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  1. More so guys who were on the team purely because of their ability to block. I remember for a long time Dwayne Carswell was with the Broncos just as a blocker. He even played tackle at times he was so big, and skilled. Another guy is Don Warren. Came out of San Diego State for the Redskins in 1979. He thought he would have a career as a pass catcher, but when Gibbs was hired in 1981, his role became that as mostly a blocker. Warren was there his entire career. I'm trying to think of others that had long tenured careers as mostly blockers.
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Good offense for a few years. 2008 to 2012. Schaub, and the Texans weren't going into the offensive record books though. Despite putting up good numbers, Schaub didn't have that next level dominant gear, especially against the top dogs or in primetime. Then he crumbled in 2013.
  3. "Wrong"? Interesting take. You don't believe that's a strange gatekeeping code to live by? I don't see the difference myself if someone is wearing a Tom Brady jersey or if someone is wearing a t-shirt that says Jimmy Hendrix on it with a picture of him. It's just a form of idolizing someone's creativity that has been shared with the world. One is sports, the other is music. Don't see why it would bother folks. To each their own though.
  4. True, just like wearing a tshirt with a band's name on it. I mean, how dare you, you aren't in the band. Grow up
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    "We were very aggressive in pursuing Justin..."
  6. Eagles’ sign former Viking S Sendjeo

    Sendejo...sandy hoe?
  7. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    This needs to be dusted off. Here is a look back at the first year of free agency in 1993. It was quite a whirlwind. Early 90's was the best era of football for me.
  8. Disney completes 21st Century Fox acquisition

    All I need is a camera panning an office desk with his mask on it. Or a TV broadcast talking about Sokovia being renamed Latveria or whatever. It could be 10 seconds or less. Pipe dreams though.
  9. Miami Dolphins Tanking Plan

    Tanking plan! (Lisa needs braces!)
  10. Captain Marvel (Spoilers! Be Aware)

    Tesseract clarity.
  11. Disney completes 21st Century Fox acquisition

    This is who we need:
  12. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    The draft is loaded with receivers. I'd rather the 49ers stay where they are, and have the option of Bosa or Williams.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if Fitzpatrick has a monster year. His penchant for success is so random regardless of circumstance. Good signing by Miami. Hopefully their GM doesn't reach for a QB this draft. Might as well wait for next year.
  14. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    Penn has had a solid career. Especially coming in as an undrafted free agent. That was a well thought-out heartfelt goodbye to the Raider Nation. He should land a job somewhere. At least as a backup if he wants to keep playing.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Eric Berry and Tre Boston are still out there. Lynch needs to at least get them in for a workout.