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    it me sabotage
  1. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    for the jaguars owner, gm, head coach followed by qb rb2 te1/2 iol rt ed rusherx2 off ball lb a 3rd/4th cb fs
  2. Featured mock draft

    no mention no mock
  3. D82's 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    qb makes the most sense and lamar is the best in the draft so good pick
  4. CW21's 2018 NFL Mock Draft v2018.01

    don't necessarily like rosen but qb is team biggest need that makes the most sense
  5. Should Blake start?

    should he? no will he? yeah hes the only option with 2 other bad qbs behind him they need to sign kaep and actually have a shot at winning games this year
  6. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    patrick mahomes, qb
  7. The Gnat's Dynasty League

  8. Will Allen Robinson be a top 5 receiver?

    he has a better start in his career stat-wise to both julio jones and sammy watkins despite a worse qb situation - if i was betting on a player on the team to out perform its him
  9. Ramsters Gallery..

    do me something non-sports related, maybe game of thrones bb
  10. Gridiron Greats Dynasty League

    @Foooooooootball is otc
  11. Your College Team's NFL Prospects

    iowa rb akrum wadley ot boone myers oc james daniels og sean welsh ot ike boettger dl matt nelson dl matt bazata dl anthony nelson lb ben niemann lb josey jewell lb bo bower
  12. how about you see them objectively and not think things will be good because you want them to be because you are a fan they have still done nothing to be good even if 'it's just august'