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  1. Lets go Jags! Please don't blow this
  2. Can someone tell me what they see in Aidan Hutchinson? I just don't see the explosion or athleticism that should make him a top 15 pick.
  3. I really don't see how that play doesn't stand regardless of the call on the field. Crazy.
  4. I feel like the guys entire strategy is stay 20 yards downfield away from the closest offensive player and make sure he doesn't score a TD even if it means giving up 20 yards a play.
  5. Reagor is not good at the game of football. Just doesn't have it.
  6. Why does Hurts roll right every play even when he has a clean pocket???
  7. Hurts doesn't even know how to run the read option correctly.
  8. I feel like I have been seeing a lot of Slay hate this year and I feel like he is having a really strong season.
  9. Quez needs ALL of Reagor's snaps. Drop and penalty on the first drive already for Reagor.
  10. Lol nothing to lose and Hurts just throws it out of bounds. Give someone a chance, Jesus.
  11. Wow, imagine if they ran more often in goal to go situations this year.
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