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  1. 49ers win 30 - 20. Not afraid of the Packers, and the defense should eat. Rodgers will have a rough night as he usually does when the 49ers are firing on on levels (even in the Harbs era). I'm actually glad to be facing Rodgers instead of what's to come (Murray, Wilson). BTW, I hope we do see more of Trey Lance in this game on some plays. Maybe it's history, but I feel like on certain runs he could smoke the Packers D.
  2. Don't cross David Culley when he has his 1997 Angels in the Endzone VHS on his person at all times. Texans gonna win.
  3. 1998 Week 7 Green Bay Packers (4-1) at Detroit Lions (1-4) Thursday Oct 15, 1998 Start Time: 8:15pm Stadium: Pontiac Silverdome Attendance: 77,932 Sunday night brawl between to longtime division foes going in opposite directions towards the middle of the season. Lions usually gave Brett Favre and the Packers trouble in the Silverdome, and that certainly was apparent in this day. Barry Sanders had a stellar performance along with an inspired Lions defense.
  4. "Mills. Darnold. THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL." Get ready for Pac12 After Dark folks
  5. Keep in mind this is also influenced by the Jaguars being 2nd in total AirYards.
  6. Even with a different era, you shouldn't have a large contingent of Jets fans saying that Wilson is a bust following his second professional game. That's completely ridiculous.
  7. Different era. Different expectations. Not saying it's right, but it's gonna be like that now.
  8. Well then it's time to pull out the old "LMAO can't believe I'm living rent free in your heads" saving face card.
  9. I was just gonna say this thread was pretty vacant. Would have watched the game with folks if game time was on my side over here. Was hoping Detroit would pull off the upset.
  10. I've listened to the PFF podcast and a couple of times they've mentioned Bruce doing work for them for quarterbacks specifically. Seen him on one of their videos before too. Also, he does list himself as a PFF analyst: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bruce-gradkowski-36260042 Here is a recent video of him talking about the AFC North, and it seems like he's still there:
  11. Solomon Wilcots, Bruce Gradkowski, Zac Robinson.
  12. Zach Wilson PFF passing grade this week: 54.4 Patrick Mahomes: 52.3
  13. Well they do have former players on at their company working for them in recent years. Funny enough Zac Robinson worked there for a while, and is now on the Rams coaching staff I think. Also, PFF now has all 32 team as a client for them. Apparently they provide other data not available to the public. I'm sure some of that has to now do with Cris Collinsworth having purchased the company. Some coaches have actually gone in and been very impressed with the operation they have going on there. Mike McCarthy was one, and another was Chip Kelly who in the past publicly denounced them, but later had
  14. With young quarterbacks taken high in the draft, a lot more chatter is heard along the lines of "BUT HE'S ON HIS ROOKIE DEAL!!! GOTTA PLAY HIM NOW!!!" Which is funny to me how things have changed. Still don't think you can just treat an NFL team like it's a hedge fund or your calculus homework. Anyway, OldManYellsAtCloud.jpg
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