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  1. 17-18 NHL Predictions

    Atlantic: Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Buffalo, Florida, Detroit Metro: Pittsburgh, NY Rangers, Washington, Philadelphia, Columbus, Carolina, NY Islanders, New Jersey Central: Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, St.Louis, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Colorado Pacific: Calgary, Edmonton, Anaheim, Arizona, San Jose, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Vegas Wild cards: Toronto and Philadelphia in the East, Arizona and San Jose in the West Playoffs: Tampa over Toronto Ottawa over Montreal Pittsburgh over Philadelphia NY Rangers over Washington Dallas over San Jose Nashville over Chicago Calgary over Arizona, Edmonton over Anaheim Tampa over Ottawa NY Rangers over Pittsburgh Dallas over Nashville Edmonton over Calgary Tampa over NY Rangers Dallas over Edmonton Tampa over Dallas
  2. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Yeah, that had to be a scary situation for everyone yesterday at the Yankees game. As an uncle I shudder to think anything like that happening to my nephews or niece, good to see the kid should be alright.
  3. Tight Ends

    My top 5: 1. Gronk 2. Kelce 3. Olsen 4. Reed 5. Walker
  4. Interesting news, congrats to him I guess. As long as he properly represents the best interests of the players I don't see there being an issue.
  5. Where will Drew Brees play next year?

    He's 39 next year, has a Super Bowl so I think he might just pack it in.
  6. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    So apparently Mahal's promo last night was a dud. Got to think this silly experiment with him as champ will be over soon. The guy is an embarrassment to the word champ.
  7. The Indians especially after that 22 game winning streak this year.
  8. First Pick

    Just did this: Your score is: 14187 (GRADE: B-) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 14: Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson (A-) Round 2 Pick 14: Azeem Victor, ILB, Washington (B+) Round 3 Pick 14: Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington (B+) Round 4 Pick 14: Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma (A) Round 5 Pick 22 (MIA): Andrew Wingard, FS, Wyoming (A-) Round 6 Pick 14: Bentley Spain, OT, North Carolina (B+) Round 7 Pick 12 (SEA): Cody OConnell, OG, Washington State (B+) Round 7 Pick 14: Drew Bailey, DT, Louisville (A-) Round 7 Pick 25 (HOU): Lane Clark, K, Tennessee State (B-)
  9. Panthers TE Greg Olsen Placed on IR with Broken Foot

    To bad. Olsen's one of the best tight ends in the league and a bright spot in a somewhat lethargic receiving corps.
  10. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    None, you can never say never with the NFL but can't see any of those 0-2 teams making the playoffs.
  11. The Murder of Laci Peterson

    I've always thought he was innocent as well. He might not have been the best husband in the world but I don't think he killed his wife.
  12. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    Yeah, the IWC is fickle. To me I enjoy the product for what it is. Disagree with some things but overall still enjoy the product a lot.
  13. It is a surprise because there were some good Yankees team during that era. Got to think they would have won in 2004 and 2006 at least.
  14. Vic Beasley out with slight hamstring tear

    He's a solid talent so he'll be missed. Hopefully for the Falcons he's back within the next month or 2.

    Favorite Team: Colts Week 1: Atlanta Week 2: Oakland Week 3 pick: Miami