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  1. Does Ertz have any value at this point? Let alone, 2nd round value? Also, why does everyone want Riddick to be hired as the GM? What inspires hope that he will do a good job?
  2. It isn't stats. It's the fact that a WR with his speed and quickness is getting blanketed down the field. The lack of separation he gets is worrying.
  3. Reagor did stink tonight. Hopefully he turns it around, they can't afford another 1st round bust. Jesus.
  4. lol good challenge Doug. Now they will have one timeout left for end game.
  5. Rodgers was wide open. I have no idea why he waited. Makes no sense.
  6. I think you just have to trust your guys to catch a perfect pass. Throwing it low there is too many times when the back has to go to the ground to catch it and it prevents yards after the catch.
  7. Reagor go up field not sideways. There were yards there.
  8. Yeah wtf is up with that. I mean most of Wentz' passes to him are low but still...come on.
  9. Even if it is not Carson's fault...why run him out there to get sacked 8 times in the second half when we know he cannot read the field quick enough to do anything behind that line?
  10. Lol they really called Slay for that. That is unbelievably soft.
  11. Exactly, then it takes the whole pass option out of the play.
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