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  1. Don't think it's too much to ask Brady to shake hands after an L though.
  2. I was thinking that too. I'm surprised he didn't ask the reporter what number for the player since he doesn't know player's names.
  3. Doesn't matter. No one is above reproach in the NFL. Donald got dominated that night, and Deebo was a huge reason why the 49ers won. He's an open and coming player, and to pretend like you don't know who he is after taking an L is just unprofessional. With the way he's utilized in the run game with Shanahan, theres no way he doesn't know of one of his division rivals best weapons after three straight losses.
  4. Then Tua was never the future in the first place. Eli got over it when the Giants gave him the keys at 5-4 in 2004 and the team finished 6-10. Whatever happens this year is a throwaway for Tua anyway.
  5. 2008 Week 3 Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) Sunday Sep 21, 2008 Start Time: 4:14pm Stadium: Lincoln Financial Field Attendance: 69,144 Time of Game: 3:07 Great defensive game between two teams that could have met in an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl that season. It's remarkable that the Steelers even won the Super Bowl with that offensive line, which I believe was a pitfall all season long. Testament to the great defense that carried the team that year. BTW, does Mike Tomlin age?
  6. LOL right. The dude who whopped his *** three straight games. There is no way that Donald watches the amount of film he does, and isn't aware of a player that could be a problem for a defense like Samus is. He's just salty that Rams went flying yet again.
  7. Okay bro. Pretending you don't know who he is lmao. You know you dominated someone when a grown man acts like a child after the game.
  8. Not sure what was worse. Waking up everyday to a new Baalke/Harbaugh discontent rumor or waking up to another 49ers player on IR during the Shanahan/Lynch saga.
  9. Yikes. Not a good look for Donald. YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUGG OUT.
  10. How is it a miracle when Donald was napping for like 60 snaps??? Made Brunskill look like Randal McDaniel.
  11. Hoping for an awesome episode of Monday Night SkyMasters. Allen and Mahomes should light it up. EDIT: Oh will it rain? Nevermind.
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