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  1. This game is so refreshing vs Madden and 2K. I've already spent more time in Diamond Dynasty the past day and a half than I have in all my years of Madden's Ultimate Team and 2K's MyTeam game modes combined. The game play is a lot of fun and the game looks and run great. Granted, I'm not someone who plays The Show every year, so I don't have the issues with the game that some vets would have, but I love it.
  2. When is cross play coming to this game? Devs have said it's coming for so long now.
  3. Ah yeah, there's so many editions of certain games that it gets annoying. I think there's like 4 different versions of Borderlands 3. Street Fighter also does stuff like that.
  4. Paid $49 for this and it comes with all season 2 content
  5. It didn't for me. I have all the DLC for season 2 stuff.
  6. Well, we'll see where Game Pass goes this fall. They have all the sports games on there, but all of them are really late (outside of The Show). If they can manage to have Madden 22, FIFA 22, and NBA 2K22 on Game Pass at launch (and keep the games there all year) then the subscription would be worth it to me. Because stuff like NBA 2K, I need that at launch. The game is dead by March/April.
  7. Because I don't play a ton of games. Like for example, if you look at the games coming out this year: Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, I'm buying that. Halo Infinite, I'm buying that. I can't think of any other games, but that's just me. It's the same thing with Netflix. I don't want to watch like 99% of the stuff there. I got a one month subscription to Netflix to watch the Marvel movies they had and the Marvel TV shows (Daredevil, Punisher, etc) then I canceled the service and have never used it again. Disney+, once Falcon and Winter Solider comes out in its entirety. I'll
  8. As far as MLB The Show goes, I'm so glad the game is on Xbox. I always kind of felt like it was more of a "niche" game when it was on Playstation. It's a major sports title, but it isn't anywhere near as played or as popular as Madden, FIFA, or NBA 2K. Now that it's on Xbox, I feel like the game will start to make more of a push to be in that light. Obviously the fact that it's on Game Pass will be huge because between Game Pass and people who will straight up buy the game on Xbox, I can't even imagine how many new players will play. Then, the new consoles are kind of dry in terms of new
  9. Yeah, when you can get Game Pass on a deep discount it's elite. In that case, that would be amazing.
  10. How much is Game Pass every month? I'm not a fan of subscription based services in general, but Game Pass is great. With that said, I wouldn't consistently pay for it every month. I've had Game Pass Ultimate for like 2 years and paid $1 total. I wouldn't pay $15 a month (or whatever the price for Ultimate is), but that's just me.
  11. I actually know a lot of people who have Playstation consoles and do not want Game Pass. They are vehemently against subscription based gaming services and would rather own the game. I didn't understand that at first, but now I kind of get their point of view. I think it would be cool for Sony to have one just because it gives people more options. However, over time, the subscription will become more expensive (like it already has). Overall, I would probably use a subscription here and there or if there was some massive sale, but I do not use subscriptions at all for the most part. I don'
  12. Sony said it was the MLB's decision. This dates back to like 2019 when it was first announced that MLB The Show will be on different platforms in the future. Because of that, Microsoft was able to strike a deal with the MLB in putting the game on Game Pass at launch.
  13. You were able to pre-load the game on PS5 yesterday. My friend who is on Xbox and is downloading through Game Pass told me he could download a 270mb file but that was it. I'm assuming Xbox users can download it pretty soon.
  14. In Philip Spencer we trust.
  15. Yeah but Beathard wasn't a high draft pick was he? The guy they draft at #3 overall will be very talented, I'm assuming more talented than Beathard or Jimmy G is.
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