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  1. Fallout 76

    Big Updates coming. Am I the only one still playing this?
  2. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-running-back-Maurice-Washington-given-warrant-by-California-judge-129113128/ The statement reiterated what Husker athletics director Bill Moos said earlier in the week about NU officials not knowing the specifics of the case until this past Friday, and looked to make clear that Bruning was not working on behalf of Husker athletics while taking on Washington as a client.... On September 13, Vaughn spoke with Ed Sexton in the Nebraska Attorney General’s office. He was told that the Nebraska Attorney General’s office was cooperating with a California agency and that Sexton wished to speak to Maurice Washington on their behalf. Sexton noted Maurice Washington was not in any trouble in Nebraska, and would not say if Washington was the subject of the inquiry of the California agency, a witness to a matter being investigated or anything related to the nature of why the California agency wished to speak with Washington. Vaughn stated he would look into the possibility of arranging for an interview. Vaughn had no further conversations with the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and Washington retained an attorney. No one was covering up for a freshman third string RB that was playing for an winless team at the time. So Washington's garbage time carries were not fun at all.
  3. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    You aren't getting it. The revenge law is still relatively new and isn't what Washington is facing anymore either way: It doesn't factor him because he sent it to her as opposed to a third party. For all intents and purposes, by the statement we have been given, the coaching staff didn't know of the severity of the allegations. Washington's real crime was keeping a video from his high school days on his phone. That's what he's really getting nailed for. If you took a picture of yourself after a shower with your phone as a teenager? Child porn. Even if it's just one of yourself. The laws are as strict as they are confusing. And Washington will pay for it. But none of this is a scandal like you geniuses claim. The university didn't cover anything up. They aren't at fault here despite how desperate you are to paint them in that light. It's a legal issue that happened long before he was a student at the school. They were letting the law do it's job instead of jumping to half assed conclusions like you are. The reason Tannor was sent so far from home for school is to remove him from bad influences. It clearly didn't help enough. Washington on the other hand had even more red flags and knows he's using up his chances. Since he's been a part of the school he's kept his head down. This was an incident from before his enrollment and is being treated as such. He is cooperating fully and for all intents and purposes should get the same verdict as one of the people who had actually been involved with the situation: Probation.
  4. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    That's what you aren't understanding: They didn't know it would be this bad. The information wasn't fully relayed to the coaching staff.
  5. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    Which is why he's in trouble. No one is defending Washington. We're talking about the uni. Keep up. And he wasn't our starter. He was the back up and he figured to be so as well this year with the additional of several others including a former GTech standout.
  6. Nebraska RB Charged with Child Porn

    TLDR for those jumping to opinions: The incident happened March of last year. Frost and company didn't know until during the season. Asked if there was cause for concern and were told not to worry about it. Nebraska administration referred him to a lawyer who handled all communication with officials in California. Didn't necessarily give full line of communication to the University. So no this isn't a sex scandal anywhere near Baylor. Despite how desperate you all are for it. The girl was caught in a ten seconds video giving a consensual encounter. It got spread around school and she and the two boys were expelled. She made communication with Washington last year and he lashed out at her by sending the video back in a text. The coaching staff were told to let the legal process play out and that there wasn't anything to be concerned about. Obviously they were told wrong.
  7. Rams vs Saints - part II

  8. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Whatever happens. I'm proud of the Rams.
  9. Rams vs Saints - part II

    We.... We shouldn't be alive.
  10. Rams vs Saints - part II

    I needed McVay to have bigger balls then.
  11. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Higbee deserved that TD. That block he threw was huge.
  12. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Suh was tremendous on that drive.
  13. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Gurley is losing us the game.
  14. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Same. Not sure why we only have like two runs.
  15. Coaches on the hot seat

    Damn. I got to give you this one.