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  1. 2001 NFC Divisional Playoff Green Bay Packers (13-4) at St. Louis Rams (14-2) Sunday Jan 20, 2002 Start Time: 4:15pm Stadium: Dome at America's Center Attendance: 66,338 Time of Game: 3:05 The NFL landscape had to wait essentially three years for a Favre/Warner duel. What was presented was a lopsided affair in favor of the St. Louis Rams. This was arguably Brett Favre's worst game as a pro as he threw 6 interceptions, although a few of them were just bad bounces to Rams defenders. The Packers overall turned the ball over 8 times, with St. Louis scoring a TD ins
  2. Did you think about ownership before you made the switch? Anyway, you chose an AFC team, which is good. Maybe you could still be a Vikings fan, but just have a second team in the AFC you support at arms length. That way, you aren't ripping the bandage off. You might find watching Jaguars football isn't your thing. But I don't know, if you're ready to bounce so be it. I like Jacksonville too.
  3. Kirk Cousins 2020 Passing yards: 4265 Completion%: 67.6 TD/INT: 35/13 Rushing TD: 1 YPG: 266.6 Sacks%: 7.0 Fumbles: 9 DYAR ranking: 9th DVOA ranking: 10th PFF ranking: 9th Sidebar, but I don't think Kirk's production seems that bad.
  4. Ooof. Saleh's head is brighter than Sam Darnold's future.
  5. "Ummm ummm...s-same old rams tho right? Right????"
  6. The hours. They work a zillion hours a week compared to most players, and don't get a huge payday unless you are a head coach. Also an occupation where you have to move around a lot with not much job security. I know that's the NFL in general, but at least as a player, especially if you had a good career, it might not seem worth it. Terrell Owens said as much when he was asked if he ever wanted to coach. Some of these players get deals to be involved in sports media too after they retire, and just ride that fact check via the television business. I remember an interview with Ryans a few
  7. Is Roseman obsessed with corners that are at least 6 feet in height or have super long arms?
  8. Depends on the person. Jimmy could have a huge year and you'll still hear "well it was about time" or "he still rode the defense" etc. If he has a bad year you could hear "the offensive line still failed him" or "everyone was injured" etc. Like I said it really depends on the person. Like in the 49ers forum already, one of the posters refused to give him credit for an objectively great performance in a certain game, when the defense was lackluster, but apparently he still "rode the defense" that game despite being the highest graded 49er in the game via PFF. Even seemingly objective folks can
  9. If Trent Baalke is going to be their GM...that's not good. Don't be surprised when homie only drafts injury-plagued dudes or even worse, when "leaks" start surfacing every week regarding drama in the locker room.
  10. Well, if this is true I hope he can turn around that franchise. With Justin Fields I guess? I dunno, the Jets seem cursed. At least we'll get a third.
  11. Oof. You just had to start this thread didn't you??? I'll say this, regardless of what side of the fence 49ers fans are on regarding Jimmy G, it would be interesting to see who walks back their opinion and admits they were wrong after it all plays out a certain way. Or who will continue to grasp at straws against a pile of stacked evidence in order to try and save face. Assuming Jimmy is a 49er next season. Got my popcorn ready.
  12. Pretty much sums it up. Montana got the award that year on reputation mostly along with the defending champions going 14-2 yet again. Still a good year, but Randall should have probably been higher on the pecking order. Moon I'm indifferent about. He had a lot of yards and touchdowns, but he did fumble the ball a boatload of times that season leading the league with 18!!! It just doesn't show up in the primary stats.
  13. Those three teams are just may adopted teams after the 49ers. Also, at least Saleh will have a sure thing in Watson, who is a superstar QB that is still young. Granted though, their front office situation is a mess with Jack Easterby as the maestro. If I had to rank the ones I wanted for Saleh in order it would be Chargers, Jaguars, Texans.
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