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  1. Madden 19

    I honestly don't mind the cover. It's cool to me because it shows his face, which is always good for NFL players.
  2. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Well, if that's the case then what the hell are they trying to trade for Leonard then? Haha. I guess that means they've pulled out and aren't trying to trade for Leonard anymore.
  3. Madden 19

    Origin Access looks amazing. I wish it was on console because I'm 100% not playing a sports game on PC.
  4. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I'm just guessing here, but I'm assuming the Lakers would be willing to give up Ingram or Kuzma. They probably don't want to give up both and I'm sure the Spurs want both + more. As far as the DeRozan deal, the thing is, he's a treadmill piece, IMO. He's a significant downgrade from Leonard, but the thing about DeRozan is that he is who he is. He doesn't really have potential to get better. I would rather have Ingram over DeRozan.
  5. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Here's a very important question. Will Kawhi Leonard play for the Spurs? He obviously wants out and he has held firm on that stance without wavering. But if the Spurs don't trade him before the season, will he play or will he continue to sit out?
  6. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Correct. And also, the person was saying that the Nets all of a sudden have less cap room. The Bulls all of a sudden have less cap room. So there are less teams that can help with cap space now than there were about a week and a half ago. I agree with you guys overall, though. Eventually, the Spurs will have to settle for less.
  7. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I was just listening to someone who said the Lakers and Spurs pretty much can't do a Leonard trade straight up. He said a third team would have to be involved to help with the cap and the Lakers cannot trade any of the players they just signed until December.
  8. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I think everyone would be willing to do picks and Ingram for Leonard. The Spurs want way more than that, though.
  9. You make a fair point about his off the field decision making, but he left college too early? He was the #1 overall pick in the draft. How much longer should he have stayed in college? Should he have been like Matt Leinart who was a sure fire #1 overall pick until he went back to college and essentially ruined his career?
  10. Jameis Winston turned 24 this year. He's still really young. Every young QB matures at different rates. I think Winston needs to be given this upcoming season and possibly the season afterwards before finally being able to accurately label him.
  11. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    You guys took that person's post way too literal. I just posted it because it was cool to see LeBron interact with Ingram, Hart and the guys for the first time on camera.
  12. Fortnite

    I think that one is kind of tough. I was watching someone yesterday who dropped a blue pump for a grey tac. I think for most people that's probably the safer option unless you have Godly aim and can consistently get pump headshots.
  13. Fortnite

    Here's a video of a console player showing how to do some edits. This guy is a really good player, probably the best console player I've ever seen. There are probably players who win more, but this guy actually has the playstyle of a pro PC player.
  14. Players to Watch

    I agree. Ford is a really good choice. As far as Hill goes, that doesn't seem all that far fetched. He has a shot to eventually beat out McDougald and Alexander, seeing as both of those players aren't really all that great. I'm personally rooting for Hill and hope that he can earn that starting job.
  15. Players to Watch

    Everyone nominate a player who you think could not only potentially secure a roster spot, but maybe even contribute during the season. My pick is Skyler Phillips, G, Idaho State. Phillips was a five year starter and is a mauler. He is a really good run blocker and could possibly fit into an NFL team's rotation in that capacity. He seemed to be a pretty good player in college and I believe he will find a place in the NFL. Some knocks against him is that he isn't as strong in pass protection and he played at the FCS level in college. He can play multiple positions on the offensive line and is a smart player. It will be really tough to fight for a roster spot, but I think he has a chance to stick.
  16. Fortnite

    I really can't stress enough how well made this game is on consoles. You can build just as fast and just as good with a controller than 99% of people can with a mouse and keyboard. It's really amazing to me and hats off to Epic.
  17. Vegas over/under win totals...

    There's no doubt in my mind that the Lakers current roster is better than the roster the Cavs had last year. If they end up playing the Warriors then all bets are off. The Lakers definitely cannot beat them. I'm not saying that it's impossible for anyone in the west to beat the Lakers. At the end of the day, give me LeBron James over any team in the west that isn't the Warriors. Also, I'm extremely high on Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma playing with LeBron.... Like really high. Probably more than most, but I just think it's going to work out really well.
  18. Vegas over/under win totals...

    And his team this upcoming season is better than the team that went to those two games sevens. I don't get why people constantly just look at rosters on paper. Look at reality. How likely is it that James Harden actually plays up to his standards in super high pressure playoff games? He does the same thing every single season. Regular season MVP favorite and then in the later rounds of the playoffs he starts to fade as the pressure builds and the opponents become tougher. Plus, the Rockets have an injury plagued Chris Paul and just lost Trevor Ariza. I don't have any issue with you or anyone else picking the Rockets to beat the Lakers in a playoff series, but I sure as hell am not doing that.
  19. Vegas over/under win totals...

    They have LeBron James.
  20. Fortnite

    Straight up. I won't pick up a pump shotgun unless it's the very beginning of the game and nobody has shields. Otherwise, I would rather have a tac, SMG, tommy gun, etc. Pump is awful.
  21. Fortnite

    Pump shotguns suck right now. They nerfed shotguns a few weeks ago and then now completely took out double pump. Tac shotguns are wayyyyy better than pumps right now because you can just continually spray them non-stop. They need to revert the damage nerf they gave pumps a while ago.
  22. Fortnite

    That was the point. Anybody can use a shotgun and SMG... not everyone can double pump effectively and do it consistently. That's why I was saying that double pump does take some skill to use.
  23. Fortnite

    Yea, I have played. Pros define the meta of the game, so I was waiting to see them tinker with it.
  24. Fortnite

    What I was saying is, double pump wasn't being used by most people last week. Most people used silenced SMG's because they were the best weapon in the entire game. And if people did use a shotgun, it was the shotgun/SMG combo. At the time they completely removed double pump from the game, it wasn't even meta defining. It's just an odd time to do it. Plus, all people have done so far is replace double pump with: pump/SMG or pump/drum gun. It's the same exact concept, except different guns are being used. So what did this really solve? And shotgun/SMG was already being used by a lot of people before season 5.