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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    Maybe she was a favorite of his going way back. Now that he's got some scratch, and was in town he decided to uh...be proactive.
  2. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

  3. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Yes, it seems he doesn't get over anything. Ever. Which is really a sad way to live a life to me. Alan Page didn't get inducted his first go around either. Which is crazy to think about. Just went the next year. I don't think Owens would have anyone fly all the way to Canton for a day just to do a speech for him at a place he didn't bother showing up. Would be funny though.
  4. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    You misunderstand. If the voters that previously thought he was a character concern, this recent turn of events only validates what they previously thought. But doesn't necessarily mean that it effected their judgement in voting him in this year. What I stated has nothing to do with the idea of a conspiracy to keep him out. Because there were people in favor of him being there, and I think there were people that regardless of how they felt about his character knew that he belonged there so they voted. Which is why he's in. Not saying the HOF voters would be right to take that attitude about joining their boys club after the fact, but overall I'm saying this protest by Owens doesn't really effect anything. The same voters will continue voting the next year for a new class. And really, this is pretty much it for Owens having any kind of NFL spotlight.
  5. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    I mean, it only validates their previous thoughts about him. The people that didn't vote to him. I don't think anyone is bitter, just more of a "see, I told you so". As for the actual players Cris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, and Eric Dickerson didn't sound bitter when I heard them recently speak. Just disappointed in his decision, but they respected it. He's a grown man. It's gonna be funny when his video montage plays and the crowd might start booing. Or maybe that's why the HOF might not do that because he won't show up. Neither will his friends or family like they would for a deceased member. Wouldn't be a good look.
  6. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Owens has been dropped from the Edmonton Eskimos negotiation list. Shocking.
  7. CB Darrelle Revis announces retirement

    Playing for the Saints in the 90's will make you vanish.
  8. Around the NFL

    He's decent. He's just not worth top edge defender money. Especially at 30 years old with injury problems.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    There is a dude on Reddit that took a photo with him outside his hotel in Beverly Hills. The Four Seasons. Jimmy was checking out. So I guess he did get some last night. Also, apparently the porn star posted something on Twitter or whatever implying she gave him a BJ. Don't know if that's true, as I didn't look into it myself. Just a hook up before training camp starts. Dang though, I feel like he could have done better with his choice of adult stars to hit and quit it. Just sayin.
  10. CB Darrelle Revis announces retirement

    But there are five years between now and the time Revis will eligible. Bailey will be in, but some of the other guys might still be on the docket when it's Revis' turn.
  11. Minor Niner News Thread

    Jimmy is living quite a life. Just produce on the field, and don't get in trouble with the laws. All I ask.
  12. Owens declines HoF Ceremony Invitation

    Then they would counter their own bylaws in place. Which would open up a can of worms for other guys.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    Nope. Have you been to a day game at Arrowhead or Nashville? Or an ASU game at Sun Devil stadium? 49ers have no power over the schedule from the NFL. Other places have hotter days regardless of stadium design. People just deal, and prepare appropriately. Bay area fans can't deal with a hot day in the 80's?
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Meh. 87 degrees? That's nothing to me. 49ers play one home game in September this year.
  15. Minor Niner News Thread

    Santa Clara weather averages say otherwise. Early September maybe you have a hot day the mid to high 90's, but the average is around 80. Not that serious. No humidity either.