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  1. You can't really fault the Ravens here. The Chiefs are the best team in football. The Ravens blitzed and there were times that they forced Mahomes into some tough throws. Some of those situations, he's pretty much the only QB who can make those plays. Dude is the greatest QB talent to ever play the game. Believe me, the Ravens were not the first to be slaughtered by Mahomes, and they certainly won't be the last.
  2. There's been people the last year and a half who have said Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football. Mahomes is in a different league. Man, I love Russell Wilson to death and I hope he can win MVP, but Mahomes is the best QB in the game. Mahomes looks like he's just out there playing with folks with the type of stuff he does. Fake jump pass? Throwing bombs off his back foot? The guy is absurd.
  3. The entire left side of the field is wide open. Zeke is literally there with nobody within 15 yards of him. Instead, he literally steps up directly into the pressure. I already acknowledge the blocking was awful, but you don't step up into the pass rusher.
  4. Offensive line is awful, but Dak steps up directly into the pressure. He can't do that.
  5. Haha yes! Next man up! Flowers was getting roasted yesterday. Should have had an interception that hit him right in the chest, though.
  6. Shout out to Tyler Lockett. Guy continues to get better and he seems like he's almost uncoverable in man coverage. 4 TD's through three games so far. He's done a great job building off last year and the year before that.
  7. Russell Wilson's 14 passing TD's through the first three weeks are the most in NFL history. He's also completing 82.5% of his passes so far this season. His one interception on the season was on a perfectly thrown pass to Greg Olsen that went right through his hands for a tipped INT.
  8. What the heck I'm not a Lakers fan. It was clear as day heading into the season that they were the best team in the league (or the Clippers). I picked them to go super far in the playoffs because it is a no-brainer. As far as Denver goes, I don't really expect them to be a threat next season. Maybe first or second round exit in the playoffs. That Utah series literally came down to the final possession in a game 7. One or two plays here or there and they're out in the first round. You're not coming out of the western conference with guys like Jokic and Murray. I love those guys, but you need a LeBron, Kawhi, etc caliber player to come out of the West.
  9. Yeah. I'm not trying to say Dak is the problem... there are other issues. Elliott only had 34 rushing yards and the defense has issues as well. Luckily, the NFC East is pretty bad this season, so the Cowboys probably still the favorites in that division.
  10. Also, I get the offensive line sucks, but that sack that Dak took at the end of the game is inexcusable. He actually stepped up directly into the pressure instead of going outside. With the athletic ability Dak has, that's insane he took that sack.
  11. Well, the Patriots had the #1 pass defense last season and they have the defensive player of the year in their secondary. In that game, one of Wilson's five TD's was throwing a bomb to Metcalf vs the reigning defensive player of the year Stephon Gilmore, who was the best CB in all of football. Metcalf fight for that ball and won, but Wilson gave him an opportunity. Prescott doesn't even think about attempting that pass.
  12. Yeah, with WR's like the Cowboys have those guys are playmakers. Let Lamb make a play and fight for the ball in 1v1 coverage like Wilson does with Metcalf, or how Rodgers does with Adams.
  13. He threw five TD's vs the Patriots last week. It's not about the defense he plays against, it's about taking chances and having enough faith in your WR's to make plays.
  14. I live in Texas, so I get all the Cowboys and Texans games. Had some friends over for this one. Another barn burner victory for Seattle. I was so heated when Metcalf got that TD knocked out of his hands. He needs to get chewed out about that. Plays like that could have cost Seattle the game in such a close one.
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