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  1. Another prime time game for Seattle as they take on the Steelers Sunday night. Unfortunately, Russell Wilson will be out. The offense was already inconsistent in several games this season, so with Geno Smith running the offense I would expect worse. The Seahawks season is pretty much over regarding making the playoffs, but hopefully we can see some improvements with certain aspects of the team. Looks like JuJu is out for the season, according to reports. Sucks for the Steelers.
  2. Grinding that 4x rep today
  3. Seattle in their Action Green uniforms confirmed
  4. After coming off a huge win vs the 49ers, the Seahawks host the Rams on Thursday Night Football. In their last game, the Rams pretty much got stomped at home vs the Cardinals. Even though they lost badly, they still are a great team. One thing the Rams showed is their defense is vulnerable if they aren't playing with a large lead. Obviously, the Seahawks aren't as good as the Cardinals, but the Seahawks defense needs to make key stops and some big plays to keep this game close.
  5. That TD Wilson threw to Swain was insane. Not sure how he escaped that sack, but amazing play.
  6. Ah okay, you a old head. Like Kanye once said, "Old folks talkin' bout back in my day..."
  7. You clearly don't know anything about rap music and/or have poor taste. It's okay.
  8. Facts. I was actually thinking of getting an Xbox, but I always remember I have a PC. 0 point in ever buying an Xbox imo.
  9. I've tried current gen. The builder is pretty much the exact same as 2K21 current gen. Same exact builds. Game is just dull imo. I'm the same way with next gen. the game is great.
  10. They have some young guys in their secondary. Sherman provides leaderships and lots of experience to a pretty young group of DBs. He's obviously not an elite player, but he'll make sure guys are where they're supposed to be and he'll make some plays if he's given an opportunity. It's a good signing.
  11. @J-ALL-DAYShould be a solid matchup. Both teams have some question marks, but I'm scared of Samuel and Bosa. Kittle probably going to go off too.
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