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  1. Random Game Talk

    Can anyone suggest a good headset? This will mainly be for the Xbox One. I prefer it have wires, if possible, unless anyone here has really good experience with a wireless headset. Also, this needs to be a headset where I can talk, so a microphone is required. I added that last part in because I know a lot of people actually use headsets that were made for listening to music.
  2. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

  3. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I'm not sure what it's going to take. After the Rams traded up to #1 overall with the Titans a two years ago, the Eagles gave five picks to the Browns to move up to #2 overall from #8 overall and that included a future first rounder. Maybe the Bills don't give the 22nd overall pick and they give a future first instead, I'm not sure. Or maybe they give both first this year to move up to #2 and a future first, but they can keep some of their other picks (2nd rounder).
  4. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Yea, but you guys are trading from #12. The Jets just gave up all that to move from #6 overall to #3 overall. You think you're going to move from #12 overall to #2 overall without giving up a future first rounder?
  5. @One Punch Man true. We really need to hit this draft. We need to get a few quality starters/depth pieces from this draft, especially along the offensive line or just offense in general. Just keep building through the draft. I'm really hoping we can keep Earl Thomas, but it looks like that might not be happening.
  6. Suh seems to be all about the money to me. I don't really think winning is high on his list of priorities.
  7. Sheldon to the Vikes (almost done)?

    Sure, but they shouldn't have beat the Saints. Marcus Williams has a routine tackle and I'm still not sure what happened, that allowed Diggs to run in for the game winning score. I have the Vikings as the fourth best team in the NFC, so they have a chance to go to the Super Bowl.
  8. Trading Earl Thomas

    Ah yes, you're correct. Seattle and Dallas are the places he would love to be.
  9. Trading Earl Thomas

    I get the vibe from listening to Thomas that he would play anywhere as long as he gets a long term deal and gets paid. I think the issue is that giving up a first rounder + having to pay him a big long term deal is too much. But I like the idea from the Seahawks, if you're going to trade Thomas then get a great deal in return for him.
  10. Fortnite

    I played the 20 team thing and I don't like it. This game is most fun played solo, but I enjoy playing in a group sometimes depending on how good the people are. Got another first place finish last night solo and it was pretty intense.
  11. Trading Earl Thomas

    I was coming in here to post this. Apparently they want at least a first rounder, but there are probably no takers. I'm also assuming that if Thomas got traded to a team that he would sign an extension.
  12. We Better Be Active Tomorrow...

    The Seahawks have signed Ed Dickson.
  13. Sheldon to the Vikes (almost done)?

    I'm still not sold on the Vikings as a SB team. They're obviously a really good team, but I don't think they can beat the Eagles or Saints in the postseason. I don't think they can beat the Rams, either. But this is a really great move because Richardson is a quality player and on this team he should be fantastic.
  14. Jerry Porter was a really good player, but there's no excuse for the biblical beatdowns he would give Champ Bailey. Bailey was constantly talked about as a 'shutdown CB' and I rarely saw that from him. He's nowhere near the player Sherman or Revis were at their best, imo. Bailey just has the longevity and he's always had tons of respect around the league/fans. Bailey probably had a few seasons were he was really great, but other than that, he was always just a really good CB in my book, but nothing all that special or all-time great worthy.
  15. I'm not a huge Champ Bailey guy. I think Sherman at his best is better than Bailey at his best without a doubt, but Bailey has more longevity. And I'm not talking about any numbers or anything, just watching both guys play. I'll never forget how Jerry Porter used to absolutely roast Champ Bailey.