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  1. NBA 2K20

    I messed the glitch up. I was talking to someone and wasn't paying attention to my game. I didn't close the app on time. My glass cleaner is only a 91 overall. Ugh.
  2. NBA 2K20

  3. NBA 2K20

    Found another badge glitch. I made a 7'3" pure glass cleaning/defensive center. Been doing it for a bit today. Not sure what overall and stuff he's at right now since I can't see any of that info.
  4. SI Top 100 players

    I know why he got the top spot. It's fine. I'm just saying in reality he's not the best player in the league. And yes, LeBron is better than him - as is Kawhi Leonard.
  5. NBA 2K20

    You really not going to be able to reach 99 in MyCareer. Technically I guess you can, but I just lost rep for a game where I had like 38 assist, A+ teammate grade and we won by 45 points. Lost rep after a game like that wtf.... EDIT: Here's a pic
  6. NBA 2K20

    I updated. Nothing happened to my guy. Still 96 overall and have all my badges.
  7. TNF: Bucs v Panthers

  8. NBA 2K20

    That wasn't my name. I named it White Adidas. When I sold it to him, he changed the name to something like that lol. But yea, that's not me. That's his gamertag now.
  9. NBA 2K20

    I sold that gametag. When I sold my 2K account during 2K19, I had to give the dude my gamertag since your 2K account is attached to that.
  10. NBA 2K20

    What do you mean? I have you on my FL?
  11. NBA 2K20

    By the time I hit 99 overall, I'll have 99 vertical, 95 speed and 94 acceleration. Got 24 defensive badges and 23 playmaking badges.
  12. NBA 2K20

    I have 12 minute quarters on HoF. I mostly only play about 25-27 minutes per game because by the 4th quarter we're up by 60 points and I typically get subbed out super early.
  13. Borderlands 3

    You know damn well you're not skipping CoD lol
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Yea, I know. There's a ton of money in Esports. I'm just saying that CoD, at it's core, is not an Esport type of game. The game a lot of people love is an arcade type of game. Plus, now that we're in 2019, nobody wants to watch controller players play games. Players who play on a controller suck (for the most part) and are inferior to PC players in terms of skill. Normally, Esports is about watching the absolute best players. CoD is still mainly a console game. Overwatch and Fortnite are big console and PC games, but the pro scene is mostly on PC for both those games. And obviously Dota, LoL and CS:GO are only PC games.