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  1. Mayweather vs McGregor

    I highly doubt that McGregor will knock Mayweather down. It will be tough for McGregor to actually get clean shots in on Mayweather.
  2. First pre-season game beings Sunday, August 13th at 8:00pm est. Very exciting to finally get the season underway. I am very excited to see the young talent we have at wide receiver get a chance to shine in pre-season. I believe we have a deep receiving group and that makes me extremely confident throughout the season if injuries happen to crop up. Tanner McEvoy, Amara Darboh, Kenny Lawler, Cyril Grayson Jr. are just some of the names to watch out for. Who are you all excited to see?
  3. H.O.T. Thread: Training Camp underway

    Just wanted to take a second to appreciate safety Kenny Easley. Great speech and it is awesome to see him secure his spot in the Hall-of-Fame.
  4. Dolphins Sign Jay Cutler

    Has the potential to be decent for the Dolphins. Jay Cutler back with Adam Gase is one positive; another positive there are a lot of people who have low expectations for Cutler so he does not have a ton of pressure on him. Gase will put Cutler in the best position possible to succeed and the Dolphins do have some weapons in their receiving core. It's also only a one year deal, so it's not like the Dolphins are committed long term. Win-win for both sides.
  5. Great news for the Seahawks and it must feel great for Chancellor to finally have the deal he was looking for. Win-win for both sides.
  6. Thanks for posting. Very unfortunate news, hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and is able to contribute this up-coming season.
  7. #Jaguars LT Branden Albert is retiring.

    Very unfortunate. According to the Jaguars reporter for ESPN, TE Marcedes Lewis said he was working out with Branden Albert on Sunday and they were talking about the upcoming season. Lewis walked into the facility this morning and was shocked to hear the news that Albert is retiring. The reporter also mentioned that Cam Robinson would probably be starting at LT this season. Robinson was a really good player at Alabama. There is a lot of pressure on him to step in, if he is indeed the starter, but I think he can handle it. Looking forward to watching the Jaguars rise together as a team this season and have their best season under Blake Bortles thus far.
  8. NFL Ends Partnership With NIH

    I doubt soccer will catch on as the biggest league in the United States. A lot of kids in the inner city still do not play soccer, instead gravitating more towards basketball (if we're not including the NFL). I recently saw a list of the top 25 most watched sporting events of 2016 and all 25 events were either football (NFL or NCAA) and basketball (NBA or NCAA). Soccer is a dominating sport around the world, but it really does not catch on with a lot of kids here in the United States. The NFL and NBA are made up of primarily African-Americans mostly coming from the inner city and I can tell you for almost a fact that soccer is not widely played, watched, or even thought about. The reason I bring up basketball is because as parents refuse to let their children play football due to health hazards, those kids will look for other sports to play and I am willing to bet they look more towards basketball, baseball and even maybe hockey before they give soccer a thought.
  9. Titans extend Jurrell Casey

    Awesome news. Fantastic player and has flown a bit under the radar over the years due partly to the Titans struggles as a team. Nice to see a great guy be rewarded with a handsome contract extension.
  10. This upcoming season is going to be a breath of fresh air for the Seattle Seahawks. As I posted in the first version of off-season story lines, Jimmy Graham is healthy and ready to contribute at a high level. I also mentioned Tyler Lockett and his come back from a broken leg. However, I want to focus on two different players for this thread - Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson. Earl Thomas arguably the best safety in the NFL and it is very apparent what happens to the Seahawks defense when he is not on the field. According to Pro Football Focus, the Seahawks are allowing a passer rating of 114.0 on deep throws without Earl Thomas on the field and just a 61.6 passer rating with Earl Thomas on the field. Not only is he an extraordinary player, but he is a great leader as well. Thomas' 2016 season was unfortunately cut short by a broken leg, but according to reports, Thomas is 'flying around the field' and seems to be moving around at full speed (Seahawks.com). Russell Wilson appears to also be fully healthy after being hobbled by ankle and knee injuries last season. Wilson's injuries flew under the radar for most people since he did not miss a game. Due to his nagging injuries, Wilson produced a career low in rushing yards and it forced the Seahawks offense into more situations where they had to throw the football and where Wilson was not able to be as unpredictable to defenses since he was a limited runner. Wilson appears to be healthy and ready to go for camp and Pete Carroll has high expectations for Wilson, "I think he's ready to put together a heck of a year. There's no signs at all about his ankle or his knee that bothered him last year. He looks great running around. He's at top speed" (Seahawks.com). Also of note, Kam Chancellor had off-season surgery on his ankles to remove bone spurs and he has been reported to be doing great and moving around at full speed. Having so many valuable players on both sides of the football healthy and ready to go makes for a very exciting and promising season for the Seahawks.
  11. Expectations for Jared Goff

    I agree with your assessment. The easy way out for Jared Goff would have been to blame everyone else. Poor coaching staff, offensive line was horrible and receivers were dropping more than their fair share of passes; however, Goff did none of that. He seems to always focus on what he can do to improve and wants to establish himself as a team leader.
  12. 110 N.F.L brains found to have CTE out of 111

    I am not really sure what can be done about this. People have suggested newer or updated helmets, teaching different tackling techniques and a bevy of other potential solutions, but the game of football is just naturally violent. A defender could hit a wide receiver with a text book tackle where neither of their helmets contact each other, but on the way down, the receivers head can potentially bounce off of the grass/turf and cause a concussion. As sad as this sounds, these reports and more attention to this topic really help the sport of baseball. Baseball has been losing young American athletes to football for so long that over the next ten to fifteen years, we may start to see a shift when more and more parents refuse to let their kids play football.
  13. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    Really unfortunate news regarding Malik Hooker. On a more positive front, Vontae Davis looks good so far early this off-season. He looks healthy and in shape. Davis is a great cornerback, he just needs to stay healthy. He is one of my favorite defenders to watch in the league when he is healthy and on his game. Really looking forward to enjoying some Colts games and watching Davis this season.
  14. Expectations for Jared Goff

    In NFL General there is a thread asking for predictions of which players will have a career year and I went with Tavon Austin. Part of the reason I did so is because of Jared Goff. I studied Goff a lot when he played at Cal and I really like him as a player. The coaching change will also be a significant boost to the offense. I am really excited for Jared Goff and am looking forward to watching him grow over the next decade +
  15. If they start losing, that might cause the boat to rock even more, as you alluded to. I have to believe guys such as Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner will step in to keep Sherman in check if he continues to be a negative distraction. You make a good point, any time a team leader and someone as outspoken as Sherman calls out the QB that is a recipe for danger. Even with all of the team leaders, Sherman kind of seems like the type of person that is going to do things 'his way', especially if he is not happy. I am sincerely hoping this will not be a big deal throughout the season, but I suppose it does have the potential to be and I was downplaying it too much when I first posted about it.