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  1. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    1999 Week 11 Indianapolis Colts (7-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-7) Sunday Nov 21, 1999 Start Time: 1:02pm Stadium: Veterans Stadium Attendance: 65,521 Time of Game: 3:15 Peyton Manning in his 2nd year against rookie Donovan McNabb. Jim Mora versus Andy Reid. This game was a bloodbath for the Eagles, and probably their worst played game all year long. They end up making the Colts look like the 1985 Bears, and are completely overwhelmed, looking like an expansion team at times in the process. At halftime the score is 30-3, and the Eagles only have 40 yards, which included -25 yards passing. Halfway through the 3rd quarter, the score balloons to 44-3. The Eagles get some leeway against the Colts backups in the 4th, but all in all this was a long day at the office during Reid's first year. It's remarkable that he managed to improve the squad to 11-5 in his 2nd year.
  2. I need this to stay sane since my team's season ended in KC. I do think this might be an interesting experiment to gauge what people remember about certain contests, how they were played at the time (if you watched games then), or if you aren't familiar then it might be interesting to take a little time out of your day, and see what entailed in a random classic of yesteryear. I'm probably mostly going to post games that are cut down to main highlights from the broadcast tape (not NFL Films pieces), just so people have more incentive to actually watch them. I know there are some full ones on YouTube. Or maybe I'll just post pictures of certain games instead.
  3. Off the top of my head I'm thinking Corey Webster, Lardarius Webb, Eugene Daniel, Ken Lucas, Ken Riley, and Brandon Carr (who has never missed a single start from 2008 until now). Kevin Smith for the Cowboys was a pretty decent player if I remember correctly. Herman Edwards I guess with the Eagles. Dunta Robinson??? Also, Brian Kelly from the Buccaneers I always thought deserved more praise than he received opposite Ronde Barber.
  4. 2012 49ers vs 2019 49ers

    Maybe 2012 actually. The only thing that gives me pause is that our defense down the stretch faltered starting with the Seattle game in December. Justin Smith tore his triceps and never really recovered. Aldon Smith went on a dry spell for sacks. In the playoffs the dam broke with the team giving up way too many points to the Packers, Falcons, and ultimately Ravens. Our offense with the change to Kaepernick was probably more so the reason the team got as far as it did. When Alex Smith got benched we had a QB that wasn't trigger shy going down the field, which helped a lot. Kaepernick and the damage he could do with his legs was an additional problem for defenses. 49ers also had a really hard schedule that year having to go to Green Bay, New Orleans, and New England. They won all of those games. They also beat down the surging Bears on MNF. The thing about the 2019 team is that they never once got their *** kicked even in their losses. The closest was in the Super Bowl when the Chiefs already sealed the deal and got that BS touchdown at the end. The other three losses were all down to the wire. Their offense at their high point wasn't as nutty as the 2012 team though for me. Max potential Colin K was better than max potential Jimmy G. The squad this past year never ran out of steam on one side of the ball like the 2012 squad. If they played each other at their peak I'm probably taking 2012.
  5. Dark Mode

    I was just thinking about this for here a few days ago randomly. Would greatly help during the night. There has been an uptick in dark mode settings recently for other social platforms. Hopefully in the future this is a possibility here.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    When that episode aired where Debra pretended to have gotten breast implants, and then she pulled socks out at the end to "teach Ray a lesson" or whatever...it was so demoralizing. Aye. I think Patricia Heaton actually had a chest enhancement in reality though, probably around the time that episode was filmed. So...yeah, in that was the news you didn't need in your life for today.
  7. Also Leslie Frazier? His career was cut short early though.
  8. Can't believe I forgot my own guy Don Griffin. Pretty decent corner that played a lot of years for the 49ers. Was part of that 1986 draft that really gave the dynasty new life, especially on defense. Same with Tim McKyer who was taken in the same draft. Two solid guys that had to start as rookies because Eric Wright got hurt. Definitely had some growing pains early.
  9. Mike McKenzie is another one. Dennis Thurman for Dallas. Maybe Andre Dyson.
  10. Forgot Duane Starks existed. I would have thought Seahorn made at least one Pro Bowl.
  11. Colts decline Malik Hooker’s fifth year option

    I'm not sure. It's going to be different for everyone. Hooker as a first rounder not having his 5th year option picked up or getting a 2nd contract with the team that drafted him is a little disappointing I would think. Someone taken that high in my opinion should be with the team longer than 4 years. There are always circumstances like injury or coaching changes, but maybe that also just speaks to the limits of the player also.
  12. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    I know Ditka got the Bears their only Super Bowl, but I've felt he was overrated. Just seemed really more of a "rah rah" guy that relied more on motivation. His tenure in New Orleans was just atrocious.
  13. Nostalgic/Throwback games chat thread

