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  1. Kind of torn on this one. On one hand, I want the Packers to win this game so that Aaron Rodgers can get a shot at another SB. Guy it seriously too great to have only one ring. One the other hand, I've always been a big Brady fan and I've enjoyed his success over the last 20 years. Best of luck to both teams and hopefully the game is a good one.
  2. That honestly sounds like the best option. With as down as some of us are, the Seahawks did still win the division and had a home playoff game. That's honestly not a terrible season and the team really shouldn't be looking to blow things up. The defense played much better in the second half of the season. If the guys can carry that momentum on defense and continue to improve + the offense become much more consistent, I think there's a chance Seattle can make it out of the NFC. Hopefully they can hit on some draft picks and the young guys keep improving.
  3. I mean, you could be someone like me... I didn't really play Playstation much last gen. I spent way more time on the Xbox One than I did on the PS4. Therefore, I missed a ton of games from the last 7 years on Playstation. Even if you're someone who played PS4 last gen, a lot of games just run way better and look better in general. Like for instance, Borderlands 3 runs at like 30 FPS on the PS4..... the game runs at 120 fps on the PS5. Like that's a massive freaking jump more than any words can even describe. Then, you got the games you were talking about in Demon's Souls, Miles Mora
  4. Offensive line and secondary should be huge priorities, but how do you guys feel about drafting a high quality pass catching TE? If you look around the league at certain teams, TE's play a huge role in their passing game. It would also help Wilson a ton to have a quality TE. Kind of seems like towards the end of the season, teams started to "figure out" the Seahawks. You saw Metcalf have much less impact on games, and it kind of seems like there's not enough weapons in the passing game even though they have Metcalf and Lockett as high quality players.
  5. Don't you think they have to bring back Griffin?
  6. I think the further Adams is from the line of scrimmage the worse he is. You mentioned he takes bad angles and is out of position, which is huge. Just a glaring example.... Jared Goff throws a ball up for grabs to Cooper Kupp late in the first half of the game. Adams is right there, but he plays the ball so poorly. He played that pass as if he had never played in coverage in his life. The absolute worst case scenario with a play like that should be an in-completion, but Adams just allows Kupp to catch the ball and does nothing to deter him. It's kind of crazy because even like the worst saf
  7. I'm not going to lie man. When I first saw the Series S, I thought it was amazing and I was honestly hyped for it. However, now that the consoles have been out for a while, I would never recommend anyone get a Series S. The performance on games is lower than the Series X and you're forced into digital with the Series S. Being forced into digital is not really that big of a deal, but the lower performance kind of is, imo. It's like the Series S isn't really a "real" next gen console like the Series X is.
  8. How do you all feel about Jamal Adams? He's amazing in the box and makes a lot of big plays, but I'm kind of shocked about how terrible he is in coverage. He literally looks lost in coverage at times, it's almost as if he's never played before. Overall, he's pretty much essentially a great linebacker, which is fine. Any regret in making the trade for him? What is the outlook for his future in Seattle and do you see him growing as a player?
  9. Wanted to take a while to make this after the tough and disappointing defeat in the postseason. As you all know, Brian Schottenheimer is gone. Personally, I'm happy with this change. I think after the way the season ended and the postseason performance, a big change needed to be made. Not sure why Wilson and the offense has continued to sputter towards the end of the last two seasons, but hopefully this will be addressed with a new OC.
  10. I see teams like the Eagles, Bears, Niners, etc all wanting Watson (just looking at random social media sites with their fans expressing interest). If Watson really got traded to a team like the Niners or Bears, what would they have to give up? Also, how high of a priority would getting a young QB in return be? So for example, Watson to Miami in a deal that involves Tua.
  11. I've always said he's a top 5 QB ever. Good for him he's hanging it up. He pretty much got everything out of his arm that he could, imo. Amazing player.
  12. How good would the Ravens be if they actually had a QB?
  13. I think the Rockets can be one of the teams at the end of the year that contend for a playoff spot, as long as they stay healthy. I didn't think I'd say this 3-4 months ago, but I believe in Wall.
  14. I don't really see how this was bad for Houston. They had a guy who essentially quit on the team and was toxic in the locker room. They pretty much had to trade him, so they ended up with Oladipo, Exum, four first round picks, and four first round pick swaps. I get that it's James Harden, but they were limited in teams to trade him to. Hopefully they can hit on some of those first rounders. Wall, Oladipo, Tucker, Wood, Cousins, Gordon, House, etc is a solid team.
  15. It's crazy to me how unlikable JuJu Smith-Schuster has become. He was so humble when he first came into the league. Then he got attacked by Antonio Brown for fumbling the football and JuJu took the higher road. Now the guy is just a straight up clown. Dancing on other teams logos at mid-field, disrespecting opponents before the game, etc.
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