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    Just selected my keepers, they are: Charlie Blackmon, Jose Ramirez, Carlos Santana, Masahiro Tanaka, Rick Porcello and Marcell Ozuna.
  2. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Machado and Harper are both talented but I'm not sure I'd call them Hall of Famers just yet.
  3. Many thanks for sharing, always interesting to see these mocks and where players in the draft may end up.
  4. Better Safety: Brian Dawkins or Ty Law

    Went with Brian Dawkins.
  5. Saints release S Kurt Coleman

    Probably gets signed as a depth option for some team.
  6. Demarcus Lawrence and potential franchise tag

    25 million for Dak? Doubt that happens. As was said above Dallas would be best letting Dak go and draft a better QB.

    Was wondering about this. I'll do my drops before the weekend.
  8. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Unfortunate injury and I wish Zion well at this time. I doubt this hurts Nike long term, however. Stuff like this happens.
  9. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    With Machado now signed wonder when Harper gets signed. I predict by the end of the month so next week.
  10. Who ends up drafting Kyler Murray?

    I think he goes to Miami.
  11. Bears release TE Dion Sims

    All the best to him, I think he has some value as a #2 TE.
  12. Rumor: Wilson to the Giants

    Not a fan of Cowherd but Wilson to the Giants would be a huge get for the Giants. Don't think Seattle will be trading him though.
  13. Dave Cameron Signs Manny Machado for ~$300MM/10 years

    Finally we see Machado signed. The Padres is not the spot many thought he'd go but at least he is signed now. Best wishes to him with the Padres.
  14. Vikes635 2019 RB rankings

    Many thanks for doing up this list, how many of these players do you see going in Round 1?
  15. Dak vs Kirk

    Went with Captain Kirk.