    1979 Week 8 San DIego Chargers (5-2) at Los Angeles Rams (4-3) Sunday Oct 21, 1979 Start Time: 4:00pm Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum This is a good example of the differences between today and yesteryear regarding the types of hits quarterbacks took that were deemed to be acceptable. Rams QB Pat Haden had a brutal afternoon as he was under duress by the Chargers pass rush. In particular Fred Dean on the left edge was a nightmare. Haden was sacked 3 times, and even when he did get his passes off a lot of them were spotty resulting in 3 interceptions. A couple of times Haden looked almost dead on the ground. All in all, the Rams offense was pretty much squashed by San Diego's defense. Their offense soared with Dan Fouts throwing for over 300 yards for the third straight week. This game was probably the hallmark of the Chargers season as they put up the most points all year. The Rams were up and down at QB all year long, having pretty dismal results. Despite this, they did make it all the way to the Super Bowl with their 9-7 record. San Diego meanwhile, finished 12-4, but were defeated by the ailing Houston Oilers at home in one of the most shocking upsets in NFL history.
  14. On today's episode of "Let's attack a person's character instead of their argument"... I'm a 49ers fan, so I can't have a non-biased opinion regarding a quality player that played for them. Because logic. I rooted for Ken Norton Jr. too. Guess that means I think he should be in the HOF because he was a 49er. Believe what you want. I even insinuated I don't think he should probably be in, but I guess we'll just conveniently not have you mention that.
  15. - Andre Reed was in a high profile offense, yet didn't put up monster production that rivaled his peers. I'd hate to imagine what he'd do on a bad team as the most important offensive piece. He went to 4 Super Bowls. So what. He has zero championships. Same boat as Gore as everyone else that didn't win anything. Reed doesn't have a better case because he happened to be drafted by a quality organization and Gore wasn't. That's the only reason Gore wasn't going to Super Bowls, not because Reed was a "better"/HOF worthy player. - Yes Art Monk did have multiple seasons where he was among the best at his position. So did Gore. - "1,200/12 years is impressive in its longevity, but not height". Yup, and it's a milestone no one else has accomplished. Just saying, if someone like Reed who doesn't even have feather in his cap like that is in the HOF, then Gore being in would just be more the status quo. I know you don't like that thinking, but like I said before it only seems fair instead of being hypocritical. I understand your position. I look forward to your response, but obviously our opinions on the matter just differ too much to gain anything more insightful about the matter. Imma head out.
  16. - And every reasonable minded person would argue that Monk didn't deserve All Pro in 1984. So where did he have a year where he was thought of to be the best receiver in the NFL if we assume the voters, like for Jackie Smith, made a bad voting in 1984? Or Andre Reed? They're both in regardless though. Everyone enshrined doesn't necessarily have a season where they were thought to be arguably the best in the NFL at their position. Do you agree? - I'm talking about if Monk had retired in his prime he would not have had enough to dominate the record books as a receiver. He got to the record books by way of compiling. He has 3 Super Bowls though. I wasn't talking about Jackie Smith. - 1200 yards gained in 12 straight years is impressive. That's what I'm saying. No one has ever done that. You don't think it is. We don't agree there, so there isn't much else to say. - As for Carmichael, I don't see why it matters that he got in for the NFL's 100th anniversary extended class. How you got a seat at the high table is irrelevant to me. Especially since the voting system is so inconsistent in the first place. Yeah, he did lead the NFL in catches and yards one year. Ok. What's Andre Reed's excuse then if we're splitting hairs? He never led the NFL in any major statistical category for his position, and was never arguably the best receiver in the NFL. The bar wouldn't be lowered if Gore is in, because there are already players with similar careers enshrined.
  17. Best team you have seen with each record?

