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  1. The 2018 Seahawks schedule

    Realistically, maybe 8-9 wins on the season. Obviously it's really hard to tell, but I think that's probably a safe number. Potentially 10-11 wins if a ton of breaks go the Seahawks way during the season.
  2. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    This Cavs team sucks. It has some guys who don't have experience and there's no actual second option.
  3. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    LeBron James has stated that Allie LaForce told him prior to the post-game interview she was going to ask him about Eric Popovich and he agreed. He said that once she asked the question, his emotions took over. Fired immediately for following proper protocol. Okay.
  4. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    Great of LeBron to come out and state that Allie LaForce told him before hand she was going to ask the question about Erin Popovich and he agreed to it. He was not blindsided by the question, LeBron stated that his emotions took over as he was answering.
  5. I'm shocked there is no thread on this. The game releases on Friday, January 26, 2018. It will be available on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Many people dove into the beta and it has gotten sensational reception so far. Many might be familiar with this iconic series, but if you're not - to put it in its simplest terms this is a action RPG that can be played single-player or multiplayer. There is a ton of depth and unlimited replay-ability. Here's a very short video by IGN describing it briefly if you're completely unfamiliar with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f56WnejBpUM
  6. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    I was saying that during and after the game as well. It's mind blowing to me and I was speechless. Honestly, I think the Patriots win that Super Bowl if any other coach in the league is coaching the Eagles that game. Most people talk about going for the touchdown on that trick play, and for good reason; however, the call he made in the fourth quarter to go for it at the Eagles 45 yard line on fourth down - Foles throws a pass to Ertz for the first was marvelous. Especially the way the Patriots offense was playing - if you turn the ball over on downs there, you essentially guarantee the Pats at least get a FG out of that possession or probably a TD. There are other calls he made, substitutions, etc. The guy was absolutely brilliant all season and he shined his brightest on the biggest stage in professional sports. That man should have a statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field.
  7. Hearthstone

    I hate odd Paladin. I refuse to play that deck. I've been playing some Zoo and Control Warlock so that I can combat all the Paladins. I also really enjoy Taunt Druid as well.
  8. Would Brett Favre Be a Good Broadcaster?

    This. Favre is really entertaining and interesting to listen to in an interview where he can take his time and just talk, but I agree with your point 100%. He's really not made for most television situations. I don't even think he would be good for a pre-game show or a post-game show just because those shows have time restrictions constantly when topics are brought up.
  9. Montana on Brady's longevity

    The crazy thing about the Montana and Brady comparisons is that Brady is still playing. It's insane to me that Brady has surpassed the guy who used to be the consensus best of all-time and he's still playing at a ridiculously high level. Brady is just going to keep adding to his Godly resume.
  10. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    I know Pederson needs to prove more, but the dude displayed massive balls during that Super Bowl. He was taking so many chances and I don't think another coach in the league would do the stuff he did on the biggest stage. In that Super Bowl both teams played very well (at least offensively ha), but Pederson was the one person that really stood out for me as the real star of that game. I love that man and he showed me a hell of a lot all season, but that Super Bowl was marvelously done by him. That might have been the best coaching job I've ever seen. Pederson was that great. He gave no F's with a back-up QB. I'll roll that red carpet out for that man any day and time.
  11. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    "i sHoULd bE FiRSt tEAm aLL-nbA" -- Damian Lillard
  12. 2018 NFL Draft

    Okay, folks. The draft is about one week away, so we can use this thread to talk about particular players or positions we would like to see the team address on the first night. I've seen at least two different mock drafts today that have the Seahawks taking DE Marcus Davenport. I've seen several other mock drafts that have the Seahawks taking a different defensive lineman. How do you guys feel about this? That isn't really something I've seen discussed much on here, but it's something a lot of people are predicting that the team will do.
  13. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    Interesting point. Where do teams draw the line. I get these players want to have fun and the teams want to protect them, but you can argue a lot of things are really dangerous.
  14. Overwatch

    I got Doomfist Talon skin last night out of a loot box. I almost never play Doomfist, but he's fun sometimes when you're able to land his combo. As far as DPS characters go, I feel like anyone can play Soldier. He's such a generic character that fits the mold of other shooters like CoD, etc with the weapon he has. Plus, out of all the DPS, he's probably the lowest skill cap character of them all. I mainly play McCree when I DPS, but I also have played Tracer and she used to be my most played DPS. I feel like if you're a DPS, Tracer is a must play. She's good in nearly any situation and every map offense and defense. That's initially the reason I played her so much in the past, plus she's a lot of fun. Getting headshots with McCree is so satisfying for me. Just hearing that ding sound is heaven.
  15. God of War (2018)

    Playstation won that battle years ago.
  16. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    I legit feel bad for Giannis. Guy is such a beast. Like in game one, he and Middleton did pretty much everything. Only so far you can carry a team this bad.
  17. Seahawks to release Malik McDowell

    This is really sad and unfortunate. Hopefully he can resume his career at some point. I wish him all the best.
  18. Monster Hunter: World

    Stay ready. We don't get ready.
  19. Overwatch

    I just spam quick play and only play McCree. I don't care if we have five other DPS heroes on the team. I don't care if we win, lose, or what anyone else on my team is doing. All I focus on is playing McCree and doing as well as I can with him.
  20. Hearthstone

    I've been trying really hard to make odd Warrior work. I love the old classic control Warrior so much. On the other hand, Baku Paladin is so annoying and frustrating to play against. I started playing taunt druid and found that it's a really good way to slow the deck down if you can last to getting pretty much unlimited Hadronox.
  21. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Yea, to shoot a shot. Sure, give me Larry Bird. Bird is a better pure shooter than Jordan or LeBron, easily. I just doesn't make sense to even create that type of scenario. Just because you would rather have a guy shoot a shot with your life on the line (that's such a dumb scenario, btw) doesn't mean he's a better player. I'd rather have Derek Fisher shoot a game winning shot, but he's not a better player than Anthony Davis.
  22. Overwatch

    I've been playing McCree a lot over the past two weeks. It's so fun and I think I'm more of a natural DPS than I am a support player. In comp I still always play support because I guess I'm not as comfortable on McCree to play him in master games. Eventually, I'll transition over and be a DPS player and play Ana every once in a while just so I don't lose my mojo with her.
  23. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Obviously a joke post, but Larry Bird isn't even in the same category as LeBron James let alone Michael Jordan.
  24. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    I have to give respect to Harden for last night. That was so amazing.
  25. Eastern Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    Don't drive Kyrie Irving out? Not sure what he could have done that did that. LeBron seems like a great teammate, in terms of letting other guys contribute. Irving had the ball so much and always got his stats. Irving just kind of strikes me as the same type of person that Kobe is, in a sense. It bugs him that people don't recognize him as the best player on his team and obviously he would never get that recognition playing with LeBron. You make some fair points. All I'm saying is the team sucks (Kyrie Irving leaving is a big part of that, to be fair, and I'm not sure LeBron actually did anything to drive him out). I hope he leaves.