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  1. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    So far this might be the best team Reid has had since his 2004 Eagles team. Alex Smith is playing at an MVP like level. The Chiefs haven't had that type of QB play since maybe ever. Still a long ways to go, but I still think this team at least gets a first round bye.
  2. Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater cleared to practice

    And then the roof collapsed on X-Pac's head lol. Classic.
  3. Pressure up the middle. Donezo.
  4. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    Hudley barely has any experience in a real game. Even if he had a good performance I wouldn't feel too great about it. Hudley needs a few starts under his belt until you even can think you know what you have in him. I still remember Ryan Fitzpatrick as a rookie filling in for Marc Bulger in a game and throwing three touchdowns during a road game against Houston. Tony Romo filling in for Drew Bledsoe and throwing three picks during a home game against the Giants.
  5. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    I wanted Callahan on the 49ers. I hope he gets a chance with the starting unit. Just to see what he can do in a real game.
  6. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    I already read it a few times. The way you worded it didn't come off as to how you're just now explaining your point to me.
  7. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Just remember Brett Favre didn't know what a nickel defense was when he came out too. He had to ask Ty Detmer, his teammate, about it.
  8. If we only win one or two games this year I hope it's at least against the Cowboys.
  9. Unfortunate for Armstead. Not just the injuries, but this is his third year in the NFL and all three years have been under a different coaching staff. I wasn't a fan of the pick to begin with. I can't remember exactly, but I think I wanted either Marcus Peters or Davante Parker. Then we traded back. At least we didn't draft Cam Irving I guess. I don't know if Armstead is going to be with the 49ers for a while, but I hope the staff can turn him into something of a decent player with the scheme they want to run. If not, then it makes sense to trade him. You can always use the extra capital to move up in the draft if you have too many picks.
  10. 49ers Cut Navorro Bowman

    Should have gone to New England if they were interested. If he wanted a ring that is.
  11. Well...they would increase their chances if their teams over those 15 years weren't largely terrible. If the Jaguars, Titans, or Texans were annual playoff participants. But all three of them have largely been lackluster since the AFC South has formed.
  12. Redskins will win 12 games this year. Book it!

    Is your response a rhetorical answer? Anyways, your response wasn't clear to me, which is why I asked you if he balls out in the playoffs will he still get respect. So all he needs to do is ball out in the playoffs (guessing non garbage time) and he can sit at the cool table regardless if he the team still loses. That's fair.
  13. Redskins will win 12 games this year. Book it!

    What if he balls out in the playoffs and the defense plays like doo doo?
  14. Better question is why can't the Titans, Jaguars, or Texans all not make at least an AFC Championship game appearance in the span of 15 years? That is just sad. They're the only division out of the 8 that hasn't had more than one team from their division at least make a conference championship game in that amount of time. Even the AFC East has done that.