    For 6-10, the 1999 Denver Broncos are probably my choice. Still had a lot of talent from the 1998 team that won the Super Bowl obviously. The retirement of John Elway, and Terrell Davis getting hurt were two huge blows along with other injuries the team couldn't overcome. Still even at 6-10, they were a very competitive team. Here are their DVOA rankings from that year: Overall: 12th (8.6%/positive is better) Offense: 14th (3.4%/positive is better) Defense: 10th (-6.9%/negative is better) Special Teams: 22nd (-1.6/positive is better) Schedule difficulty rank: 1st To put this further in perspective via Pro Football Outsiders, whereas the Broncos were 12th in overall DVOA , the Colts who finished 1999 13-3 were ranked 17th. The next year the Broncos would bounce back with an 11-5 record. Interestingly enough their defense wasn't as good as when they finished 6-10 the previous year.
  18. - Moon did have a good season based on the major categories for passers. But Moon also fumbled 18 times that year. Joe Montana fumbled 4 times. I don't think Montana should have won it that year either, but I'd have given it to Cunningham over Moon. Doesn't help that Moon lost the head to head matchup against Montana that year either. - Yes, Jackie Smith should have gotten more recognition that year. But he didn't. And it works both ways. Art Monk for instance. He got recognition in 1984 as a first team All Pro when it really should have gone to Mark Clayton whose numbers blew Art's out the water. Or even John Stallworth or Steve Largent, but Art got the praise. Happens time and time again. And he was a massive compiler, only really garnering 3 Pro Bowl nods in 16 years. If he retired in his prime he wouldn't have led the NFL history books in total yards for a receiver. Yet he's in. Hunh? You want to say he won Super Bowls, then I go back to Andre Reed or Harold Carmichael. Yet they're also in, and don't have any accomplishments that aren't already surpassed. Frank Gore getting in would just be another player in the growing list of players already in enshrined who are probably more suited for the "Hall of Very Good" instead of the Hall of Fame. - I'm saying 1200 yards gained for 12 straight years is an impressive feat (which will probably stand for a long time), and it doesn't matter how those yards were gained in that 12 year streak. You brought up how his yards were split between rushing and receiving as if it mattered. It doesn't. - The precedent argument exists, because the precedent exists, and hasn't gone away. The bar has lowered like you said, and continues to. I don't like it either, but it is what it is. I don't see why once you let certain individuals in with accolades that don't stack up, then others in that same mold can't be admitted. Only seems fair.
  19. No Warren Moon wasn't first team All Pro in 1990. Not by the AP (the publication people recognize). Joe Montana was, and was also MVP that year. Moon also fumbled like crazy at a ridiculous rate, and never made even a championship game once in his 17 year career. Jackie Smith probably should have gotten All Pro in 1967, but he didn't. That's the fact whether we agree or not. And he was was usually outshined in his prime by his peers John Mackey and Jerry Smith. Jackie also played forever, and was compiler long after his best days were behind him. I don't agree at all with your proclamation that 12 years of 1200 yards from scrimmage isn't something impressive. Maybe that is where we should go our separate ways as far as this discussion goes. 1200 yards gained is 1200 yards gained regardless. Dismissing it is kind of like saying Newton's 14 or 10 TD rushing seasons don't boost his season accomplishments as a QB. Or Lamar Jackson's 1200 rushing yards this past year are irrelevant, because they were gained via the ground and not the sky. Hard Carmichael wouldn't be the first "bad" choice though. That's the point. A precedent has already been set that the HOF operates on feelings as much as it does logic to make it's selections.
  20. But none of those players at any point were considered to have a year better than everyone else. First team all pro. That's what I'm saying. Most HOF players have at least one year where they were or won something. But it's just a bunch of Pro Bowl nominations. In spite of that, if we're going to give context to those players as to why they are probably in, or give them a pass for era (or their flaws) despite never having a year where they were thought to be the best in the league, then one could do the same with Gore and say that he had 12 straight seasons of at least 1200 yards from scrimmage. Something I don't believe anyone else has ever done. No he wasn't apart of any prolific offense, because he was the offense. Being on bad teams wasn't his fault, and he still produced. Folks can not think Frank doesn't belong, and that's fine. But there are players enshrined that are in my opinion on the same scale career-wise, that probably shouldn't be in either. I mean Harold Carmichael just got elected.
  21. Well, Andre Reed is in as a receiver though. Never first team All Pro, never won anything. Moon same deal. Jackie Harris same deal. Yet they are in. I know for you Gore wouldn't work, and I'd probably feel the same. I am saying that Gore wouldn't be the first type of player of his caliber to get into the HOF, and probably won't be the last. So him getting in wouldn't be a travesty.
  22. I'd definitely vote Holmes in. Even if his greatest years were in a 3 year stretch, it's arguably the best 3 year stretch in NFL history for a runningback.
  23. Predict the 2020 NFL Season

    It'll be Burrow's league soon.
  24. Predict the 2020 NFL Season

    Bengals make the playoffs.
  25. Best team you have seen with each record?

    2009 Ravens might be the best 9-7 I remember seeing. Their losses were mostly close, and they had some dominating wins. They were actually first in DVOA that year. 1985 Bears probably the best 15-1 team. Only other one that in my opinion that would challenge that would be the 1984 49ers. 0-16 Browns like someone else said were better than the 0-16 Lions. Worst 8-8 team the 2004 St. Louis Rams who actually made the playoffs.