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  1. I'm not counting on Z. Its back surgery. He likely won't be the same, and won't push it to risk getting another contract somewhere. Back surgery is the NFL's grim reaper. We'll see.
  2. If he goes, a lot of the fallout will depend on Loves performance. Obviously, he won't be Rodgers but if he ends up like a Teddy Bridgwater type player is that enough?? Its concerning this looks like a finance move rather than a Love is bursting at the seams at being a star move. He might be but that will have to play out. After 30 years are the Packer fans ready for mediocre QB play?? How patient will they be?
  3. I dont think there is any question he wants to stay. Is he willing to do what it takes financially to make it happen?? Does he want to stay possibly without Adams?? I'm glad he's having fun with Chicago, it may have been the last time he plays there as a Packer.
  4. That would be great, but I think the Packers think they can beat teams on the road. They gotta be healthy first and foremost. HFA is huge, and a goal, but they can win a playoff game on the road if they are healthy. Two might be stretching it this year.
  5. Depending on the severity, back surgery is a big red flag and takes on a bigger risk with the moves the Packers have to make next offseason. I hope he makes it back this year but I'd be surprised if he was here next year.
  6. Yep, pretty hard to come back in pro football after back surgery without a drop in performance. If he can come back this year and play it will easier help him find a home somewhere in the NFL.
  7. Didn't hear Stokes name mentioned much yesterday. Thats exactly what you want.
  8. Agree, health is a huge factor for this team. If they get all the pieces back, they are right there in that SB mix.
  9. They don't use the franchise tag in GB. They might in this case but doubtful.
  10. Adams is playing his way out of GB. Hes probably the best WR but won't get paid like it in GB. Enjoy this Rodgers-Adams combo while you can.
  11. Im not giving big money to Mayfield. They have a very good roster, but I would need more for the money than they get with Mayfield. They might be forced to pay him depending on the market, but it would be a VERY short contract for me.
  12. And Homecoming King 7 of the 9 years. 🤣🤣🤣
  13. I got no issue with the NFL action on Gruden. If they want the racism, misogyny, and anti-gay and anti-trans actions/words out of the league I'm fully on board with that. Now, explain to me how you go from that to having rappers at the next Super Bowl halftime promoting these same things to a worldwide audience with kids watching??? Hypocrisy???????
  14. I just want to beat the Bears, and give Fields a beatdown and welcoming to this rivalry he'll never forget. That is all.
  15. Let's keep the guns aimed downrange at the Packers and NFL targets.
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