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  1. Apex Legends (F2P BR)

    This game is pretty much a non-factor on Twitch. It's dead for the most part. Fortnite has been freaking murdering it with in-game events/cosmetics the past few weeks. There was the Marvel Avengers event, The John Wick event and right now there's a Jordan event. Absolutely insane. Anyways, I booted up Apex after not playing for a while. It's still fun, but this game needs a massive shakeup IMO. In addition, hopefully the next battle pass is good and not terrible like the first one was.
  2. Seahawks Sign DK Metcalf

    https://www.seahawks.com/news/seahawks-sign-second-round-pick-dk-metcalf “The thing that’s most impressive is how well he learns,” Carroll said. “It makes sense to him, it comes easy to him, he can make things look like it’s supposed to look in anything that we’re asking him to do—route-wise, concept-wise, there’s no ceiling on his play at all. He has got a tremendous top end.”
  3. Agreed. It's so hard to see new post on here. @CWood21 @the lone star
  4. Broussard can't show Durant's DM's tho. If he did, nobody would ever trust him again.
  5. NBA All-Defensive Teams

    He's not. Neither is Smart.
  6. Hearthstone

    Also, anyone who logs in from June 3rd to July 1st, will get this golden new card for free:
  7. Hearthstone

    This is insane. One of Blizzard's core philosophies over the YEARS was to not buff cards. Here's a link to the cards that were buffed and more details. Here's a picture incase you cannot click on the link: https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/blog/22990355
  8. Hearthstone

    Play Wild.
  9. I fully believe Broussard that they have talked. Durant is just being the prick that he is lol. I think Durant's issue was that Broussard made it sound like he has Durant's number and they text in a traditional sense.
  10. NBA All-Defensive Teams

    We're certainly not okay with this, are we?
  11. That's awesome. I think someone said that Leonard wouldn't really guard Giannis all that much because he didn't in the regular season matchups. But this is the type of stuff I want to see. Very impressive stuff from Leonard.
  12. Overwatch

    I don't' like the skins very much. My favorite is probably the epic Pharah skin.