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  1. Watches

    Very cool thread and it has been fairly entertaining with some of the banter going on. I usually wear somewhat cheap watches because I tend to be kind of rough (bumping it on desk, etc). I'm looking at getting a higher quality watch soon. I have one watch that is really worn out and another one that constantly needs the battery to be changed.
  2. True, but five straight MVP's. And he's only 25. That's pretty insane haha
  3. Lions vs Bears Saturday Game Day

    Obviously a huge game for the Lions. At this point, this is a must win for Detroit to stay in the thick of things for one of the two wildcard spots. Even though the Bears are not playing for anything as far as the postseason goes, divisional games are tough. Nothing would be sweeter for the Bears than to help pull the Lions out of playoff contention. Coming into today's game, the Lions have won eight of their last nine games against the Bears. This game is in Detroit so the place should be rocking! Looking forward to a competitive game.
  4. So has Jackson Baldwin surpassed Michael Jordan as the GOAT yet?
  5. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    I get what you mean. I don't believe Sam Darnold has officially declared for the draft. There were reports a month ago from Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated that Darnold would consider returning to USC if the Browns hold the #1 overall pick. Darnold has refuted that report, but who knows. If Darnold returns to USC, it looks like Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson would be the top two QB's.
  6. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    If the Browns have #1 and #3 what players would they be looking to draft as of right now? Maybe one of the top QB's and Saquon Barkley?
  7. Browns QB situation can be fixed easily

    That's the problem. In Cleveland, you're not managing the game. The Vikings are a legit really good team, so solid/good QB play is all they need to be a contender.
  8. Random Game Talk

    And the guy I was talking about got banned today during his stream. So sweet to see that. Good on Blizzard for doing the right thing. https://clips.twitch.tv/AgreeableUglyPenguinPupper
  9. Star Wars Battlefront II

    All Battlefront 2 has to do is change the progression system, that seems like it's a huge gripe for most people.
  10. Random Game Talk

    Holy Smokes! The game director for Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, responded to a person who made a post saying they have been repeatedly banned for essentially no reason. This person claimed they were reported non-stop because they main Torbjorn and they were doing nothing wrong. Here's what Kaplan wrote in response,
  11. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I've played it a little bit, but haven't really had a chance to play it very much to make a judgment. I don't personally know anyone else who has this game, so that's probably the biggest thing holding me back from buying it.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Battlefront II is $39 right now. I've seen it at that price about a week and a half ago as well. I'm thinking about picking it up.
  13. Random Game Talk

    He lost some lucrative business ventures, but he still makes millions of dollars every year.
  14. Random Game Talk

    I'm not talking about someone who is awkward and doesn't want to talk in front of the camera. I'm talking about a person who goes far out of their way to be a toxic person to his teammates and opponents during live streams, constantly. I agree they don't understand 'professionalism', but that is why you make examples out of people early in this league's history. I'm sure people will understand professionalism once they stopped getting paid.
  15. Random Game Talk

    I don't agree with some of your points. NFL players don't make openly racist, homophobic, or nazi jokes in public for everyone to see - at least for the most part. Those are things said between players or people inside of the locker room. xQc is a player for the Dallas Fuel; a organization co-owned by Team EnVyUs and Hersh Family Investments. What he does on his stream represents not only himself (like it was in the past), but now it represents the Overwatch League and the organizations involved with the team/league. Fine, don't do anything about it. You're setting a precedent right when then league starts that his behavior is okay. I'm 100% certain Blizzard is not okay with this behavior based off past statements they have made. The question is, what will be done about it.