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  1. We are not a good team. We are a great team (hopefully...)
  2. I really hope Dolphins can somehow pull off 2 wins against Titans and Patriots. Winning 9 in a row after losing 7 in a row would be incredible. Not that winning 7 in a row right now is anything short of amazing.
  3. It's a bit hard to read your post. It's all in black text on a dark grey background
  4. I’m glad the team got his seal of approval
  5. Can anyone chime in on what our defense is doing differently then at beginning of the year? Just more comfortable with the scheme? I’m shocked the way this D is playing. I hope we can continue this and get rid of the injury bug.
  6. That was year 3 for Greg Jennings actually. He broke out with Favre in his second year in 2007. Jennings had 1200+ yards the first year he was with Rodgers. Davante is no doubt better then Driver.
  7. You could argue that Rodgers had the better defense then this years team. Rodgers certainly had the better WR corps.
  8. That would be hilarious. Imagine if he throws for 500 yds, 6tds. I am excited to see what the kid can do. This is a good defense to hopefully make him feel like he belongs.
  9. I don’t understand why some are thinking he lied? He never said he was vaccinated. Back in August I could clearly tell he wasn’t vaccinated by the response he gave. He never said he was vaccinated. He said he was immunized. He could of given a more direct response, but you could definitely tell he was avoiding the subject and being coy about it. I can definitely understand people being upset violating rules though.
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