. He came in to a professional league as a teenage and struggled as they often do but improved as the season went along. The same improvement Edwards made as well. It's almost like kids sometimes need to adjust or something. Wiseman had far bigger concerns. Everyone thought it was a mistake by GS to take him over Ball and they were right. GS drafted for need as opposed to BPA and it hurt them.
  9. Except he wasn't. They had a bunch of tape on him. The biggest question was size and shooting. Two things that could be changed with time. And the shooting aspect appeared to be a non factor entirely after about 41 games in the NBA before an injury on his shooting wrist. Wiseman had far more drastic concerns.
  10. Except your wrong. LaMelo was a great shooter.. PRE INJURY. He was shooting well over 40% from deep and over 45% from the field. His wrist never fully healed and so his shooting percentages dropped. Defense? Yes, that part is fair. But his PER(Which shouldn't be used anyway) was much better before. To say LaMelo didn't greatly impact winning is just plain wrong. He was having on the statistically best rookie seasons in years before his injury and forced himself back to try and make the playoffs. The gap between him and Edwards was massive in term
  11. LaMelo Ball isn't impactful to winning? As someone who had Wiseman as my second prospect this is the worst take in a while.
  12. Except he's more than just a rim running big. He's got actual offensive skills.
  13. Thane's death is one of the few times I nearly cried playing video games. The prayer breaks me every time.
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