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  1. Well that was a fun first day. My team's inability to move the ball is worrying though.
  2. After all that hype and his father calling Kelly out last season.
  3. So is DTR really that awful a QB? Seems the system should take care of itself.
  4. It looks like at this point. Like four bad season straight.
  5. And neither is Ainge. But it isn't really important now.
  6. I don't think I ever said Kaminsky would turn in to Kevin Love. I might have said that's how they see him but I didn't say he was the next Kevin Love. And apparently both were way off.
  7. Kaminsky said last year during a podcast that it was 15 and the future nets pick. Not 4. It was dumb regardless but it wasn't 4 picks.
  8. It was this. They never expected it. I was okay with him leaving sometime last year in fact. It's whatever. They originally drafted Monk thinking he'd be a PG. Might as well see what it's like for a season. Biyombo, Williams, and MKG come off the books this season.
  9. Big Updates coming. Am I the only one still playing this?
  10. Averaging about five wins a day. Which is more than my Fortnite days. Gotta play with JamesFearless. He was freaking insane.
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