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  1. Redskins shareholders attempting to force name change

    Won't happen. Every few years this topic gets some noise (usually during the offseason), Snyder reiterates his stance, and people go back to not caring.
  2. Do Adidas cleats suck or something?
  3. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    I think you'll find that a lot of players care about money first and foremost compared to winning games. And I certainly wouldn't blame them.
  4. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    It will be interesting to see how the Chiefs handle this one. I'm not sure what their cap situation is, but Aaron Donald should only be getting Aaron Donald money. But of course, Buckner now is, so Chris Jones has a point to demand more ******. Probably not going to work out for him though if he's using Le'Veon Bell's approach.
  5. 2020 Name Change Requests

  6. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Isn't this the first time their punishment for the incident is being announced? Did that happen in 2019? I don't remember that.
  7. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Like who? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that was a really good player, struggled to play well, and then came to New England and became really good again. And I know Moss is the obvious choice here, but he was always good. He just didn't give a **** in Oakland. Same with Rodney Harrison and the Chargers or Corey Dillon and the Bengals.
  8. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    We'll see what happens in training camp between Stidham and Newton.
  9. When Rich puts it like that, we did have a pretty good offseason.
  10. If Ussain Bolt ...

    Rice wasn't even the best athletic receiver on his own team in his prime. That was John Taylor who just by the eye test looked a lot more athletic, and was faster. I think he can still do a backflip at 60 or however old he is now.
  11. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    1981 AFC Divisional San Diego Chargers (10-6) at Miami Dolphins (11-4-1) Saturday Jan 2, 1982 Start Time: 5:00pm Stadium: Orange Bowl This game should be required viewing for every football fan. This is arguably a top ten game ever with the amount of excitement and scoring that occurred that day. Watching the entire thing, it's remarkable how well the Chargers offensive line protected Fouts even though by the end of the game they had to have been dog-tired. This was probably Fouts' best performance in the playoffs, and for the Dolphins probably Don Strock's best game ever. David Woodley was pulled not too long after the game started, and Strock just went off. Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner, and Wes Chandler all had huge plays, and all three were corpses by the end. As far as offense goes, I'm not sure what more you could ask for in a football game. Chandler even had a punt return TD. If I wanted to introduce someone to the game of football to get them excited, I'd be hard pressed not to select this game. The only drawback is that defense on both sides took an off-day. Still, there were some exciting defensive plays made. It's no wonder that after moving on from this game which was played deep into overtime with the blistering Miami blaze (84 degrees), the Chargers fell flat playing in the Freezer Bowl in Cincinnati (-59 degrees). Bengals were a better team that year anyway though.
  12. That was a few years later though.