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  1. Random Game Talk

    True. That's part of the reason I was saying within two years the game will change completely.
  2. Random Game Talk

    That's a good question. This game just has extreme staying power because of the replay-ability. The one thing I'm concerned about is, how will Epic continue to handle this game. So far they've handled the game very well and they seem to be doing all the right things (constant updates, very active in the community, addressing issues in the game, etc), but there needs to be a longer track record of them doing that with this game. If they go through a stretch with really bad updates they could manage to damage the game. The really cool thing about this game, though, is the building mechanics. It's such a very unique aspect that isn't present in any other triple A games. It's funny because there's absolutely no way that Epic devs could have seen the building mechanics being used as they are right now.
  3. Random Game Talk

    I mean, Activision is actually giving out free DLC for this upcoming Call of Duty game. If that's not a sign we're heading into a major change in the industry then I don't know what is haha. Man, Fortnite is going to go down as the most influential game ever made. This game quite literally came out of nowhere and it has delivered the knock out punch to the industry.
  4. Random Game Talk

    There was just a little tournament put into the game over the past five days where everyone can compete. The top points finishers got some insanely huge prizes and it was open to everyone on any platform. So you have regular joe's like us competing and playing with pro players.
  5. Random Game Talk

    You're right, but I think all of this is about to change. Within two years, most games will become free-to-play, I predict. There isn't going to be anymore triple A releases that cost $60 in the near future. I know games like Dota and League have done this model in the past, but Fortnite is going to be the game that breaks the mold because it's accessible to absolutely everyone and is in a genre that everyone can freely play.
  6. Random Game Talk

    Fortnite made $126 million in February alone, according to some report I read and that number is obviously increasing every month. I don't understand why more companies don't go the free-to-play route for certain games. It doesn't work for some games, but just imagine a game like Black Ops 4 doing that. For example * . They announce that the new CoD game is free to play and will be supported for at least 5 years minimum with constantly updates, new guns, new maps, etc. All of these new maps and guns will be free. * . The game has a non-stop ish ton of new character skins, gun skins, C4 skins, etc anything you can put a skin on. People would play the F out of CoD and they would also buy skins and stuff as well. What's the downside to doing this? Why wouldn't Activision do it? I know the game is extremely successful, but over the past 4-5 years it has taken a hit and probably isn't as popular as it used to be. Just a different discussion than micro-transactions lol.
  7. Fortnite

    Yea, that was one of my two issues. 1. It really needs to give some type of incentive for kills because there is none. 2. That's not enough time for the regular person to play 50 games. Not saying I would have placed anywhere near the top 10,000 lol, but I kind of wanted the exclusive spray. At the same time, I guess it's kind of reserved for the most hardcore players.
  8. Fortnite

    Anyways, off that topic. I finally bought my first emote ever. Electro Shuffle. Something about the beginning leg crossing thing that I really like. Since that's the first thing the dance does, it's great for taunting after you kill someone really quickly haha.
  9. Fortnite

    I just watched a game and I'm paraphrasing this: All you have to do is land somewhere that's the farthest away where nobody else will land and just stay on the outskirts of the map. That's what I'm doing. In this game, 10 people left and he still had no kills. In fact, he hadn't been in a single gun fight with anyone. All he did was stay in one area where nobody was at. He won the game, so props for that. I'm not saying the dude sucks, he's obviously really good. All I'm saying is, the fact that he has to resort to camping is lame as hell. Dude, anyone can land in some obscure place and just wait until the end to fight. This isn't one game, this is literally how he is playing the games in this 'ranked' game mode. It's laughable that someone would consider this dude the best player. EDIT: Next game he actually lands somewhere with other people (not sure why, based off what he said the previous game) and dies. Finishes 49th. He probably needs to camp lol.
  10. Fortnite

    I don't care about TSM, most people who are 'pro players' are campers. It's lame. Bro, this isn't a scrim or tournament with pro players, it's a game mode were people like you and me are playing. Why would you camp in this? LOL
  11. Fortnite

    I don't watch him much, but I know who Ninja is. I've known who he is since his Halo days. Dude is really good, but I don't even consider him one of the best Fortnite players.
  12. Fortnite

    You talking about normal games. I'm talking about a 'ranked' style game mode. I know he's aggressive in normal games and he's probably aggressive in other game modes too. But he's not actually an aggressive player all the time or he would never camp, that's the thing. He's known for something, but an ACTUAL aggressive player is Daequan. That dude is probably the most aggro player out there. Shroud is really aggressive too, but he plays more PUBG than he does Fortnite. The bottom line is, he camps (in this game mode) because he really wants to win because he cares SO MUCH about his ranking in this campfest of a game mode. I watched more of Ninja, he's really good all-around. So for instance, he's a much better sniper than Daequan probably not even close tbh. But sniping is a campy-ish type of playstyle in pretty much any game, which is why Dae doesn't even carry snipers most of the time.
  13. ECF: Boston vs Cleveland, the actual NBA finals

    A lot of what he was talking about is Tatum's footwork and positioning. It's natural for a rookie to make those kinds of mistakes and all the feedback Kobe gave seemed valid with good reasoning behind it. It wasn't about Tatum missing shots, he never once mentioned that.
  14. WCF: Warriors vs Rockets Thread- The Real NBA Finals

    This one is done. That was the knockout blow for a team led by two stars with extremely fragile mental makeups.
  15. Fortnite

    I just went back and watched his stream. He dropped to Tiled Towers. He got killed there and placed 61st. I can respect that even though he didn't do well. If you really that great at the game, then play the game and show it. Anyone can camp in a secluded spot for 80% of the game and not move. That takes literally no skill at all. But see, that 61st place finish when he was running around, that is the reason why he was camping in the first place. He's so obsessed with doing well in this 'ranked' game mode. He did have a nice kill with the golden hand cannon. Really nice headshot on someone who had height advantage on him. EDIT: And that happened to be the last game of his stream.