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  1. Ha. Sounds like the Seahawks. I guess we'll see which team screws up less haha
  2. Mid-Season Roster Thoughts

    I agree with most of what you wrote here. Very good post. The longer the season goes on, the more I'm beginning to sour on Russell Wilson. He's obviously a really good QB, but he has regressed this year. It's not just the playcalling or the OC, he's making really bad mistakes. The pick 6 vs the Chargers late in that game was back breaking. We might win that game if he doesn't throw the ball directly to a defender. A few days ago, in the 4th quarter, he gets sacked and fumbles the ball. Very next play the Rams score a TD. Back breaker. Against the Bears. And so on. I really don't get what's going on with him.
  3. I'm really dreading this game. It's great that the Seahawks are at home, but the Packers are on a mission and have played well despite their record. The Seahawks have been in close game after close game and have just made back breaking mistakes. This has happened throughout the season, but mainly over the past two weeks. The Seahawks are a better team than their 4-5 record indicates - if they could just limit the ridiculous turnovers they could have a chance. Playing in Seattle is a really tough task and although the Seahawks have lost a few games there this season, it's always a very tough game. I'm hoping the running game stays on track and Russell Wilson has a great game without the team crippling turnover. Sadly, I don't think I'm going to be able to watch this game. I get home pretty late on Thursday nights.
  4. At times this season he makes very critical mistakes and has really cost this team. He throws TERRIBLE interceptions, holds the ball for way too long, etc. The running game is pretty good, so that also helps. Wilson has been fairly disappointing this season, IMO.
  5. NBA 2K19

    People are saying that 2K will have double rep during Thanksgiving week. I know they did that last year, so people are assuming it will come again. If it does, I'm on it.
  6. Battlefield V

    I played some Conquest last night.
  7. Fortnite

    I played this game again since I'm curious to how mouse and keyboard will work on consoles starting on Wednesday.... holy hell this game is so bad now. They really got super greedy with this and make this game 1000x worse.
  8. NBA 2K19

    I'm watching the best Pro-AM team right now. Here is their lineup. PG: Sharpshooting Playmaker SG: Pure Sharpshooter SF: Pure Lockdown PF: Pure Lockdown C: Glass Cleaner I watched them play 3 games tonight and no other team they played ran that lineup, so you don't have to run it, but it's what the best team does.
  9. LMAO this guy is so so bad. My God.
  10. NBA 2K19

    I can't remember. I think it was an A. Didn't play long enough to get it to a A+.
  11. Minnesota sending Butler to Philadelphia

    The point was, the headline of that Tweet says... "With Jimmy Butler" like he's some juggernaut player or something. The East was very good without him.
  12. Minnesota sending Butler to Philadelphia

    This dude hasn't ever won anything and never even made a 2nd team all-NBA, yet he changes the balance of power lmao
  13. Kupp out for the year(sorry Rammy)

    Not only is Cooper Kupp a really good player, but he's also one of Jared Goff's favorite targets. The Rams are so great at spreading the ball around and they have some pretty depth. Josh Reynolds is pretty good.