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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I figured Rousey would win but it's upsetting Bliss got little to no offense in. Great to see Carmella lose the title. This Becky heel turn will be interesting to watch. Good to see Reigns win, we'll have a full time champ back on RAW now. Overall, seemed liked a decent pay per view.
  2. Who's your favorite actor/actress?

    Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio Actress: Reese Witherspoon
  3. Better 3 year prime: Ed Reed or Darrelle Revis

    Went wit Ed Reed here.
  4. Bengals release S George Iloka

    Seems like a decent player, as others have said got to think he gets signed to a team sooner rather than later.
  5. Colin Kaepernick

    Guy should be on a NFL roster, don't think he should be a starter but he could carve out a career as a good backup QB if given the chance.
  6. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    I agree, to me seems like the NBA may be the type of environment that the format of that show would be good for.
  7. Bob Lamey, Voice if the Colts, retires

    Wishing him a great retirement.
  8. Better Player? Von Miller or Khalil Mack

    Both guys are talented but this is Miller for me.
  9. AJ McCarron breaks collarbone

    Think they'll sign someone as a stop gap. Maybe it's where Bridgewater ends up.
  10. NFL Helmet Rule: Your Prediction

    Went with Option 2.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Prediction time as well for me: Reigns over Lesnar Bliss over Rousey Styles over Joe Bludgeons over New Day Owens over Strowman Ziggler over Rollins Charlotte over Carmella Gulak over Alexander Shinsuke over Hardy Balor over Corbin Bryan over Miz Almas and Vegas over Rusev and Lana B Team over Revival

    Yeah, really no excuse for what Urena did at all. Good to see a suspension there.
  13. RIP Aretha Franklin (1942 - 2018)

    One of the most influential musicians of any era. RIP.
  14. 2005 Seahawks vs 2014 Seahawks

    Very close IMO but I think I'll go with the 2005 version. Both good teams though.
  15. Patriots OT Isaiah Wynn out for the season

    To bad to see this, much less, from a rookie. Best wishes to him in his recovery.