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  1. Diablo 3

    Seasons always start at 5pm pacific.
  2. Diablo 3

    Nah. You have to play one class a lot in order to get all the different sets, weapons, rings, etc that you need. When I play seasons, I only play as one character during that season. Like if I went DH. Their starter set this season is Nats. I would want Shadow Impale and UE. With Witch Doctor, I would need to farm the Jade set since that's their best set and then the Chicken speed stuff for T13. Wizards need the Tal Rasha set, etc.
  3. Diablo 3

    I have no freaking clue what class I'm going to do tonight. Part of me wants to play Demon Hunter because it's my favorite class and I know how to expertly play every build it has, but because I've played so much DH I kind of want a change as well. Wizard is my second favorite and I know how to run all their builds as well. I randomly played Crusader in like season 11 and I don't like any of their builds except the Invoker Thorns build. That build is just so fun to me because it's insanely tanky. For some weird reason I'm leaning towards Barb or WD. Probably because I've never really played either class very much
  4. Diablo 3

    Yea, but I play Diablo on another gamertag that is not mine since that's where I started playing it and I have all my stuff on there.
  5. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Well, yea. Brees is absurd. Just imagine AJ Green playing with Brees his entire career instead of Andy Dalton.
  6. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    Yes, Donald and Cox are elite. Nobody else is at the DT position. I think from a physical ability and talent perspective they're the best. I think there's a division with receivers as well as far as Brown, Jones and Beckham being the best. Thomas is really good, but he's just not as physically talented as those guys. It's just like AJ Green to me.
  7. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    The only reason I bought that list up is because he also agreed with it. When I said Jones, Brown and Beckham were tier 1, he agreed with that and said that Hopkins, Green and Thomas were the tier below. But yes, if you want to put Green in tier 1, for example, then Thomas can be put up there too.
  8. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    In this discussion involving Michael Thomas. If I said: Tier 1: Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones Tier 2: AJ Green, Michael Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins To me, tier 1 guys are elite. The tier 2 guys are below elite. If someone in tier 2 was elite, they would be in tier 1. The reason they're not in tier 1 is because they're not as good as the guys in that tier.
  9. Diablo 3

  10. Diablo 3

    I play on both. I'll probably play this season mostly on console. I've never done group play in a serious way. I'll just play with friends and we all speed farm T13 over and over again. I've never tried to push the highest I could go where you need support players and that entire set up. When this patch first came out on the PTR, Monk had arguably the strongest build in the game. It was a mix of the Sun Wuko and Inna sets. That build was so amazing and everyone was going crazy over it so Blizzard nerfed it before they released this current patch. So sad.
  11. Diablo 3

    @Raves Here's a pretty good tier list from Bluddshed. As you can see, a lot of sets are pretty good.
  12. Diablo 3

    I'm not sure about hardcore, I never play it. Generally speaking, intelligence characters will be more squishy. There are ways Witch Doctor and Wizard overcome, but you have to be really geared. Crusader is really tanky in general and takes less optimal gear, IMO. DH has a lot of really strong builds. N6M4 is going to be top tier. They have one of the best speed farming T13 sets in Unhallowed Essence and another really fun build with the Shadow Impale set. I really want to play Shadow DH this season, it looks amazing. I hate N6M4, the playstyle is so boring. I don't like Mauraders in general.
  13. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    To be fair, there is a decent amount of people that say Aaron Rodgers is a better QB and Peyton Manning was a better QB. There's also people who will say Joe Montana is better. There's nowhere near the same consensus as Jerry Rice being the best receiver is.
  14. Diablo 3

    Condemn is still going to be a really good build, but it didn't get buffed at all, so it feel behind the other classes. It's still Crusader's best set, but in the past it was arguably one of the top 2-3 builds in the game. Now, it's probably somewhere in the lower half of the top 10, which is still really good. If you do Wizard, look up some build guides. I know a lot of stuff with the Tal Star Pact builds is that you have to keep cycling through your different elements depending on which build you're playing.
  15. Diablo 3

    The game is very good on Xbox.... It's really well made for a console, much better than I thought it could be. With that said, there's no way it's better than the PC version. There's certain things you can do on PC that you can't on Xbox, like binding different hotkeys and extra things just because the keyboard has far more buttons than a controller does.