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  1. Random Game Talk #1

    I think it's unlikely as well. If it was we'd hear concrete stuff already. I remember them saying they wanted to work on new projects and had two new series planned but didn't hear anything about if they were both due before or after the next ES.
  2. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    I never expected them to make one at all. They were ruling the handheld market as it was. Why make an unnecessary change. But apparently public opinion won out.
  3. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Just like BW2. And eventually a Switch game.
  4. Random Game Talk #1

    I'm hoping Elder Scrolls 6 Doesn't take place in Tamriel.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn

    With as easy as games are these days? It's a refreshing break.
  6. Rick & Morty

    LOL. That would be amazing.
  7. Random Game Talk #1

    The fun thing about Skyrim: You can leave and come back to find something worthwhile. Really putting a lot of effort in to this.
  8. Random Game Talk #1

    Bruma has been interesting so far. There is no main quest but a part of the fun has been just roaming around and looking at how they figured things would be different after 200+ years. Hard to imagine just how detailed the whole of Cyrodil would be if this one small part was this impressive.
  9. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    I was thinking of making one of these. Seems just easier for us to make the big threads. People are really hating on the Lycanroc form. I personally don't have much of a problem with it. Would have been better to make a completely custom model but as it stands it isn't the troublesome.
  10. Saturday Night Preseason Games

    I'm worried about the Rams run game. Just one preseason contest but looked awfully a lot like last year.
  11. Saturday Night Preseason Games

    We get like three of those a year. The rookie doe.
  12. The Nebraska Cornhuskers Thread - Livin' on a Legacy!!!

    He retweeted Nebraska just today. As long as they can hold him until December we'll be fine. Tyjon's play will only help.
  13. Random Game Talk #1

    Easier to set up then I thought it would be. Even if the mod itself was a 2.5 GB download.
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Go for it. Well worth and the DLC should be out by then.
  15. Random Game Talk #1

    Time for me to begin the Bruma mod for Skyrim. Adds about 20 hours of gameplay they said.