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  1. Man, how nice would it be if they started even producing some turnovers this year! Crazy to think we had a coordinator who did not believe in turnovers.
  2. The thumb injury really slowed him down.
  3. I think acting like those extra pounds didn't impact him is ridiculous. Do people remember him last year? He looked like an average athlete with no explosion. The opposite of his TCU days. It absolutely held him back. That doesn't mean him losing that weight will automatically make him a good player, but it should at least make him a good athlete again.
  4. Wasn't Conley decent the last time he actually played in Houston? I get why people are concerned since he has had injuries since then and teams haven't shown any interest in him.
  5. I think so too. Heck, I think it may bite the Eagles in the *** for not taking him.
  6. Really just depends how Cox and Graham hold up. If they decline because of age this season then the pass rush is in trouble. If they still play at a fairly high level then it could be towards the best in the league. Hargrave finished last season really strong, Sweat keeps getting better, then hopefully a rookie or two can add some solid play. Actually blitzing could make the group look better this year too.
  7. They aren't going to be good units regardless so who cares. This team is looking for success multiple years in the future and building a solid foundation in the trenches is the way to go.
  8. Damn, crazy he is falling to the end of the 6th. Maybe they finally address LB one of these days.
  9. Exactly what I thought. Barnett commits the most stupid penalties and it drives me insane.
  10. I love the prospect here. Would've preferred him in the 4th tbh so to get him in the 5th is awesome. He can also be a receiving weapon. Best pick of the draft for me.
  11. Yep, definitely interesting. I can't imagine that guys always agree on the picks in war rooms but with all the recent reports of Howie just ignoring the board or scouts it definitely doesn't look good.
  12. Anyone know who this guy is who clearly does not like the pick? Lol https://www.reddit.com/r/eagles/comments/n28ubk/who_is_this_guy_who_got_very_upset_at_drafting/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  13. I'm guessing they said it for a reason. Tommy Lawler also pointed out how the new staff may prefer bigger DEs.
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