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  1. I’m back and will play under any format we choose,
  2. Wish I had seen this earlier. Any chance I can still jump in?
  3. Hope everyone stays safe at this time. Certainly challenging times but we shall persevere through them better than ever.
  4. I wonder if the whole NCAA tournament gets cancelled altogether. This virus is really taking hold and I think you're going to see a lot of events postponed or cancelled.
  5. What's the chances of Kopech making it to the White Sox rotation this year? For a team who's rotation troubles have been documented in this thread as of late a guy like Kopech could help out in a big way.
  6. I know the Colts need help at QB, just not sure they do that in Round 1.
  7. Yeah, health is the big concern for him for sure. Decent player so if healthy he could be a productive player with a new team.
  8. I expect the fan side of it to be cancelled. People are taking the virus seriously and I think you'll see a lot of tweaks made with stuff until the virus is contained.
  9. Yeah, the Raptors commentators can be a bit much at times. I like the Raptors as much as anyone but to hear some of their commentators speak you'd think everytime a Raptors player gets touched it should be a foul.
  10. Newman and Musgrove are good players. I think the Pirates are wise to approach them about signing them to extensions.
  11. Not sure me as a Colts fan would want to sign Phillip Rivers.
  12. Guy was always a good player, all the best to him in retirement.
  13. I think it'll be Miami.
  14. Raptors play the Jazz tonight. Looks like most of the starters are back right now. Let's hope the injuries that have plagued the team so far this year are behind them.
  15. Thanks for this. I like the Colts going WR at 25.
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