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  1. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    What do you all think of Donovan Peoples-Jones? He is a name I don't remember ever seeing mentioned in here.
  2. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    I do like Maddox but he didn't build much on a promising rookie campaign. Really like LeBlanc, guy has played great when he has been in there(which isn't a ton) but I was mainly referring to outside corners and safety. Somehow this team can always find solid slot CBs.
  3. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    Certainly, they have young guys who could be long term pieces if they are good. Being realistic though, no one has shown or has given me faith that they are above-average in the secondary other than Slay and he isn't young.
  4. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    I was thinking maybe they would go with an extremely offense heavy draft but the secondary still does not have any long term fixes you can count on. There is nothing at LB and you can always add to the D-line. DE could be an underrated need here soon. Graham is getting up there and Barnett is pretty average. I think they really missed Chris Long last year, having that third DE who could get after the QB was such a key piece during the SB run.
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I still prefer all those guys you mentioned over Jefferson but I wouldn't mind if Jefferson was the guy. I don't think he lasts until the 2nd though.
  6. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I'm coming around a on Justin Jefferson a bit. Wasn't high on him before because I thought he had limited upside but he is just a good well rounded WR. Better athlete than people think, good body control, makes contested catches in traffic, high points the ball well, and basically just does the things a WR is supposed to do well... you know...like the opposite of what the Eagles run out there.
  7. Assuming a competent front office of course, they should draft at least two. Probably two in the first 4 rounds to add to that. Them banking on rookies to immediately contribute is not great. Especially when you know DeSean will miss some time. The offense could potentially be worse than last year when it was dreadful to watch.
  8. Assuming they don't sign a WR, they have to draft two WRs then, right?
  9. Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

    Robinson was great in the slot when he was on the Chargers so it wasn't crazy to me to see him play well there again. Somehow the Eagles cannot find an outside corner worth a damn but they have had some luck finding slot corners with Boykin, Robinson, and now LeBlanc.
  10. Eagles trade for CB Darius Slay

    Absolutely. Loved that guy. His hit on Reggie Bush is still my favorite hit of all time.
  11. Wasn't Haha pretty solid last year for the Bears??
  12. Maybe he meant graded well compared to the other Eagles corners. I'd imagine that 63.5 looks great compared to Mills or Darby.
  13. Signed: DB Will Parks

    Let's be honest, whether its from injuries or Schwartz's love affair with Mills, somehow Mills is going to get a ton of run at CB and people will be mad.
  14. Signed: DB Will Parks

    People are sleeping on LeBlanc. Since he has gotten to Philly he has been maybe the only consistently good player in the secondary. Of course that is all in the slot but I think he should no doubt be the primary slot corner on the team. Guy has made plays and gotten his hands on the football and I feel like most people still want Maddox in the slot over LeBlanc.
  15. The Eagles need a safety who can play center field with range. Clinton-Dix would have been nice in that role. McLeod is not good at being the CFer.