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  1. Steve Young was still one of the better passers in the NFL that season. Had the highest QB rating that year. He simply hurt his knee, and was out for a while. Steve Bono filled in nicely. In the final game of the season Steve sliced the playoff bound Chicago Bears. You're right that the 49ers didn't have a quality running game that season. They were still a good team though. Not as great as Washington was, which I do think is in the conversation for greatest team ever. Offense, defense, special teams...they had it all operating at a high level. And trounced inferior competition in the playoffs
  2. As a 49ers fan, I feel like Jesse Sapolu was a good center for many years. Not a HOF player, but a good one. Some of the other guys I liked around the league were Jeff Christy, Matt Birk, and Jeff Hartings. Felt like they were really good at mauling people. Also Colts center Ray Donaldson, who was a huge center for his time, and could probably play today stuck out.
  3. Better edition provided by the NFL Throwback channel.
  4. I loved episode 2. Especially the dialogue scenes between Loki and Mobius. I can't remember the last time I was really invested in two MCU characters just talking about a "bigger picture". Perhaps it was the subject matters of belief, purpose, control of one's own destiny, etc., but the chemistry was just really good. I'm thinking the timekeepers are either not real, or aren't around anymore, and the TVA is essentially just showcasing a pile of propaganda for quite some time now. Just seems the way they are refenced is too suspicious, and only a certain amount of limited information is a
  5. 2004 Week 15 Tennessee Titans (4-9) at Oakland Raiders (4-9) Sunday Dec 19, 2004 Start Time: 4:15pm Stadium: McAfee Coliseum Attendance: 44,299 Two bad teams with bad defenses, and as a result two lackluster quarterbacks pop off. This is of course the year where Billy Volek filled in for an injured Steve McNair, and put up impressive numbers over the course of a few weeks against bad defenses. Kerry Collins for the Raiders was the ex-Giants cast off trying to revitalize his career with the silver and black. Titans WR Drew Bennett had 13 catches for 160 yards, and two
  6. Can't wait to see more of Warner this season.
  7. There was also another play where in 1985 rookie Jerry Rice toasted Darrell Green for a long TD in the 49ers/Redskins game. However, it was brought on back to due offensive holding by a lineman I believe.
  8. Whether it's a catch, run, throw, interception, punt? Or whatever playmaking marvel you can recall that ended up going to the wayside because of a penalty, non-call, or some other officiating interference. For whatever reason, maybe it was the circumstances of the game, but I think of the Mike Renfro catch in the 1979 AFC Championship that ended up not being ruled a catch even though it clearly was. Great boundary work by Renfro, and great bare handed snag.
  9. Great first episode. I love time travel stories. I always feel like it's a challenge to do them well, since writing one already puts you behind the eight ball due to the nature of the idea itself which is hard to not have plot problems. Helps that I'm already into Marvel I suppose, but regardless I was really impressed with the initial story. The money scene was Loki just stumbling upon a ton of infinity gems in some office worker's desk drawer like they were paperclips. Up until just recently the last 10 years has been a nutty odyssey to acquire these 6 stones, and now they're be rendered ine
  10. I had forgotten, the 1994 meeting between two of the top sky maestros in the league, Marino and Moon. This was a gem of a game that for whatever reason, rarely gets talked about. It was week 4. Marino and the Dolphins fell behind in the Metrodome 28-0. But they stormed back in the second half under the guidance of Marino, and actually tied the game at 28-28. The Vikings held on though to win 38-35. BTW, the pocket waltz by Marino was just the best ever.
  11. I thought he was already retired. Remember the 49ers pursuing him hard in the 2011 offseason. Came down to them and Houston. Surprised he only made 2 Pro Bowls.
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