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  1. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Lockett was a great signing. I think a lot of people were saying he got overpaid, I think even I said that. But he's been worth it. Last I saw, Wilson and Lockett have the highest QB rating of any QB/WR combo in the league.
  2. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    The Vikings probably score a touchdown if Kirk Cousins was actually a really good player and didn't literally stare down/tunnel vision Kyle Rudolph on that 4th down in the redzone. If he was a really good player, he would have been able to see Adam Thielen WIDE OPEN on that very play. In fact, after the play when they where on the sideline, you could clearly see Thielen extremely frustrated because that's an easy touchdown. But that's all probably clearly the offensive coordinators fault.
  3. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    Agreed. He showed that by losing every game this season vs a team with a winning record. He was especially great in that huge game last night. He led the team to an impressive 0 points throughout nearly the entire game.
  4. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    So the offensive coordinator is why Kirk Cousins sucks? Is that why Kirk Cousins is 0-5 vs teams with winning records this season? Is that why he has a terrible record over his career in primetime/big games?
  5. Alright folks, as has been protocol here the past several weeks... this game is huge and has massive playoff implications. Both the Seahawks and Vikings occupy the two wildcard spots in the NFC. Minnesota still has a chance to win their division, so this game is very important for them on both fronts. As a Seahawks fan, one area of this game that I am extremely concerned about Seattle's defensive secondary vs the Vikings passing offense. You would be very hard pressed to find a receiving duo better than Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen and right now the Seahawks secondary is playing some of their worst ball of the season. One of the keys for the Seahawks to win this game is getting pressure on Kirk Cousins. Seattle's pass rush has been fierce lately, so they will need to keep that up and get to Cousins in order to disrupt their offense. The game is in Seattle and CenturyLink Field will be absolutely rocking with a playoff atmosphere.
  6. Overwatch

    To me, Blizzard is way too cautious with nerfs and buffs. Brig has been overpowered the second she was released and it took them this long to finally tone her down a decent amount. They've nerfed her at least 2-3 times already, but this one is by far the most impactful nerf she has ever received. As you said, very long overdue. I really like this change a lot. Maybe she needs a bit more to make her feel more like a support. The huge problem with her in the past was - She's the strongest character in the game so she HAS to be on every team, but she doesn't provide enough healing to be one of the two 'supports', so you needed a Brig plus the two actual supports. All of these changes are aimed to make her a secondary support, so hopefully it works well. The biggest key to that happening is that she actually needs to be able to heal consistently at a decent rate like Lucio is able to do.
  7. Overwatch

    Basically, what they tried to do with this patch was make Brig more of a support player and less of a DPS. Before, she would be able to one shot a tracer, now it's hard for her to do that because she does less damage. In addition, she heals more. For example, she used to be able to just combo a Tracer to death and she can't do that anymore. Nobody knows how this will work at this point because the patch just came out today, but the ultimate goal is for Brig to be a viable secondary support kind of how Lucio is. She would be able to protect a Mercy or Ana when Genji or Tracer jump on them. Right now, that is not her role at all. Right now she is used more like a tanky DPS that can be apart of a frontline. They also completely took away the fact that she could shield bash Rein through his shield which is also a huge plus.
  8. NFC Wild Card Picture

    This can be a cool thread to talk about the Seahawks and other teams that are in contention for wild card spots in the NFC. If the season were to end today, the two wildcard teams in the NFC would be the Vikings and the Redskins. The Vikings have a very tough game at New England coming up this Sunday. The Redskins have a tough game at Philadelphia and they don't have their starting QB, so I am going to assume that they will start to fade away down the stretch. The Seahawks have done a great job beating the other teams contending for a wildcard spot in the NFC including the Panthers, Packers, and possibly the Cowboys. Current standings for the wildcard spots: Vikings: 6-4-1 (.591) Redskins: 6-5 (.545) ------------------------------------------------------ Seahawks: 6-5 (.545) Panthers: 6-5 (.545) Eagles: 5-6 (.455) Packers: 4-6-1 (.409) Falcons: 4-7 (.364)
  9. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

  10. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    I agree, but I never hear any non-Seahawks fans say this. People just instantly default to how Kuechly is the best MLB in the game. Wagner was so awesome last year as well. I just wanted to put it out there =)
  11. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    No, he's not. That's kind of the point. Coming into the game tonight, the Seahawks secondary has gotten progressively worse every game. In four of the past five games, the Seahawks have had at least 24 points scored on them and the really good QB's they've played this season have played well against them (Goff, Rodgers, Rivers, etc). The CB's have regressed as the season has gone on. In comes Minnesota who has one of the best WR duos in the entire game and they can't do anything. I for sure thought that they would be able to eat because Seattle doesn't have a CB on their roster who can consistently cover Diggs or Thielen.
  12. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Bobby Wagner has been the best linebacker in football over the past 2 years. Just wondering when he will start to get that credit in general.
  13. Random Game Talk

    I don't think they've updated the game in about a year. They buffed or changed nearly every set in the game with this patch that is about to come out.
  14. Random Game Talk

    It's a pretty fun game and runs great on console. There's a big patch coming out for it around January 6th and the new season starting January 11th.
  15. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    I thought for sure Diggs and Thielen would roast Seattle's secondary.
  16. I'm honestly shocked. 0 points... .seriously?
  17. Kyler Murray Hypothetical

    I think someone would take him fairly early. He's an awesome player. ESPN list him at 195 pounds, so I think he needs to bulk up a bit to around 205 or 210. The key in the NFL is that he has to learn how to slide and get out of bounds. Russell Wilson isn't that much bigger than the weight I said Murray should bulk up to and he rarely gets hit outside of taking sacks. Wilson might be the best ever at sliding and going out of bounds for a mobile QB. I haven't watch Murray's tape, but as long as he can bulk up a bit and he has a arm strong enough to make every NFL throw, I wouldn't doubt he ends up being a really good NFL QB.
  18. Doug Baldwin out tonight.
  19. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Doug Baldwin has been ruled out for tonight's game.
  20. They have a really good running back and they have a great defense. Dak is playing much better since Cooper has came into town. They're def a legit threat to win it all.
  21. Overwatch

    I don't like most of them, either, but that Mercy skin is really good, IMO. I never play Mercy, so I'm not going to get it unless I open it in a loot box. The summer games skins mostly sucked too. The baseball Zen and football Rein just don't look good. Great concepts in theory, but I just don't like the way they came out. Also, I'm hoping McCree gets a new skin this event.
  22. SNF - Rams @ Bears

    I don't get the point of this. There a lot of Cowboys fans everywhere, but the point they were trying to make is that it won't be a road playoff game for the Rams... and it won't be.
  23. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I was just talking about in general this entire season, not really today. Even though that mental lapse was really significant.
  24. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    He played a role in them losing the game today. That sack he took at the end the half was just all-time awful... you wouldn't even expect an un-drafted rookie QB to make a mistake like that.