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  1. Best Teams to Fall One Game Short of the Super Bowl
  2. Fingers crossed for your squad. I really want to be investing in watching Jaguars games, but I just can't with Baalke in the building.
  3. No matter how much number crunching you do, and may in fact be right about...this is just a bad look lol Can't imagine random homeslice being that brazen in front of Deebo face to face. Homie Rich was getting roasted in the comments section.
  4. Too bad we aren't facing paper tigers like the Redskins did in both playoff campaigns those seasons. Especially 1991. Maybe Dallas was ours though.
  5. Only know about his pops from his time with the 49ers. Good for the Broncos I guess. Maybe they can get Rodgers out of the NFC. That would be ideal.
  6. Disappointing. How do you not do Red Hogs, or Bawse Hogs, or Mud Hogs? Red Wolves I thought was just ok, but would be better than Commanders.
  7. Regardless of who sees who as a "choker", I've always liked how Fouts put expectations in perspective. The first 22 seconds of this vide from America's Game: The Missing Rings 1981 San Diego Chargers.
  8. Here is the full segment on Speak For Yourself regarding Jimmy G. Definitely make some good points.
  9. This was an interesting insight into the week 3 game between the 49ers and Packers. It was posted by Brett Kollman before the divisional game broadcast.
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