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  1. Or just come out and say "I want to stay in Green Bay past next year". He would have gotten the fans on his side. Not debunking the trade requests and wanting people fired reports didn't help his cause.
  2. Agree. Murphy did the right thing for the organization and MLFs ability to get started. I'm not sure Rodgers hasn't crept into MLFs decisions at times to some degree, but thats another discussion. PS. Rodgers certainly didnt influence MLF on 4th down vs Tampa, which may have some small part in this issue?
  3. I think you have to go back to the hiring of MLF and the "Don't be the Problem" from Murphy. Remember the will Rodgers get along with the new coach phase? Rodgers was coming off some down years for him, and it was around that time they drafted Love. My opinion is I think the Packers think Rodgers had gotten a little too big for his britches with the McCarthy thing and a slight decline in his play at the time was why they drafted Love.. Rodgers has become the aunt who brings the greatest pie in the world to the family outing, but becomes so annoying you can't wait until she leaves.
  4. It came from the show Happy Days. As mentioned, the writers came up with an idea that Fonzi would jump a shark on water skis that were in a pen. It was after this episode the show went downhill, and the ratings dipped. Jump the shark is term for something being on the downward side or past its prime.
  5. The Milwaukee Bucks World Champions has a nice ring to it.
  6. He wants to stay past 2021. An Extension can be for 200 million a year, but what does it mean if they can cut you after this year Its about staying past 2021 without getting traded, its not about money.
  7. Yes, it boils down to this. Rodgers doesn't want to be year to year and the Packers trade him at their convenience. The Packers want him to be year to year and can trade him at their convenience. Key piece is Loves progress.
  8. Probably the best scenario, but this hanging over the Packers all season doesn't bode well. The good thing is this division is very winnable, but I wouldn't bet on anything much more than that.
  9. Im more curious to where this report came from: Rodgers camp, claiming its not about the money?, or the Packers getting it out there, this is what we offered? Does this have anything to do with getting it out there with a possible Rodgers appearance on the high stage tonight?
  10. Can't argue with any of that. It all comes down to Loves progress. Gotta wonder how much more invested Murphy and Gute are in Loves progress since all this surfaced. 👀
  11. I dont think its contrived. He's had plenty of opportunities to debunk it. He hasnt. Mark Murphy says he's a "complicated fella", How often has Murphy traveled out to CA to visit a player? This isnt a QB coach, this is the CEO of the Packers having to go out there to talk to a player. Think about what it would take for the frickin CEO Murphy and others separately to have to go out there to deal with this. There are problems there, even the Packers will tell you that. Schefter reports it and all Rodgers friends who have contact with him are talking about what it will
  12. They got to come to play though. They have an opportunity to close this out. The place will be jumping, but they got to bring a hard hat and a lunch pail to win. When Its for all the marbles, play like it.
  13. Hes coming back, but don't be confused by that. I think this is going to be a very awkward camp and season. This season is going to be like spending an afternoon in a dentist chair. They should still win the division but every loss will be magnified as "Rodgers is just mailing it in until he gets traded".
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