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  1. Yeah that's the post I was talking about: You just didn't seem that happy as you are now when you posted that QB school video. So I thought that changed your mind.
  2. McNair was a thicker dude at a shorter height. He was 220 coming out, and eventually got up to 230 in his playing career. We'll see if Lance can bowl over NFL defenders like McNair did. If McNair was coming out now, he'd be the better prospect. There have been questions about Trey's accuracy, and when he misses the mark, it's by a pretty big margin at times. Don't believe McNair had that criticism. And he was in the running for the Heisman as an FCS player, and just had a way better college career, with a bigger sample size. If McNair was coming out now he'd probably be the 2nd QB taken,
  3. Oh I know you said you'd rather have Fields compared to Lance. But I didn't question that.
  4. A few weeks ago? Something about if Wilson isn't the pick you'd be disappointed. I'll try to find it.
  5. Oh what was I smoking? I saw the video the other day, and for whatever reason got it in my head that the Bengals would have taken Smith.
  6. You mean Mac hates doing it? Or he can't get good at it? What do you mean?
  7. I thought you said you'd wanted Wilson or you'd be disappointed? Did that video change your mind or something?
  8. Exactly, and in Winter Solider Cap uses the shield to cut elevator cables. Now, we don't see who throws it into the tree here, so maybe it was Bucky. Still, the speed at which Sam was throwing it and John Walker pre-serum still makes that thing seem absurdly dangerous. It made sense to me why Steve could do it since if he screwed up, maybe he doesn't die. Also, I thought that due to his power boost he was the only one that could throw it like it was a frisbee. Thought this show was going to explain that, but I guess anyone serum or not can throw the shield.
  9. Pretty nutty to think that Smith would have languished all those years in Cincinnati. He probably gets them 2 more wins a year, but that franchise still would have been a doormat.
  10. Yeah, but at some point, especially if it's going at the rate of speed we see in the show, you wouldn't catch it, and you'd be greatly injured or killed. Folks get injured with footballs traveling that fast without protection. A big slab of metal with a razor edge speeding quickly at your head? Nah I'm good.
  11. I'd be so afraid to catch that shield after it ricochets back.
  12. Tuggle, Lance, and Armstead I feel would have had their chances increase, but only marginally. Great players, but don't seem to be remembered as much compared to other guys. Probably because they played on a lot of bad squads.
  13. And then Johnson flamed out in Miami. And yes it's different, because one's a player, and the other is a coach. Doesn't mean they both can't have a shooting star effect attached to their legacy.
  14. Speaking of Muhsin he's in private equity now...Even though he looks good, sucks to see the OGs get old
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