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    it me sabotage

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  1. my fault next time im otc and dont make the pick right away just skip me and ill get to it been busy at work recently
  2. yasiel puig of sonny gray p @DalCowboyzRule
  3. took a risk much like i did a few seasons ago when i traded matt ryan for a de, it worked out then and i get a potential long term qb in the sim and a franchise [and younger] edge guy for a 29 year old wr who stopped catching tds -- sure short term i may have lost a good wr but i get to keep or move one of two qbs and still be in the same shape as i was last sim season iono
  4. jaguars looking for a te, rb, cb iol have allen hurns, marqise lee among others on the block pm
  5. since im rebuilding it seems these players can be had for picks or tags or player swaps
  6. i accept cut dabo and reddick sign cedric thorton dt buf and place bryant as wr2
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