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  1. MMA Thread

    Not a bad fight.
  2. MMA Thread

    Inherently nothing respectable about keeping your word. If i said i was going to build a candy house and eat children...and then did that...not respectable.
  3. MMA Thread

    Ya ive never had a problem.
  4. MMA Thread

    Do you not think there is a difference between average joe and jorge? Is there a possibility that a ufc fighter saying, to another ufc fighter, “im going to beat you up” could refer more to the fact they are fighters then a direct threat of violence.
  5. MMA Thread

    If he went right over there and said “lets go” and hit him then it would be fine. Getting up with your hands behind your back and not saying anything makes it a sucker punch. If leon said “im going to take your mom out for a lovely seafood dinner and never call her again” and jorge said “how dare you sir, its time for fisty cuffs” and then swung. no problem. But going to someone with the intention of fooling them into thinking he was gojng to be civilized is a sucker punch.
  6. MMA Thread

    No if he was so enraged by the words that he couldnt control himself and attacked leon, then there is room for him to be a civilized person. The fact that words are automatically going to make him react in that way, makes him weak and gives other people power. Jorge is such an incredibly weak position. “Real ones” might get it but the civilized world knows hes weak and that he uses sucker punches.
  7. MMA Thread

    Heckling is far less childish then throwing punches because your feelings got hurt. Leon was also childish but jorge just showed how easy it is to get under his skin.
  8. MMA Thread

    Its just really childish...and relating it to school just makes it seem even more childish.
  9. MMA Thread

    Well the ufc is going to have to start doing a better job here. Stuff like this shouldnt even be possible.
  10. MMA Thread

    I was thinking the same thing. I would like to see him against an striker like till or wonderboy.
  11. MMA Thread

    Very unfortunate. Hopefully he gets help.
  12. MMA Thread

    Could be a non story or a big story. To many variables. Like the guy couls have politely asked for an autograph and then he smashed it because he was smashed.
  13. MMA Thread

    Haha exactly. Without more details i dont really care mich about this story. Like the fan could have been a major jerk. Conors reaction is still, most likely, overboard. if throwing a dolly at a bus gets brush to the side, this is nothing.
  14. MMA Thread

    Ya he seems to be out of the game. I dont see him trying to run a weight class anymore. Which i dont blame him. Hes got plenty of money and a business now. I wouldnt fight if i was him unless it was for a big payout.
  15. MMA Thread

    Eh. Struve is a bean pole and has gotten beaten up by smaller opponents. Im not looking for absolute freak shows but dc being short and chubby vs greek god is interesting to me.