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  1. Seems like there will be an insane amount of content at launch
  2. Battlefield Portal announced today
  3. Facts. Nets definitely beat the Bucks if they were healthy, which would have meant Bucks lose in the second round again. A title is a title, but sometimes you win due to injuries. That's what happened when the Raptors won their title a few years ago and that's what happened this year. It is what it is.
  4. IMO, Durant has been the best player in the league for years. I've felt Durant was the best player 2-3 years prior to his injury and still believe he's the best player right now.
  5. Why is this whole thread pretty much a Wagner or whoever vs Warner thread. It's crazy because the players themselves love seeing other players get paid. All these guys are great players and are playing a dangerous sport. They all deserve elite money.
  6. Fastest console to ever reach 10 million sales. The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 235,907 units to bring its lifetime sales to 10.01 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 116,412 units to bring their lifetime sales to 5.93 million units.
  7. As for the PS5 itself, it's def worth it. Unlike all other console gens, games are getting upgraded to run much better. Here are some examples: Borderlands 3 runs at 30 fps on PS4 at 1080p. Same game runs at 120 fps on PS5. Destiny 2 runs at 30 FPS at 1080p on PS4. Same game runs at 60 fps at 4k or 120 fps at 1080. ^ Console is worth the upgrade for that alone, imo. That's just two games, but there are so many cases of this it's insane. Then, if you factor in the PS5 games (there are a few and they're good) with more coming out this year, this is def a great console imo. Here'
  8. If you don't feel like it's worth it to wait for a drop then buy from a scalper. "The other day, I saw a PS5 bundle with an extra controller + Rachet & Clank, Destruction All-Stars and Sackboy go for $870." ^ If it was a disk console, that goes for $500 and Ratchet & Clank goes for $70. Sack Boy I saw yesterday for like $35. Destruction All-Stars is literally a free game. If you're okay with paying that much over retail for the console, then go for it.
  9. I have a question. I just loaded up my Xbox character on PC and the power level is like a brand new character. I guess the default power level is 1,100 now. When I played on Xbox, I beat the base game and like the first 2 DLCs. I imported that character and everything it has is like what a brand new player would have.
  10. I don't agree. Booker has played awesome, especially the past few games. Nothing against him. Now Chris Paul on the other hand... dude is a slimeball. An entire career of being a prick and doing all these little dirty things then last night the dude full pushes Giannis while he's in mid air. Dude is a scum bag.
  11. Would be cool to see Coach Bud win a ring. He's always been an excellent coach. Biggest thing to me is he always takes his teams as far as they can go. Even when he was in Atlanta, he took a Hawks team to the best record in the east and to the ECF with no superstar. They lost to LeBron. He took that team as far as they could go. The last two years with the Bucks, they lost to the Raptors and Heat who both made the Finals. Yes those losses were disappointing, but when you lose to the team that wins the championship and makes the Finals, there's no shame in that. Bud has taken a lot of
  12. Here's another great video going over some of the internals of the system
  13. Remains to be seen, but I think so. The RAM is really fast and the specs of the device actually look pretty good, imo. You can even hook it up to a monitor and use a mouse and keyboard flawlessly. It's pretty much a full PC. You can install Windows and even other gaming platforms like Origin, Battlenet, Epic Game Store, etc.
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